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Sunday, January 09, 2022

All of a Sudden Nutritional Supplements Matter (Mini-Rant)


Ok, mini rant here ----

Stop scrambling to find out the Zn, Magnesium, Vit C, Vit. D. etc., combo to get over the current pandemonium over a so called novel illness.

Yes, by all means, get the nutrition you need. But....this is something you need everyday of your life, not just when the world is freaking out over an out-of-control media.  

Now-Rant over. 

Also, check out my YouTube Commentary:

It's time to admit that mainstream medicine, or the medical industrial complex (whatever name suits you), has been leading us down the road of poor health for generations. 

For most of my grandmother's life when I knew her, she was over-medicated for problems associated with life style and terrible dietary advice from the "Public Servants."  Every once in a while the media talked about the elderly being on too many medications.  Here we are, it's been 34 years since my Grandma died and we are worse.  

I don't even want to quote the CDC's numbers.  A majority of people are on over 5 drugs at at time.  There's no plan to get better, folks.  Doctors can't win the battle over our poisoned air, water, and food.  Also doctors can't win in the food addiction department.  They just medicate you so you can tolerate your terrible life style habits. Personally I can't imagine tolerating life like that.  Medications just put you on a slow, miserable decline. 

Go to Google and type in "medication induced mitochondrial damage."

Find this article: 

Medication‐induced mitochondrial damage and disease

Saturday, January 01, 2022

When Chiropractic Lost Its Magic


I just re-listened to a story about Dr. John Carver's father adjusting a dead man.  This is not a new story.  It happened decades ago.  The problem is I had to remind myself about it.  Luckily another chiropractor had re-posted it Facebook.  It's sad how these marvelous stories get buried.  

His father was on a home visit to see a dying man.  He arrived just as the medical doctor signed the death certificate.   

This sounded like a time before EMS, police and investigation of foul play.  It was just a sick man who died at home. 

Then Dr. Carver and his son (who was too young to be a chiropractor but enjoyed accompanying him on home visits) entered the dead man's room to pay their respects. 

You know what happened next.  Dr. Carver adjusted the man and he lived another 14 years.  In fact, the man proudly displayed the death certificate in his shop.  It was quite the conversation starter. 

Did the chiropractor go visit someone because of back pain?  No.  That's the brainwashing of today.  Chiropractic is not about back pain.  He visited a dying man because the man's nervous system needed balancing. That's it. 

That's the magic of chiropractic. 

Chiropractic is the key to the mind-body lock.  The magic is actually in your nervous system. 

Chiropractic did not lose it's magic.  But it seems we don't respect the genius of the nervous system as it coordinates the body. 

If you want to unlock this mysterious process, chiropractic helps us access the brain. (It's really not mysterious.  We just can't accept simple things.  We have a tendency to make things complicated.)

The magic has not been lost.  But you have to reclaim it.  

Get under chiropractic care.  Discover the rewarding and meaningful way to enhance your life.