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Friday, May 30, 2008

"The Presciption Mind-Set" Is the Worst Subluxation

"...Americans spend more on medicines than than do all the people of Japan, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zeland, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina combined."

This quote is from page 5 of Our Daily Meds by Melody Peterson.

And guess what? The people in those countries out live us and have a better quality of life. According to the World Health Organization, over 45 countries beat us in life expectancy.

The drug "market" is all about marketing drugs that make us repeat customers for life. Dr. Salk was asked who had the patent on his vaccine and he said the people did and he told his interviewer there could be no patent. It would be like patenting the sun (pg 177).

The truth is drugs are patented and the big search is on the drugs that are called mainentance drugs. There is no profit in curing. There would be no repeat business.

Here's the kicker. These medications have side effects and they are not merely side effects. Some sound like minor annoyances like a headaches or wieght gain, but they cause more disease. And doctors are so busy trying to figure out what is wrong with people that they can't spend adequate time with any of their patients.

In chiropractic, people on medications do not respond to their adjustments. There is just too much chemical stres on the body for the nervous system to function. It's like trying to use a phillips screw driver when you need a flat head screwdriver.

The most important job I have besides teaching people how to live well is to apply adjustments to the spine so their nervous systems don't lead the body into self-destruction. There are three causes of subluxation: trauma, emotional, and chemical and medicines are certainly a major chemical causes of subluxation (don't forget poor nutrition, too).

We need to rethink our attitudes towards drugs. Japan, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zeland, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina and seem to know something we don't.

See you at the table...the adjusting table.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Getting Better is Never as Important as What You Become During the Process

Life happens. We heal. How well we heal depends on where we place our attention.

I continue to invite my practice members to enjoy the "chiropractive" lifestyle.

It's more than feeling better; it's living better.

Neck Healing and the Unfinished Subluxation

I'm in the next stage of healing from my recent neck injury. The pain has dimishished a great deal and driving is much more comfortable. As a wellness-focused chiropractor who conentrates on all effects of subluxation, not just pain, the next step of healing improving function.

Once the acute phase of a painful subluxation is over, the next phase is the stablilizing phase during which mobility still needs to be improved. I have much less range of motion when I turn my head to the right. I still have pain when I turn my head. A situation like this can lead people to just stop turning their heads! This is bad because less movement means less health and the process of subluxation degeneration.

When there is less movement to a joint, there is less blood flow, less nerve activity, altered movement and sensory patterns which leads to cell death and inflammation. This weakens the bones, muscles, and nerves which makes the body prone to immune system compromise.

If I don't work on increasing my neck range of motion, it can affect my posture, straining the rest of my spine leading to fatigue and slower healing, increased fibrosing and scar tissue. As a child I had a minor head injury that accelrated degeneration to my cervical spine. I saw the degeneration on an X-ray just before I entered chiropractic college. I had no pain or complaints at the time but the spurs indicated weakened discs that could flare up in to a chronic condition decades later. It may have happened at this time.

The stabilization phase includes adjustments, exercises, using the neck orthotic, improving functional posture, nutrition, and stress management. Since it takes 1-3 years to heal injured ligaments, I believe it will take at least a year to improve my mobility. Adjustments remain important because this will be a year when I can easily get out of alignment and re-subluxate my spine making it more likely to cause permanent damage.

I'll be working on it. Staying well is a life-long process. Let's make it meaningful and enjoy being well together.

See you at the table...the adjusting table.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I'd Love to Be in the Now, Just Not Now: Wayne Dyer & Chiropractic Wellness

If you go to Hay House Radio you can listen to different internet radio shows on self growth and healing. I downloaded a show for my MP3 player to listen to during a run the other day and I listened to Wayne Dyer give some important insights to a caller.

He reminded a listener to be in the now. We hear that all the time so now it falls on deaf ears most of the time. This listener had a lot of aspirations but they were not happening. Her life wasn't falling into place even though she was "following all the rules" about intention.

Wayne Dyer said appreciate what you have now or you will block out the good you can experience in the future.

Let me put that in chiropractic talk:

If you are in the now you recognize you are your own self-healer. You body has a built in healing machine called the brain and spinal cord. You are a miracle in action every second of your life.

When people come in to get adjusted, I try so hard to concentrate on the now, the wonderful nervous system inside that person. We all like to feel better, and fast, but we can't overlook the innate intelligence that is gently nudging us to get adjusted.

Innate intelligence loves it even more when we get adjusted just because we want to take care of what we have. You don't have to be in pain or have a problem to get adjsuted. If people wait until that point, they are not appreciating the now.

Getting better is never as important as what you become during the process.

Be in the now by concentrating on your wonderful nervous system because it will carry you farther than you will ever imagine.

See you at the table...the adjusting table.
Dr. Lisa

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Spring Flowers

Here is a photo of flowers Eirne picked for me.

Mike and I planted this lilac bush on Mother's Day.

Thyroid Concerns: Reflections of Cummulative Subluxations

Is the Thyroid a mystery?
What makes it lose its function?

There is a correlation with neck injury and thyroid dysfunction seen later in life. Remember the thyroid sits right in front of the neck and the nervous system must also work in sync with the body's hormones. There are many trigger points in the neck and shoulders that are referred from the thyroid. Make sure to keep your neck healthy, and that includes good posture. We don't want additional strain on the nerves that supply the thyroid. Stick with good nutritional habits and watch your sugar and caffeine consumption. has a nice article on thyroid health.

Poor health is a sign of numerous subluxations accumulating in the spine.
I like to talk about releasing stored subluxations because many subluxations have stubbornly made themselves at home. Stress, bad eating, lack of exercise and the continuous bombardment of negative thoughts on the brain wears on the spine and disrupts nerve function.

Chiropractic does not cure anything but it is an important part of getting you back in balance along with all the other good things you are doing in your life.

"It's more than health, it's freedom."

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