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Saturday, August 08, 2020

Doctors Who Jumped Ship (Part 8: Andrew Kaufman)

Fired for Not Wearing a Mask 
(And Refusing to Promote a Destructive Agenda)

He knows he could be in danger and accepts it.  He mentions the downside of standing up for truth.  I was listening to his interview on the Higherside Chats with Greg Carlwood. (Episode Here.)

Dr. Andrew Kaufman, a compassionate psychiatrist, inventor, and questioner, has been firing up the internet with his Doubting Thomas attitude and pointing out that peer reviewed research comes from questionable peers.  

I feel a particular familiarity with Dr. Kaufman because we share similar paths.  I do not know him personally, but give him a shout out as a close neighbor in Upstate New York. Working with the mentally ill, we've both witnessed patients be treated with contempt, probably with civil rights violations along with the dismal failure of psychiatric medications.  More than dismal, if I may add, these drugs are very dangerous and damaging. To tell someone their brains are so unbalanced that harsh medicines are required for life is beyond unprofessional and demeaning. 

Yes, he was fired for refusing to wear a mask at his job earlier this year.  Mask wearing is detrimental to the doctor/patient relationship, especially when assessing a person's emotional state.  He also teaches that the idea of mask wearing for disease control is irrational. 

Being fired was a terrible loss for his patients but, I don't think it has slowed him down.  People who appreciate his candor are seeking him out.  

Sometimes you can't play in the sandbox.  And I believe the sandbox is full of bullies.  With this series about doctors who veer from their earlier teachings, it clearly shows the bullying and intimidation going on everyday to make doctors shut their mouths. The current medical model is a totalitarian system.  There is no room for disagreement. If you look for a second opinion, you won't find one.  Treatments are one size fits all. So what if there are side effects that can kill you?  If you don't do what we say, we'll take your children away from you.  

Doctors who stand up for their patients right to choose end up  losing their status and financial stability.  Now, if you sit back and say, "Not my doctor," check out the suicide statistics for physicians.  Late last year we lost of our prominent local doctors.  

With all the money and technology in the U.S., we are dead last in health compared to the other first world countries.  

Dr. Kaufman offers you the second opinion you need to hear.  

Ask Dr. Kaufman if Koch's Posulates have been fulfilled and you'll be schooled on a very problematic system that governments use to take away your rights.  He will give you  plausible explanations why we get sick, and that it is not likely to be a contagion.  He uncovers research that is truly buried in the archives about viruses never being isolated in a lab.  He had to call on librarians to dig up research that is too old for the modern database.  Pertinent information could be lost forever and ignored so we potentially end up living under erroneous beliefs.   A study done shortly after the Spanish Flu failed miserably to show direct contact between  sick and healthy volunteers spread any disease.  They were sickened in some other manner and there is a growing group of curious  minds who want to think beyond the current mindset. 

We are in the middle of a very successful experiment showing how fear controls most people.  And this experiment was done on us without our consent. 

Here is a video from Brian Rose's London Real.  It may end up being censored and removed from YouTube.  We'll see if YT is tolerant of differing view points. 

Next Up:  Dr. Thomas Cowan.  (Coming soon.)

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