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Tuesday, June 21, 2022

You Won't Appreciate the Sun Without the Rain

 My blog posts seem to be so negative at times.  But I figure, happy people are doing so well, that they are not scouring the internet looking at health care blogs.  

Then I have a huge hope that folks want to take a more proactive role and try to learn more about themselves each day.  I'm a dreamer.....

But the realization is, we do not appreciate good health until we've come through some kind of challenge that knocked us off our feet for a while.  

When folks come to me they are usually in some kind of a crisis state in which they are upset, fearful, impatient, annoyed, or all of the above.  The first step is to swim through the emotions because a hyped up brain cannot problem solve. 

That's what we do.  We calm the nervous system so it can get back to the everyday work of homeostasis, rebuilding, digesting, etc. 

After the rain storm, thunder, and lightning, it is a welcomed sight when the sun returns, especially with a rainbow. 

If you've come through the storm of pain, just remember, it's darkest before the dawn.  You will feel worse before you feel better.  That's just how the body returns back to balance.  

If you don't understand the body's language, you tend to resort to approaches that are harmful.  And folks convince themselves it is necessary in the short term.  But, the short term becomes long term.  I'm not a fan of that. 

If we translate our pain correctly and make choices that are in sync with normal body responses, we actually feel more empowered, and connected to the innate intelligence that is always working for us 24 hours a day. 

Everything the body does is correct for the situation.  Even if you don't like it.  Let's understand the situation and partner with the brain and body. 

Brain First * Body Follows
Brain First is Body Freedom 

Learn the 5 Signs
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Learn the 1 Big Idea

--Dr. Lisa

Your Health Freedom Coach

Liberating Your Nervous System from Unacceptable Ideas

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Brain First Protocol

Sunday, June 12, 2022

Overthinking Got Us Into This Mess

You don't have arthritis.

You don't have rheumatoid arthritis.

You don't have hypertension. 

You don't have hypothyroidism.

You don't have depression. 

You don't have an autoimmune disease.

You don't have diabetes. 

You don't have an infection. 

You don't have (dare I say it?) cancer.

Whoa......what am I thinking?  Don't I know this is all real? It's in the medical textbooks, Robbins Pathology, and the Merck Manual. 

What is it about words?  What makes them so special?  How we use these words can take us down a long and winding road of disappointment. 

What does diabetes mean?  "sweet urination"

What does arthritis mean? "arthrites" of the joints, "itis" disease

What does hypertension mean?  "hyper" above, beyond

      "tension" a stretched condition

Cancer in Latin means crab or creeping ulcer, because the swollen veins around a tumor look like the legs of a crab. 

If you really "break it down," these terms are just descriptions of normal body responses when there is stress.   Diagnosis and prognosis are truly meaningless.  If you get hung up on them, you put your body into a fear response that is unproductive. 

You don't have a disease.  How did you receive it? By mail? By telegram?  by UPS?  By proclamation?

You don't have a disease.  You have a nervous system.  Simple as that.  You have a body, a brain, and an opportunity to live ambitiously. 

You have a nervous system.  That is the only true statement any doctor can say to you.  

You have a nervous system assessing your environment.  

You have a nervous system responding to your memories and emotions. 

You have a nervous system. 

Your body responses change every day...every minute.  Your blood sugar goes up and down all day long.  Your blood pressure goes up and down all day long.  Blood vessels move and remove substances all day long. Tumors grow and shrink constantly.  

Responses change and fluctuate.  Your nervous system responds. 

You have a nervous system.  

Be nice to your nervous system.

Retrain Your Brain -- the Brain First Protocol

Live with Intention!!!

--- Dr. Lisa

Your Health Freedom Coach

Liberating Your Nervous System from Unacceptable Ideas

Expand Your Talents Beyond Your Comfort Zone.

Saturday, June 04, 2022

Don't Fear Breaking Some Eggs to Make an Omelette (Rewiring the Nervous System)

I just finished my day at the office.  The place is quiet now and I have charts scattered all around that need to be filed.  After everyone has left, I sometimes sit there in a daze.  Am I just tired? Could be.  A lot of the time I am absorbing what folks are dealing with in their lives. Their pain is a vibrant collage of so many fears, concerns, and disappointments.  I absorb much of these tensions so I have to sit still and let my mind swim around it all. 

In the mainstream world, chiropractic is a watered down treatment for back pain (which is a pathetic attitude toward a profession I love and the people it helps).  My focus on the spine over all these years, is actually centered on the person living within the spine.  

Some days I'm truly blown away at the trials my practice members are working through.  I'm thankful that they have the knowledge about chiropractic's profound impact on brain balancing.  Their commitment to chiropractic care helps them problem solve with a clear mind and a strong body. 

Much of the time, they need a boost in their confidence.  The mainstream attitude is that the body develops problems, it's sick, and is prone to falling apart.  This negativity does not help the situation. 

And the idea of prevention is just as bad.  It reinforces the "body/bad" concept.  It is a constant brain washing that we should be on the lookout for sneaky disease so we can address it early on. Prevention is not even the right word to use.  Prepare to intervene early is more descriptive.  The mind-set of prevention is still an expectation of break down rather than looking at body responses as a genius system of appropriate reactions.  I followed this faulty line of thought regarding prevention, too.  Yuck.  No more.  

I have moments of sadness when people talk to me as if they are imprisoned by their bodies, imprisoned by their problems.  They believe there is only one path to trod.  They don't realize there are options because they are trained to assume there is only one option. 

So, I end my day looking to replenish myself, so I can be ready for the next day's opportunities.  Because I tell my practice members that their experiences are signs of rebuilding and returning toward homeostasis. 

There are times when life throws us fast flying dodge balls and we get hit hard, smack in the face.  Despite being stunned, it is a time of self discovery. 

All health experiences are opportunities for self discovery.  This is an entirely different language.  We don't say disease, treatment, or prognosis.  We say: rebuild, replenish, appreciate, and coordinate, etc.

If this sounds too strange to you, that's ok.  This type of approach requires the prefrontal cortex to be ready to learn and understand the new language.  Someone in pain, fear, frustration is working from the limbic dominant part of the brain.  It takes a while to shift gears. 

Remember Chiropractic Principle #6:  There is no process that does not require time.   (Read all 33 Principles)

The important part is we can make the time meaningful.  No one is spending the time alone.  There is support and there are ways to ease into a new direction. 

Dare to Thrive

The #1 Reason Everyone Needs Chiropractic Care

--- Dr. Lisa

Your Health Freedom Coach

Liberating Your Nervous System from Unacceptable Ideas

Expand Your Talents Beyond Your Comfort Zone.

Pain/Anxiety: Villain or Hero?