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Saturday, January 27, 2018

The Little Things are Just as Important

What happens when you are subluxated:

Cortisol increases
Blood sugar increases
Leptin decreases & belly fat increases
Hormones become dysfunctional
Hypothalamus becomes dysfunctional
Thyroid becomes dysfunctional
Adrenals become fatigued
Metabolism slows
Blood pressure increases
You can't sleep
You have no energy
(and more...... not enough room here.......)

What happens when you release subluxations with adjustments:

Decreases pro-inflaming cytokines (bad guys)
Increases pro-regulatory cytokines (good guys)
Increases CD-4 helpter T-cells (good guys)
Blocks TNF (bad guys)
Decreases CRP (bad guys)

The Adjustment Influences the Prefrontal Cortex of the Brain
(the conductor of the whole brain)
movement coordination
thinking focus
behavior goal directed tasks
decision making memory attention
pain processing emotional response to pain
autonomic function (just about everything)
motor control eye movement spacial awareness
fall prevention muscle strength
pelvic floor control mental rotation of objects

The Potential to Heal Is Waiting the be Unleashed!

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There Is a Negative Side to Better Health

There is that one, little, teeny, weensy bad thing about restoring your health:

People around you don't understand your new outlook. 

Here are the challenges:

 1- Knowing the real definition of          health

 2- Realizing it takes work since  happy people who've been doing it awhile make it look easy  (Anything worthwhile doesn't come easy)
3- Finding support

4- Accepting that the rest of the world tries to sabotage your efforts because the majority don't know #1.

But don't let that get you down.  

Don't go backwards.

With the right support you can make peace with the challenges and be an inspiration to others.  Remember when you were on the other side?

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Dr. Winsor Changed My Life: My Chiropractic Story

If you watch the 25 minute chiropractic orientation video you will learn about the 4 life events that pointed me toward chiropractic.   One of these events was learning about Dr. Winsor.   (You can watch the video here.)

   As early as 1921, the medical profession validated chiropractic. Henry Winsor, a medical doctor in Haverford, Pennsylvania began to wonder: "Chiropractors claim that by 'adjusting' one vertebra, they can relieve stomach troubles and ulcers; by 'adjusting' another, menstrual cramps; and by adjusting others conditions such as thyroid conditions, kidney disease, constipation, heart disease and lung disease may resolve - but how?" He decided to investigate this new science and art of healing - chiropractic. 

  After graduating from medical school, Dr. Windsor was inspired by chiropractic and osteopathic literature to experiment. He planned to dissect human and animal cadavers to see if there was a relationship between any diseased internal organ discovered on autopsy and the vertebrae associated with the nerves that went to that organ. As he wrote:
    The object of the necropsies [dissections] was to determine whether any connection existed between minor curvature of the spine, on the one hand, and diseased organs on the other; or whether the two were entirely independent of each other.

  The University of Pennsylvania gave Dr. Windor permission to carry out his experiments. In a series of three studies he dissected a total of seventy-five human and twenty-two cat cadavers. the following are Dr. Winsor's results:
    221 structures other than the spine were found diseased. Of these, 212 were observed to belong to the same sympathetic [nerve] segments as the vertebrae in curvature. Nine diseased organs belonged to different sympathetic segments from the vertebrae out of line. These figures cannot be expected to exactly coincide ... for an organ may recieve sympatheic filments from several spinal segments and several organs may be supplied with sympathetic filaments fromt he same spinal segments.

  In other words, there was nearly a 100% correlation between 'minor curvatures' of the spine and disease of the internal organs. The disease categories and correlations follow:
  • Stomach Diseases All nine cases of spinal misalignment in the mid- thoracic (T 5-9) area had stomach disease.
  • Lung Disease All twenty-six cases of lung disease had spinal misalignments in the upper thoracic (T 1-5).
  • Liver Disease All thirteen cases of liver disease had misalignments in the mid- thoracic (T 5-9).
  • Gallstones All five cases with gallstone disease had spinal misalignments in the mid- thoracic (T 5-9).
  • Pancreas All three cases with pancreas disease had spinal misalignments in the mid- thoracic (T 5-9).
  • Spleen All eleven cases with spleen disease had spinal misalignments in the mid- thoracic (T 5-9).
  • Kidney All seventeen cases with kidney disease were out of alignment in the lower thoracic (T 10-12) area.
  • Prostate and Bladder All eight cases with prostate and bladder disease had the lumbar (L 1-3) vertebrae misaligned.
  • Uterus The two cases with uterine conditions had the second lumbar misaligned.
  • Heart Disease All twenty cases with heart and pericardium conditions hd the upper five thoracic vertebra (T 1-5) misaligned.

  Dr. Winsor's results were published in The Medical Times and can be found in any medical library. Windsor was not alone in his findings. Similar studies by other researchers have confirmed his conclusion that a well-aligned spinal column is essential for bodily health. 

  Although many medical doctors are ignorant of the relationshp of the spinal column to disease, medical literature contains the findings of many experiments proving chiropractic's theory and effectiveness. An unhealthy spine can cause disease in many parts of the body and a chiropractic spinal checkup and adjustment can help in the care and prevention of sickness and disease. 
(source credit:

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What Joint Pain Really Means --This is Important

Mild pain? Nagging pain?  Chronic pain? Your joint pain is an auto-immune disorder in the baby stages. You may already have an auto-immune disorder attacking other organs. The joints are not independent of the organs.  They all need the same things for healing.  All diseases are auto-immune so don't let pain progress. The prevention, treatment and cure are all the same.  The chiropractic approach offers you this.  Get in the office and learn what Advanced Chiropractic can do for you.