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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Cancer & Chiropractic

There's a lot of cancer information in the news. There are a lot of cancer drugs and therapies. I like to teach my patients about the importance of a healthy immune system to protect the body from cancer. Our bodies fight cancer everyday. The body is able to stop cancer cells from proliferating. People with a cancer diagnosis have lost that natural ability. Always keep in mind how amazing the body is. If we protect and nurture our bodies, we can enjoy life to its fullest.

For some additional resources, I have collected a number of websites that reitierate the profound self-healing abilities within us: (scroll all the way down to the paragraph on chiropractic)

Super Sites for Great Wellness Messages

When I am researching different topics I often come across other chiropractor's websites. Some are very good and I save them to my bookmark list. They are done so well that I don't have to recreate the wheel. Take a look at this one.


Fibromyalgia Resources


Sunday, May 21, 2006

This Week At a Glance

*** Glucosamine Study a Misleading Disappointment
***Kid Start - Wellness Begins in Childhood
***The Future Is Here

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I stumbled across another chiroparctor's site. He put together a great compilation of research, testimonials, and information about life potential!! CLICK HERE

Health Freedom ** Money Freedom ** Time Freedom

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Glucosamine Study a Misleading Disappointment

Recent news reports gave a short blurb about a New England Journal of Medicine article published Feb. 23, 2006. It summarized a study of 1583 patients with arthritis of the knee divided into different groups of participation. They were given one of the following: placebo, glucosamine, chondroitin, both glucosamine and chondroitinl, or Celebrex. The researchers concluded none of the therapies did significantly better than the placebo. Don't feel bad if you are confused. Each study needs to be looked at carefully because small details can be revealing. I have a problem with a certain detail not mentioned about the participants in most press releases. The writers also make sure the readers are aware that the supplement market is not regulated with a warning that about it. If you go to the NEJM website, find the abstract, read about the population studied, tell me what you think of this report. If you have the same feelings as I do, you can pick out a book from my library to keep.

Take a look. (This is not the abstract, but it has a link to get you there)

****Check out:

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Kid Start: Wellness Begins in Childhood

  • Taking A Real Look at SIDS
  • Is Doing the Right Thing Isolating Your Family?

Kid Start is a new addition to the Create Purpose Newsletter. I will be including chiropractic and wellness information that pertain to children.

Why am I calling it "Kid Start" (not kick start..)?
Because, (1) every child deserves to start out in life with the tools for success and (2) every adult should feel like a kid if they are living an authentic wellness lifestyle...


Taking a Real Look at SIDS: This article addresses the mechanical and neurological aspects of chiropactic as it relates to SIDS deaths ignored by most well known SIDS research organizations.

Wellness Families on the Endangered List?
Does your family eat dinner together? Were your kids born at home? Are you a home-schooled family? Is your family vaccine-free? Do you practice "attachment" parenting? Were your children breast-fed past the age of 12 months? Has everyone in your family been getting regular adjustments since birth? Is most of the food in your cupboards organic? Do you shun pasteruized milk? Do you avoid fluridated water? Do you do a lot of other things that your friends don't understand? Do your parents and siblings insist on questioning you about your dietary practices at every family gathering? Do you feel like you are often defending your decisions? You are not alone. There are more parents out there who share your passionate view on proactive health practices. You will find them hiding at your local health food stores, yoga studios, holistic moms networks, etc. Listed below is a link to an interesting article about "chiropractic relationships." It sheds a little light on one couple tackling the wellness life-style and parenthood. (I also read another good article, but it is not available online yet. I will be on the look out so I can include it in an upcoming issue)

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Voice of the Future is Here!!!!

"The holistic physician of the future will look at three things: What we eat, how we move, what we think."
-Candace Pert, Ph.D., research Professor, Dept of Physiology and Biophysics, Georgetown University Medical Center, Author of Molecules of Emotion, leading scientist in the study of the biochemical basis of emotions, behavior and the link between the body, mind and spirit.

Actually the holistic physcian is already here in your chiropractor's office. Dr. Pert's book very eloquently explains chiropractic's influence on emotions and neurological reactions at the cellular level.

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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Needless Epidemc & Premature Death: Crying Out For Wellness

Needless Epidemic & Premature Death

Don’t Give Stress a Back Seat
Allow Stress to Save Your Life…

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Stress is such an overused word that we now ignore it. People admit they are under stress but do nothing about it. It has become an accepted part of life. You are labeled a wimp if you decide to reduce the stress in your life. Being honest about stress requires us to be honest about the our bad habits and our personal weaknesses. It takes a strong person to avoid the negative relationships, negative habits, and negative thinking that perpetuate the disabling effects of stress. These are just a few reasons why we ignore stress.

The Stress Response

The body’s physical reactions to stress are the same regardless of the cause. The mechanical stress of physical trauma, chemical stress, nutritional imbalances, and mental stress lead to the same muscle tightness, lack of blood flow, increase in blood pressure, and hormonal problems that are common responses.

Stress Causes Stress

The Stress of living causes the body to breakdown and develop chronic disease. What needs our attention more? The causes of stress or diseases that result? Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Is the confusion another reason why we ignore stress? Is this why most diseases have no cure? There is no magic potion that takes away the demands of life. Our true problem is how we behave in the presence of stress, not how many drugs are available on the market. With all the drug use now, diseases are still prevalent. Maybe drugs are just a decoy so we can ignore the true problems of stress so drug makes can continue to make money? This is a strong accusatory hypothesis that has crossed the minds of intelligent thinkers. While the economics of pharmacology are deeply woven into the lively hood of many, not just the drug makers, we must resolve to take personal responsibility for our health. If others decide to take drugs and continue to stay sick, that is their choice.

Chiropractic and Stress

Chiropractors adjust the spine so nerves can regulate muscles, blood flow, and healing. We tend to re-subluxate (recurring weaknesses in the spinal joints) because not all stress is avoidable.

We still have to work, pay bills, and live a disciplined life. Work is not always easy. The daily pressures

But, we have choices. We have the power to reduce the amount of stress we are exposed to. No one has published a study on how getting out of a bad marriage saves taxpayers and insurers money, but the idea is not far fetched. Numerous reports show people who are happy in their jobs are healthier. People who are working toward goals and have them written down are healthier. There is no Nobel Prize to win. This solution cannot be patented. So who cares about stress? I hope you do.

The joints of the spine play a role in the body’s ability to heal and resist disease. Important nerves centers call nerve roots control the nearby organs and muscles. If a muscle is chronically tight and functioning poorly, the nearby organs are poorly functioning as well. Some would say the body is prematurely dying.

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