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Monday, May 25, 2009

What You Don't Say Speaks Volumes and Undermines Health

Healing takes time, but repetitive emotional patterns definitely get in way.I finished reading Hands of Life by Julie Motz. She will be in New York State at the Omega Institute at the end of June if anyone is interested in taking a holistic vacation. (If you have visited there, let me know. It is a beautiful spot in Upstate New York.)

She is an energy medicine practitioner working with people before, during, and after surgery. Yes, during surgeries. She has a keen awareness of life memories as they are held in the tissues and organs of the body. Cellular communication existed in the embryo long before the organs were fully formed. Making use of this sophisticated system could revolutionize how people are treated physically and emotionally when they enter the health care system.

She could sense the exacerbation of fear and anxiety in people even while they were under anesthesia. With her attendance during life saving procedures patients needed less drugs and recovered quickly with less complications.

She helped people work through the emotional pain of past events that were so strongly held inside the body, stressing and damaging organs. The common denominator among her clients was the lack of acceptance of significant anger and fear in their lives. Despite the fact that her clients overcame obstacles of childhood or adulthood, they buried their emotions exactly the way society has taught all of us to do.

At Homic Advanced Chiropractic we discuss the 3 Levels of Subluxation Understanding (Mechanical, Bio-chemical, and Emotional) Emotional habits, beliefs, and feelings set in motion a flurry of nervous system reactions. Overwhelming emotional patterns take hold in biological processes.

Working with practice members over the years I has given me the opportunity to get to know them quite well which is very different from other health care professions. I see significant thought and behavior patterns that don't allow the desired changed of chiropractic to occur. Healing takes time, but repetitive emotional patterns definitely get in way. People who face the same stresses day in and day out without resolving them or establishing a healthier balance do not respond well to chiropractic, or the benefits don't last very long between visits.

Chiropractors are not therapists, but it is evident that psychology is physiology, meaning the body is the absorbs emotional stress. Dr. Mark Hyman, author of the UltraMind Solution, explains how depression and other mental disorders are symptoms of an unhealthy, sickly body riddled with toxic poisoning, vitamin deficiencies, and food allergies. He concentrates on Level 2 of subluxation understanding, the biochemical sources of ill health. Chiropractic has been shown to positively change the brain.

While many people visit the chiropractor because they have injury induced pain, there is always an emotional component involved. There is always a memory of a recent or past event associated with events leading up to the injury. Doctors don't always ask what was going on emotionally in a person's life.

It is easy to compartmentalize (see the word "mental" inside the word?) our lives, but it is not appropriate when addressing health issues. We often over focus on our symptoms when we should be looking at our emotional responses to our memories as well as our present issues, pleasant and unpleasant. If I try to direct you away from your painful body part, it is because we have beat that horse to death. It is time to talk about what hasn't been mentioned.

The body isn't looking for instant answers. It just wants validation, the same way a child wants attention and affection. At your next adjustment appointment, concentrate on releasing old disappointments, old fears, and reinforce how well you are intelligently designed. There is a great deal of good going on in our lives and acknowledgment often releases stressful body reactions.

The 3rd level of subluxation doesn't get enough attention because it requires us to shift our thinking. Let's keep working on it at your next adjustment visits and see how it impacts your wellness journey.

Remember, you get to choose.

See you at the table...the adjusting table.

--Dr. Lisa
Your Health Freedom Coach

The UltraMind Solution

Chiropractic & Fitness Sports

I ran Auburn's Majorpalooza 5K yesterday and enjoyed the run immensely. What an inspiring crowd. People getting together to have a good time and help out their neighbors is a great way to spend your free time. Being devoted to good health and kindness towards others who need an extra helping hand are two important traits.
While I was running the race, chiropractic was on my mind, as usual. I saw a lot of foot flare. This is easy to notice if you watch people walk or run. Their feet flare outward and their toes are pointing outward so much that they are actually putting imbalanced pressure on the sides of their feet. Their knees and hips also rotate outward weakening these joints and throwing off the balance of the spine.

Click here for some great pictures and explanations.

Runners can run a long time without pain despite these mechanical blasts their spines keep receiving. All athletes including runners need to make spine care their priority. Slowing down due to wear and tear on the joints is always a concern but the damage done to the rest of the nervous system needs to be considered, as well. I have often talked about the long term affects of poor posture such as decreased heart and lung capacity as well as slowed digestion. Hormonal changes are also a concern, even if the diet it good. The nerves still direct the body how to receive nutrients to the cells.

I encourage all fitness enthusiasts to stick with regular spine care with the same passion they have for their high protein smoothies. Chiropractic is an important spoke in the wheel of fitness and nutrition.

Remember, you get to choose.

See you at the table...the adjusting table.

--Dr. Lisa
Your Health Freedom Coach

Stay Active Manifesto

Monday, May 18, 2009

You Are Always You - Intelligent Design

Life has its ups and downs. We can't always have it perfect all of the time. (When is there total perfection?)

Health is the same way. Depending on your situation, you get sick, you get injured, you heal, feel better, and sometimes you relapse.

We become subluxated and sometimes aches and pains seem to take over our lives. If you have been studying the 3 levels of subluxation understanding, you can look at your own health over the last year and see how your body has responded to stressful events.

This past winter, a lot of us were sick for weeks with viruses. In our part of the country Vitamin D is terribly low. The news has been exceptionally depressing, and we have allowed this negativity to sneak into our everyday lives.

One of my family members is recovering from a serious life changing surgery and has been forced to take life a little slower during the healing process.

Many things happen to make each of us take things a little slower.

I miss my part time Ithaca job since being laid off two months ago. I truly enjoyed my mental health work with the geriatric population. Since I have not been on the road four days a week, I feel a difference now that I don't have to scramble so much to get things done. In all honestly, there were a lot of things I ignored out of necessity. I now have an opportunity to do something new despite what I have lost.

Taking care of small children and taking care of aging parents also forces us to make changes in our lives. They are times we can be special nurturers to others.

Whatever is happening in your life and regardless of a health crisis you are working through, you are still you. You are not any less of the person you are. You may have to ask for help more often but you are still you. We tend to forget this or let depression creep into our psyche. We shouldn't look at health changes as a failing. We have the gift of intelligent design and we should feel proud.

Christopher Reeve wrote his book, Still Me, with a similar message. His life was a profound message.

Look at different times of healing in your life as times of self discovery. There is always something to be learned or appreciated. A hidden side of you can emerge. As one part is quieted, a new part awakens. Take it as it comes and nurture yourself as life changes.

Remember, you get to choose.

See you at the table...the chiropractic table.

--Dr. Lisa
Your Health Freedom Coach

The Subluxated Car

I had to change a brake light twice in two weeks. Doesn't that tell you something? It isn't a light problem. It is something bigger. I could keep changing the bulb over and over and over. I could also get the electrical system checked out.

This is a great reminder that our own electrical systems need to be checked out on a regular basis. Why wait for a power failure and then do something?

Sometimes we wait and it is too late.

I was pulled over by the state police for the blown light. It really disrupts life just like subluxations that just fester and create more toxins for the nervous system to deal with.

Your own electrical system, the nervous system, plays an important role in so many processes we don't have to think about because they just work continuously.

At Homic Advanced Chiropractic Weekly-Lifetime-Care is the norm. Very few people leave the office and decide regular care is not for them. This is very comforting for me especially now when "mainstream" health care seems to be doing very little for chronic disease. Maybe we all just need to recharge our power supplies.

Subluxations can be very silent like the house that suddenly catches on fire due to an electrical malfunction. Don't be the person who combusts due to a nervous system malfunction.

Remember, you get to choose.

See you at the table...the chiropractic table.

--Dr. Lisa
Your Health Freedom Coach

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Great Ways to Use Silver

I have added to the blog the following email from Sharon Grimes regarding how to use the silver products. Make the most of Silver Sol. Don't ever let it gather dust on your shelves.

Ways To Use Silver Shield in Your Home

10 PPM Silver Sol works great for these daily uses of silver...
The following ideas were shared by Dr. Gordon Pederson in last week’s webinar.
Comments in perenthese are mine.


Put several paper napkins or paper towels in a ziplock bag and and 1 teaspoon of Silver Shield liquid.

For 200 wipes, put them in an air-tight plastic container and add 2 tablespoons of Silver Shield liquid.

Dental Floss

Open the container and pour in 1 teaspoon of Silver Shield liquid. If you put a dab of silver shield on your toothbrush, along with a dab of XyliBrite or Natural Perio, you will reap the anti-bacterial benefits for your teeth and gums. Spritz your toothbrush with silver after you finishing brushing (and have rinsed your brush) and your tooth brush with stay free of bacteria.

Dish Soap (I use one squirt of Sunshine Concentrate)

Pour out and save 20% and add that much Silver Shield liquid to the original container.

Laundry Soap (I use two squirts of Sunshine Concentrate per load)

Pour out some and add ½ to 1 ounce of Silver Shield liquid.


Put Silver Shield gel on your face first, wait 2 minutes before putting on your cosmetics.
(I spritz my mascara wand with silver each time I use it before reinserting into the base; that way I won't have to throw it away in three months!)

Facial Mask

Use a Mud Mask like the one from Burt’s Bees and add Silver Shield liquid instead of water.

Shampoo & Conditioner

Pour out and save 20% and add that much Silver Shield liquid to the original container.

After Bath

After your bath/shower, pat dry and then put Silver Shield gel anywhere on your body to combat bacteria and viruses. I added silver gel to our bath gel so we get the silver when we shower. Add a tablespoon of silver to your tub, especially when doing a detox bath. Spritz a mixture of half-and-half silver and Nature’s Fresh on the shower walls to combat mold and mildew.

Vacuum Cleaner

Turn on the vacuum with the handle locked into the upright position. Tip the vacuum over and spritz the spinning brushes.


Spray Silver Shield liquid on the carpets to help combat bacteria, viruses and mold.


Spritz the pillow with Silver Shield liquid every night. This can also be done to the mattress.

Mops & Water

Put a capful (approximately ½-1 ounce) per gallon of water when you are mopping the floor.

Counters, Light Switches, Faucet Handles

Spray your kitchen/bathroom counters, light switches and faucet handles with Silver Shield liquid. Either leave it on or weight 6-10 minutes before wiping it off. I spritz my cutting boards as well.


Put Silver Shield liquid on the paws, nose, mouth and eyes of your pets as needed or daily.


Spray Silver Shield liquid on your shower walls, door, curtain. Leave it on for 10 minutes before using the shower. I spritz a mixture of half-and-half silver and Nature’s Fresh on the shower walls to combat mold and mildew.



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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Heart to Heart: Who Is Really Interested In Your Life

Whenever you say the word, "Health," substitute the word "Life" instead.

We all know about Canada's envious government sponsored health care system. The U.S. wants to copy it. However, take note.

The government in Alberta just cut chiropractic from its plan, yet increased medical care by 13%.

Statistics show chiropractic care results in lower over all health care costs. Perhaps it is the prevention mind-set or the major impact subluxations have on total health, yet, there is a tendency to over look the power of the adjustment.

It doesn't matter what the reasons were for the government of Alberta choosing to dump chiropractic from its public health care system, we should look at this carefully.

Regardless of the economic problems we are suffering from in the U.S., we can only count on ourselves for sensible health care. We ultimately make our own decisions. Our healthy or unhealthy choices are made by us.
Not the government.
Not the insurance companies.
Not our family members who sometimes laugh at us for hour healthy choices.

The folks who value their health, don't wait for someone else to give them permission to be healthy.

They don't care about the "middle man" or short cuts or getting something for free. They just want to live a full life with vitality.

Chiropractic works and it works well.
Chiropractic adds nothing to the body and takes nothing away.
It is safe to say there is competition from drug companies and surgical practices. Groups will fight tooth and nail for their "piece of the pie."

I don't want their pie.

Let's keep your care between us. Just us. If chiropractic is not paid for by insurance or governement programs, thankfully, it will still exist.

However, we need to pay attention to the law makers and keep them in check when they try to keep health care professionals from practiciing independently and charging the fees they feel are appropriate.

Remember, you get to choose.

See you at the table...the chiropractic table.

--Dr. Lisa
Your Health Freedom Coach


Culture of Subluxation: The Stress of Modern Day Life

We are living in a culture of continuous subluxation.

Remember, a subluxation is a spinal weakness setting off a domino effect through the nervous system and causing malfunctions in other parts of the body.

Scientists know stressful events over time without adequate de-stressing, rest, or healing in between are the causes of dis-ease and degeneration, and premature death.

The nervous system plays a role in all dis-ease processes and subluxations are certainly one of the most important health risks to take seriously.

In our Culture of Subluxation, look at how you spend your day.

Are your worrying?
Rushing to get all your work done?
Making jokes about how busy you are?

Do you feel like you are dragging your body around as you go about your day?
Do you feel resentful and angry?
Do you feel powerless over your life?

Remember the rat studies you learned about in psychology 101? Rats who knew how to tap a bar and get food were healthy and thrived? Rats who learned how to avoid an electrical shock were also healthier and thrived? Subluxations are taking away our ability to thrive. When you don't understand your body and how to create health, you will feel out of control just like the unlucky rats.

3 Levels of Subluxation Understanding
1. Posture, Structure, Past injuries
2. Bio-chemical - nutrition, pollution
3. Emotional - How you feel about your place in the world.

Let's address these together and fine tune the spine.

The culture of subluxation doesn't have to put our lives in danger.

You get to choose.

See you at the table...the adjusting table.

--Dr. Lisa
Your Health Freedom Coach

If you like this stress diagram, check out this link.


Weight Loss Success in a Toxic World