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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Let Chiropractic Be Your Tour Guide

Seasons' Greetings Everyone.

Today is a cold, snowy day and the local schools have closed (kids are cheering).  I have a minute of quiet time to type out a blog post with a holiday message. 

I have a wish for everybody  I'd love for folks to experience the feelings of inspiration as the new year approaches.  

My goal is to provide a new outlook to the folks who cross my path.

Chiropractic gives us the opportunity to look at life with a fresh perspective.  I hope I convey that when you meet me.

Chiropractic gives us the energy to stay busy with our passions.
Chiropractic helps us face life's stresses so we end up stronger and wiser. 

The chiropractic mind-set allows us stay excited with an adventurous spirit.

So, don't face the world alone.  Take chiropractic with you on your life's journey.  It brings out the best in you!

Merry Christmas.

Friday, November 18, 2016

You Don't Need A Health Scare to Make Change Easy

You've heard about the folks with major health scares.  They had no problem giving up bad habits overnight.

They were the lucky ones.  You also know people who died suddenly or suffered such a serious health threat that they ended up with permanent damage.

There is a third choice.  Start making changes today.

However, there are two big challenges I see everyday in the office and I want to help you overcome them.

Meet the Challenges Head On:

#1 - Following incorrect health information

#2 - Not enough "people support" to help you stay consistent

#1 - Where do we come across incorrect health information?  Everywhere!  If you are want to feel better and get rid of nagging pain, you need to give your body what it is crying out for.  This is the simplest approach.  Don't treat.  Treatment implies you just need temporary attention to cover up symptoms and then cross your fingers hoping you heal for good.  Wrong approach.  Give your body what it needs and your body will pay you back tenfold.

I'll show you how to do that in the office.  We have a few easy questionnaires to point you in the right direction.

And how do you receive support?
#2 is difficult. Family members don't understand it.  You can't eat out, you can't go to most social events.  You can't be around the junk, processed, grain-ful foods that create the inflammatory fires of pain and disease.  You get the support here at the office.  You can meet amazing like minded people

Don't make your visit in the office and in-and-out event.  Stick around and talk to each other.  This is your opportunity.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

If You've Got a Big Fire, You Need Big Water (Not an Eye-Dropper)

I'm on a mission to extinguish the "Eye Dropper Mentality."

Over and over I see people depriving themselves of what the body actually needs. It's my job to educate, but it sure takes teaching and reteaching.  I know life is tricky at times and things get in the way, but we can experience better health with consistent effort.

I see people when stress has built up so much, they have no choice but to admit it and take corrective measures.

So, when you have a big fire, don't sit around, get some big water.

Some examples:
   Are you getting adjusted once or twice a month?  Why?  Imagine the benefits you would experience if you were getting adjusted once or twice a week?  (Get on the table more often.  Use the PCD discount)

Stress doesn't take a day off.  Remember?

Why are you taking a maintenance dose of your supplements when you really need a saturating level to really see results?   I call that the eye-dropper mentality.  You wouldn't starve a kitten.

Stop trying to stretch out your Drenamin to make it last 6 months!

People are more cautious with supplements than they are with prescription drugs!  Really?  Last I checked over the counter pain meds cause liver and kidney failure, not fish oil!

You don't put out a house fire with an ice cube.

You know the song, We Didn't Start the Fire?   Yes, we did start the fire.  We do silly things and wreck our health.  Let's get real and save our health.

Expose * Challenge * Commit..........Please commit.  

See you at the table!

Friday, July 01, 2016

The Ice Maker's Dilemma

At my house, I make the ice.  We don't have an automatic ice maker inside the freezer.  I use ice daily so I monitor the ice usage.  During the winter it's not a big deal, but now summer has arrived and everyone in the house loves ice.

You can imagine what happens during the hot summer days.  We're drinking a lot of ice water or iced tea.  No one else replaces the ice they take since they are lucky enough to find a full bin.

Then, mysteriously, the ice runs out and I am making ice twice a day.   When the ice bin was empty I probably made ice three times a day but people had to wait since it takes a few hours for the water to freeze.  In order to keep up with the demand for ice, I put an extra bin in the freezer and filled that up with a pile of ice, too.

In a week or so, the temperature cools down for a bit and the need for ice is not as great. Then something really awful happens.  The extra bin stays full of ice and then it turns into one big ice chunk that I later have to dump into the sink because it is too difficult to break up.  Whew!  Do you see how busy I am?

We can use these examples of ice making to understand how the body compensates for stress.  When stress increases the body senses the need to  kick in the cortisol, fight or flight response.  Now the body is in crisis mode to handle the stress before healing reserves get too low.  An empty ice bin represents an inadequate stress response.  When the ice is refilled in a reasonable manner, that represents our ability to take care of ourselves, such as getting good sleep as a routine, going to the chiropractor as a consistent habit, and taking high quality food concentrates.  When we have to wait for the water in the ice tray to freeze, that could be a temporary illness that requires our patience to work through.

In chiropractic we understand that the nervous system fluctuates between high activity and low activity.  Hopefully, we don't get the nervous system patterns stuck in a hyperactive state or too low of a state.  We don't want to run out of ice, nor do we want a big useless chunk of ice either.


See you at the table,
The adjusting table.

---Dr. Lisa
---Your Health Freedom Advocate

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

When Stress Takes Away, How Do You Give Back?

Stress happens.  It will always happen.  The body resists as much as it can, but there will be cell damage, fatigue, and injury.  
Over time this leads to soft tissue weakness, nerve dysfunction, and other maladaptive processes.  
The end result is chronic disease.  

So, while stress is chipping away at the body, it is taking away health.  It is so critical  that you give back to your body.  How will you give back so the body can recover and renew?

Imagine this, you are fixing up parts of your house.  Do you go to a junkyard and buy pieces of plastic to cover a broken window (with duct tape)? Do you bring home rotting boards and use them to repair a cracked wall, or broken step?  Would you use rusty nails to secure the shingles on the roof?  Of course not!  Nonsense you say!  Never in a million years.

However, everyday people are feeding their bodies processed foods, iced sugary drinks loaded with high fructose corn syrup, fast food, etc.  Many people hoping to be healthy take synthetic vitamins made out of coal tar and more corn syrup.  

To fix  a house, you use the best of the best.  You use brand new materials.  To take care of your body, you eat the cleanest foods and supplement with whole food concentrates.  

And since the body is a dynamic living organism, unlike an inanimate object, it has brain power to process informational stimuli and react in ways that allow you to move, think, speak, digest, heal, and more.  

The brain relies on the spine to power it up!  Funny how that sounds because you would expect it to be the other way around.  The brain needs spinal movement to maintain brain function otherwise you'll see deficits in cognition, metabolism and healing. 

So give back to yourself.  Get adjusted, and feed your body.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Why Should You Go to the Open House ??

Saturday, June 4th, 10 AM - Noon

Why should I ask my regulars to attend my Open House?

It will have the usual:  refreshments, door prizes, samples and a meet and greet with other holistic peeps.

But you will also be introduced to the Plateau Breakthrough Success Formula.

Everyone has some aspect of his or her health that could be improved.  We all can work on something to better ourselves, even if we think we are doing OK.

So, check it out.

If I haven't seen you in a while, please come visit.  If you are a regular, you might have more time to talk about a health issue that we can address that you haven't been able to think about because the job is busy and you squeeze your appointments in right after work and before going home.

I'm looking forward to it.  See you there.

--Dr. Lisa
--Your Health Freedom Advocate

Monday, April 18, 2016

Mom, What Does a Migraine Feel Like?

Well, what do you say to that? Kids in school must be talking about migraines. Maybe a child or parent is suffering from migraines and it is a topic of conversation among them. The last thing I want my son to do is dwell on the negative aspect of disease names, symptoms and feelings of helplessness.

Rather than focus on types of migraine pain I said, “We need to look at what the body is needing and not getting. The body is asking for help.” I brought up examples he could relate to, such as, how bad he feels after eating too much sugar and flour, or with a poor night's sleep.

Many adults will just go go go and stay so busy they don't even notice the stress accumulation in their bodies. The number of people who ignore or get used to their pain is actually staggering. With a simple chiropractic exam people say to me, “I had no idea how bad I was.”

The biggest unmet need in health care is maintaining the nerves that connect to every organ of the body. Even when we adjust the spine, if other things are lacking such as nutrients, the adjustment is not as effective. That's why we need to explore the interferences that are stressing the body.

Are migraines a problem with just the head? With any pain or dysfunction, there is actually a multi-systemic problem with the nervous system, circulatory system, digestive system, and immune system just to name a few.

You are invited to learn how a chiropractic exam can help you replenish the body with what it hasn't been getting. Don't live in a state of “unaware deprivation.”

Expose * Challenge * Commit

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Are We Too Accustomed to Harmful Things?

There are so many harmful things around us.  Chemicals, foods, personalities, gimmicks, etc.

We are so inundated we just cross our fingers and hope for the best.  After all, we don't drop dead from one order of french fries.

But the  stressful conditions persist.  We work hard, play hard, sleep little, and worry about what still hasn't been accomplished.

So what so we do about our mental subluxations?  We get adjusted, of course.  Remember, the biggest unmet need is the re-connection between the brain and the body.  Spinal stress impacts neurological function that impacts emotions and cognition.  If we are going to be better problem solvers and make the world a better place, we need to start with our brains and nervous systems.

We should not accept the fact that we are in a toxic world.  But we do need to be prepared.

See you at the table.
The adjusting table.
--Dr. Lisa
--Your Health Freedom Coach

*  *  *

Monday, February 29, 2016

Everyone Heals Differently

If You're Alive → You Are Healing

Give Your Healing Power Chiropractic T.L.C.

You may be younger than you think. Researcher Dr. John Frisen is now looking at the age of different tissue types in the human body and finding out how old they are. Many tissues and cells have a constant turnover rate but that rate seems to vary greatly from body part to body part with some parts not renewing at all.  Based on the average human tissue renewal our bodies may only be 10-15 years old.
For example, cells from rib muscles in an individual in their late 30’s was shown to be an average of 15.1 years old. Cells lining your gut were found to be only days old but the deeper cells were found to be 15.9 years old.
Cornea of Eye 24 hours
Villi of Intestines 2-3 days
Lining Stomach 5 days
Taste Buds 10 days
Lining Lungs 14-21 days
Outer Skin/Epidermis 14-28 days
Deeper Skin 90 days
Red Blood Cells 120 days
Liver 300-500 days
Alveoli of Lungs 365 days
Bones 10 years
Rib Muscles 15.1 years
Deeper Gut 15.9 years
Most of Brain and Eyes Same as your birth age
Not Found to Renew: Cerebral Cortex, Inner lens of the eye.

Cells in most parts of the brain and spinal cord are found to be aged very similar to the age of the individual because these cells do not often regenerate. We are born with 100 billion cells in our brain and most do not regenerate or renew.
The importance of protecting and taking care of your spine and nervous system with regular chiropractic care is essential to keep these cells and your body healthy. Having a clear connection from the brain cells to the tissue cells is essential for optimal renewal and healing of your body. With regular chiropractic care your nervous system works to health tissues more efficiently.
Another way to look at it is to realize that healing takes time. Do not expect body parts to be renewed the next day if they really take 15 years to renew. All you can do is give your body an optimally functioning, clear nervous system, time to heal and do all that is necessary to foster that healing.
Researchers are trying to find methods to heal nervous system damage with stem cell injections and antibodies from the outside in but are finding it very challenging.

You know our routine.  See you at the table.
The adjusting table.

--Dr. Lisa
--Your Health Freedom Advocate

article source: Chiro Forward

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Stop Ignoring the "Silent Hurts" Especially in Your Children

I have no pain.....

But you have "Silent Hurts."

You let your kids play rough, watch them get up off the ground, and ignore it as if nothing bad is going on.  Below the surface cells are dying.  Yes, cells always die, but a mechanical distortion in the spine restricts nerve flow so the rebuilding does not occur when it is appropriately needed.

I call this the Silent Hurt.

Those blows, falls, wipe outs, heavy back packs, cell phone use all contribute to underlying damage that does not hurt.

I also see twenty year olds and thirty somethings who think they are immortal.  Their body runs on auto-pilot.  There is no auto-pilot.  The nerves need TLC.

I see people in their 50's who are disabled who told me, "I never had a health concern in my life.
Why now?"

This is what chiropractic has to offer:
Chiropractic is the opportunity to replenish the life sustaining conditions through the nervous system that promotes healing.  We can't use it just once or twice.  Chiropractic is an important health habit.

Learn more about it.

See you at the table.
The adjusting table.

--Dr. Lisa
--Your Health Freedom Advocate

What Joint Pain Really Means --This is Important

Mild pain? Nagging pain?  Chronic pain? Your joint pain is an auto-immune disorder in the baby stages. You may already have an auto-immune disorder attacking other organs. The joints are not independent of the organs.  They all need the same things for healing.  All diseases are auto-immune so don't let pain progress. The prevention, treatment and cure are all the same.  The chiropractic approach offers you this.  Get in the office and learn what the Chiro-Wise Health Restoration Program can do for you.

Monday, February 08, 2016

What Happens When a Chiropractor Reads AARP Magazine?

(Chiropractic News, Auburn, NY)

I like reading AARP Magazine.  I've been reading them off and on for almost twenty years.  Now I get them regularly in my mailbox (as a secondary member on someone else's AARP membership......)

Here's what happens when a chiropractor reads the Febrary/March 2016 issue.

I first opened up to Jo Ann Jenkins' article about challenging the ingrained views of aging in society.  She turned 50 and was really happy about it.  When her friends gave her those nerdy "over the hill" greeting cards with the old age jokes, it stuck a chord with her.

In her early 50's she changed jobs and now is the CEO of AARP.  She authored the book Disrupt Aging and gave the reader a little taste of it in this article.

She said aging is just living.  It means living differently but it's about being alive,  She believes it is fairly odd to say 50 is the new 30.  Who wants to be 30 again?  Older people are awesome contributors to society.  New demands of aging are also kickstarting a new rash of innovations.  Life expectancy keeps increasing on average and the marketplace is growing with exciting products and technology that older people can enjoy.

This was a super inspiring article and I may read her book when I finish my pile of books already gathering dust by my bed.  This is the outlook we all need to have.  Let's just take on the next adventure.  In my chiropractic brain, this is what living is all about and rather than focus on illness, we need wellness to stay on the front burner of our minds.  When we are constantly tweaking the spine and nervous system with regular spine checks and chiropractic adjustments, we are better equipped to age and take part in the next adventure life offers us.

Next, I perused through the front of the magazine and came across the readers' letters.  People were commenting on previous articles highlighting famous actors.  We all love to read about actors, performers, musicians.

Then, I flip over to a drug ad.   Through a chiropractic lens, I'm not a fan of drugs.  After all, chiropractic is a drugless healing art.  But, business is business.  If a drug company wants to buy ad space, it doesn't bother me.  It doesn't influence me.  It does influence a high percentage of the population that have the drug mind-set.  That's why chiropractic exists.  People are still not exposed to the truths about vibrant living at the level of the brain and spine.  They don't know what enhances life and do more to damage their lives.  Just out of a lack of information.  It's my job to be more influential.

There's a short quip written by Jeremy Irons, another actor who is enjoying is aging.

On the next page there's a short article about 5 surprising reasons a person might have back pain.  Okay, here's the chiropractic part....not really.  It touches on stress, posture, and lack of exercise.  Short and sweet.

On the next page it tells you how to survive your first heart attack.  Wow!  Here's the whopper.  All this stuff about being bold and courageous in your years above age 50, but, there's a worry about your heart giving out,  Every 34 seconds someone has a heart attack.  Yikes.  I hate all this counting.  The best part of the article explains how heart attack symptoms are not so obvious in older people.  They don't get the classical chest pain or nausea, but rather confusion because there is less blood flow making it to the brain.

For me personally,  I don't like the push for people to take aspirin daily. The original study that started the craze  was flawed and people still don't know about the flaw.  They used aspirin buffered with Magnesium.  The magnesium is what protects the heart.  This is very misleading.

I recommend to anyone interested in heart health to read Dr. Sherry A. Rogers' books.  If you want to keep an emergency heart attack kit in your home, she recomends Magnesium and D-Ribose to protect yourself if you feel you are having a heart attack.  She explains this on pages 217-219. A number of studies came out that reported in the last 12 years showing daily aspirin does not change heart attack outcomes and may cause dangerous side effects.

Last but not least, I then read an article about various people over fifty changing jobs.  It's good to news to hear for people who need a better financial situation or need a change of scenery which are both healthier in the long run.  They gave good advice about networking and not giving up.

In conclusion, if you want to read AARP for years to come, make sure you have a chiropractor you see regularly.

And write in to AARP and tell them you want to see a special feature on Mark Sisson.  He has mastered the primal diet for a modern world which is another fabulous way to redefine aging.

See you at the table....
The Adjusting Table

--Dr. Lisa
--Your Health Freedom Advocate

Friday, February 05, 2016

What If You Changed Your View?

Palpating someone's spine, I find loads of trigger points and a really "cemented" spine that lacks such movement that the person is depressed and full of unexplained pain.

As I was working with someone a few days ago, I noted out loud, "A drug does not change this.  A drug contributes to this."

The person is going to need a great deal of massage, physical therapy and mainly chiropractic.  Also since a chiropractic adjustment cannot energize dead tissue, it "ain't much better" with weak, starved, poisoned tissue.  We need to feed the tissues, not drug them.

It's a simple paradigm.  Give the body what it needs.  It needs nerve energy and nutrient energy.

Call the office.  Change the way you look at the world.

See you at the table,
The chiropractic table

Dr Lisa
Your Health Freedom Advocate

Thursday, January 28, 2016

I'm Not Getting Better

(Auburn, NY chiropractic healing news) image credit:

You've tried many different things to feel better. You are healing from an injury and it seems to be taking too long this time. You have nagging little health issues that you tolerate, but they just don't go away.

Let's look at things a little differently.

1. You've tried many things to feel better.
Different view: Something else in your life repeatedly overpowers your attempts keeping you from feeling better.
2. You are healing from an injury and it seems to be taking longer this time.
Different view: More attention is needed now than what was adequate in the past.

3. Nagging health issues just aren't going away.
Different view: They are sticking around for a reason, because something else is sticking around.

Your Body Speaks to You in Interesting Ways
Often we are clueless because we just wish the answers were obvious. Why doesn't my body speak the language of me? Because it can only speak the language of cause and effect with a little nervous system thrown in.

Keep in mind the 3 causes of poor health.

1. Chemical stress
2. Mechanical stress
3. Emotional/Mental stress

This includes deficiencies and intoxication. Nutritional deficiencies arise out of poor diet, relying on just food for nutrients, as well as medication effects. Intoxication is not just over- imbibing in caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol. It also includes medications, illegal drugs, and the body's poor ability to detoxify on its own. Chemical stress doesn't allow us to heal properly.

Vulnerable mechanics is due to poor balance, under conditioned muscles, being overweight, lack of sleep, poor posture during activities, repetitive strain, and lack of "conditioning exercise".(I say conditioning exercise because people perform a great deal of exercise that is inefficient and ineffective out of habit.)

Life issues change all the time. We have good days and we have bad days. They tire us out and weaken the immune system. If you have a "worry-trigger." It will get you more often than other issues that don't bother you. If you had an injury or illness look back at the last two weeks and see if a "worry trigger" popped up in your life.

Now re-evaluate your situation and your actions. Look at yourself as if you are watching a movie on TV. What things do you notice are getting in the way of your health? What things are you missing?

See you at the table...the adjusting table.

--Dr. Lisa
Your Health Freedom Advocate

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

P.U.S.H. is not an Accident

(Auburn, NY Chiropractic Healing News)

Do you take advantage of the Power of P.U.S.H.?

Everyone is motivated by avoiding pain and seeking pleasure, but how do we maintain a healthy view? We've always heard the middle road is the way to go. If in doubt, stick with moderation. There is another way of making progress and promoting personal success. It is called the Power of P.U.S.H. It sounds too easy, but it works and the best of the best know that P.U.S.H. is the golden rule:

P = Properly
U = Utilized
S = Simple
H = Habits

Success is not an accident and while it is always good to dream big, it's the little things we do that keeps up the cohesion so we can continue to grow.

What are your properly utilized simple habits? Take an inventory of what you do on a regular basis. Can you add one or two more behaviors to your routine so you can see your results expand?

What simple habits can you properly utilize?

Take a 10 minute walk
Read two or three pages of an inspirational book
Add an extra piece of fruit to a meal
Write a thank you letter
Get your adjustment once a week...not just when you can make it in..

From a chiropractic point of view, consistency gives you clarity. Don't let your spine get bogged down with the by-products of a stressful day. Don't put it off. I am you to be your best.

Please leave a comment of a new P.U.S.H. you want to incorporate into your day. 

See you at the table...the adjusting table
Dr. Lisa

Thursday, January 07, 2016

If You're Not on Fire....

(Auburn, NY, chiropractic healing news)

I want you to be on fire for wellness.  If you're not on fire, you're missing out.

Only you can create the healing experience.

I can provide the healing environment, but you have to take it home with you in between your chiropractic visits.

The most difficult thing to overcome is a disbelief that radical healing can happen.

Many people are sick, suffering, drug addicted to pain meds, but not aware of it, debilitated by nutritional deficiencies but don't realize it or accept it.  People don't know what really helps revitalize the body.

If you're one of them, check out the office and learn how to saturate your cells with the 2 critical energies.

Expose yourself to something new.  Challenge yourself when you first want to reject it.
And finally commit to a new health routine.

Monday, January 04, 2016

Chiropractic's Mental Illness Cure

(Auburn, NY, chiropractic healing news)

I gave a talk in the past on the depression trap. I spoke on chiropractic's early history of chiropractic mental hospitals. No drugs were used! Probably there was a lot of kindness, empathy and of course...adjustments! Plenty of adjustments!

This article, Chiropractic in Mental Ailments, published in 1957 used the word "cure" because it was highly successful. The statistics showed nearly a 99% rate of improvement. A judge who saw inpatients in his courtroom, tried to pass new laws to include chiropractic in all hospitals.

Because this article used the word "cure" I see nothing wrong with using the word today. We know the scary history of psychopathic drugs and Peter Breggin, M.D., spent his career speaking out on the brain damage caused by medicine's psychiatric treatments. Read his blog. I am always bewildered why folks submit to damaging their own brains.

In the 1957 article, a physicist states very clearly that people are in mental distress when their nerves are physically irritated. It is not in their mind. It is in their bodies! Why should people feel bad about themselves and feel as if they really have little control, especially when told to snap out of it!

The recent discovery that the limbic system extends into the spinal cord absolutely changes how we look at emotional health. It is more physiology than psychology. The spine actually fuels the brain like a windmill generating nerve energy. A lifetime of spinal restrictions is going to have a negative effect. Spinal care is critical for total health.

The group I was speaking to was completely astonished when I showed them old photos of chiropractic mental hospitals located all over the country. Look here for the photos.

They were also astonished when I said I never learned this in chiropractic college. I sought out this information on my own because of my own interest in promoting mental health in a way that is empowering.

Sadly, these hospitals are gone for numerous reasons. Drugs seemed to be the quick fix and chiropractors in the 1960's through today decided to put themselves in the limiting box of back care. To me this does a terrible disservice to those who are suffering with mental stress resorting to prescription pills that steal their freedom.

For more information, ask me for a consult.
See you at the table...the adjusting table.

--Dr. Lisa
Your Health Freedom Advocate

Day One: WELCOME --- New Member Orientation Video

Welcome to the office website.  Thank you for taking the time to watch my introduction to chiropractic for expanding your life experience. 

Is my office the right fit for you?

Questions to ask yourself?

Are you falling through the cracks when it comes to your health care?

Are you aware of the 7 Living Principles that can explain why you don't always feel good?

I look forward to hearing your personal story.  I speak a bit of the 4 life impacts that led me on my own health journey. 

1- Hitting my head at age 5.  How did that affect me in later years?

2- The death of two grandparents when I was in 6th grade and the anxiety that followed.

3- Later, in 10th grade, my other grandmother suffered a stroke. 

4- My demoralizing dissatisfaction working as a mental health therapist. 

Ready to dive in?  Call  315-277-1362
Thanks for watching. 

Ready for Day 2? At your initial visit, I give you an orientation packet to take home.  It can be a lot to read, so this video explains each page.  If you don't want to read, you can watch and listen instead.  3-Part Video Series.....

X    (2021 Orientation Video)  Feel free to watch it.  Each version is similar.  

This is an older video I have also used.  I didn't want to delete it.  It presents the information a little bit differently.  Feel free to watch it, but watch the newest one first.

New Member Orientation 
It is designed to save time on your first visit.
**  It helps you decide if you are ready to learn more, or if the office is not the right fit for you.   Click on the video above to watch. 

Answering these 8 Quiz questions will help you focus on the benefits of the membership program. 

                                             (Don't sweat it.  They're Easy!)

Question #1a - What three (3) experiences motivated me to become a chiropractor?   

Question #1b - What fourth (4th) experience made me absolutely decide to become a chiropractor?

Question #2 - What is innate?

Question #3- What is a subluxation?

Question #4- Why are most subluxations not painful?

Question #5- Why does everything decay, especially the spine?

Question #6 - What are the three (3) types of interference?

Question #7- Why do we adjust babies and people in comas, even though they can't speak and tell us what's wrong?

Question #8- Why did the girl with polio get better?

We will discuss what the body needs and what your body is not getting from you.  Is this a criticism of you?  No, it merely means you haven't been exposed to this kind of information before.

Are you Ready for Day 2?
Enjoy this newer video (after you watch the orientation video).

Why Prevention Programs Miss the Mark

(Auburn, NY, chiropractic healing news)

Dr. Candace Pert has been one of the most influential "new biology" researchers in our time. If you ever want to read a good book about the evolution of health care thinking, open up her book titled Molecules of Emotion.

The following quote from pg 285 demonstrates how she grew as a lifelong learner from the restraining halls of the “old science” laboratory to her independence as a mind-body researcher. She also explains why I believe most prevention programs are insufficient:

“For most of us, the very words healthy lifestyle conjures up images of low-fat meals, daily exercise regimens, and the elimination of alcohol, tobacco, and recreational drugs. While these are good, health enhancing strategies—and I’ll have something to say about them from the point of view of the peptide network – what’s missing for most of us is any focus on ongoing, daily, emotional self-care. We tend to deal with the physical aspects of keeping ourselves healthy and ignore the emotional dimension – our thoughts and feelings, even our spirits, our souls. Yet, in light of the new knowledge about emotions and the psychosomatic network, it’s obvious that they, too, are a part of our responsibility to manage our own health.”
She takes a stance on science and spirit being compatible:

"I have come to believe that science, at its very core, is a spiritual endeavor." Pg. 315
She shows how we can take charge of our health by understanding the power of our psychology. But we tend to ignore this reality because it can't be grasped in an x-ray, blood test or prescription pad. Most doctors know who will do well and who will suffer. Even with total compliance with a doctor's instructions there are those who will worsen or die because they are disconnected from the non-physical aspects of their existence which ultimately disconnects them from the their physical body parts that keep them alive and healthy.

How does this translate into everyday life? We can begrudgingly follow a prevention type lifestyle with our emotional hearts feeling a cold reception, especially when fear is the motivator. There is a mutual exchange of gratitude between the physical and nonphysical that makes up the living person. If this energy is not cherished and nurtured, both the body and "Thinking-Feeling-Expressive-Spirit" will die...and not always at the same time.

This is why prevention programs do only half the job and people still get frustrated with their results. Drug companies capitalize on this fact. Listen to the ads that say diet and exercise are not enough. They are correct but a drug will never nurture your Thinking-Feeling-Expressive-Spirit.

Go back to your prevention plan and tweak a few things. Ask your chiropractor to help you get over the plateau. Get adjusted more often because it is the most unique way to reconnect your body with your Thinking-Feeling-Expressive-Spirit. Remind yourself that the little things you do add up even though they seem insignificant. This is the nurturing side of the Thinking-Feeling-Expressive-Spirit.

Dr. John Demartini has a great quote:
"Your bodies' signs and symptoms are a feedback mechanism to help you be true to yourself."
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