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Saturday, September 23, 2023

S.M.A.R.T. Goals Are Dumb


SMART Goals are not that smart.   

S.M.A.R.T. is for robots.   You are not a robot. You are a person with emotions, memories, and a persistent nervous system. 

We all have genuinely important goals we want to achieve. People want to lose weight, be more healthy, have better relationships, be good role models for their children, save money for a rainy day, etc.

S.M.A.R.T. doesn't really touch on the real problem of why we can't meet our goals. 

The SMART part doesn't help us get over our road blocks, the things that get in the way of our success.  And most of the time the road block is fear.

What is S.M.A.R.T.?

S -specific 

M -measurable

A -achievable

R -relevant

T -time-bound

This approach to success doesn't get anyone excited, right? Image: ParentMap

With any type of desired success, it requires an energy shift.  Where are you concentrating your time and energy?  

Saying you want to lose 10 pounds by losing one pound a week is not very motivating.  Yes, it is specific, measurable, achievable, etc., but the elephant in the room is why you gained 10 pounds in the first place and why it doesn't make you happy. 

To be even more depressing, the energy shift requires giving something up to gain something more worthwhile. It's a grieving process.

And the fear is still not addressed.  What is there to fear?

Fear of cravings.

Fear no one will support you or fear someone will tempt you

Fear of saying no to someone who offered you a plate of cookies. 

Fear of saying no at the junk food booth at the local football game.

Fear of losing friendships with folks who like buffet restaurants.

Fear of others watching you as you stumble around gym equipment that you've never used before.

The measurable end goal seems so simple.  Ten pounds should be no big deal.  But the real deal is what kept you from the goal which is your brain patterns.  

From a chiropractic point of view, we know a flexible nervous system is behind good health.  We utilize the chiropractic adjustment to rewire the brain from exhaustion and weakness to vitality.  

And yes, an exhausted brain can't think well.  A burned out brain is unable to problem solve. 

If you have weight loss as a goal, the reading on the scale is only one outcome.  From a brain first perspective so much more can be achieved such as better sleep, more energy, more productivity, more time for recreation and hobbies, maybe even a new job and a career move.  It's not about weight.  It's about how well your brain carries you through your life. And that brain is attached to your spine!

If you have other health goals, such as moving better with ease, having a clearer head, reducing anxiety, your brain health matters, too. 

If you want to skip the SMART way and go the BRAIN way, you've come to the right place. 

B - bed (sleep)

R - repattern (I'll teach you how)

A - adjustments (the opportunity to wake up the brain)

I - innate or insight (learn why the brain is always correct)

N - nutrition 

Brain First --> Body Follows

Brain First --> A Vibrant Life Follows

Take the first step today and make the phone call.  I don't bite. 


Change is a Verb

It Shouldn't Be This Hard.  I Quit!
I've Said it so many times!

I'm taking a course on coaching / motivational interviewing, and it reminds me of how hard it is to incorporate change into your life style.  

My biggest struggle is getting myself focused on a regular exercise routine.  The truth is, I have so many other things in my life that must come first. You know what I mean.  You can name your own road blocks. 

Work, family, getting to the grocery store, putting out fires, figuratively, when an appliance breaks down or you need an emergency plumbing repair.  All these other things get in the way. 

Then I follow these healthy diet gurus online who brag about their blood sugar numbers and ketones.  I watched a gal who made a video of her entire work day and how she fit in time at the cross fit gym and then a session in the sauna after a day full of appointments. 

First, I said to myself, she 's going to kill herself at that pace.  Then I said, but you don't have young children to raise, (I believe she has a child in college and one soon to graduate high school).  She probably has a housekeeper, yard worker and dog walker. I'm smug and pointing out how easy she has it with such a supportive group of people around her.  Well, she has to be a good example.  Perhaps that is the motivation.  She can't fail....... maybe she's falling apart on the inside with this high level of self imposed pressure.  

I tell myself diet and exercise shouldn't be that difficult.  And I work on ways to make it easier for my practice members.  But I can't.  It has to come from the individual's deepest desire to do some things differently.  

I've even said, "It shouldn't be this hard.  I quit."  And I've quit, many times.  It's the re-starting that makes me feel worse because I see how much progress I wasted.  Then I berate myself. I really wasn't that bad off, but now I have to make up for lost time.  That lost time is really demoralizing.  But it's never too late.  The studies have shown that muscle can be re-toned at any age. I'm getting back on track.  You can too. 

Change, after all, is a verb.  It comes from your inspired actions. 

But what kind of change do you want?  

You can go to a medical physician because you want a change.  You are given a pill and brief advice. Does this inspire action?  No.  It's like a visit to the principal's office, so it's more of a lecture and a depressing interaction. It may provide superficial change.

Do I offer something different?  I hope so.  Most folks don't like taking pills and will stop taking them or take less. Others will take them consistently without realizing the nutrient deficiencies that follow, which makes them feel worse or they believe their disease has progressed.   Nothing empowering here. 

I offer an explanation of why the body does what it does.  All body responses are logical and correct for the situation.  It may take more time to understand this different point of view.  This is the part that is unique only to you and no text book in medical school (or chiropractic college) addresses this. 

This seminar reminds me that everyone starts at the contemplation/recontemplation stage.  It should be called the ruminating stage. The starting is the most challenging. 

And I know, as a chiropractor, it boils down to the patterns wired into your brain.  When I talk to people resistant to change it is because their brains are drained of nutrients.  They are in an energy crisis brought on by an excessive fight or flight response.  

That's why the next step after verbalizing a desired goal is to assess the brain's capacity then concentrate on a brain nurturing plan.  

*Brain First * Body Follows*

* Brain First  then...Behaviors Can Be Enhanced.

Here's a quick hint: Get adequate sleep!

Next: Get coaching from me: The Brain First Protocol.

Friday, September 22, 2023

Paradox: Your Body Is Right But It's Miserable

Image: Forbes Article    

The same way your nervous system was trashed is the same way we repair it, but with compassion and common sense. 

You got here, in this state of disorganization because your brain followed your lead.  

Chiropractic can unravel it.

It doesn't matter what you call it.

Fatigue * Depression * Diabetes * Chronic Pain * Arthritis *  *Headaches * Anxiety * Angina * Restless Leg * Sciatica* Immune Dysfunction * Thyroid Disorder * Allergies *  Etc...   Etc...

Your brain learned it from your Fight or Flight adventures or misadventures....  Your life.  Your stress.  Your reaction to stress.  Your memories.  

Chiropractic helps you shift gears to reverse this learned helplessness. 

Chiropractic Reboots the Computer.

Brain First Protocol 

Your Health Is Trashed * Reverse the Post-Pandemic Blues

(Image: Amy Zerba, CNN)

The whole point of chiropractic is to adjust the spine so it can unwind the stress of your life, giving you a refreshed energy to live the whole human experience  --- regardless of pain, whether you are in pain or not in pain.   

The brain is constantly reorganizing itself.  Chiropractic enhances the process.  
So, I'll see you in the office and you can enhance your brain's reorganizing abilities. 

Now let's get on with some interesting topics: 

The pandemic has re-tuned our autonomic nervous systems.   I am listening to a 2022 podcast with Dr. Stephen Porges. He stated how he was affected by the pandemic in such a way that he was very cautious when traveling and interacting with people.  I relate to that.  The most ridiculous thought in my  mind is, "Who am I going to p*ss off now," because so many people have decided to believe there is something lurking about ready to pounce on you to give you a flu.  

Naturally I want to be a nice person, but I will not entertain a foolish theory that has been disproven more than it is proven.  I don't want people to die of fright, but I want the lie to be recognized.  Our lives were disrupted and it should not have gone down that way. It's not easy to unravel generations of a pattern based on lies, but I'm going to try.  

Who is Dr. Stephen Porges?  He is the father of the polyvagal theory. If you want to feel confident in your body and not live in fear, his explanation of the vagus nerve is ground breaking. 

He has promoted the science of the multiple functions of the vagus nerve which serves as an alert guard helping the body determine nervous system responses by judging if situations are safe or not, especially social situations since we are social animals.  There is safety in numbers and we can communicate acceptance, warning, or danger with body posture, facial gestures tone of voice, etc.  The vagus nerve is highly in tune with our more sophisticated brain functions.

We should enjoy interacting with others, but pandemic rules wrecked it!  Community gatherings are a joyful experience.  We must preserve it.  No more fear.  No more fraud. 

When he says our autonomic nervous systems are re-tuned, he is explaining that repetition over a long period of time has created a short cut signaling so the hyperactive responses of anxiety are engrained too much in our bodies. 

Think of people in war zones who live with the sounds of explosions in their daily lives.  The pandemic practices have done great harm in a similar way.   Children have delayed developmental milestones because they were deprived of the experience of facial expressions thanks to the poorly thought out mask wearing hype. Who knows how long it will take to heal children of this abuse. 

When Dr. Porges says he has to overthink his travel plans, he can't relax.  He can't enjoy the trip.  His autonomic nervous system is working too hard, leading to burn out as his energy stores are depleted.

Most people who don't talk the language of the nervous system on a daily basis the way I do may not make the connection between the last 3 years of exploitation of our good natured desire to obey with the onset of their chronic, debilitating health conditions.   

You may feel stressed.  You may admit your body feels groggy, tight, weak, unreliable, but you can't pinpoint a specific cause.  That is your re-tuned nervous system. 

Chiropractic is the most profound way to reclaim your energy and ambition that was stolen from you since 2020.  

It starts with the Brain First / Body Follows Protocol taught in my office. 

The same way your nervous system was trashed is the same way we repair it, but with compassion and common sense. 

What are you waiting for?  BRAIN FIRST PROTOCOL.

PolyVagal Theory 101