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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

If You've Got a Big Fire, You Need Big Water (Not an Eye-Dropper)

I'm on a mission to extinguish the "Eye Dropper Mentality."

Over and over I see people depriving themselves of what the body actually needs. It's my job to educate, but it sure takes teaching and reteaching.  I know life is tricky at times and things get in the way, but we can experience better health with consistent effort.

I see people when stress has built up so much, they have no choice but to admit it and take corrective measures.

So, when you have a big fire, don't sit around, get some big water.

Some examples:
   Are you getting adjusted once or twice a month?  Why?  Imagine the benefits you would experience if you were getting adjusted once or twice a week?  (Get on the table more often.  Use the PCD discount)

Stress doesn't take a day off.  Remember?

Why are you taking a maintenance dose of your supplements when you really need a saturating level to really see results?   I call that the eye-dropper mentality.  You wouldn't starve a kitten.

Stop trying to stretch out your Drenamin to make it last 6 months!

People are more cautious with supplements than they are with prescription drugs!  Really?  Last I checked over the counter pain meds cause liver and kidney failure, not fish oil!

You don't put out a house fire with an ice cube.

You know the song, We Didn't Start the Fire?   Yes, we did start the fire.  We do silly things and wreck our health.  Let's get real and save our health.

Expose * Challenge * Commit..........Please commit.  

See you at the table!

Friday, July 01, 2016

The Ice Maker's Dilemma

At my house, I make the ice.  We don't have an automatic ice maker inside the freezer.  I use ice daily so I monitor the ice usage.  During the winter it's not a big deal, but now summer has arrived and everyone in the house loves ice.

You can imagine what happens during the hot summer days.  We're drinking a lot of ice water or iced tea.  No one else replaces the ice they take since they are lucky enough to find a full bin.

Then, mysteriously, the ice runs out and I am making ice twice a day.   When the ice bin was empty I probably made ice three times a day but people had to wait since it takes a few hours for the water to freeze.  In order to keep up with the demand for ice, I put an extra bin in the freezer and filled that up with a pile of ice, too.

In a week or so, the temperature cools down for a bit and the need for ice is not as great. Then something really awful happens.  The extra bin stays full of ice and then it turns into one big ice chunk that I later have to dump into the sink because it is too difficult to break up.  Whew!  Do you see how busy I am?

We can use these examples of ice making to understand how the body compensates for stress.  When stress increases the body senses the need to  kick in the cortisol, fight or flight response.  Now the body is in crisis mode to handle the stress before healing reserves get too low.  An empty ice bin represents an inadequate stress response.  When the ice is refilled in a reasonable manner, that represents our ability to take care of ourselves, such as getting good sleep as a routine, going to the chiropractor as a consistent habit, and taking high quality food concentrates.  When we have to wait for the water in the ice tray to freeze, that could be a temporary illness that requires our patience to work through.

In chiropractic we understand that the nervous system fluctuates between high activity and low activity.  Hopefully, we don't get the nervous system patterns stuck in a hyperactive state or too low of a state.  We don't want to run out of ice, nor do we want a big useless chunk of ice either.


See you at the table,
The adjusting table.

---Dr. Lisa
---Your Health Freedom Advocate