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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Who is that girl on my wall?

If you're still wondering who is Angela Lovelace and why is her picture on my wall?

She is a wonderful inspiration and a close friend of Peter's whose life was dramatically changed when she started nutritional cleansing.

Watch Her Video Now

Have a kleenex handy because you will cry tears of joy and warmth for Angela.

God's Mineral Storage Program: Trace Minerals

Meet John Anderson. He came out of retirement to become the founder and formulator of Isagenix.
John has worked as a private-label supplement manufacturer and formulator for more than 600 companies, creating more than 2,300 nutritional and weight-loss products.

His products are internationally recognized and respected as groundbreaking and incredibly effective. For Isagenix, John took the art of formulation to the highest level, creating revolutionary formulas that work.

“At Isagenix, we want the highest quality products for our Associates.”

He patented Ionic Alfalfa and you can't buy it anywhere else. It consists of 70 plant source minerals and alfalfa juice. He states minerals are not created equal. They must be of the correct structure and size to be useful to the body.

With today's sorry state of food production and farming, even organic is not enough. We must get the missing trace minerals and other nutrients that food no longer provides. This is why Isagenix is your one stop shop for nutritional dense products to complement your diet.


The best way to begin is with the 9-day cleanse. It is an excellent introduction to some of the Isagenix products and you will feel results in 4 days. In fact, you can lose as much fat in 4 days as it normally takes in a month, without gaining it all back after you are fed up with dieting.

The 9-day cleanse is $179.95 (with shipping). It replaces 26 meals, so it is coming from your grocery budget. (**And your future orders qualify for wholesale pricing)But, wait, read ahead to find out why these products are worth more than gold because it will give you the life back that you lost a long time ago.

The Protein Shakes

-organic dairy in New Zealand
-no herbicides, no pesticides, no antibiotics
-fed on a real pasture NO CORN
-low temperature processing
-undenatured and maintains cysteine for proper glutathione synthesis
-whey protein in the U.S. is highly contaminated & over heated
-based on the Zone diet, it doesn't have too much sugar
-does not have too many calories--must have enough to be a "meal replacement" for FDA
-the fructose is from fruit - the brain needs fructose

Cleanse for Life Drink

-inner heart of the aloe plant
-enzymes are not destroyed
-high in B-12
-high in trace mineral
-not all aloe drinks are created equal--most are adulterated

Isagenix Snacks

-are NOT optional
-needed for "in between" cravings
-based on the Zone diet with 70+ trace minerals
-still need nutrition between meals, not calories

Accelerator Capsules

-green tea 2 mg
-natural appetite suppressant
-herbs to help you feel better
-2 ginsengs "hot" Siberian breaks down fat & "slow" U.S. slow fat burning


How it works

The shakes are for pre-cleansing. It builds up your nutrition. Drink the shakes for the first 2 days.
Next, the Aloe vera drink provides liquid nutrition in massive dosages. It burns sugar the first 24 hours then burns fat the next 24 hours.

To get to basic directions as well as the directions for maintenance, please contact Dr. Lisa Ann Homic. 315-277-1362

P.S. Think the price is too high? It is half of what the other diet programs charge. And, this is not a diet, it is an anti-aging, longevity program!

America's Polluted Diet

by Peter Greenlaw and Dr. Dennis Harper, DO

Warning from Dr. Lisa:
This will make you angry. In fact, I have worse statsitics that will make you sicker. If the Inuits at the North Pole have jet fuel in their breast milk, it is in your blood stream, too. If raising sick animals is more profitable than logical farming methods, just remember you are eating it. But, we can combat the toxic war constantly bombarded at us by igniting our natural detoxing mechanisms. Please keep reading to learn how.

Another failed diet. Unfortunately, those words ring hollow and true for many Americans who are left wondering why diets consistently fail them.

There are many answers to this question, but a primary reason is the polluted world in which we live. Major studies conducted by Mount Sinai Medical School and National Geographic have shown that our bodies are storing pollution, acid and impurities in fat cells. The more impurities we ingest, the more fat cells our bodies create. This is one of the main reasons why over 75 percent of America is overweight, and why 3 million Americans weigh over 500 pounds.

The answer would seem to be a diet with the proper amount of nutrition – eat healthy and cleanse the body. However, in order for the body to naturally cleanse itself of impurities, it needs proper nutrients that contain trace minerals (by ingesting trace minerals and rare earth elements in a high nutrition diet, enzymes can more rapidly break down food and cleanse the body). The problem with this solution is that there are no more trace minerals in our food.

In a report to the US Senate in 1936, it was reported that American soil had become “almost void of trace minerals” due to the use of pesticides and herbicides, and the fact that farmers no longer rotated their fields. Today, in 2009, the problem has only been exacerbated, and America is considered to be the most overfed and undernourished society on the planet. In fact, our food supply is so nutritionally bankrupt that it would take about 12 apples in 2009 to equal the nutrition in just one apple from 1976. The nutrition in a bowl of spinach from 1957 requires 51 bowls of spinach in 2009.

It’s with this dilemma in mind that 21st century thinking is taking over when it comes to nutritional health. Scientists, doctors, health advocates and other health professionals are backing the attributes of nutritional cleansing, a viable option that is rapidly gaining momentum among people who want a new way to lose weight and achieve overall wellness in their bodies. They are discovering the benefits of flooding their body with massive amounts of nutrients, trace minerals, fats and proteins, leaving the body satisfied without having to overindulge on food.

While trendy diets and dramatic steps such as stomach stapling continue to be the solutions people are turn to for their weight and health problems, nutritional science is an option that cannot be overlooked. As people become more aware of the value of nutritional cleansing, it’s likely the choice they’ll make to lose weight, gain energy and improve their lifestyle.

Peter Greenlaw and Dr. Harper have spent the past several years researching nutritional science and the health benefits of nutritional cleansing. They are both considered experts on the subject.

For more information, contact: Dr. Lisa Ann Homic 315-277-1362.
She talks with Peter regularly.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Reformed Doctor Reveals Dirty Secrets

I was on a phone seminar with medial doctor, Dr. Dennis Harper and international cleansing coach, Peter Greenlaw. They are writing a book together about the sorry state of our food supply and how toxins in our air and water are also contributing to poor health.

Since eating has made us sick, eating will not make us well anymore. Even the healthiest, most organic foods are contaminated, which is very sad.

The information is out there for those who seek it. I am seeking it and sharing it with you. I have some dirty secrets that Dr. Harper revealed which explains a great deal why our sickness industry has such an impact on society by making some corporations rich while we are dying slowly and miserably.

Dr. Harper has been in general medical practice for 20 years and was instrumental in getting the DSHEA (Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act) implemented in 1994. Dr. Harper is a voting member of the American Osteopathic Association, President of Physicians for Progressive Medicine, Chairman for the licensing board for the state of Utah and a Fellow for the Federation of State Medical Boards. Dr. Harper is the author of “Cleansing for Life: Nature’s Best Kept Health Secret.”

Dr. Harper's Secret #1

Dr. Harper stated he learned in medical school over twenty years ago that a good practice has about 1,000 patients revolving in and out of its doors. Speaking for myself, in twenty years I have only been to the MD's office for two issues and one was my pregnancy. The first time was a waste because it was for a bad cold and I just needed to stay in bed. During my pregnancy, I can say now, more than half of the doctor visits were unnecessary. I suppose if you have the same people revolving in and out of the office, it is a successful business.

The first rule for entrepreneurs is to ask for repeat business or focus on a product that requires rebuying such as soap, food, and ... I guess that includes prescription drugs especially refills.

Dr. Lisa's Law: Let me throw this in: drugs should only be used inside a hospital, during surgery and with emergency procedures. Once you are discharged from the hospital you should be off all medications. If that is not the case, they did not do their job correctly. It's not because HMO's are reducing hospital times to save money. It is because we have not been taught how to maintain health and deal properly with a dangerous food supply.

Dr. Harper's Secret #2

"Dieting should be illegal." This is a direct quote from Dr. Harper. Our food supply is already sparse in nutrition. It is double jeopardy to restrict ourselves. Dieting makes no sense when we are already starving and we are going to cut back even more. It takes 12 apples in 2010 to get the same nutrition of an apple picked in 1976.

Dr. Harper's Secret #3

Dr. Harper faced the music and gave up on his skepticism thanks to his brother. He saw his brother get healthy results without any exercise, so he had to try it for himself. Now Dr. Harper wants to get people off of their medications and he switched his approach. He tried nutritional cleansing on his worst patients as a last resort. Now it is his first resort on everybody!

Dr. Harper's Secret #4

This really isn't a secret but it is a rumor that has just been proven. We are now creating new fat cells as an evolutionary need to combat all the contamination in our environment. The body's wisdom is trying to save us, but the fat is killing us.

** ** **

Put his dirty secrets to work for you!

While we have talked about nutritional cleansing as a way to jump start the body into great health with amazing weight loss as a natural side effect, we really should be talking about nutritional density.

If it isn't alarming that our food supply is pathetic, then you don't need to read the rest of this article. It takes a personal conviction to give up most of what is in our shopping carts and still feel insecure about what is remaining.

What's next?
It is time to utilize a nutritional cleanse that Dr. Harper says is the best he has ever tried to obtain what you can no longer get from food.

To Be Continued...