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Saturday, May 16, 2020

See If This Video Gets Taken Down

I suspect it won't.  Videos have been taken down when they are perceived to be espousing cures.  Now, you can recall on one of my "In Your Court" Videos (see below) that there are no cures for anything.   Of course, I do not claim to cure anything.  But You Tube and other formats think most of the public is gullible....

But I am upset that a doctor who actually helps people and prevents them from needing hospital care was told two days ago to take down his blog and testimonial videos.  

What was his offense?  He told people there was hope. 

Can you believe that?  Helping people is looked down upon.  It has been this way for over a century.  If you read up on the many people who have used natural means to save people from chronically debilitating conditions, it probably makes  you angry.  It is very disgusting how politicians and unelected officials disrupt lives and careers because these different thinkers don't follow the mainstream approach.  

For quick reference, check out Ty Bollinger's book, The Truth About Cancer, to learn about the sad history of gifted healers who had their materials, notes, and livelihoods destroyed. 

Dr. David Brownstein's holistic medical practice has been offering care to sick people during this infection crisis.  This care has prevented them from needing risky hospital care. 

I was planning on writing about his last video, but it was taken down before I had a chance to sit at my computer.  But, that's ok.  They can't erase my thoughts and here are my comments: 

He interviewed a busy mom who was also a nurse.  She was actually seen at the emergency room.  She had some flu symptoms that went away and then she felt sick again with more severe breathing issues.  

She had mentioned she was surprised she became so sick because she was a healthy person.  At the end of the video she later admitted, her immune system was not that strong after all.  I suspect she was living such a hard core fight or flight life that all her energy was being burned in a state of defense which depleted her ability to heal.  It's important that health care professionals illustrate how damaging everyday stress really is on health.   It is better to be proactive than reactive.  

This was an important teaching moment and it's too bad I don't have a transcript of this interview.  But, that's fine.  I appreciated her honesty and I imagine Dr. Brownstein's approach to healing blew her away.  Doctor means teacher, and the best gift a health care practitioner can share is information about the body's natural healing ability and how to assist it with simple, safe life style habits.  

The conflict here is medical doctors can't make huge profits on natural products that are easily formulated and sold straight to the public.  They don't keep patients coming back for expensive tests and procedures.  You have to admit, medications merely string you along and never get you feeling good. 

I mentioned in my video above that there are medical doctors who have "jumped ship" because they are tired of a system that rewards failure.  Yes, health failure and the accompanying defeat people feel that eventually makes their health worse because they feel there is no hope.  In future blog posts, I will mention some of those doctors who think outside the box.  

My final word here is that you are responsible for your health.  No one else is.  You have the responsibility to learn what makes you tick.  It's not a difficult challenge.  It's just not welcomed by your own peers and family members who are used to the mainstream model of following insurance coverage and assuming that's the best way to build your health.  

As you know by now, I am here to teach you how to use your gift of self healing.  You already have the tools.  You can learn how to be more proficient with those tools.  

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Here's my episode where I explain why we should stop waiting for cures:

Saturday, May 09, 2020

How Outside Stress Disrupts Your Inner Life

Yes, you can make positive change and make room for healing. 

 Bruce Lipton very eloquently explains how the body cannot be in a state of growth and defense at the same time. I encourage you to check out his videos and newsletters online.  He is a great story teller who can convey meaningful ways to build up your life. 

So, let me delve into the topic and see how I do....

There are times when stressful events happen in our lives and the body has to shift into self preservation mode.  There is heightened awareness of a possible life threatening issue that becomes top priority to the brain and body.

Our problem is that we let everyday modern drama creep into our lives on overload.  They are not real threats, but the body still perceives them as real.  The adrenal glands jump into action with stress hormones directing the heart to ramp up blood supply to the arms and legs.

During this time, blood is no longer readily available to the prefrontal cortex of your brain or your abdomen.  This means your thinking and problem solving energies are drained as well as your digestion and immune functions,

The body cannot do both at the same time.  The calm routines of digestion are put on hold while the motor system of the body goes into fight or flight.  

When the fight or flight response is prolonged, we can hit a point of exhaustion because there has been no period of restoration.  

If you recall a past blog, I mentioned that you can't put out a fire with water dripped  from an eye dropper.  It's just not enough.

Step One is to remove the stress.
       Chemical, Mechanical, and Emotional ---all 3

Understandably, if you have a tack stuck in your toe, you have to stop standing on it before you can remove it and apply a bandage.  

If your stress is like the tack, please remove it.  
The healing response is better off without the interference.  
You cannot be in a state of growth and defense at the same time.

Your chiropractic is much more effective when the outside stress is reduced.  Your body's cells are much more receptive when they are given adequate nerve energy and nutrient energy. 

Let's talk about your stress so we can ramp up the ways we can move your brain, feed your brain, and talk to your brain. 

Feed your nervous system and starve your stress.

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Saturday, May 02, 2020

Emotions and Energy: How to Unlock Your Body's Brilliance

Image Courtesy:
Call to Action: 95% of your day is spent on learned patterns you are performing on auto-pilot.  Are you satisfied with that?  If you want your brain to perform differently, you can learn how to master your Master-System.  

When I ask you to enter the 3 doorways of moving, feeding, and talking to your brain, I don't typically emphasize one over the other.  

What are the 3 Doorways?

What is Move Your Brain, Feed Your Brain, Talk to Your Brain?

Reach Your Goals Faster
All three work together.  But talking to your brain first helps you reach your goals faster.  Mainly, you need to understand how the brain prioritizes its responses so you can give your brain and body the best self care.

We know the stress response serves a purpose, but it easily gets out of balance leading to an energy crisis and poor health.  

The body-mind partnership is intertwined.  Our emotions can bring us health by initiating healing endorphins or damaging stress hormones, depending on the emotional state we are in.  Also, any bodily damage, deficiency, or pain will incite emotional stress, as well.  We don't worry about which one came first.  We want to balance all that our body experiences.  

When we understand which part of the nervous system is active, (because they both can't occur together) we can make better decisions that support our overall healing.  

Our subconscious, in it's efficiency, takes an habitual, auto-pilot control during 95% of our day.  Which pattern do you think is more prominent in your life?  And would you like to strike a different balance?

Healthy Vagus Nerve            vs.       Excessive Fight or Flight

Useful programming                          Detrimental programming

L O V E                                              F E A R 
Love for God                                      Fear that you're inadequate
Love for family
Love for your meaningful purpose

Dopamine                                          Cytokine storm
Oxytocin                                            Dysfunctional inflammation
Growth hormone

Creative, open                                    Stunted, closed

Harmony                                            Dissonance

You overtake germs                           Germs overtake you

Engaging                                           Isolated

Empowerment                                   Dis-empowerment

Drawn to self nurturing/renewal       Drawn to self abuse/sabotage

Empathy                                            Anxiety

Persevering adapter                          Victim

Calm, mindful                                    Chaotic

Explorer                                            Squatter 

Learn more about the Vagus-Reset. 
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What is a Vagus-Reset STAR Session?

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Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Dear Elderly: Take Care of Business

Call to Action: Health is attainable at every age. There may be more layers to peel off, but  it's worth the effort.  

This blog post can be considered a continuation from the last one.  Scroll a bit and find it.  I was upset about the half finished news stories that warn the elderly to stay home because they are more prone to a viral illness.  

Who said they had to be prone to illness?  I call that age discrimination.  

If you watch my videos and listen to my explanations in the office, you know age just means you've had more time to accrue toxins in your body.  The stress of these toxins are fatiguing to the body.  They interfere with cellular function and tissues become weaker.  

But we know the body has the capacity to heal.  First, you must believe that you have that ability to heal.  And second, you have to teach yourself how to support the organ systems that work so hard for you. 

Now, you don't have to start a work out program at a cross fit gym like these folks, but aren't they inspiring?

The BFA (Brain First Always) Protocol is specially designed to help someone walk through the steps that improve brain and body function.  

You learn how to move the brain, feed the brain, and talk to the brain.  Check out my BFA Crash Course.

Check Out Episode 19: Are You More Toxin than Human?

You already have the tools.  Let me join you on your journey and help you learn how to use the tools proficiently. 

Be inspired by older athletes.

Saturday, April 25, 2020

Irresponsible Medical Mouthpiece (More SOS)

If you are older or love someone who is older, listen up!

Call to Action:  You'd better check your pulse.  If you're not fired up, you are in a downward cycle of mental paralysis.

Dear Friends: 
I don't care how many times a day you check the news. When you do, however, ask yourself some questions.  Don't accept the short sound bites.  Completing the story is not part of the agenda. 

This is more of my SOS - Severe Opinion Syndrome. 

All you hear from the reporters is that this virus is impacting the older population.  If someone is considered at risk, they are told to avoid contact with other people and stay shut in.  

That's It?  As another week of emotional upheaval comes to an end, I want to start out the next week with a fresh perspective.  I have heard from people who are angry to be put off and ignored. Others are downright scared.  

If you remember any of my talks the most detrimental aspect of the fight or flight scenario is when someone reaches the point of freeze or faint.  This is when there is no fight left.  It is learned helplessness with extreme low energy and organ system failure.  

I am especially at the end of my rope with the reporting that does not offer the reasons why the elderly and immune compromised are at risk.  So, I am taking that on as my job.  

If you are at risk, you have the responsibility to change it.  You owe it to yourself to ask compelling questions to people who are going to give you the natural, non-drug answers.  

So, if you're older you're suppose to just sit in your living room wondering when you can go back out?  I know plenty of retired people who are not at the extreme point where they are waiting for permission to enjoy the outside world.  And they are doing fine.  However, there are others who are hesitating to live. This fear is so disabling and detrimental to the immune system. 

If you are concerned about your brain and immune health, get the information that explains why your cells may be toxic, and dysfunctional.  Find out why you have weakened, inflamed collagen that makes you feel sickly with no strength.  

I am angry at the actual medical doctors who go on TV to give interviews and stop short with actual life saving information.  I am not surprised but I am done with it.  

I am no smarter than anyone else.  So, I went to college for a decade.  Big deal.  I learned how to use big words instead of smaller words, but anyone can learn how the body works.  

You can inform yourself.  You can do the low tech / hands on activities that make a difference in your life.

If you want to save yourself some time, sign up for BFA Coaching so you can apply this information immediately to your life in a way that is meaningful and rewarding.

The information is all over my office, on the bulletin boards, on hand outs, on your individual PART plans, The BFA template, my videos, etc. 

You already have the tools.  I want to help you use them proficiently. 

Allow me to give you some encouragement right now: 

Digest this quote from Tony Robbins: 

“Your life changes the moment you make a new, congruent, and committed decision.” – Tony Robbins 

I am here to help you get beyond the incongruencies of the current world mind-set.  Your life can't change until you kick bad thinking our of your brain.  There's a great deal of old, outdated health information, I will help you navigate around.  While we have immense organizations working within financial incentives to provide ineffective health care, your own decisions matter.  "They" don't care if you are unhealthy.  You're just a statistic. Since you have to live with the consequences, get informed and make the better decisions. 

Thanks for reading this far.  You are not alone. 

BFA Coaching Invitation

--Dr. Lisa
--Your Health Freedom Advocate

Sunday, April 19, 2020

Set Up to Fail No More

Call to Action: I call on everyone to fully realize the perfect storm that was brewing (for years) to create this 2020 pandemic.  Now take the steps necessary to address the cellular damage from the  inflammation and toxins putting you at risk.

The emotional atmosphere has been unreal.  People are in a panic because they are convinced a virus is so unpredictable that they could be easily overcome with a serious illness. 

I cannot let this get soaked into  my psyche. I cannot let the news overtake my sense of discernment and common sense.  The cortisol flooding in the body because of fear is a major inhibitor of the immune system.  Emotional stress is probably much more dangerous.  

We've had virus scares in the past.  How do the numbers compare?  I don't know if I should obsess over comparisons.  

We've never been subjected to such egregious actions by our elected officials before.  How do we trust their information is accurate, well thought out, or useful?

Here's where I am today with the information I have gathered.  We need to understand why the worst of the worst are so sick and why there are others who recover easily.  

Different studies have shown the sickest people have underlying conditions that render their immune system dysfunctional.  There are folks who stayed home, took minimal medicines and did fine.  I've learned about others who followed holistic approaches with high does vitamins, ozone therapy and home nebulizing with great success (within the comfort of their own homes). 

We know from basic science that a virus such as corona has an envelop coating that can be dismantled externally with soap. Also within the body, a virus can be dissolved as long as the body has the capability to do so.  

Our best defense should have been building healthy bodies.  We are surrounded by viruses.  Our DNA contains viral components.  If this current virus is somehow different (and who can tell with all the differing viewpoints from various countries), we must be better prepared, not with the medical system -  but with our own health. 

We cannot assume the hospitals will be ready to help us.  Most of the care they provided was palliative while they watched people decline.  Now, it is realized ventilators are not the best approach.  
I am thankful many people had quick thinking doctors who looked "outside the box" to offer more individualized care.  

The worst risk factors for many in serious situations had high blood pressure, diabetes, lung problems, and obesity.  

The perfect storm was brewing for a long time and finally became a tsunami with:

  • emotional trauma, stress, fear, lack of individual control
  • chronic health problems related to long term inflammation and toxic damage
  • unprepared hospitals 
  • an insurance system that promotes financial incentive for ineffective approaches

We were set up to fail. 
It's time to reverse this trend. 

This is where we make the most progress.  While everyone is focused on a virus, we work on real change.  We now roll up our sleeves and tackle these long term health problems.  If you rely on medical advice given to you in a seven minute visit with your physician, you have to admit, it's time for different strategy. 

It takes real "hands on / low tech approaches" in your everyday life.
We address life style balance instead of symptoms and  tunnel vision treatments. 

Nothing has changed with my mission.  I will teach people to rebuild their bodies at the cellular level so they can have authentic health freedom.  

But I need your help.  I need to know about your stumbling blocks. 
I believe I have failed.  I did not communicate the seriousness of unchecked stress. How do I help you get past the hurdles that keep you from a better human experience?

BFA Coaching is how we unravel the stuck knot of stress.  
Are ready to live the difference?  CLICK HERE.

Saturday, April 18, 2020

Please Help Society Do Better

Call to Action: Use your influence to reshape the negativity going around. Fear is very damaging to the immune system.  The chiropractic philosophy promotes the life affirming intention of innate.  This is inspirational and healing.  If you need to understand it better, please let me know.  Doctor means teacher. Who is teaching you to embrace life?

My original title was: What's Wrong with Society? I want to sound more positive, but you have to admit there is negativity, as well that should move us to seek the positive and be positive. 

Someone I know is in the hospital.  This person had to go by ambulance, and was given a devastating diagnosis.  After about four days this person was finally given a sleep medication and finally was able to get a bit of improved sleep.  Mind you, nobody sleeps well in the hospital.  

There is no family allowed in the hospital.  No one is there to advocate.  This alone is disturbing. The person's mother called me to discuss the situation.  I am truly appreciative that I was trusted enough to be called.  The best advice I could give was to encourage them to get this person discharged and back home in a reasonable amount of time and make no other decisions yet. Receiving a diagnosis is so stressful that there must be some time in between any decision making.  

I was told there didn't seem to be enough staff on hand.  For a sick person, the waiting has to be excruciating.  Regardless of what is happening in the emergency rooms, (And our town is not overwhelmed) there are other suffering people who deserve to have adequate mental, spiritual, and physical care on the other floors of the hospital. 

I also know of a lady whose husband died of natural causes in the hospital.  She knew she would not be allowed in to see him.  She said her good-bye in their house.  He was alone for 4 days in the hospital.

I wish this experience on no one.  For some people this is irreparabl e harm.  We can do better than that. 

Fear becomes physical when it is inciting a cortisol response in the body.  This in turn weakens the lymphocytes that protect you from infection. 

We do not need to incite fear in each other.   

We don't need to keep fueling our fear with news shows that are counting their ratings hoping for a big payoff from sensational reporting coming from half truths.  

Our bodies are more than capable of healing from traumatic events, especially infections.  If you do not believe that, your lack of confidence is a major health risk.  

It's time to build that confidence  back up with some education and action.  We do it with the BFA Protocol.  Brain First Always.

You can release yourself from anything that doesn't serve you.  You have the power withing.  You can get more comfortable using this power.