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Monday, January 27, 2020

You Can't Exhaust Yourself Into Health


(Call to Action: time management is healthy.  How are you managing your time?)
Yeah, that's the goofiest saying I just came up with this morning.  

But, people actually do think they can keep going, going, going, and it's no big deal. 

Health is not complicated.  Stop chasing technological miracles and new drugs........Please.....Please.....Please.

You need nerve energy (chiropractic), nutrient energy, and  simple knowledge of mind body healing.  

Here's the scoop:

You need to sleep.  You need a sleep routine.  Training your brain to start relaxing at a designated (and early) bedtime is key.

You must take things off your plate.  Certain foods, yes. But with this scenario, take activities off your plate.  Don't get suckered into that extra task that makes you work late.  Maybe pass on the next volunteering activity.  

If you are so busy that you have let the laundry pile up, let it pile up just for a little bit longer.  I know, some things take all of your time and they might be once a year commitments.  Ok, let the house be messy for a little while as long as you know you'll get to it soon.

But, don't leave your health in the back corner or back burner. 
Remember, "Nobody puts Baby in the corner."  

If you're stuck in an important job, you still need to get your sleep.  Even hospital residents have to keep their hours under control. 

You may think you can push yourself past your limits.  But why?  

You can get more done with a clear thinking brain, rather than a stressed out, multi-tasking brain.  

Your body will tell you when it has had enough.  You may not like it.  

Go be a positive ripple effect in your community.  But do it with a healthy mind-set. 

The B.F.A. Protocol helps your brain health so you can accomplish great things. 

Friday, January 24, 2020

Great Questions Make a Great YOU!

Great Questions Lead to Great Transformations
BFA Coaching is here!!
Ready for Different?
Change Actually Comes from Change
Society is Struggling with Poor Health. Be the Model for Vibrant Living.
Understanding the Brain's Important Role in Your Health
Recognize Vagus Failure (Unresponsive to Healing)
Overcome Sympathetic Overload ( Stuck in Fight or Flight)

A coach takes your talent and shapes it through deliberate systemic organization.

A brain centered chiropractic coach takes your already prefect innate and gives it receptive organs that can receive the nerve energy.
Your great questions mean you are ready to take the next step to amazing growth.

Coaching Topics

** Embracing Anxiety: Thank Your Brain for Protecting You

** Ketolox Phasing: The Why and the How for Anti-Aging

** Brain Boot Camp: Get Out of Defense, Get Back into Growth

** Self Healing Practice: How Science Tells Us What Really Works

** Or your own customized topic based on your health goals

If your 2020 goal is to think better and feel better but you are stumped where to begin, coaching is an opportunity customize your own plan that gives you a meaningful experience that lasts.

BFA Coaching Template

1- You've voiced some intriguing questions. What brought you to this point?

2- What is your vision for the future?  (Don't be shy about it.)

3- What are your current strengths and challenges?
Strengths (What's going well for you?)


4- Are you ready to redirect your energy away from Draining Fight or Flight to a Calm State for learning, planning, and strategizing?

Every Body Needs:

1 – Nerve Energy
2 – Nutrient Energy
Every Brain Needs:

An efficient state (vagus - calm) for learning, planning, and strategizing.

Move Your Brain         Feed Your Brain       Talk to Your Brain

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Save Your Heart in a Way No One Else Will

 Call to Action: Take note of this information if it is brand new to you.  It will help you understand how to take better control of your health. 
This video made by Dr. Darren Schmidt is 2 years old, but the information is still very important. What strikes me is that people are unaware of the Coronary Artery Calcium Score.  It is not invasive and is not a budget wrecker if you pay out of pocket. 

Are you more important that the bureaucratic policy pushers who don't care about you personally?

He makes an important point about calcium build up.  It is a sign that the body tried many times to heal the body and used calcium as a last resort to provide protection.  Calcium does not belong in the heart, as the heart is a muscle that does not get the opportunity to rest like a skeletal muscle.  You already know calcium in the wrong places just as the eyes, kidneys, joints, are problematic, but in the heart it's more than problematic.  He mentioned the patient who had TB and calcium formed an inactive abscess type covering in order to wall off the infection from the lung. 

If you have calcium in the wrong places, thank your body for working hard for you.  Next, give your body better attention and take the steps he mentions to protect your heart.  

Also remember your brain directs the sympathetic nervous system to make the heart work harder when it is necessary, so take care of your brain, as well.  Dr. Schmidt's recommendations also help the brain.  

As far as diabetes goes, all disease is a form of diabetes.  You must approach your diet in this manner.   The insulin test he mentions is much more accurate than a fasting blood glucose or A1C.  These two tests can  be normal on a lab report, but you could still have diabetes and not know it because the body can tolerate dietary insult for a long time before  tissue break down occurs or insulin is at an exhaustive level.  

Let's talk about it at your next visit and set up a ketolox phasing plan that fits your situation.  

Also sign up for the BFA Online Coaching Membership.  

Your brain makes the body and you make your life. 
Do Life Better!!  

P.S.  A heart cath can now be done through the wrist.  Still, it is invasive. 

Get adjusted this week.  Nothing else resets the nervous system like a chiropractic adjustment....
See you at the table....the adjusting table.

--Dr. Lisa
--Your Health Freedom Advocate

4 Heart Tests Your MD Won't Run

Dr. Schmidt's Best Heart Video Here: 

Wednesday, January 01, 2020

2020: Rise Above Baseline

2020 Campaign:
Rise Above Baseline

Important Ideas and Terms We'll Dive Into:
8 is Great 


Tissue Resilience Bank Account

Your Ability to Detox Determines Your Ability to Heal

Every Dis-ease is a Form of Biological Chaos

A Good Health Detective Considers
Overlapping Causes & Compensating Effects

Insulin Resistance Makes the World Go Round

Call to Action: Understanding the insidious nature of insulin resistance will help you work on the life style habits that will make your chiropractic more profound and effective.

Insulin resistance is a strong driver of the economy.  Look at it from childhood to older ages:

The insulin resistant pregnant mom gives birth to a baby suffering from nutrition deficiencies.   (Also, born with subluxations.)

The insulin resistant toddler doesn't meet developmental milestones and requires different therapies.  (Probably still subluxated.)

The insulin resistant child is prone to frequent colds, asthma, and misses a lot of school.  Also, the child has learning disabilities and needs more services.  (Subluxations still there getting very comfortable.)

Already at this age, insulin resistant children are on many harsh medications that compound the problem with side effects.  (Talk about a subluxated liver.)

The insulin resistant teenager suffers injuries playing sports or may have anger and depression, feeling frustrated with fitting in.
(Subluxations at play, too.)

The insulin resistant young adult is already on a number of medications for inflammatory disorders that were unheard of two to three decades ago.  (Persistant subluxations.)

The insulin resistant woman has trouble getting pregnant or carrying a child to term.  (Subluxations.)

As insulin resistance continues people are confounded by the level of joint pain they have, stubborn body fat stuck around the middle, and lack of energy most of the day. 

The insulin resistant person needs hip replacements, stents, and other surgeries in order to remain active.  They often speak to their friends about strange disease names no one used to hear of such as lupus, irritable bowel, sarcoidosis, vasculitis. Graves disease. 

The insulin resistant person is more likely to suffer from dementia, and need nursing home care at an unexpected early age. 

Not trying to sound like a broken record but a poorly fed brain struggles with subluxations that disrupt the healing process.

Why am I picking on insulin resistance?  Because no one pays attention to it until lab work meets the definition of diabetes.  It is not common to check someones insulin levels.  

Meanwhile, we are using so many health care dollars and taxes for child services, teachers, social workers, surgeons, nurses, not to mention police, prison, drug treatment centers, nursing homes.  

It sounds like we have a busy, robust economy. however we have more people who are on disability who are no longer in the work force.  We have many people who never made it into the work force.  Heart conditions used to be a major reason for disability, but now back pain and mental disorders far surpass that.  We can do this a better way.  The Brain First Always Way.

Click here for a chart comparison.
(Here's the article.)

And we an blame it all on insulin resistance.  The most frustrating factor is that the usual blood tests will tell you that you are not insulin resistant, and that you are not near a risk of diabetes.  This is wrong, wrong. wrong.  And we don't even test kids, at all. 

If you want to delve deeper into insulin resistance, check out this link to Joseph Kraft's youtube video. You will hear this information straight from the actual researcher who looked at insulin resistance for decades.  

While chiropractic adds nothing to the body and takes nothing away from the body, we must also consider what the body is made of.  If the body is comprised of inflammation, and poorly formed tissues (due to the Standard American Diet),  we are not working in a useful medium.  We need clear neurological pathways and healthy receptive tissues that can receive the information we have opened up through the chiropractic adjustment. 

Chiropractic can help you improve your energy, sleep and decrease your appetite so it's easier to tackle insulin resistance. 

Let me know what questions you have at your next adjustment as well as communicate with me through the online coaching membership.  Click here:  Get 7 days FREE

Meet Dr. Kraft: 

More about Dr. Kraft's impact on folks. 

What is Dr. Lisa's Brain First Always Protocol?