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Thursday, April 18, 2019

I Was Sick and Thought It Was Normal

Here are three videos I made talking about my personal story.  I experienced a number of small breakthroughs, that helped my improve my health before they became health breakdowns.

I talk about my reaction to my first adjustment. I also talk about my desire to deliver better mental health care services with chiropractic, the early chiropractic mental hospitals, the current addictions centers that utilize chiropractic, and how the Winsor Autopsies influenced my decision to pursue chiropractic.

Check out the videos below:

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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Fire Up Your Brain and Pick Your Fuel

I made Episode 4 of Brain Snob at the end of an Adjusting Day. It is a busier scheduled day when I only have time to deliver the life boosting adjustment. I don't have time to delve into the educational aspect of helping people understand the different types of interference that drain the nervous system. And that is why we have these videos.

In this video I talk about how to nurture your brain. That means we look at 1- how well your nerves are delivering brain energy to the organs, 2- what kind of fuel you are using to power your cells, and 3- what information you are putting your brain.

Life is busy and we are easily distracted. I know when people have to deal with unpleasant symptoms, they are distracted from what they need to get done. However, I prefer to look at these symptoms as warning signs that other parts of your life style are out of balance. The bigger picture.... Perhaps your schedule is so overwhelming, your brain is being burned out in Limbic System Dominance (Fight or Flight/Survival Mode). Or you're health problems are being caused by a toxic overload setting you up for an auto-immune disorder.

If I help you get you temporarily out of back pain. Have I really helped you nurture your life so you can reach higher goals???

Watch this video and see how you can boost your thinking.

1- Recurring Interference: What's kicking your body out of balance? They aren't symptoms. They are life style habits that put our health at risk.

2- Watch an earlier video about the Keto Krunch Club, renamed Keto Komplete in 2019.

See you at the table.....
The Adjusting Table

--Dr. Lisa
-- Your Health Freedom Advocate

Friday, April 05, 2019

I Don't Need Nagging Uncertainty - How About You?

We've got a lot of living to do. We don't need to be held up by sickness and low energy.

The need to understand brain impairment is great.  Just listen to the answers give by my practice members who took a health survey.  There were many upbeat answers, yet there is uncertainty in the back of people's minds.  

Let's get rid of that uncertainty.  

I wrote an article for the Citizen many years ago and I asked the readers to consider what it would be like to never take a blood test or disease screening again, because they knew their health practices were so excellent that they were confident to not need ongoing proof or reassurance.    Imagine......

B.F.A. - Brain First Always is the low tech-high energy approach to get us there. 

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Brain Snob Episode 2: Health Words I Hate

Revisit this blog post to understand why I dislike these words.  You'll notice I added a new one on the video. 

Also catch this video.  I ended up recording it in two parts. 

Brain Snob Episode 1 Where's the Urgency? Where's the Control?

Where's the Urgency?  Where's the Control?

Being a Brain Snob is not an insult.  It is a high compliment that someone knows how to harness the brain's ability to adapt and thrive so there's more time for vibrant living. 

Here are the video highlights:

-- We notice there isn't a lot of urgency to have better health even though we know we could be taking better care of ourselves.

-- The urgency is seen somewhere else in the course of the day: job concerns, family obligations, and more pressing matters.

-- We seem to put our "urgency energy" into the things we have more control over, where we believe we have more control. 

-- When people feel they are at the mercy of their own bodies, and not feeling well, it is discouraging and the urgency fades or we put our attention in other areas of our lives so we feel we are at doing something constructive, albeit out of balance. 

-- In the last few months I've noticed folks around me demonstrate very disconcerting brain changes: poor memory, forgetting things, confused thoughts. missing appointments, not keeping track of things effectively, with an increasing vocalization of overwhelm, fear, and anxiety. 

-- Even my mom just called me asking me about Alzheimer's disease.  

-- I'm seeing it in people my age, and older.

-- Brain inflammation takes its toll.  You  may seem fine, unaware that the inflammation is probably in your joints or you're feeling fatigue,  but that one day you get concerned that your thinking is affected and feel that sense of urgency.

--  We shouldn't let it get to that point.  We can understand how to take care of the brain so our brain takes care of us. 

-- The Brain First Always program helps us do that.  
     We learn how to Move the Brain, Feed the Brain, Talk to the Brain.

-- Moving the brain is centered around the chiropractic adjustment and I reiterate the brain perks of maintenance adjustments.  Revisit this blog post from October to read about these benefits.   (Brain Gain is Life Gain)

-- Tune in for more Brain Snob episodes.  Join our You Tube Community.

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Selfish, Irresponsible, and Dangerous. Is That You?

After reading the news about Rockland County banning unvaccinated children from public places for 30 days, I had to really ponder why the people "in charge" think this is the way to resolve what they call a state of emergency due to a high number of measles cases. 

Currently, according to news reports, there are only 10 cases of measles right  now in Rockland County.

The message being put out there, in my interpretation, is that unvaccinated people are selfish, irresponsible and dangerous.  The funny thing is vaccines cannot be studied for effectiveness.  There are plenty of questions regarding vaccine safety.  Over $4 billion  has been paid out by the government compensating for vaccine injuries.  Also, individuals are not allowed to directly sue the pharmaceutical companies.

Supposedly the measles vaccine only works for so many years, which means more adults than children are selfish, irresponsible and dangerous. 

I haven't found any articles updating the public on how this ban is doing on day #3.  I did find a story about a small protest highlighting the inappropriateness of denying people freedom live their lives in a normal manner.

But what gets me is the selectivity of this county's commissioner.  Singling out unvaccinated people because it is assumed they are problematic to the health of others is a rather irrational move.

I think a bigger health crisis is letting people with metabolic syndrome continue with their health harming behavior.  After all, businesses lose a lot of money to sick time.  Productivity goes down.  People end up on disability.  The lives of families are disrupted.  Children have less quality time with their sick parents.  Adults have to tend to their own aging parents.  Insurance companies and the Medicare program are burdened with high costs related to the preventable problems of metabolic syndrome.  I think of the people with amputated limbs, heart surgeries, etc.  The suffering is immense.

Am I singling out overweight people who have high blood pressure, high triglycerides, and pre-diabetes?  Many of them are smokers, or those who drink alcohol and consume caffeine. 

I guess we could go on and list many more health problems that are taking a toll on the public.  But people get defensive with the fingers are pointed toward them.

The Brain First Always approach promoted in the office is a "low tech high energy" way to boost your brain's health so your immune system can resist acute diseases as well as chronic debilitating conditions. 

See you at the table......
The adjusting table.

---Dr. Lisa
--- Your Health Freedom Coach

Read More:    Words That Block Healing

Brain First Always May Be the Healing Path Not (Yet) Taken

Turn Around Unwanted Brain Learning

Monday, March 11, 2019

One Example of Ineffective Brain Programming

I should clarify my title above.  The programming is ineffective to your personal health improvement.  But the Medical Industrial Complex loves this programming.  

As a chiropractor, I am not an interventionist.  We  know intervention is futile.  I am a chiropractor because I promote healthy habits that work with your body, not against it.  Chiropractic adjustments are a maintenance practice to influence brain function.  Brain function is your priority no matter what other parts of your body don't feel well.  

I try to keep my posts positive with doable solutions.  But sometimes we need to face certain facts that make us squirm.  I want to describe a thought process that is not popular because beliefs, or shall I say programming, that appear genuine are actually problematic. 

I listened to an interesting podcast/radio program put on by Dr. Jennifer Daniels.  She was originally from Syracuse so we can call her a local girl.  If you read her bio on her website you can also call her a brave, outstanding voice that others have tried to silence.  You can look for her show on her Healing with Dr. Daniels Facebook page. She was live yesterday morning.

Yesterday, her show topic was on the clashing belief about useless health care testing.   She took actual health statistics that show screenings are not necessary and often times harmful.  The interesting part was a smaller survey of people showed they would not give up these tests even when told they were not needed.  In fact, some people would strangely and suddenly lose faith in their doctors and switch to a different doctor who would recommend the testing that was shown to be too costly and not beneficial.  

She discussed her mother as one example.  When told the tests she was accustomed to was not needed, Dr. Daniel's mother was in shock and almost lost. (Brain Programming) The point made by Dr. Daniels was that medical care is ingrained so much in our society, people take it as a moral requirement.  I had my own suspicions but she brought the point home so well.   Take also the vaccine schedule for children.  Infants do not develop their immune systems until they are one year old.  Breast milk is the immune system for infants.  Yet, pediatricians' offices start vaccines on babies when they are one month old, yet, they all know the vaccines will not work on an premature immune system (by their own theories).  The reasoning will anger you.  Professionals have been recorded saying this is how we train the parents to keep bringing their children in to the offices. 

Dr. Daniels went on to explain that doctors are constrained so badly by the Medical Industrial Complex, your doctor's own authentic opinion of what you need is censored.  Understand this very well because you need to be  informed and assertive when you deal with your health care professionals.  She basically says doctors have no freedom to use their brains.  I embellished a bit using no freedom to use their brains.  We have obviously seen this in Auburn, NY recently when we heard two medical doctors are suing the local hospital for business and personnel  practices that have put patients at risk. 

Your physician has to follow the rules of the insurance companies, the rules of pharmaceutical industry, and the rules of the hospital.  Their prescribing behavior is tracked among other things.  We know one size does not fit all, but you are labeled "noncompliant" if you do not follow through on established therapies.  

She finally explains that the best medical care is based on cash.  If you pay cash and keep your insurance card away from the billers, your doctors are free to practice medicine focused on you and not their fear of losing their jobs.  But, the Medical Industrial Complex has convinced people that they need their insurance for complicated services (even though they are not scientifically warranted), people are frozen with fear to skip some of these services.  This is a serious brain programming that can be a major block in your health improvement.

People put more thought into the next computer they want to buy, yet leave little time to consider what is the best way to rebuild their bodies so they avoid inflammation which is the cause of all disease. And, by the way, once inflammation has ravaged your body, life style change is the treatment, not drugs.  Surgery does not heal damage, it merely removes the damage.  You need to rebuild your tissues everyday, on your own, with simple and often forgotten methods.  

As a chiropractor, I am not an interventionist.  We  know intervention is futile.  I am a chiropractor because I promote healthy habits that work with your body, not against it.  Chiropractic is a maintenance practice to influence brain function.  Brain function is your priority no matter what other parts of your body don't feel well.  

So, take a listen to Dr. Jennifer Daniels.  Bring me your comments and questions at your next adjustment appointment.  Let's stimulate the brain with compelling discussion.