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Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Doctors Who Jumped Ship (Part 5: Suzanne Humphries)

Suzanne Humphries, MD.

Who else made the list?  Check here. 

Biography from the IOSM website: 

(International Society for Orthomolecular Medicine)
Dr Suzanne Humphries is a medical doctor certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine in both internal medicine and nephrology. She worked in the conventional medical system from 1989 until 2011, when she left her hospital position in good standing. Since that time, Dr Humphries has been furthering her research into the medical literature on vaccines, immunity, history, and functional medicine.
Dr. Humphries jumped ship after the tried to reform the system from within.  When she had kidney patients in a Maine hospital, they were given a flu shot at the time of admittance without her knowledge.   It was hospital policy and the shot was administered before she met the patient.  Some patients never had  kidney issues until receiving the H1N1 shot and it put them in kidney failure. 
When she spoke up, it fell on deaf ears.  She often spoke up on behalf of other doctors who would not do it themselves and report these problems with their patients. 
She wrote the book,  Dissolving Illusions: Disease, Vaccines, and the Forgotten History, and also an autobiography: Rising from the Dead.
She left her hospital job and private practice in order to do private consulting and to educate the public on the illogical parts of the medical system that have done a great deal of harm to the trusting public. 
I haven't read Dissolving Illusions yet, but her other book, Rising from the Dead was very detailed in her ups and downs from medical school until the time she left her practice. 

Why did I pick her as as one of the Doctors Who Jumped Ship?  I was emotionally rattled to read that her expertise and experience as a doctor was completely ignored.  You want an independent thinker to stand up for you and give you the best, relevant, and customized advice for your specific situation.  When a doctor's recommendation is purposely disregarded, then you wonder, what is the point of having a doctor? What happened to the credo, "Do no harm?"  

I understood Dr. Humphries plight and knew there are too many doctors who have stopped thinking for themselves.  She said it herself that the looming financial strain after a decade of advanced education tends to turn anyone into a hapless "yes," person who develops a split personality in order to cope.

If this is the state of medicine where you must fit into one or two codes for insurance billing, our health is in extreme danger every time we visit a practitioner or worse, enter a hospital.  

People in emergency and chronic care lost a true doctor who takes the fiduciary responsibility seriously.  

Fortunately, she is still standing up for those who need a trusted truth teller.  Her extensive knowledge of the history of vaccines is very helpful at helping the public understand what is at stake when intelligent voices are shut down. Her many talks and seminars can be views on You Tube.   She also provides private consultations. 

You can also read each chapter into of Dissolving Illusions here. 

Monday, June 22, 2020

Buckle Up for Brain Function

Buckle Up for Brain Function

Click Here for the episode:

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Heal Your Covid Emotions

Episode 91
This is a commercial for an upcoming live event about healing your covid emotions. We've had plenty of ups and downs. How shall we store these memories in our brains and move forward? The date / time is not nailed down yet. Please email me at to get updates. I'd like to know how many people are interested and when they have free time to get on a live video or group phone call.

BFA Coaching                      
You already have the tools.  You can learn how to use them proficiently. 

When Your Two Brains Fight

Brain Snob Episode 90
Remember when you first learned to drive? You were goofy and unsure with your feet on the pedals. Getting the brain in balance can feel like that at times. But you can get there.

BFA Coaching:  You already have the tools.  You can be proficient with the tools. 

Sunday, June 21, 2020

Doctors Who Jumped Ship (Part 4: William Rawls)


Who else made the list? Read here.

William Rawls, MD is the author of  Unlocking Lyme.  I picked up his book when Lyme disease was becoming more talked about.  It seemed to have this mystery about it as the media took control of the situation trying to inform the public.  (Does that sound familiar, by the way, with our current popular virus of the day?)

But, after reading his introduction and first few chapters, I realized the same health practices that heal other ailments apply here.  They always apply.  What keeps the body healthy is the same no matter what you find on lab work and no matter what name you give a set of symptoms. 

These pathogens, or little buggers, or critters, as I like to call them have been with us since the world began.  There are too many to name, so why get all mixed up in the details?  Mummies like the "Iceman" and other dated materials have shown these spirochetes, microbes, etc., are not new.  And they were not making us sick, until recently.  Something happened to us in very modern times.  

Dr. Rawls, also suffered from Lyme disease.  But he is adamant that he was exposed to the Lyme critters when he was a child playing in the woods.  Interestingly, he was not sick until middle age when his life was extremely stressful as an OB-GYN delivering babies at all  hours and living a sleep deprived existence. 

He jumped ship because the typical medical approach was not getting people him well.  He also explains that spending time with patients (something we all want and need as part of the healing process) and not ordering procedures that don't work, my emphasis on the not working part, made it impossible to maintain a financially viable medical practice. 

Dr. Rawls removed himself from the managed care system and revamped his practice into an integrative office utilizing herbs and natural approaches.  He pulled himself out of chronic illness so he has the experience that allows him to relate to the difficulties others have endured in the same situation. 

The most important concept I can convey from his own story is that the environmental microbes need not freak us out.  We are built with a great immune system from the brain to the gut and it is up to us to protect it.  

Protect your resiliency with the common sense

Don't fear the little buggers. 

Ready to Remake Your Life?  BFA Coaching is Here!

Sunday, June 14, 2020

Doctors Who Jumped Ship (Part 3: Timothy Noakes)

Timothy Noakes, MBChb, MD, DSc

Who else made the list? Read here. 

Dr. Tim Noakes is an avid sports scientist and ultramarathoner.  But he became ultra-interested in nutrition when he realized his high carb diet gave him diabetes type II.  

Going low carb/high fat reversed his diabetes and he admitted the old information about diet was wrong. 

In an HVMN interview he said, "In about 2010, I suddenly realized I got it all wrong and decided that I better stop harming people because the books that I'd written said that high-carbohydrate diets are ideal. I realized I was wrong."

Extended interview:,carb%2C%20high%2Dfat%20diet.

While he changed his stance, he said industries didn't like it.  He had to defend his medical licence in South Africa and prove the previous science was wrong.  He was adamant that he could no longer tell people that the typical food guide was healthy.  

Tim Noakes on Trial Summary in Runner's World

When folks like Dr. Noakes talk about high fat as health promoting, in flies in the face of decades of accepted dogma.  Now that we're realizing that a fat deficient diet is problematic on energy levels, vitamin conversion, brain and heart health, many physical problems can be healed. 

But it hasn't been a smooth road for many of the doctors who stand apart from their medical standards.  

Dr. Noakes explains it in plain, simple terms and speaks with a soul deep honesty that makes the informatin more well received.  

Following his dietary advice certainly will decrease someone's inflammation levels and slow down the degenerative aspects of chronic disease.  If can reverse his own diabetes, he makes the perfect coach.  He is a teacher who lived it and can help others get over the mental hurdles of giving up old beliefs. 

Saturday, June 13, 2020

I Hate Fear and Lies - So I Became a Chiropractor to Deliver Confidence and Truth

My calling is to help you live your calling. 
When we are motivated to take on a personal mission, it's typically not simple.  Sure, when I wanted to be a school teacher I was positively impacted by a stern teacher and it took me by surprise.  

I dreaded the end of summer when everyone else found out they had the favorite teachers but not me.  My teacher had a reputation as being mean.  Naturally, I was petrified but somehow told myself to just deal with it.  This was fourth grade.

In the end, my memory of that school year was pleasant.  While I gave her a run for her money because one of my friends (Yes, someone else ended up in her classroom, too.) and I were endless troublemakers sending notes back and forth, I witnessed to her organization and no nonsense style. I wasn't forgotten.

I went to college with dreams of a theatrical career, but I later graduated with a degree in teaching.  The lasting impression of this teacher stuck with me and I realized I wanted to somehow give others this kind of impression.  She didn't lecture us on how to live.  What fourth grader would listen to that kind of lecture? There was no relevancy.  We merely watched how she carried herself and managed her classroom.  Her example was powerful.

Also, I remember watching the Tony Robbins documentary, I Am Not Your Guru.  He mentioned at the end of the interview that a teacher made a small, but caring comment to Tony one day.  The personal interaction provided a springboard energy for him as it prompted him to take on some new action that enriched his life.  You'll have to watch the documentary yourself.  This revelation comes near the end.  

What stood out for me was that his teacher wasn't reinforcing the subject matter, whatever course or syllabus he taught.  The teacher provided guidance in a very useful, relevant way.  We don't look back and say, "Wow, that lesson on photosynthesis was life changing."  We remember for the rest of our lives how one brief moment, a quick comment, or a kind gesture motivated us to do something a little bit better.  

I was a teacher for only one year.  Along the way I took a different path, but with the same intention.  We can change the world one impactful moment at a time.  Some of us do it as teachers.  Others may do it as fire fighters, EMTs, artists, retail managers, marketers, coaches, parents, authors, and more.  We each have our opportunities to determine our purpose and choose how to serve our communities.  

While my teacher taught me how to use structure in a disciplinary manner, I applied that experience in everything else I did.  

Another person who was very influential in my life was my grandmother.  Spending time at Grandma's was always a delight.  She raised two boys, so she enjoyed all her granddaughters.  She taught me how to sew and cook.  

When I watched her decline in her later years, I also learned that it was a long, slow decline where we were helpless.  The best I could do was help care for her daily needs and love her.  She was discouraged by her failing abilities which morphed into a fearful anxiety. I decided I did not want to have that experience in my own life. 

In tenth grade my grandma moved in with us after suffering a stroke. A lasting impression was made when my dad asked  me to organize all her pills.  With paper, pencil, and a ruler, (no computers back then) I made up a grid with a schedule for each medication.  Some were first thing in the morning, others were after meals, before bed, once a day, twice a day and more often.  We wanted to keep track of her medicine and anyone who was home could mark off when she was given a dose.  She was taking a drug nearly every hour she was awake.  Now tell me, who wants to ever do that?  Not me!  This is just what every optimistic teenager wants to look forward to in the later decades of life.

This was a huge lesson for me.  Especially when she never got better, I knew this was more than the elephant in the room.  This was a secret misery no one wanted to talk about.  

Fast forward to my time as a mental health therapist working with the chronically mentally ill.  Mind you, these jobs were easy to come by because this is the ignored part of society no one really cares about.  It's a sad fact that also alerted me to the problems with the current biomedical model of mental illness. 

People were not getting better and they were not expected to get better. Please refer to my blog post about Peter Breggin here, regarding his work at reforming psychiatry.  

People get tired of listening to the mentally ill.  This is a strain on  the system the leads many to job burnout.  Many people with chronic depression, bipolar disorder, etc., have physical disorders, as well. Unfortunately, their psychiatrists refer them to physicians.  The merry-go-round comes right back when the clients would return to tell us that nothing abnormal was found in their blood work so it was all in their heads.  They were falling through the cracks.  This was demoralizing for me. 

Enter chiropractic.  I knew there was a body/mind connection, but I wasn't very influential within the mental health system. I had small successes working individually with people on simple natural approaches that I taught myself, but I needed to delve into it more.  I knew a lot about the mind.  I wanted to learn about the body. 

So, I volunteered at a chiropractic office. When I discovered how the spine was the major communication link between the brain and the body I couldn't believe this information was never revealed to me in my master's program.  When I found out about the Winsor Autopsies demonstrating this in a medical journal published in 1921 I thought it was terribly detrimental that the public didn't know this so many decades later.  (Read here how Dr. Winsor changed my life.)

I also learned how successful chiropractic was for mental health issues back in the 1920s to 1950s.  There were chiropractic hospitals that used chiropractic and nutrition to give people back their independence. Where are these successful hospitals?  They were ignored by third party payers and were not given licenses to function as hospitals.

Chiropractic is also a promising partner in addiction recovery so I knew there was so much potential in receiving a chiropractic education. 

Not only that, I also get adjusted every week as a routine.  I have been since 1995.  I only wish my parents knew that we all could have been adjusted since birth.  Click here to read what my first adjustment was like. 

For me chiropractic is the missing link in healing.  My grandmother didn't have to live in fear.  No one has to hear the lie that there is nothing else left to try.  

Over the years I've dealt with the same old talk that people can't get well no matter what they try.  I see the learned helplessness.  To me this is shameful. 

It is because of fears and lies that I became a chiropractor, but more importantly I see the potential healing in people when they step out of their old comfort zone and take on the healthy practices they can learn about.  

The potential is there. The success is waiting to happen.  The chiropractic philosophy may be something new to you, so let it sink in to your brain.    Want to join me?

We can change the world 
one impactful moment at a time.

My impactful moment is 
the chiropractic adjustment.

What's your impactful moment?
*  *  *  

How Chiropractic Saved Me

Reject the New Normal

"The basic tool for the manipulation of reality is the manipulation of words. If you can control the meaning of words, you can control the people who must use the words."   
So, here we are.  It is June and we've been dealing with Pandemonium 2020 based on a lot of confusing, and somewhat weak evidence of a new illness presentation since March.  When the surrogate test used to diagnose someone with Covid is not supposed to be used for diagnostic purposes, we are using poor science to disrupt our lives.  I certainly hope you are taking good care of your health and not feeling as if you at the mercy of uncontrollable forces within the environment. 
And get that horrible saying our of your head.  Reject it.  
The New Normal is not a life I am willing to take on.
There's Something MUCH MUCH Better
I am using the above quote to remind us that catchy slogans may be cute, but also they can be detrimental. 
"Sometimes you feel like a nut...." is funny.  The New Normal is not. 
I believe the New Normal is a term we can use to describe the pitiful health of our fellow citizens.  Therefore, as a doctor (which means teacher in Latin) I will explain to people how we got here, and we did it to ourselves.  
You see, the U.S. has the worst health compared to 10 of the wealthiest nations (The Commonwealth Fund). We are number 11, even though we spend the most money.  In reality, all that money buys us nothing.  If an expensive computer didn't do what you wanted it to do, you would return it.  You would be a dissatisfied customer.
Another sobering statistic is 45% of adults have at least one chronic disease.  I don't even want to know how many of the remaining 55% have multiple chronic conditions that consist of heart disease, cancer, stroke, COPD, and diabetes.   
If this is the New Normal, I reject it.  I am not a part of that. 
The recent rash of illness across the country has people talking about the chronic co-morbidities that have been around for  many decades.  This is nothing new.  Our attention on it is new.  So, I don't mind that.  I am glad this is the popular conversation. 
My practice members have an awesome opportunity to learn how to move, feed, and talk to their brains.  They learn how to master the master system, to live the best life possible, full of adventure and confidence. 
The BFA Protocol, Brain First Always, focuses on brain boosting.  Today, the world full of modern stress. We must make peace with it.  Much of our modern approaches have not given us health.  
Chiropractic is an old approach.  And what's old is new again.  That's a saying I can stand behind.  
You already have the tools.  You were born with the tools.  I teach you how to use your tools proficiently. 
This recent world event has been crazy.  I bet leaders will admit the mistakes many years from now.  I also expect there to be lawsuits and a new grassroots movement to protect our health freedom and break up the medical monopoly that has performed poorly.
Don't be a part of the New Normal.  Stand on the other side of stubborn.  I'll be standing there with you. 
BFA Coaching is available now. 
Follow my YouTube Channel and Podcasts: "Brain Snob"
Call me for a personal, customized brain healing plan.
Discover what makes you tick, not just what makes you tick. 
It's meaningful and rewarding. 
We need your full participation in the world. 

Friday, June 12, 2020

What Will You Discard? What Will You Keep?

During this time of "pandemonium" due to the stressful reactions to a misunderstood sickness, we've had to slow down, make a few changes and make peace with unexpected hardships.  

Now, it's time to reemerge with a better attitude and a stronger nervous system.  

I do not want to see this happened ever again.  Not because of illness.  There will always be illness warning us that we are dabbling too much with dangerous toxins and unhealthy habits. Illness is not something to be feared either.  We should have learned by now what truly causes illness, but somehow the majority still fall on outdated, unproven theories.  For now, we move on. 

The immune system became the hot topic these last few months.  Let's keep our focus on what is wonderful about the body, so we can remain positive, confident, and resilient.  

We are meant to be sick from time to time.  It is meant to be brief and it educates the brain's immune programming.  

We are not meant to deliberately harm ourselves.  Hopefully, the lessons from this past season help us realize a serious reformation has to take place. 

What we have learned.  What we can reform: 

  -- Our ignorance and tolerance of chronic disease has bit us in the butt, so to speak. We should not have been shocked by a surge in sickness.  It was the dam about to break. Now the dam broke. 

-- Our ruination of the food supply is also a cause of chronic illness and it contributes to poor health in young and the older populations.  This is disasterous.

-- Vitamin D is now realized to be very crucial to saving one's life.  We have overwhelmingly disrupted a normal Vitamin D metabolism with toxins, and medications. There may be unknown ways we have interfered with natural Vitamin D synthesis such as chemical pollution in the air, chemical spraying, burning of biofuels, etc. 

--Mitochondrial health is still overlooked, in my opinion.  If we truly valued mitochondrial health, we'd move away from the reductionist thinking of mainstream medical care. 

--There's more to learn from our bioelectrical systems and we need to understand the interference from WiFi, radiation, and the new technologies that create more electro-pollution.

-- Our lives have been too jammed with unhealthy schedules.  We rush too much and allow a rush-style anxiety to build that contributes to fight or flight illness such as heart disease, cancer, and auto-immune disorders. 

-- We still don't understand communicable disease and make some very bad inferences. 

I could add more realizations, and possibly write a book.  You also have your own personal realizations that can motivate you.  The recent slow down has affected how we relate to our jobs, our families, our community, etc. What different choices will you make? 

During this slowdown we've had time to evaluate what we are missing, such as school, jobs, friends, volunteering.  We also make a decision regarding the things we don't want back.  For some it could be a long commute to work or an overextended schedule.  With financial hardships and shopping restrictions, some folks may have paid closer track of their finances and realized they were able to get by with less money and are now able to skip unnecessary spending. 

These are just various examples popping up in my head.  Each of us has our own self discovery of what we were able to evaluate and achieve during this extreme change during which we were forced to change our life style for a time.  

Now that communities are resuming regular activities, each of us decides now what parts of this sabbatical we will maintain, and what aspects we will discard.  

When events happen that are beyond our control, it is still an opportunity to exercise control in our responses.  Your brain's past experiences are stored in your memory to help you deal with new events.  This different time can be an opportunity to reinforce a different set of habits that you may desire to continue.  

As a part of your life style modification, include health boosting with the BFA Protocol.  You may be ready to dive deeper into your personal wellness journey.  

I'm here with you.  Let's do it together. 

Sunday, June 07, 2020

Doctors Who Jumped Ship (Part 2: Peter Breggin)

Peter Breggin, M.D., Psychiatrist

Who else made the list?  Check here. 

Dr. Breggin deserves to be first on my list because I came across his book Toxic Psychiatry in 1995 when I was in the midst of my own bumpy journey.  

Ironically, Dr. Breggin was a psychiatrist who helped me discover the chiropractic profession.  He didn't know it, until I wrote him a letter about 12 years later. 

Back when I was working as a mental health therapist I was beginning to spin myself into a cocoon.  

Like a maturing caterpillar who needed to face new scenery, I was conflicted by the biological theory that espoused drug therapy to help the brain.  Deep down I knew that was something not for me personally and I was grateful I didn't have a mental illness.  

Being a fairly new graduate from my counseling program, I was enthralled with the techniques of Alfred Adler, Albert Ellis, and the Gestalt followers.  I was looking forward to forming the supportive relationship people were lacking in order to help them reach their goals with confidence.   

It didn't take me that long to realize my clients were not improving. In general, we were trashing their dignity. My clients were looked down upon.  They were not encouraged to stretch their minds to strive towards a meaningful life of independence.  They were coached to just get through the day and eek out some type of existence on a meager disability payment.  Yes, they were chronically mentally ill with deep patterns of dysfunction, but they were short changed by lazy professional attitudes.  

If I had someone in my family struggling with his or her emotional balance  I would be on them like a hawk.  Why?  because I am very wary of the mental health system so I don't want my family member talked into something unhealthy.  Doesn't that sound odd coming from a mental health therapist?  Maybe not.  As someone on the inside, I knew in my heart how I would want myself or a loved one cared for.  Someone in the middle of a personal crisis needs understanding, a thoughtful ear, and reassurance that they are going rise above it with a new strength.  

Someone in a fragile state doesn't want to be questioned in an impersonal office setting or emergency room worried that their answers will be misinterpreted.  No one wants to be given a stigmatizing label and treated as if they cannot be trusted.

So, at a time in my life where I was at a crossroads realizing there has to be a better way to reach people, I discover a book by someone with the same idea. 

I was in a library one day where Toxic Psychiatry was propped up on a shelf of new releases.  I grabbed it and voraciously read it from cover to cover. Here was a psychiatrist who didn't use psychiatric medications.  It was refreshing and exciting to see my thoughts were validated by someone who has dealt with this longer than I have.  

Peter Breggin's book is written in an autobiographical style as he gives a chronological story of his experiences helping people reclaim their lives without the risky option of psychiatric medication. 

What struck me with Dr. Breggin's narrative, is that he does not fear people. He is comfortable with them.  He welcomes them and is eager to hear their stories. Doctors are programmed to get to the solution as quickly as possible, which in a psychiatric scenario, it is usually medication or hospitalization.  Dr. Breggin is not in a rush to that kind of treatment.  He is able to draw out of his patient's their strengths and weaknesses so they can work out a therapeutic plan that the person can work through with a clear mind knowing where to go for appropriate support. 

Dr. Breggin speaks out about the disabling effects of psychiatric drugs.  These types of drugs do not allow someone to accomplish any goals.  Rather they are numbing to the brain and have unpleasant side effects.  He has been an expert witness for malpractice trials and works tirelessly on reforming psychiatry.  

At the time I was considering a career in psychiatry, but his book helped me look elsewhere.  I knew there was an important connection between the mind and the body and I realized I needed to learn more about the physical body.

At my position as a mental health therapist I was frustrated to watch my clients struggle with mental and physical complaints.  The psychiatrist would refer them back to their physicians who would report that blood work and other tests were normal.  When my clients came back to their follow up appointments they would say they are supposedly fine physically so their concerns were all in their head.  They were falling through the cracks and no one could help them.

I had also stumbled into a challenging  experience with situational grief and was offered the same drugs my clients were taking.  After all, there was a lock box full of complementary samples provided by the generous pharmaceutical reps.  My immediate response was a polite, "No, thank you.  I need to feel this.  I need to learn from this."

So that self talk lead me away from the mental health environment on to a drug free path.  Now, I realize I was not prescribing medication to my clients, but it was such a roadblock to helping people learn self management, it could not participate in it or tolerate it.  To me, that was unfair to my clients.  I had to be part of a group that could be free to employ natural means to assist the innate healing ability.

Dr. Breggin's book helped me see there was another niche worth pursuing.  Around 2008 I found out he had relocated from Maryland to New York and I wrote him a letter informing him how influential his personal calling and book were to me.  I met him and his wife, Ginger, some time later.  Their strong desire to relieve people of their emotional and mental suffering keeps them busy. Their perseverance is truly needed in our society.  

Read one of Dr. Breggin's articles here

I have more names of doctors who jumped ship.  Stay tuned.  

Saturday, June 06, 2020

Doctors Who Jumped Ship (Series Intro)

Welcome to my new series: Doctors Who Jumped Ship.  I have had a long interest in physicians who grew dissatisfied with the medical model as they desired to reform approaches that did more harm than good. 

My List of Doctors Who Jumped Ship
1- Peter Breggin, MD
2- Timothy Noakes, MBChb, MD, DSc
3- William Rawls, MD
4- Suzanne Humphries, MD
4.5- A second article about Suzanne Humphries, MD
5- Gary Fettke, MD
6- Jennifer Daniels, MD, MBA
7- Andrew Kaufman, MD
8- Thomas Cowan, MD 
Sherry Rogers, Joseph Mercola, Kelly Brogan, Zach Bush, Leland Stillman, Lee Merritt, Jason Fung, Carrie Madej, Rashid Buttar, Veronique Meade, Christiane Northrup, Shawn Baker
12- More from Dr. Brownstein
and more .... keep checking for my updates. 

A May 23, 2020 PubMed article, Medical Error, sites medical mistakes as one of the leading causes of death in the United States.  Statistics from different years show it has ranged from number 6 to the third cause of death.  

When delving deeper into this issue, the most concerning problems are adverse effects from prescribed medications and infections from simple procedures or other surgeries.  Additional contributing factors include failure to diagnose accurately and miscommunication among medical staff, specialists and even family or the patient.

As disconcerting as it is to realize errors can happen, these doctors on my list have spoken out against the underlying dangers of accepted medical treatments that are not beneficial to the patient.  They have gone out of the way to educate the public and offer better alternatives, yet they've dealt with pubic criticism, and some have had to defend themselves from medical board accusations. 

As a health professional who practices a drugless healing art, I am constantly dismayed at the speed at which people turn to harmful medications and procedures before they take a deep look at the reasons they developed a health concern.  

There are so many noninvasive interventions that are hands on, low tech and very effective.  If people are taught adequate self care, they will discover the empowerment it provides their mental health as well as physical health.  

I have a list of doctors who I admire for their experience and courage so that we have better informed consent.  I can only say better because we do not have true, authentic informed consent for many drugs and procedures.  

Most people may not know they can decline a procedure and ask for alternatives.  Since most causes of poor health are due to toxins entering our digestive systems, respiratory systems, and our minds, we can alleviate these problems by ceasing the toxic input. But we tend to skip the logical avenue and seek something more dramatic.  I suppose it's human nature to look for a quick fix so one can carry on as business as usual.  We must continue our stressful lives "full steam ahead." Right?  But doctor, from the Latin: docere,  means to teach.  What are we teaching the public? 

In my opinion a drug should only be used in the hospital for surgery or trauma care. Once you are discharged from the hospital a truly healthy person should not be sent home with any prescriptions.   If that is the case, the professionals have failed in teaching people how to be healthy. These more delicate, risky procedures should only used as a last resort. 

This is the repetitive theme that dates back to the poor health of my grandmother.  I instinctively knew this was not the life she was meant to live.  She was a wonderful grandmother to me despite the decline she suffered.  What about you and your future?

Back to my list.  I will highlight a different doctor every few days in a continuing series on my blog.  
Most of them are medical doctors (M.D.) or osteopathic doctors (D.O.).  I have included one or two Ph.D. professionals who also stand on the side of natural, noninvasive healing approaches as the first resort.

I will describe the events that  transformed them.  Faced with ethical dilemmas, they had to chose honest care for their patients and risk career disaster by bucking the system.  

Because these folks have jumped ship, some of them no longer practice medicine but speak out in defense of health freedom.  Some have developed a new niche for themselves in a way that allows them to help more people than their previous positions. Their stories should be inspirational because we can do the same.  We can stand up to common sense and empowering approaches. 

Be sure to check in regularly to stay up to date with my list. 

Peter Breggin, M.D. The first jumper I will highlight in this blog post is Dr. Peter Breggin.  He deserves to be first on my list because I came across his book Toxic Psychiatry in 1995 when I was in the midst of my own bumpy journey.  

Dr. Breggin was a psychiatrist who helped me discover the chiropractic profession.  He didn't know it, until I wrote him a letter  about 12 years later.  

(Look for Part 2 in the next few days.)

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Thursday, June 04, 2020

Aging Is A Lie (Podcast)

Check out my podcast on the Anchor FM website.  I am discussing my opinion on the nursing home problem with this current infection crisis. 

Here is the link.

Wednesday, June 03, 2020

Post Covid Comeback!! Early Bird Special

Don't Be Caught Off Guard Again!!

(Save 50% to 75%)

Dear Health Seekers:

Co-morbidities were always given a back seat.  Doctors added more meds to your chart, yet your quality of life gets worse..

Now after the spike in sickness that made everyone aware of co-morbidities, folks want to take charge.  They don't want to be sitting ducks!!

Never before have we heard people talking this much about their immune systems.  And the information is spotty at best. (My opinion.  I'm perplexed at what people think is a quick fix.)

Folks want me to give them a 20 second answer.
There is no 20 second answer.  We need to take the time to sort it all out.  First we have understand where we went wrong and how to make it up to ourselves. 

Parents want to give their kids the best head start in life, and they are right to do so.  It is not taught in school.  I had to spend the last decade figuring it out after I spent two decades messing up my health. I wasted a lot of time.  

I'm glad you're here today at this very minute.  We have a rennaissance underway.  Yes, I'm serious.

If you are scared for your health right now and want to get your energy and optimism back, please join me on a journey that honors your body's amazing self healing.  Learn how to partner with your wonderful innate intelligence and give it what it needs to thrive.  

We start with the brain.  The brain makes the body and you make your life. 
50% to 75% OFF
Early Bird Post Covid Comeback Special 
I am offering a group discount to help you and your friends save some money.   For groups of 2 to 4 who want to work together on this journey.  Just share the cost with 2 to 4 friends, then all of you, join me on a group call.   See rates below.

(This offer will expire once my schedule reaches capacity, so act now.)
Watch  my In Your Court - Covid Lessons Video

BFA Coaching Packages
Why Coaching?

You set the goals. 
You already have the tools. 
I coach you how to use your tools proficiently.

** These are healing activities you can learn to do yourself.
** The medical establishment will not address the real health thief: stress.
** Doctors cannot teach this during a seven minute appointment. So, they don't.
** There is no drug protocol that relieves stress. None! (Drugs add more stress.)
**Stress is everyday. You must have an organized brain-based plan.
** This is a radical way to approach your healing journey.
** You can get out of your current comfort-going nowhere zone
** YES!! You have the ability to self heal. But that does not mean leave it up to chance.
** This is the opportunity to live with empowerment and not in fear.

Time frame
1:1 coaching
Email check-ins
2 per week
Best Rate
3 months
90 minutes each month
$99 one month
45 minutes 1:1
1 month
90 minutes
2 weeks
45 minutes

3 Month Sample Plan: BFA Map is the framework using the 3 Doorways (You set the pace)
Month 1 Embrace and apply new information
Month 2 Routine It
Month 3 Refine It

Many life style changes take 3 to 6 months. A three month commitment is ideal for a successful coaching process. The shorter plans are for folks who want to pay as they go rather than pay the upfront fee of $399.00

Email check-ins are only for progress updates, measurable data predetermined through goal planning. They are not coaching sessions. They serve as a mini-diary of personal change and recognizing stumbling blocks or celebrating successes.

There are no refunds if you cannot attend your coaching sessions. If I need to reschedule a coaching time, I will extend your coaching program at no additional cost to you.

Most Coaching calls are scheduled for: 
Weeknights 8 PM 
Saturday Mornings (Eastern Standard Time)
Other times as needed

We need your full participation in the world.  
You can't do it with an impaired brain.

You can do it with a performing brain so you are a positive ripple effect in your community.