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Monday, March 11, 2019

One Example of Ineffective Brain Programming

I should clarify my title above.  The programming is ineffective to your personal health improvement.  But the Medical Industrial Complex loves this programming.  

As a chiropractor, I am not an interventionist.  We  know intervention is futile.  I am a chiropractor because I promote healthy habits that work with your body, not against it.  Chiropractic adjustments are a maintenance practice to influence brain function.  Brain function is your priority no matter what other parts of your body don't feel well.  

I try to keep my posts positive with doable solutions.  But sometimes we need to face certain facts that make us squirm.  I want to describe a thought process that is not popular because beliefs, or shall I say programming, that appear genuine are actually problematic. 

I listened to an interesting podcast/radio program put on by Dr. Jennifer Daniels.  She was originally from Syracuse so we can call her a local girl.  If you read her bio on her website you can also call her a brave, outstanding voice that others have tried to silence.  You can look for her show on her Healing with Dr. Daniels Facebook page. She was live yesterday morning.

Yesterday, her show topic was on the clashing belief about useless health care testing.   She took actual health statistics that show screenings are not necessary and often times harmful.  The interesting part was a smaller survey of people showed they would not give up these tests even when told they were not needed.  In fact, some people would strangely and suddenly lose faith in their doctors and switch to a different doctor who would recommend the testing that was shown to be too costly and not beneficial.  

She discussed her mother as one example.  When told the tests she was accustomed to was not needed, Dr. Daniel's mother was in shock and almost lost. (Brain Programming) The point made by Dr. Daniels was that medical care is ingrained so much in our society, people take it as a moral requirement.  I had my own suspicions but she brought the point home so well.   Take also the vaccine schedule for children.  Infants do not develop their immune systems until they are one year old.  Breast milk is the immune system for infants.  Yet, pediatricians' offices start vaccines on babies when they are one month old, yet, they all know the vaccines will not work on an premature immune system (by their own theories).  The reasoning will anger you.  Professionals have been recorded saying this is how we train the parents to keep bringing their children in to the offices. 

Dr. Daniels went on to explain that doctors are constrained so badly by the Medical Industrial Complex, your doctor's own authentic opinion of what you need is censored.  Understand this very well because you need to be  informed and assertive when you deal with your health care professionals.  She basically says doctors have no freedom to use their brains.  I embellished a bit using no freedom to use their brains.  We have obviously seen this in Auburn, NY recently when we heard two medical doctors are suing the local hospital for business and personnel  practices that have put patients at risk. 

Your physician has to follow the rules of the insurance companies, the rules of pharmaceutical industry, and the rules of the hospital.  Their prescribing behavior is tracked among other things.  We know one size does not fit all, but you are labeled "noncompliant" if you do not follow through on established therapies.  

She finally explains that the best medical care is based on cash.  If you pay cash and keep your insurance card away from the billers, your doctors are free to practice medicine focused on you and not their fear of losing their jobs.  But, the Medical Industrial Complex has convinced people that they need their insurance for complicated services (even though they are not scientifically warranted), people are frozen with fear to skip some of these services.  This is a serious brain programming that can be a major block in your health improvement.

People put more thought into the next computer they want to buy, yet leave little time to consider what is the best way to rebuild their bodies so they avoid inflammation which is the cause of all disease. And, by the way, once inflammation has ravaged your body, life style change is the treatment, not drugs.  Surgery does not heal damage, it merely removes the damage.  You need to rebuild your tissues everyday, on your own, with simple and often forgotten methods.  

As a chiropractor, I am not an interventionist.  We  know intervention is futile.  I am a chiropractor because I promote healthy habits that work with your body, not against it.  Chiropractic is a maintenance practice to influence brain function.  Brain function is your priority no matter what other parts of your body don't feel well.  

So, take a listen to Dr. Jennifer Daniels.  Bring me your comments and questions at your next adjustment appointment.  Let's stimulate the brain with compelling discussion. 

Monday, March 04, 2019

March is C.S.I. Month

March is C.S.I. Month!!
Dive into Your
Challenging Sneaky Interference

You Don't Have to Be:

Challenging Sneaky Interference can be tackled.

Seed oils
Hidden infections from dental work,
food additives, pesticides, mold, cleaning products,plastics, bath and body products, furniture, carpets,
house hold items,
Heavy Metals:
non-purified water,
vaccines, e-cigs, cigarettes, air pollution, high fish intake, mold infection, dental work

limbic system
parasympathetic failure

brain fog, fatigue, anxiety, digestive disturbances


fibrous scar tissue from old injuries or surgery disrupts nerve pathways

Move Your Brain    Feed Your Brain      Talk to Your Brain

See you at the table.....
The Adjusting Table

--Dr. Lisa
--Your Health Freedom Advocate

Monday, February 25, 2019

Words that Block Healing

So, sticks and stones may break your bones, but words can't hurt you.  But can they? 
There are words used in health care that I believe can keep people stuck.  We say them over and over so often that they lose their effect and we lessen our concern.  We choose to ignore the seriousness of failing health, especially during the early stages when symptoms are tolerable. So goes our attention to the words describing poor health. 

Here is a short list I started compiling.  I'll probably add more words later on.  

Keep this in mind:  better words lead to better outcomes. 

1-  Aging
I can't stand this word.  It means giving up and accepting things as they are.  The fight is over.  You've just cleared yourself of any responsibility with this acceptance of learned helplessness.  

The Alternative: Getting older means you've had more time on this earth to build up toxins in your body.  Your cells are too stiff to let nutrients in and waste products out.  We can call this dirty blood.  This is why detoxing matters.  At the top left of my website there is a link to a toxicity questionnaire.  Take this online test and show me your results.  

2- Weight Loss
Stop trying to lose weight.  This is the wrong focus.  Crossing your fingers hoping the number on the scale goes down is not a productive goal.  

The Alternative: Lose inflammation instead.  A healthy body with healthy organs will not hold on to body fat.  So, the emphasis is on regaining health.  Looking at the causes of inflammation and reducing inflammation will bring the body back to health and put the body in the logical fat burning state that is its birthright.  Inflammation is a process that damages the DNA, most notably the mitochondria which leads to cellular failure and eventually organ failure.  Come in to the office and take my inflammation questionnaire and look at the areas that can be addressed.  There is a better method.  

3- Pain is a vague term.  Stopping pain doesn't mean you have attained good health. 

The Alternative: Pain is a signal determined by the brain.  Many destructive body functions are pain free in the early stages because the healing response still has reserves going into action.  The brain won't tell you, but the body is slowly running out of steam and you don't know it until a health crisis turns on a major pain response.  Pain also has an emotional component based on stored memories and this makes the pain response inaccurate.  Inflammation is the cause of tissue damage, and this damage becomes a painful signal to the brain.  Addressing brain inflammation and diet induced inflammation is the more efficient way to deal with pain as well as prevent future stress on the immune system.

4- Stress is really a wasted word.  Nobody pays attention to it.  

The Alternative: Consider using the term: Life Balance: a life style consisting of appropriate work/rest, time management, relationships, and personal purpose.  Stress can be described as too little or too much of something that exhausts the body's reserves.  The body strives to keep tight control on body chemistry.  One example is the pH level of the blood.  Just a touch of acidity or alkalinity needs to be buffered by the body's mineral supply. We get out of balance from time to time, but returning to balance in a quick manner protects the body from unnecessary failure.  

5- What supplement do I take for _________?
Take a wild guess as to why I can't stand this kind of question?

Let's see what other words get under my skin.  Stay tuned.
Do have any examples of words that could use some clarification? 

--See you at the table.
--The adjusting table.

Dr. Lisa
Your Health Freedom Advocate

Saturday, February 09, 2019

Pay Attention To Your Brain. It Can't Wait.

B.F.A. Brain First Always
The Brain Makes the Body. You Make Your Life.


The unpleasant, annoying signs of a stressed brain need your attention. 

Silent Inflammation (We all have early stages of inflammation)                           → Is it Business as Usual, Have you evaluated your BFA Habits?

How should you respond to health concerns?

Stiffness, Sore muscles → Often it is Dehydration, Mineral loss / deficiency, blood sugar may be unstable yet, your lab work looks normal, blood pressure keeps creeping up

Digestive trouble
Fatigue,Daily discomfort 
Weight gain → The brain is struggling with inflammation, doing its best to maintain homeostasis

Chronic Issues
Joint pain, Walking difficulties
Pre-diabetes, Diabetes
High Blood Pressure, High Triglycerides, 
No success with weight loss, memory problems,
Poor concentration, multiple sensitivities→ Brain impairment due to toxic burden from the environment as well as toxins formed internally from cellular metabolism and inflammation

3 Steps:  Move, Feed, and Talk to Your Brain

Move your brain with chiropractic adjustments, to reset the brain's executive function and calm overactive brain waves

Feed your brain with the keto diet, intermittent fasting, standing process supplement (because our food supply is lacking no matter how well you eat), and do an annual nutritional detox.

Talk to your brain with S.T.A.R. Sessions, and check out my reading list of my favorite stress management books. 

Learn more at your next appointment.

See you at the table,
the adjusting table.

Dr. Lisa
--Your Health Freedom Advocate

Saturday, January 12, 2019

The Healing Path Not Taken: It's Time to Take It

Brain Inflammation Part 3

Nearly every day I am challenged to try to help people who don't know what kind of help they need. 

They are stuck.

  They think they are doing everything available to them and yet, they are still stuck.  And this is very frustrating for these folks. 

When you're stuck long enough you tell yourself this is your normal, this is your "set point," this is what you should expect at your age.

This scrambles my brains !!!  I mean, really, it makes me sad.  

When people don't have the mental energy to think beyond their current situation, this is a huge problem in our culture. 

Your brains are scrambled and you can't help it.

You will not make a healthy decision while you are suffering from brain inflammation. 

We're always told not to make any drastic life changes soon after a stressful event.  We're advised to take our time before adding more stress on top of stress.  

Some examples: We do a lot of unexpected things after the death of a loved one.  Some people suddenly quit a job for what seems to be a good reason, without evaluating the consequences.  Marriages and divorces may happen for the wrong reasons because of a rash decision.  

In the reverse, we will let our health suffer by not making appropriate life style changes with a sense of urgency.  Why? Because  brain inflammation reduces blood flow to the frontal part of the brain which is the part of the brain that is responsible for evaluating and problem solving.  

So, if we are in a constant stressful situation, how do we make a needed change to help ourselves?  We can't.  We're stuck and sick.  

Brain inflammation may not appear to be a health crisis, unless the media is referring spefically to Alzheimer's disease, but brain inflammation is a major barrier to health in all of us.

When I mention to people:  It benefits you to do ______ instead of ________, they respond with a questioning rebuttal or a disbelieving rebuttal.  Why?  Because the information can't enter the brain and work through the proper thought analysis.  

Much like a drowsy person poorly judging how to drive on a wet road or tricky curve, a person with an inflamed, stressed brain poorly judges new information and decides not to make a change, especially when other demands compete for full concentration.  

When previous information stored in the brain doesn't match the new information, the inflamed brain will not have the energy to comprehend and evaluate the value of the new information. 

Remember back in the day when you looked at a long chapter in your text book for homework.  You shuddered at how many pages had to be read.  That was when you were an immature kid with less neurons.  Today, your adult brain tries to comprehend, but typically it is overwhelmed if it is inflammed from poor diet, lacking sleep, worrying, etc. 

How do we promote a healthy brain so new thoughts are welcomed with excitement?  

First we calm down the hyperactive brain waves with chiropractic adjustments,  good sleep, brain boosting nutrients and a keto diet with intermittent fasting sprinkled in.  Many will hesitate at these suggestions.  The inflamed brain wants to fight it and look for the easy way out... perhaps a sugared coffee drink instead......(sound familiar?)

The brain cannot quickly become un-inflamed. An anti-inflammatory pain reliever does not turn off inflammation.  Current drugs block the expression of inflammation, but the source or cause is still pumping it out.  

Inflammation that has reached pain status is only the tip of the iceberg.  Asymptomatic (non-pain) inflammation is still attacking tissues and organs. 

Why do I take this so seriously?  Because  it is the crux of the problem.  All other attempts (symptom focused) make you feel as if you are inviting change, but they are not specific enough.    Here's a prime example: Why do people who get stents end up re-clogging their arteries?  Stents are a temporary aid.  The do, however, allow someone time, a second chance,  to incorporate real change. 

Un-inflaming the brain requires an intentional process of detoxing and eliminating harmful chemicals.  The second step is to avoid ingesting new chemicals, as much as possible. 

It's not difficult, but it can be challenging.  Make sense?  It seems difficult when it is a new practice but consistent practice pays off.  The challenging part is receiving support from your closest social circles.  

The Brain First Always protocol helps you accomplish it with a specific focus on balancing the parts of the brain that fight you.  Learn more at your next appointment and this is exciting!!!!!

See you at the table.....the adjusting table.

Dr. Lisa
---Your Health Freedom Advocate


Sunday, January 06, 2019

Anxiety: Everyone Has a Poisoned Brain

Brain Inflammation Part 2

Everyone has anxiety.  Ask your friends.  Many will admit to it.  Some won't but will display some glimpses of it with quirks or unusual habits in order to cope. Others will openly talk about their fear, panic, or irritability desiring to not have these insistent feelings.

Is anxiety on the rise or is life more stressful.  Toss a coin; it does not matter.  Life will always have challenges.  How will you participate?

No matter what happens, your brain interprets things and creates a cascade of chemical responses. And, if you have brain inflammation, you're not going to like how your body reacts to stress.

Inflammation consists of poisons that harm the body.  An inflamed brain will hold you down, prevent you from being a go-getter, shut down your ambition and vision, make you feel a little paranoid.

All the therapy in the world won't help you.  You can't talk yourself out of a panicked mood.  You have to clear the poison out of your brain.  

Inflammation sneaks up on us.  Your cells slowly and gradually get coated with it.

Next time you're in the office, you'll have the chance to learn more about my Brain First Always program.  I look forward to sharing it with you.

---See you at the table.  The adjusting table.

--Dr. Lisa
--Your Health Freedom Advocate

Got Toxins?  Take This Quiz

Do You Have Unwanted Brain Learning?

Tuesday, January 01, 2019

How to Improve Nursing Homes: Close Them Down

Brain Inflammation Part 1

Wouldn't it be wonderful if nursing homes were out of business? Wouldn't it be wonderful if people weren't in the dire situation where they have to be isolated in a 24 hour facility?

You've visited relatives in nursing homes.  No one really likes to be there more than twenty minutes.  It's not a pleasant place.  Staff always look stressed.  Your relative is sad and difficult to communicate with.  Residents seem to decline rather quickly once they move in.  

What if we could skip all that?  What if we took brain health seriously?  What if we all started when we were younger?  What if we start today?  What if we help our older family members improve their brain function?

I see too many folks joking about their poor memories.  I'm not laughing.  Laughing just means you accept it rather than face it.  I know people 20 -25 years older than me who have recently begun slowing down,  It's disconcerting because they were very active and it almost seems like an overnight change.  I see people my age struggling and limiting their favorite activities.  

I don't want to give up that easy.  I want to fight.

Brain inflammation and brain aging are not mysterious, but the attitude is to push it to the back burner is not useful.  

The first symptoms of brain impairment are:
- poor concentration
- fatigue
- poor digestion and elimination
-anxiety, depression

These problems can be addressed.  They don't have to be the start of decline.  

Get the information you need with the Brain First Always Program.  Start the New Year with New Information!!!

See You Soon.
--Dr. Lisa
--Your Health Freedom Advocate