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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

The Immune Damage Was Set a Long Time Ago........Change Your Future Now

This wonderful, happy ending story was shared by Dr. Darren Schmidt. 

Call to Action: When you realize how we have been "primed" for this kind of sickness, you can take the steps necessary to live in sync with your body's innate intelligence, not against it.

Dr. Brownstein from the Center for Holistic Medicine in Michigan interviews a survivor of Covid-19 who very eloquently described how his situation gradually worsened.  With a quick referral from a concerned coworker, he was hooked up with an efficient home therapy that saved his life.  

Please listen to this interview (and use it as inspiration.  You can free yourself from the anxiety we've all been tip toeing with over the last few weeks.  

Update: May 14, 2020.
Dr. Brownstein's video was taken down by YouTube.  Luckily I summarized it here.  So, it turns out there are groups that don't want you to have access to different ideas about healing. 

I hope you appreciate my commentary below because health freedom is near and dear to my heart.  It is my reason for doing this for over twenty years.  The tricky part is being open to consider different ideas about healing.  Watching certain family members suffer never leaves you.  

The unreliable, dare I say outdated, information that we still fall back on is probably the worse sickness there is. 

On to the interview.  Here are my responses. 

- Christopher noticed sporadic signs of illness.  Early on he wasn't feeling overtly sick. 

- When he reached a point of unusual sickness he was told by his health care provider to self quarantine, while his family had to also quarantine themselves in a different part of the house. 

- As he worsened he was now at a point where his physician didn't want him in the office.  He was told to self medicate until he couldn't breathe and then he could go to the E.R. In my opinion, if he lived near an overwhelmed hospital (and not every city is in that severe situation) the facility is already incapable of helping him and they merely observe your decline.

- He was relying on Gatorade and cycling between ibuprofen and Tylenol as hear feared the Tylenol would impair his liver function. 

- He reached a point of illness where he was afraid to go the E.R. knowing what was being told on the news. He was sure he was on his deathbed. 

- When he spoke to a doctor in Dr. Brownstein's office the first instruction was to stop the OTC medications. Ibuprofen worsens the viruses effects and Tylenol robs you of your best antioxidant, glutathione. 

- The next set of instructions was to take Vit D, C, and A on a continuous, frequent schedule at pretty high amounts. Since Vitamin D and A are fat soluble, someone should be eating meat to satiation because this is the best source of fat along with the bioavailable nutrients in animal protein.   Even Vitamin C needs are lower when on a high meat, low carb diet. I prefer this life style to be in place before someone gets sick, but even at this point, it is healing,  as long as someone has an appetite and can swallow safely.   

- He was then told to use a nebulizer with a solution of saline, hydrogen peroxide and iodine.  (Instructions on Dr. Brownstein's blog, March 30th post)  His second treatment gave him the confidence that he was not going to die. 

- Dr. Ng, the one he consulted with,  told him, "Fever is your friend." He was advised to keep up his warmer body temperature, taking a hot bath with epsom salts. 

- Christopher was shocked to hear how useful a fever really is.  He stated this is a new philosophy he hadn't experienced before. 

- At this time, Dr. Brownstein's practice has no cases of pneumonia and no deaths.  He's been teaching preventive self care for decades. 

- Dr. Ng, who gave him these instructions, reminded him that all they did was help Christopher's body do its proper job of self healing.  That's all.  I tell my folks that they have this ability all the time, but the immune system needs some help because current stress, such as the dampening effect of the medications, nutrient deficiencies from the Standard American Diet, etc., have gotten in the way. 

More of my commentary: 

- At this time, the dead people cannot speak about their ordeals.  We will never know how they suffered under the failed attempts to save them.  

- Christopher was poorly informed about the purpose of fevers and the dangers of over the counter medicines.

- At this point, the medical professionals in the thick of it are now getting sick, because they are exhausted and demoralized.  The virus only wins when the immune system is exhausted.  We know they are exhausted and all they see is the worst of the worst. 

- We know people heal because Christopher healed. We must keep that on the front of our minds. 

- Sadly, the hospitals that are crowded do not have the time to give people a fair chance at healing them.  Too much time has already been lost.  The care is mostly palliative, (comfort) hoping the body saves itself.  Even the malaria, HIV, and Z-pack meds are used in the hopes that the body still has enough resilience and won't weaken more so from these drugs.  

- Nothing is more demoralizing than feeling vulnerable to a mysterious sickness.  Feeling helpless is a major stress to the immune system. It is also an effective tool to control someone.  Gaslighting and village shamans have shown us how powerful intimidation can be.  This is another topic for another time, but we can control our thoughts.  Events are events, but our emotions can be modified. 

- I believe our lack of the true understanding of the immune system "primed" us for this disaster, both in the terrible health outcomes and the enforced financial crisis. 

- We've been routinely advised to follow outdated approaches that have harmed us.  The body is already in a sick state from these popular ideas: 
  -- low fat diets
  -- calorie restriction diets
  -- low salt diets
  -- overprescribing of medications in order to stifle a life saving body function, such as a fever, or hypertension (the philosophy problem Christopher hinted at).

We also have other stresses not recognized as problematic:
    --EMF exposure
    -- glyphosate in our foods
    -- unaddressed heavy metal build up, parasites, mold, candida, and Lyme

- The medical industrial complex (and it is called complex because it is designed to confuse you so you feel beholden to the people holding press conferences), is designed to provide you with short term responses to save your life from immediate death.  Whether they do a good job or not, is a matter of opinion.  And you are entitled to your opinion.  Your health is ultimately up to you. 

But once their short term response is over, you have the responsibility to do the real work so you don't have a repeat incident.  

What is Christopher going to do now that he is recovered from Covid-19?  I bet he makes a lot of changes.  I bet his first change will be becoming a regular client of the Center for Holistic Medicine.  

What will you change in your life after the short term response is offered to you?  
  -- What will you change after you get that injection in your back?
  -- What will you change after you get that new hip?
 -- What will you change after you get that stent in your coronary artery?
  -- What will you change after that kidney stone?
 -- What will you change after that gall bladder attack?

- Perhaps you won't accept the short term response after carefully considering the risks.  That is also a fair option.  Then you can move right on to your own self care options.

- Viruses don't kill us.  We succumb under an exhausted nervous system.   

- Thankfully, many people will live and be allowed a new opportunity to make a difference. I believe Christopher is making a difference today. 

Now, listen to Christopher's own words. 

-- See you at the table.
-- The adjusting table.

--Dr. Lisa
--Your Health Freedom Advocate

Saturday, March 28, 2020

Do "Healthy" People Have Unknown Comorbities?

What does the term comorbidity mean?

According to,  it is the coexistence of two or more disease processes. 

With the increasing number of young people recovering from the current  CV-19 acute viral illness, the media often says these people are healthy and it is shocking that they are getting sick. 

According to a March 12, 2020 published meta-analysis of infected patients, more severe patients had prior chronic issues than less severe patients.

Patients with high blood pressure, heart issues, diabetes, and respiratory problems had worse outcomes.  (Speaking of breathing, read my post about chiropractic and better lung function.)

Now I want to broach the topic hypothesizing that young people have these issues but don't know it.  The body does a fine job of maintaining homeostasis so someone could be living a lifestyle that raises blood pressure, but the body still has resilient mechanisms to correct it.  And, we already know the high stats for pre-diabetes and many people are undiagnosed.  It is also apparent that  blood sugar and A1C readings are basically useless according to pioneer Dr. Joseph Kraft and others. 

We know plenty of people who have the tendency to burn the candle at both ends and run on fumes.  It is assumed we can leave the body on auto-pilot and hope to get more rest later.  But that kind of stress takes a surprising toll. I see it often in people over forty.  They become very despondent when that wake up call hits them.

I'm not a fan of wake up calls.  It means there's a lot of work ahead to correct the unnecessary stress.  I know people who are addicted to the cortisol rush of living hectic lives. Let's act now and avoid the dreaded wake up call.

A life style overhaul undertaken for a year or two will help people develop more confidence in knowing they can be much healthier.  And since I've found we should not rely on the usual lab studies you get at your yearly physical, I teach people how to delve deeper into lifestyle management so they are doing exactly what they need to do rather than wait for a chronic problem to rear it's ugly head.  

This kind of coaching cannot take place in a seven minute physician appointment.  It certainly cannot take place during a chiropractic adjustment appointment.  There is an educational component, as well as a individualized considerations so we can plan a customized program.  This is the Next Generation approach to health.  Don't get left behind.  

Ask me about the BFA Coaching program so you can take the proactive steps needed to properly rebuild health without guessing or falling back on obsolete ideas.  

--See you at the table.
--The Adjusting Table.

--Dr. Lisa
--Your Health Freedom Coach

BFA Coaching Info

Talking About Next Generation Healing  // Dissecting the Real Health Thief so Your Health is Not Stolen

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Chiropractic's #1 Enemy - And Chiropractic's Solution

Call to Action: 
You already have the tools to live better.  Ask me how you can learn to become proficient with those tools. 

Chiropractic is not only a hands on technique to reset your brain function, but it is a mind-set, a philosophy, a life long health-building practice.

But there is one main thing that makes chiropractic less effective.  And that is poison exposure.  Since poison is detrimental to the brain and body, chiropractic also has a hard time competing with it.  

Mainstream health care is pretty much a gambling operation.  Every day people engage in the guessing game of how much poison will the body tolerate until it dies. 

Chiropractic is a drug free profession.  But I still have to deal with people who take medications.  Can I teach them how to live without medications?  I sure can. 

I also know people who are continuously consuming poisons in some manner, do not have a fast healing response.  I also know people who seem to tolerate these poisons with out any current warning symptoms will eventually suffer health breakdown sometime in the future.  

I can assess people's health by looking at them, studying how they move, and assess their spines with my hands.  Toxic overload is pretty easy to determine.  Of course, I don't have X-ray vision, I'm not able to tell you exactly which poisons you are being exposed to or consuming, but a detailed history of health and habits will be revealing.  

Repeated stresses get in the way of  chiropractic care. Folks don't see the results they want as quickly as they want.  This is why we need to develop and individualized plan to agree on an appropriate adjustment schedule with a plan to reduce these toxins.  

Where can you clean up your life?

--Certain foods (processed or unprocessed) that stress the body
--Water source
--Cigarettes, caffeine, alcohol
--Molds, parasites
--heavy metals
--Environmental toxins, especially indoors with home products
--The body's own inflammatory chemicals, free radicals, autoimmune challenges that lead to internal poisoning
Read My Old Tyme Doctor Post

Chiropractic adjustments help the brain function better so it can orchestrate the body's detox pathways.  

Need help with body rebuilding?  Let's formulate a plan.

I also address poisons in Brain Snob Episode 77:

See you at the table.
The Adjusting Table

--Dr. Lisa 
--Your Health Freedom Advocate

Monday, March 23, 2020

Today's Thoughts on Looking Forward to Tomorrow

Call to Action: Keep your mind balanced. Make health a priority today and going forward.

Here is my take on current events regarding the world's reaction to an unusual acute infection: 

- Any time our state capital is closed to the public, this is a dangerous time for our democracy and freedom.  I don't like it and we should be chastising our senate and assembly.  Make those phone calls.  They have to listen to every voice mail.  Make the calls daily.  Send emails and snail mail letters.

- Being told to slow down is not a bad idea for any of us especially if you believe you are susceptible to an infection.  While I don't believe there is a "flu season,"  I know how weakened we get once school begins for the year, the holidays are loaded with sugars and starches, we're thrust into our board meetings, volunteering, children's sports, children's arts and music.  The weather keeps us indoors with more darkness than sunlight most days. Overall, we need to keep our lives in balance, even if we know we have the stamina to put up with exhaustion from time to time.  It can unravel out of control if you do not respect your body's need to true rest. 

If events are canceled, that means more time to rest and get back into a better sleeping schedule.  I am disappointed that people's jobs have been cut by our state government. We must make sure this never happens again.  Our law makers need to refine the emergency laws and put restraint of the executive orders.  We certainly can do reasonable things to protect each other without ruining people's livelihoods. 

- The news (along with medical PR) media is walking a fine line between competency and sensationalism, as well.  We don't need to feed our sympathetic nervous systems with bad news, especially when most of it is not allowed time for research, and counter point.  The medical establishment is sharing observational studies very quickly while warning the readers that they are not peer reviewed.  This, too, is a double edged sword and it takes a thorough discernment process to understand how some actions were done well, and others poorly when it comes to patient care in the last two months.

- If you know you have a weakened immune system, I want you to know that you do not have to live in that belief.  First of all, believing you are defective is a dangerous way to view your health and life.  You don't need to feed a self fulfilling prophesy.  You have potential to be stronger.  It may take  six months to a few years, but you can always boost your healing abilities.  You have already survived how many "flu seasons" during your lifetime?  Don't let all the news stories scare you.  Continue to rest and keep your stress at a minimum.  If that means stay home, of course, stay home.  But, do take the steps you need to get on a more healing path. If you don't know how to start, you kick off your journey with BFA Coaching. 

- If you feel pretty good about your current state of health, I want you to assess yourself so we can tweak some of your already helpful routines.  First, assess your inflammation level with my short list of inflammation measurements, and then take neuro-digestive stress test and metabolic hypoxia test, (all very simple questionnaires, then we'll see where you are on the ketolox phasing flow chartWe can dive into stages of tweaking through BFA Coaching. 

You can make the most of today, and then make tomorrow even greater.  

You have the inborn wisdom to heal.  Believe it and Partner with it. 

See you at the table.

--The Adjusting Table

--Dr. Lisa

Sunday, March 15, 2020

Looking Forward to Tomorrow? (Special Virus Edition)

Call to Action: Keep boosting your immune system with adjustments and the BFA Protocol. 

A lot has happened this weekend.  In NYS the restaurants can only serve 50% of their usual capacity.  Schools are now closed for a month.  Meetings, activities, and public events are canceled. 

The grocery stores are quickly out of food and paper supplies.  We had to shop at four stores to find different items.  Wondering if there will be a delay for the shelves to be replenished, we really wanted to get a little bit ahead. 

People are encouraged to work from home.  That isn't always going to work for many of us.  Some businesses will experience a slow down which naturally affects cash flow and pay roll. 

Are we creating new stresses as we try to de-stress?  Will you be losing sleep worrying when you might actually have more real time to catch up on sleep?

We are in a Catch-22. 

Putting your health on the back burner is a risky gamble.  We tend to forget about healthy habits when we're feeling good, or just too busy to be kinder to ourselves. 

Today is a good day to start.  Why not?  My town has no active cases of the Co  vid Virus.  We are taking precautions to not over-expose ourselves.  We have opportunity to rest and relax.

We can use this time to redirect our brains away from fight or flight, and get back into a Vagus-Reset, so the parasympathetic nervous system (rest-digest-heal) is back in control.  

You cannot be a state of growth and defense at the same time.

First of all:  GET ADJUSTED. Yup.  Amazing effects on the immune system.  

Chiropractic had great stats when it came to the Flu Epidemic of 1917-1918.  CLICK HERE TO READ.

We get back into growth with the BFA protocol.  Watch and listen: 

Chiropractic and the Immune System Study Summaries. 

What are you waiting for?

Understand ALL Viruses and You'll Understand Natural Healing

While we are concerned about the immune compromised, it is of utmost importance to build up your immune system.  I believe those who have a weakened immune system can do a great deal to improve their health.  

Enjoy the video. 

Thursday, March 05, 2020

Your Body is Not Like A car......A Bunch of Replaceable Parts

A secret data base within the FDA to hide information about the serious problems with dental implants, robotic devices, meshes, etc.  And they can lie about the frequency of adverse events??????  Yikes????

Call to Action:  When you understand the true definition and purpose of chiropractic, you have the benefit of an anti-aging, protective practice.  Sadly, the mainstream media and insurance companies tell the public that chiropractic only fits in the narrow box of back pain relief.  That's so misleading when you know very clearly how pain is modulated by the brain, not the back!!  But, you are more informed.

I understand businesses benefit from the freedom to be innovative, BUT this of course is criminal.  If you hide all the mishaps, no one will know they need to work on improving the products.  

Keep your body's own parts.  Keep your health natural.  Implants and replacements should be avoided as much as possible.   

I listened to this twice in order to absorb this revelation.  

This is why I focus on the brain's stress monitoring system, the nervous system, because if that becomes exhausted your organs wear out much too soon.  

Your brain and spinal cord make up the Master System.  We always start at the top.

Sunday, March 01, 2020

The Addiction Business Model

Call to Action: While we look at exercise, physical therapy, sleep, prescriptions, even surgery to free ourselves from pain, anxiety, and chronic degeneration, stop ignoring the first door way to this personal destruction:  Our food!

Go to YouTube and watch any interview with Joan Ifland.  She is amazing.  She has some nice kindle ebooks for sale at 99 cents and up to $2.99.

I am listening to an interview here where Dr. Ifland said the term: "The Addiction Model."  It took about 20 years for food companies to really ramp up this model to get everyone hooked on processed food.

First there was sugar, then high fructose corn syrup burning out the brain with addictions to these refined ingredients (I can't even call them food.)

How do we activate those famous opiate pathways?  We consume sugars, salts, caffeine, and food additives.  You don't even need to take an actual opiate.  Who really belongs in prison?

Fruits and starches are now problematic because we have programmed our brains since birth, probably in utero.  

We don't eat food anymore.  We use food.  Just like a drug.  We use food to get an emotional high, emotional rush.  Admit it.  (It's not a calculated decision because the frontal cortex has already been shut down.  It is now a primitive reflex from the limbic system.)

You wouldn't drink alcohol in front of your loved ones who are in recovery.  Shouldn't we do the same thing with addictive foods?  What if all of society did that?

I invite you to dive into the ketolox phasing program to show you how addicted you are, by getting you off the addictive substances so you can feel the difference. 

This is really what I call the Food Slave Tragedy.   It got everyone running around in circles, as they assume food choices aren't that impactful. The definition of insanity......

You don't have to do it alone.  You have support at the office. 

--Dr. Lisa
--Your Health Freedom Advocate