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Sunday, December 27, 2015

You Don't Trust Me?

(Auburn, NY, chiropractic news)  You Don't Trust Me?  What a loaded question.  It makes you feel as if you are being manipulated, intimidated, and coerced.

I've heard this a number times over the years from my practice members relating their past experiences.  I had a doctor who accused me of not trusting him.   Doctors become angry because someone reads the insert that comes with a prescription drug.  Someone questions a series of treatments.  A certain test is not performed or a certain tests seems overkill.....

People ask questions.  When people don't feel well, they are nervous. People with chronic illness hear the same things over and over.  It's all in their heads.  They are overreacting.  The pain really isn't that bad.

But when  a doctor asks, "Why don't you trust me?" how are you supposed to handle that?

Should you worry about hurting a doctor's feelings and ignore your own welfare?

Is the doctor so busy and overwhelmed you're ruining his schedule?

Are we supposed to have complete trust when it comes to health care?
Should it be a blind trust?
Are you allowed to have an opinion?
Are you allowed a second opinion?
Does a second opinion offend the doctor?

I've had doctors drop me.  I disagree with certain treatments.  It happens.  They  have the right to be selective.  I can go find another doctor.

With some people it's not that easy due to money problems, lack of transportation, or a lousy insurance plan.

It just makes me wonder.  Did people just stop listening to each other?

Saturday, November 28, 2015

(Auburn, NY) Health Steps are Everywhere

Today's commentary:

Happy Small Business Saturday. While I am closed on Saturday you have the opportunity to visit Downtown Books and Coffee. Book reading is a great stress reducer, so go there and read! Another great place to visit is 3 Leaf Tea shop. I love a good hot cocoa and gave it up because all the coffee shops and dare I say the big grocery store in town too just don't use natural ingredients. Luciana uses a great organic chocolate. She has a busy belgian waffle business on Saturday mornings and her place on the East Hill is adorable. Go visit her. The oolong tea has super health benefits so sip away!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

(Auburn, NY) Better Health Has Been Buried....

Today's commentary: 
Medical doctors have been terminating patients from their offices due to lack of payment. The primary reason for this is because health insurance is now full of surprises, not service. The copays and fees have become a hardship on the unsuspecting public. You DO HAVE the opportunity to check out my office and learn how to live without expensive, risky drugs the way my grandparents lived without drugs. Sad to say since that generation is gone, most new folks on this earth only learn "media-medicine" that focuses on symptom management with harsh chemicals. The folks who are younger than me (and I feel very young) are on so many medications that it is worrisome. Complicated medical records of children should not be the norm. Come in, take a listen. I do say things that are hard to swallow but they are truthful and offer you a better way of life.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

(Auburn, NY) Your Heart Can't Make It Without Your Spine: Chiropractic Connection

A heart condition is a problem.  A serious problem.
A vertebral subluxation is a problem.  A serious problem.

Would you prefer a small problem or a larger problem?
The best response is:  "I want zero problems!"

Don't overlook what makes the heart run.  Your spinal nerves do important work.

Check out these studies that show how chiropractic care is crucial to heart function.  READ HERE.

Did you schedule your chiropractic adjustment today?

--Dr. Lisa
--Your Health Freedom Advocate

Friday, September 18, 2015

(Auburn, NY) When Chronic Pain Tears Families Apart

When one person has pain and sickness, the rest of the family has health issues as well, even if it doesn't seem as obvious.

How do the other family members deal with their health? Often they ignore their own health if they are direct care takers. There is less time for self care.

What about minor children? They certainly observe. Their interactions are affected by someone dealing with chronic illness. If a parent is ill, how often do they get to talk and play with the parent?Do they go places together?

Do family members resent the other person's illness? Do they perceive that the ill person has become a changed person? Do personality changes affect relationships?

How much time is spent juggling family responsibilities with medical appointments? How difficult is it to wade through the health care system? How many family events were postponed or ruined when the illness got in the way?

Everyone is exhausted. The family is mentally and physically drained. Finances are impacted. Family members can argue. Sadly, relationships do fall apart.

What can families do?

  1. Get every single person under chiropractic care. Yes, that includes the children no matter how young. This includes the person who is dealing with a chronic illness. Stress impacts everyone. All families need chiropractic care but families with special circumstances are in greater need. People who only understand chiropractic as a back pain band-aid need to learn more about the nervous system, immune system and special relationship they have with the spine. Family chiropractic cares everyone expand their healing awareness. Each family member needs to enhance healing.
  2. Chiropractic care addresses chronic health issues differently. Many people with complicated health issues have turned to self education. They read books and internet offerings that show how alternative approaches can be helpful. Chiropractic is not a symptom approach but a functional approach. Chiropractic is not a treatment or cure. Chiropractic reconnects the body with its healing power. This provides new outlook for some who have never been exposed to this before.
  3. Sick people and their families need to visit a positive environment. A chiropractic office is very positive and a wonderful place to socialize with other folks who have similar experiences. It is a great place to meet others who can be inspirations and mentors. (Some situations may warrant home visits, so ask your chiropractor about that.)

Can we help families cope? Yes.
 Please keep teaching yourself.
 Keep learning.
 Find the people who can help.

This article just scratches the surface. I will add more posts related to this topic.

--Dr Lisa
--Your Health Freedom Advocate

Friday, August 14, 2015

(Auburn, NY) Will You Fight for Yourself? Will You Educate Yourself?

Each of us has one or more causes that we believe in and support. We make donations to charities, we write letters to newspapers or legislators and we march to raise awareness. Many career choices are impacted by the desire to help others.

Early on I discovered psychology. I was interested in self growth and human achievement. I graduated with a teaching degree then delved into counseling because of the natural progression of early development to mental health. So why then did I detour into chiropractic? They may seem unrelated but each discipline is inspired by the fathomless workings of the amazing brain.

I am devoted to the cause of wellness, since the body is a genuine resource that houses the generation of ideas, inventions, and compassion. I chose to study the crucial yet mysterious brain.

It is so mysterious that we hardly emphasize brain health as an essential part of disease prevention. While neurology is uncovering new information about the wonders of the brain, we can also look at chiropractic as neurology's long lost twin brother.

In the last few decades a better understanding of the brain reward cascade has shown that neuro-chemical communication within the body occurs at the limbic system within the brain but also extends into the spine.

Limbic system cells are located at every level of the spinal cord where signals are then sent to the body's T cells which are the front lines of the immune system. Brain researchers have also determined that the greatest amount of brain and limbic system interference can occur at the spinal cord.

In the overall picture of disease formation the immune system fails in some way as it loses proper communication with the spinal cord. All diseases have a neurological fault that eventually develops into an autoimmune disorder such as diabetes, heart disease, and Alzheimers.

This also includes diseases caused by viruses and bacteria when the immune system no longer responds appropriately. Cancer is now considered to be an extreme form of an autoimmune disorder.

Most of the public thinks a spinal problem is merely a mechanical dislocation that can be popped into place. Science has discovered that cell damage resulting in poor cellular communication is really what happens at spinal joints.

Chiropractic studies show that spinal adjustments improve communication that has gone wrong. Chiropractic studies demonstrate significant DNA repair activity when participants receive ongoing chiropractic care. EEG studies of the brain measure healthier brain wave patterns immediately after a chiropractic adjustment.

This information is too important to leave on the library shelf. Every person needs to know how their body works. If you know how it works, you then know how to protect it.

People struggling with poor health lose their confidence and independence. Statistics are scary but they are not set in stone. It is my mission to show people that they can change their health. Can I help you see that you are a cause worth fighting for?

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

(Auburn, NY) Tough Love

In last month's article I gave a pep talk hoping to inspire folks to turn over a new leaf. After all we are highly anticipating the transition from winter to spring. Have you done anything about it yet?

If not, let's do away with the warm fuzzies and go into tough love mode. I know what it's like to procrastinate. So, let me ask: which warning signal will you actually take seriously?

The body speaks a language of warning signals that hopefully can be translated appropriately. Many warning signals are ignored. Like the check engine light on a car, for example. I've been told it's not really critical until the light actually blinks. Good advice? Cars can be towed or replaced, but I don't want to gamble like that with the my health.

Warning signals can be obvious or elusive. Symptoms like chest pain, loss of speech and coordination are clearly emergency situations. Other symptoms such as a nagging pain or fatigue leave doctors scratching their heads when tests and labs don't confirm a specific disease.

The chiropractic point of view is one that asks why wait? Why wait for a health scare? Chiropractic teaches us to take prevention to a new level.

According to neurophysiology, every disease, infirmity, and illness is related to the nervous system's ability to respond and recover. While the brain and spinal cord catalog and control all of the body's reactions to stress, the spinal column does its best to protect the spinal pathways that link the brain with the rest of the body.

In general, the public overlooks the special healing partnership of the spine and nerves, in just the same way that we tend to ignore the body's warning signs. What are these warning signs?

If you ever say you are stressed or you just can't do the same activities anymore, you are already struggling with a partial power outage in your nervous system.

Lack of energy, stiff joints, tight muscles, poor sleep, uncomfortable walking, bent over posture, and irritated mood are just a few signs from the short list. These warning signs are not necessarily diseases, but they are diseases in the making because spinal stress distorts nerve messages and shuts down healing.

Incidentally, the ultra preventive personality types know that nerves can be under stress without symptoms because soft tissues may not yet be broken down enough to illicit pain.

Spring is around the corner and a few people have already remarked to me they are not in shape to tackle yard clean up. They are still weakened from recent illnesses. Winter stress has taken a toll on our spine and nerves.

Chiropractic offers its unique approach with the spinal adjustment. Hand adjustments to the spine release nerve tension and help extinguish negative patterns memorized by the nervous system.

Don't feel overwhelmed by the body's warning signals. It is now a great time to learn how chiropractic recharges the nervous system so all the other body systems can flourish.

(Auburn, NY) I Won't Change If I Actually Have to Do Something

I will only change if it doesn't disrupt my life too much. Who hasn't said this? We're all guilty of feeling this way. I hear paraphrased versions of this all the time from folks in my office. Along with negative body language they display facial expressions of pure panic.

I suppose if change was easy we'd try a new adventure everyday. Somehow regular life gets in the way.

From the viewpoint of health care, positive health changes can open the door to bigger and better things but there's that resistance to the unknown that overwhelms logic.

Generally when someone needs to make a health change it involves giving up an unhealthy habit and taking on a better habit. It requires a change in time management. It can certainly be risky to relationships when family members are not supportive.

Why bother disrupting your life when there could be negative side effects? Change will always disrupt life as you currently know it. There is the irony.

The statistics confirm the difficulty. At John Hopkins, Dr. Edward Miller reported a decade ago that heart patients who are told they need to change their lifestyle simply do not do it. Ninety percent fail to make the recommended health changes. It was concluded death is too scary to think about so patients preferred denial.

Enter Dr. Dean Ornish in the equation. He tirelessly rolled up his sleeves showing heart patients how to make change enjoyable rather than drudgery. He achieved a 77% success rate utilizing a support system with activities that worked on both the body and the mind.

His program is a serious immersion. It runs close to ten weeks, two to three times a week for four hours a day. It is major change. Do you need to pack your bags for boot camp and say good bye to loved ones? Maybe not.

We can get right down to the biggest reason change is difficult. Our neurology. We can feel trapped by patterns entrenched in the nervous system. New patterns are rejected by the brain's comfort zone unless they are immersed.

Now let's get to that chiropractic thing. We use the chiropractic adjustment to extinguish old patterns and reinforce productive patterns. The improved patterns promote healing and homeostasis by increasing oxygen, reducing inflammation, balancing blood pressure, normalizing brain waves and calming the fight or flight response.

When your body feels energized and strong, you can work on the other desired changes you want to make in your life. Your personal immersion plan should include activities that nurture physical and mental health. Interestingly, chiropractic helps both.

Change is often seen as a losing battle. Rather than figuratively dipping a toe in the water, Dr. Ornish believes diving in is what brings success. If you're ready for the dive, get the supports lined up that will help you stay immersed.

Let chiropractic help unravel the negatives that hold you back. This kind of nervous system support will help the body and mind welcome your new changes.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Help Each Other Stay Healthy: Be Nice

How are those New Year's Resolutions going right about now? I've been pondering my own challenges a bit. One ongoing concern is that my family doesn't have the best of me and I don't have the best of them.

Where is the best of me going? I give it away during the day just like everyone else does. Raise your hand if you deal with unpleasant customers, obsessive compulsive coworkers, and irate drivers on the way home.

What happens at the end of the day? We give our worst to our families. We are tired out. Some days we are especially beaten down. We feel unaccomplished wondering how will we have more energy to start over tomorrow.

Worries about job loss is a major motivator. Work place stress is considerably high if you're working in a poorly managed system running on deadlines, mistrust, and punitive actions when mistakes are made. If that sounds familiar, we have a major societal problem that contributes to poor health.

Okay, so we are not purposely making each other sick, but we don't make it easy on each other. I also worry about what are we are indirectly teaching our children. Our smallest actions have a lasting impact.

This is where natural health, especially chiropractic, is your New Year's tool. Let's make a trade. I ask you to give up one unhealthy behavior and I'll give you a new one to replace it. Put a chiropractor on your resolution team and get on an adjusting routine.

We all need time to regenerate on a regular basis. This includes a consistent sleeping schedule, recreational outlets, and a few minutes each week at the chiropractor's office to rejuvenate a stressed spine.

The spine provides safety tunnels for our nerves. The spine also absorbs stress like a super powered sponge. When stressed nerves can't deliver life affirming messages to our organs we develop negative patterns that invite disease.

Chiropractic is a necessary way to keep the body's electrical intelligence humming along. Like a house exposed to the wear and tear of weather, the spine suffers the same process. We tend to take for granted what our bodies provide for us. This chiropractic message should not be taken lightly.

On the positive side, we are a close knit community that jumps up to the plate when a neighbor has a need. We have big hearts and become generous with our time and money. We are very open to sharing when other folks are down on their luck.

We can only be effective helpers if we maintain our health. We are able to give when our own life style is balanced. We need adequate energy to meet our daily goals but we also need a good supply left over so we can jump in at the last minute when a hand is needed.

Our daily encounters with each other can be productive. If we can share the workload with a smile or good word everyone's health benefits. My chiropractic colleagues and I will be around all year to help the community keep this healthy mind set going.