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Friday, July 30, 2021

Pain/Anxiety: Villain or Hero?

Pain and Anxiety: Translate it Correctly.
Take care of it correctly by going to the Brain First.

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When we have pain the first thing we want to do is get rid of it.  I get it.  We're human.  

As Tony Robbins explains we are constantly on the search to reduce pain and increase pleasure. 

Many of us think of pain as a villain and it needs to be stopped.  I prefer to approach pain as a hero that communicates the genius of the nervous system (brain, spinal cord, spine).

Pain, Anxiety & Chiropractic: 

the Real Deal

 Anxiety is a process of your brain's warning system.

It is a primal survival response.  If you have "Unwanted Anxiety" we can translate it and help your brain get out of survival mode and transition to "thrive mode." 

Pain is an after effect of a threat

Pain is the cellular movement of rebuilding and waste excretion.

Is this a process you want to delay or stop with a drug?

Poor rebuilding sets us up for future injury and organ failure.

Skipping spinal care sets us up for future injury and organ failure because overactive survival responses are exhausting you.

Our goal is to assist the body so rebuilding and excretion are efficient and more comfortable the next time.

Stress and threats are a constant in life. Be prepared.

Chiropractic is the Fastest Way

to interrupt a pattern and introduce new learning.

* * * *

This life saving approach protects brain function.

* * * *

The brain learns from your history.

Repetitive stress rewires your brain.

Good habits also rewire your brain.

Chiropractic once a week for life (minimum) is

positive brain reinforcement.

All disease comes from an exhausted nervous system.

Stress and threats are a constant in life. Be prepared.

All disease comes from an exhausted nervous system.

The first thing I need to find out about is person  is how they view and  handle pain.  We go all the way back to childhood in developing our mental programming about pain.   If you were sick a lot as a kid, that shaped you.  If you watched elderly grandparents suffering, it shaped you.  If your parents were in the habit of self medicating, it shaped you.  Do you let the plentiful TV commercials about pain relieving drugs impact you?

If you have a fairly negative view of pain, you will have worse outcomes.  The nervous system takes note of your emotions and memories cataloging them so you can have a more chronic, hypersensitive response to the stresses in your life. 

First Step: Understand Pain as a Useful Body Function
We know pain is purposeful.  In the simplest example, a broken leg hurts in order to keep you from putting weight on it which would cause further harm.  Bone knitting itself back together is painful, but it is a necessary process. 

If you have ever been in a serious car accident, you don't feel much pain the first day and possibly the next 2 or 3 days.  But the next day after that you feel a full blown cascade of aches, pains, stiffness.  You can hardly move.  That delayed pain reaction is the genius of the nervous system.  Your pain level is low so you can get out of the situation and make it to safety. 

If you take a pain drug or consume alcohol or even coffee, the fight or flight response is stimulated and your pain levels are dulled. This is one way to trick the nervous system and extend healing time or lose healing time. 
Fight or flight stops most routine functions such as digestion and repair.  We can help ourselves out by calming that fight or flight response with chiropractic, rest, and nutrition so you can rebuild properly. 

Pain is an indicator that you have already initiated a healing response.  Swelling is a busy process of cellular delivery, cleaning up the injury site and sending in the repair cells. 

Chiropractors teach their patients that pain is a necessary part of the body's survival process.  Adjusting the spine doesn't directly stop pain, but it calms the fight or flight response so the rebuilding process can go on. 

Let's work with the body as a supportive partner.  Let's use chiropractic as a way to reinforce the strengthening patterns of the body and discourage the weakening patterns.

Pain is the hero of the day.  Pain alerts us to reconsider our life style and help ourselves do better in the future. 

Does life drain you or energize you?  Let's approach it with the chiropractic mind-set.

Fuel Your Brilliance   *** Upgrade Your Journey

Brain First * Body Follows

What is Neurologically Based Chiropractic?
I'll let Dr. Richard Barwell explain it. 

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