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Thursday, April 15, 2021

Back to Basics: Why I'm a Mess


You can check out my recent video during which I talk about my renewed desire to get back on track with my life style habits.  Yes, it was a confession episode.  I was extremely lazy or should I say felt like overindulging in the crap food that is so convenient to grab and go?  I gave in to the unhealthy temptations way too much over the last few months. 

I have noticed atrophy in my muscles and can easily blame the cortisol spiking of stress. But I was skipping any real exercise.  No, walking the dog does very little for fitness even though it is an enjoyable outdoor activity.

During lent I have trouble with no meat on Friday and the protein deficit bothers my hypoglycemia.  Carbs are my kryptonite and non-foods make me spacey and anxious. I should have gone 24 hours without eating, but that doesn't work out for me either.  

If you've ever had vertigo, anxiety, brain fog, food cravings, frustration and impatience, which I am very well versed in, you might want to get your hypoglycemia in control.  These symptoms are very annoying and diet management is key. 

As someone who can't remain in denial when I track my food choices, I resumed my use of the Cronometer App.   I can't lie to myself when the numbers are staring me in the face.  When folks egg you on sayin "a little won't hurt," there is no such thing as "a little."

I also began using an app to track my fasting hours.  I know. I know.  I can easily look at the clock and count how many hours have gone by, but an app makes it fun with good reminders regarding how much time I am burning fat or when I am hitting autophagy.  

I am not a fan of structured exercise anymore.  It became a chore and I reached a point when it was boring.  But I have to get back to some type of creative routine.  So, I ran two days this week.  No expectations.  No self critique.  No goals other than getting moving and sweating more than I have all winter. 

There's nothing more to say.  I didn't reinvent the wheel.  I resumed the life style habits that reduces inflammation, maintains blood sugar, improves oxygen delivery to every organ and muscle and makes stress management less of a burden.  

If stress seems to take on a life of it's own and crowds out the real you....let's chat.  Brain Sense Tele-Health will get you started.  

And just start.