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Friday, August 31, 2007

Shane Ellison Does Not Offend Me

Dr. Homic,
A new post has been made on my blog (20 second reading time). Don't read it if you are easily offended. Sorry, but I discuss something that really infuriates me...Still though, I do give readers two names of authors they can read in place of me if they are offended...
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To Feeling GREAT,
The People's Chemist
I have you tell you, Shane Ellison's blog post did not offend me. He tells it like it is and has a very thorough list of health information. Be sure to subscribe to his newsletter.

Do you power shop at a power mall?

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Design Your Life by Choosing Values & Habits

I just finished watching a great Dr. John F. DeMartini seminar on my laptop. Just a week ago I finished a Brian Tracy course. I enjoyed learning some important concepts about values and diligence.

Dr. DeMartini discussed how two people may have similar values yet they arrive at them from very opposite experiences. It some ways this makes their value system completely different. Of course, no one else has the same value system as you do, but with a little understanding and curiosity, two people can come together and appreciate what each other has to offer. This is how all relationships work whether they are personal or business.

Many people have values that fluctuate because they are not stand rock solid with their own values. If they take on other people's values, that they may not be living authentically.

What do you value in your own life? How do they keep you moving forward? Here is a list of values congruent with success.

Common Personal Values:
Accomplishment, Success
All for one & one for all
Calm, quietude, peace
Cleanliness, orderliness
Concern for others
Content over form
Continuous improvement
Country, love of (patriotism)
Customer satisfaction
Delight of being, joy
Ease of Use
Family feeling
Global view
Good will
Hard work
Inner peace, calm, quietude
Love, Romance
Maximum utilization (of time, resources)
Peace, Non-violence
Perfection (e.g. of details)
Personal Growth
Positive attitude
Problem Solving
Prosperity, Wealth
Quality of work
Regularity Resourcefulness
Respect for others
Rule of Law
Satisfying others
Service (to others, society)
Spirit in life (using)
StrengthSucceed; A will to-Success, Achievement

So, values move people to act in a certain way. Brian Tracy provides a handy way to let your values influence your productivity. His course concentrated on how to have success at selling yourself for financial gain, but it can be applied to any type of interaction to achieve a goal. He discussed certain consistent habits that allow you to meet goals. They are thought habits and action habits. He had a realistic and foundational "how to" plan anyone can put into practice.

These are great lessons to help us push out the unenthusiastic beliefs that tend to take up residence in our psyches. We can replace our old thought patterns and values. It just takes little reminders so they become the empowering fuel in our nervous systems.
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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Stress: What the Mind Possesses the Body Expresses

I found this article online and love the title!!! Enjoy!
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Stress: What the Mind Possesses the Body Expresses

Stress is the underlying cause of 85% of visits to the doctor and includes Fibromyalgia, Headaches, and other Chronic Pain syndromes. If this is so and the research shows it to be true then why do we not recognize these stressors? How is it that we let stress create such problems in our lives? These questions are being studied more than ever before as is noted in the latest issues of Time, News Week, US News and World Report, National Geographic and a host of other weekly and monthly magazines including O, The Oprah Magazine.

If we understand that the underlying cause of stress is a mind body connection response to our thoughts and our bodies response to those thoughts then it makes since. Florence Nightingale, in her book Notes on Nursing written in 1859 stated that volumes are now written on the connection of the mind and the body. Even then she declared that if we help the patents to vary their thoughts we help them get better.

So why is the Medical Community so slow in connecting the two. Good Question and not so hard when you think of our fast paced world and how easy and routine it is for a physician to write a prescription to calm our nerves.

As humans we experience daily stress totally different than say a rabbit in the wild. A rabbit while leisurely feeding will respond with all its senses with any sign of danger. However, unlike humans the rabbit will relax and go on feeding as soon as the signs of danger pass. It has no thoughts of what just occurred, or what might occur or what could have occurred.
When humans sense danger we also go on the alert. Our heart rate faster, our blood pressure higher, our blood diverted to our arms and legs so that we can fight or get the heck out of Dodge. On the other hand, we humans unlike the rabbit tend to proceed to worry about the “What Ifs.” What if the danger comes back? What if it isn’t gone and I just I think it is gone?

When the “What Ifs” set in we are beyond the protecting intentions of the stress response and become distressed. We take a thought and turn it into worry, which creates high blood pressure, fast pulse, etc.

Read the following and then try the exercise: Close your eyes take a deep breathe and pretend or imagine that you are in your kitchen. Look around the kitchen and listen for the hum of the refrigerator. Walk over to the refrigerator. Did you hear your footsteps? Now open the door of the refrigerator? Feel the cool air as it flows out.

You notice a bright yellow lemon and you reach in and take it out. Pay attention to the size, color, temperature, and texture of the lemon as you hold it in your hand.

Now take the lemon over to where you would normally cut up fruits or vegetables. Take out your favorite knife and slice through the lemon. Watch the lemon juice as it oozes out onto the cutting area. Now pick up one half of the lemon and smell the scent of the lemon.

Now open your mouth and take a bite of the lemon. Taste the lemon juice as it passes across your teeth onto your tongue. Taste the tangy tart taste of the lemon as you feel it in your jaw. Go ahead and notice and then swallow the extra saliva in your mouth.

If you are like most who try this exercise then you may have noticed a little sour taste with some discomfort in your jaw and/or extra saliva in your mouth. What you created with just your thought was a physiological, biochemical response in your body – yes, just from a though – So the old saying “We are what we think we are is true.” Therefore, change your negative thoughts to positive thoughts and experience the changes in you.

How do I know if I am stressed?

If you are finger tapping, compulsively eating, biting your nails, having repetitive thoughts you might be stressed. If you have increased your smoking, drinking or drug use you might be stressed. If you are absent or being late for work then you might be stressed.

Prolonged stress can result in heart disease, food cravings, insomnia, depression, PMS, obesity arthritis, diabetes, and multiple other conditions that are a direct result of uncontrolled stress.

The most stressful jobs:
1. Teaching
2. Nursing
3. Management
4. Other professionals
5. Social workers
6. Road transport
7. Police and prison officers

On an average workday, an estimated one million workers do not make it to work due to stress. “Health and Executive Magazine,” claims 6.5 million sick days are being taken every year as a result of stress.

Stress Reduction

Stress affects blood pressure, sleep habits, nervousness, and confusion. Whenever our bodies are stressed – whether the stress is real or imagined – our brains respond as if it is real. Stress, by the way, can come in many forms: an impending deadline, an inability to complete work tasks, or even a verbal lashing from another person. The body’s response is the same regardless of what causes the stress.

Ten Ways to Cut Down on Stress
1. Talk it out. Get support from family and friends.
2. Exercise regularly.
3. Avoid false guilt.
4. Set realistic goals and priorities.
5. Avoid perfectionism.
6. Keep a sense of humor.
7. Hang loose. Set aside idle time to relax every day.
8. Live by the calendar, not the stopwatch.
9. Avoid over indulging in drugs, alcohol, caffeine, and nicotine.
10. Think positively

Taking time out of a busy schedule to relax is very important. Everyone experiences relaxation differently so the key is to relax as best you can. The ability to relax is enhanced by finding a quiet place, creating positive self talk, listening to soft music, day dreaming, or taking a walk.

Try this simple breathing technique to relax and decrease stress. Blow your stomach out like blowing up a balloon. This will drop the diaphragm down and automatically create a deep breath. More oxygen is able to enter into the two lower lobes of the lungs, which has more blood vessels to carry oxygen to the cells.


Exercise is the most widely recommended form of treatment for relieving the effects of stress and depression. It increases endorphin release (the bodies natural morphine) along with melatonin (natural sleeping pill) and serotonin (natural Prozac) production, and helps level out blood glucose. Exercise helps us sleep better which also decreases stress.

Think Stress Control

Skipping breakfast is a bad idea.

Starting your day on an empty stomach results in DECREASED ATTENTION and POOR PERFORMANCE. Even if your breakfast consists of something sweet or fatty, which is common, it can still help you get a better start on your workday. It is also true that breakfast eaters are leaner, have lower blood pressure, eat less throughout the day, and are in better health than those who skip the most important meal of the day.

In Conclusion

Stress responds well to meditation, Relaxation Therapy, Self-Hypnosis Exercise, a walk in nature, soft music, get 6-8 hours of sleep and a proper diet with the right vitamin and mineral supplements greatly decreases stress and enhance wellness.

(Copyright 2005 by M. Ron Eslinger)
About the Author: Michael R. “Ron” Eslinger, Captain, U.S. Navy, Retired is a Board Certified Hypnotherapist, Advanced Practice Nurse, Certified Hypnotherapy Instructor and Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist. He has served as Chief Nurse Anesthetist, Assistant Department Head for Administration Naval Medical Center Portsmouth, Portsmouth, VA. and is the Past President, Virginia Association of Nurse Anesthetists. He is Owner/Director of Healthy Visions Wellness Center in Oak Ridge, TN USA. For more information regarding hypnosis as an adjunct therapy, Ron Eslinger can be reached at The Healthy Visions Wellness Center. Go online to for more information.
Article Source:

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Life Is Like Miniature Golf

I took my six year old niece to play miniature golf yesterday which is a lot of fun for her. She and I go by ourselves so she can have girl time away from my son who is 3 1/2 and drives her crazy with his "boy-antics."

I knew it would be a quick game. We don't even keep score because we break all the rules of taking turns and moving the ball ahead just to make it easier. I remember playing with my friends as a teenager and we were terribly competitive watching each other like hawks to make sure we were all being honest. Can you picture it?

Playing with my niece, we took a lot of short cuts. I soon realized if you play with the wrong person, you are in for a miserable time. If someone likes to keep score and see how much he has improved over time, it will seem boring for someone who likes to volley the ball for simple entertainment. Tiger Woods would never play with someone just looking for a ride on the golf cart and some alcoholic beverage consumption. To him it is not a past time, it is always a time of concentration and self improvement doing something he is truly passionate about.

Eighteen holes of miniature golf provides a variety of challenges, much like life. Some force us to stretch out of the comfort zone while others are very simple and straightforward. Thank goodness for variety. We should always have some easy days thrown in every now and then. Luckily for us there is great scenery to look at along the way from cute little windmills and school houses to clowns and waterfalls.

Sometimes the ball doesn't get far and we have to practice for a while. Practicing is the art of honest self evaluation making changes until we find what works for us. My niece likes to call just about every turn she takes a hole in one. She is only six years old and its fine for her, but many of us have moments in which we refuse to accept the truth. From the Advanced Chiropractic perspective, continual practice allows us to interrupt the negative, less healthy patterns and establish new ones in our minds and bodies.

So, whatever your purpose is when you start your game of mini-golf, be clear about it and make sure the players you have chosen to join you have the same idea. And don't forget to go for ice cream afterwards. That's the part that makes you want to do it all over again.
Do you see any more life lessons in miniature golf? Share them here in the comments or send an email:

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Hiking Lesson

Wake Up & Create the Life You Want, by Debra Moorehead

Hiking Lesson
I took Eirne and his cousin, Lydia, to Taughannock Falls State Park to go hiking with my sister and his 2 other cousins. It was a fun day, but I it was real work walking a trail that was barely on an incline. As I walked, I thought back to a time when I ran every other day and made exercise a major activity in my life. This hike would have been boring to me!

It has been said, "Use it or lose it!" I realize now what I am missing. It's easy to go by the wayside when family and other responsibilities are an immediate priority. But it doesn't have to be pushed all the way back to that last burner.

During the hike, the four cousins handled their trek differently. Although they were different ages, the city kids were no match for the country kids' energy levels. Physical activity must start in childhood so healthy habits become unshakable habits, so when they become responsible adults (like us...) they realize the value of these habits.

I realize it now. I want the old "fitness" me back. It's going to take motivational work. If I say it is going to take work, I've lost the battle already. No one likes work. If it is perceived as a motivational way to challenge yourself, it can be successful.

The biggest gain is the new excitement and pride you have in yourself, regardless of the challenge. If it is the Numbers Don't Lie Diet, improving your relationships, getting fitter, or finding the career you adore, the best reward is the power and control you feel over your life.

We all wish for power and control over our lives. It is the greatest gift we have that also allows us to give back because we can do wonderful things with our personal power and control.

There are immediate priorities and then the regular priorities and then the other things. How you divide your time demonstrates how you respect your own power and control. Decide how you want to take care of your priorities and feel the power and control it creates.

Homic Advanced Chiropractic will help you with this daily challenge. Coming soon, the DNA adjustment will be incorporated into your chiropractic care. DNA stands for Dynamic Neuro-adaptive Adjustment. Since advanced chiropractic is all about advancing your life, it's time for an adjustment program that reinforces the whole philosophy behind mind-mobility and the chiropractic life-style. Stay tuned for more highlights!!

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Wellness on Auto-Pilot

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Wellness on Auto-Pilot with Advanced Chiropractic

My goal for you is to receive wellness on auto-pilot. We're can't truly be on auto-pilot all the time because we should always be working on something good about ourselves. But, don't forget, our innate intelligence is on auto-pilot. We just have to nurture it.

Get the most out of your chiropractic care. That is step one. Set a goal to treat yourself well and get your weekly adjustment. Everything falls into place with more ease when your nervous system is boosted with an adjustment.

You are no good to anybody if you are not healthy and well. Take care of your health. Take care of your nervous system. Chiropractic helps you do this in the most unique way.

Always work on your mind. Always work on your body.
Get into a mind-body mobility routine with Advanced Chiropractic.


During the month of August we will be covering more topics related to mind-body mobility...set yourself free!!!

Your human potential is waiting to be untapped. Don't let it go to waste. Tell your friends and loved ones not to suffer needlessly. They too can take a look into a world of mind-body mobility.


Human potential and your personal
How is chiropractic related to your personal development?

1. You need your health before anything else can be achieved.

2. You need to believe you are an achiever.

3. You need to believe in your creativity.

4. You need an efficient nervous system and limbic system to maintain your connection with universal intelligence.

5. You need to recognize the tools available to assist you in your endeavor.How are you nurturing your mind and body mobility?