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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Set Yourself Free

 Hi Health Seekers!

Glad you're here.  Make it a good week, good month, good year, and more...

Just want to focus briefly on the most important ingredient to changing your health, and that is to keep expanding your mind.

Poor health, means stuckness.  How's that for a word?  You are stuck.

The nervous system gets stuck, that's for sure. 

The first line of my mission statement is that I want to expose people to life saving information.  And it tends to be the opposite of what we grew up believing.  When I encourage you to expand your mind, I ask you to consider letting go of an earlier belief, especially if it is keeping you stuck in a health situation you are unhappy about. 

I'm not going to go into all the outdated and un-serving ideas here in this blog.  Come on in and we'll chat about it. The life saving information has to deal with stopping the stressful things that are causing harm to the body.  

If you check out my latest video: How to Ruin an Adjustment, I mention the 4 popular stresses I see in my office on a daily basis. (And it's not back pain, but they are related.)

1- Starving the body

2- Skipping Standard Process

3- Continuous exposures to stressful encounters

4- Giving away the best of yourself to the wrong people, wrong jobs, etc. 

I am happy to adjust everyone's spines.  It is a craft I have worked on for decades.  But the people who benefit the most from their adjustments are the ones who reconsider old ideas that have set them up negatively.  

Only you can heal yourself.  Only you can expand your mind.  We can help each other.  We can support each other, but in the end all your healing comes from you. 

There are times when you are too exhausted and fatigued to jump start the process.  So let's talk about getting a few Vagus-Reset STAR Sessions.

Visit my Patreon Channel and take the entire BFA Protocol Video Course.  

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Doctors Who Jumped Ship: When Doctors Need Their Own Security Detail (Part 10)


I listen to podcasts while I walk my dog.  I download them onto an old cell phone that I can't ruin, since it already has a cracked screen.  Lately I've been uninterested in the recent feeds so I searched for some of my favorite peeps who give informative talks.  

I found an older interview from June 4, 2018 with Dr. Suzanne Humphries. You will recall I wrote about her in part 5 of Doctors Who Jumped Ship. 

Suzanne Humphries Jumped Ship

Doctors Who Jumped Ship

What perked my interest is her personal story about receiving death threats back in 2018.  I had read about it briefly a while back, but listening to her talk about the poor investigating of her complaint and her announcement that she now has her own private security made me realize how important these outspoken doctors are. 

Even Dr. Andrew Kaufman mentions he knows his life could be in danger.

What you must know about them is their resolve to keep going.  They have an inner strength that is so impressive.  Would I carry on with such optimism?  Would I have the courage to do the same?  I only write about this on my blog.  I have a small audience.  I have a fair amount of confidence when I am talking to others who agree with me.  I am happy to talk with folks who show a genuine interest is hearing my side of the story.  

We are living in a country that espouses free speech.  We are allowed a second opinion.  Or is that not the case?

When you need your own private security for telling the truth about medical procedures that cause harm, what has happened to society?  

We want health.  

We don't want to be mislead.  

And we don't want to be sickened because the truth is hidden.  

Continue your search for real empowering information.  You may be surprised how easily we've been fooled for generations. 

Thank you for reading.  I plan to stay positive and upbeat.  Healthy people are able to assert themselves.  And you need that in a country where the culture has drifted away from common sense and self autonomy.  

Chiropractic is the brain healer.  We need you fully involved in making the world a better place.  See you at the table...the chiropractic table. 

Tuesday, September 08, 2020

New Tools at Patreon


A day of chiropractic adjusting goes by so fast.  It doesn't leave me enough time to teach and consult about the other steps to brain/body health.  

Chiropractic is the foundation of brain and body/mind wellness, but your health habits in between office visits are super important to promote your body's tissues reserves.

Your innate intelligence works "in concert" with your tissue reserves, so if they are lacking, your innate intelligence has nothing to work with.  You need both together in a beautiful partnership. 

So, the other fun part of my job is supporting your brain boosting activities that you can do outside the office.  I do this by teaching the three doorways to restoring and maintaining health:

Move the Brain

Feed the Brain

Talk to the Brain

You may be doing some brain boosting activities very well.  And you might need to polish up on others.  

Patreon allows me to keep all my online video courses in one place so you can view them anytime you like.

Ready to dive in?  CLICK HERE.

Two Faves Together

There is so much great material on Podcasts/Video Interviews that I can miss some.  I am super pleased to have seen this posted on one of my friend's Facebook wall. 

Of course, if you've been following my series on Doctors Who Jumped Ship, here are two of them on a podcast together.  So this is quite the treat.  

I haven't listened to the entire episode yet, but I wanted my loyal blog readers to have the opportunity, as well. 


And, here's an update: My BFA Protocol Video Course is available for viewing on my new Patreon channel.  Here is my best breakdown of the steps to take so your chiropractic adjustments can go nuclear.  (so, your adjustments are more spectacular as you reduce the stress in your body.  Healing is always better when your stress is reduced.)

You're going to be busy for a while catching up on all these videos.  I know you're going to love them!!!!

See you at the table........the adjusting table.

--Dr. Lisa

Your Health Freedom Advocate


Thursday, September 03, 2020

Count Down Live Up: BFA Protocol Online Course

Enjoy the Intro Video

No more trying to put the pieces together. I have organized the BFA Protocol into a 5 category video course.  

5 signs of brain impairment

4 ways to lose your health

3 doorways to reclaim your health

2 reasons for everything

1 very important idea

The video course is available on my Patreon Page: Click Here to View.  

Be sure to watch both videos, Parts 1 & 2

Are You Aware of the Beautiful Harmony Within You?

If you can count backwards from 5, you can advance your life. You already have the tools, you can learn how to be more proficient with your tools. 

The U.S. is in last place for health when compared to the rest of the first world countries.  What are we doing wrong?

What would you like the change in your life?

Would you like more confidence, more energy to do new things, have the opportunity to afford the activities that interest you, more peace and purpose?

What can you do with your life if you are free of the preoccupation of symptoms?

When we focus on the brain, we can give ourselves great life experiences. 

Does your brain limit you or promote you? 

Do you feel limited in some way?

What have you given up or put on the back burner because you are our of energy?

Do you feel left behind?

Who is missing out on your time and talents because you are unavailable due to poor health?

Do your children have the knowledge and confidence in their own healing gifts?

Don't forget you can dive into a coaching relationship, too.

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

The Language / Belief Barrier -- Pick the Side that Promotes Growth

 I've been living in my own world lately.  One reason: being anywhere other than a grocery store is shunned right now.  If it weren't for  visiting friends  at each others' homes, life might be extra isolating.  

On a side note, home entertaining was probably more common a generation ago.  People enjoyed close contact.  They were not glued to the TV.  Fancy dinners were not needed.  You only had to gather in the living room, kitchen or porch.  We shared information face to face.  We did not listen to biased voices we now call news anchors.  We trusted each other because we knew each other's personal stories.  We even worshiped together at the same local church. 

I have cocooned myself away from the fear and dogma of the germ theory.  It's just not how I wish to live. My office is a place where you can let your hair down and not feel as if fearful eyes are glaring at you.  You come in, reignite your spine's gateway to the brain, and go on living a purposeful life. 

That's what  my office is all about. 

I have avoided the inflated numbers when we know the test is inappropriate.  I won't watch the sensationalized news that focuses on the outrageous.  

If you revisit an earlier post from June 13, 2020, you will recall this quote:

"The basic tool for the manipulation of reality is the manipulation of words. If you can control the meaning of words, you can control the people who must use the words."   
Philip K. Dick

The words we pick make a difference. And this quote is still timely.  I've said in the office you don't want to lose weight, but lose inflammation.  It changes your outlook.  I've said you don't age, but you have more time to accrue toxins. Makes the goal more reasonable, yes?  You have more empowerment, yes?

I'm so done with the self preservation I've put myself through.  At times, I prefer to keep to myself rather than get sucked into the vibration of fear.  But part of me needs to go out there and help people melt away their fears.

How do we change people's opinions if we don't slowly chip away at their long held beliefs?    The belief barrier is very strong, yet this is an important time to ask the hard questions.  What if information you relied on for a long time has not actually served you?  Will you admit it?

When is it a good time to avoid people?

When is it a good time to engage people?

What is the balance?

When entering the "Feed Your Brain" Doorway, I ask you to stand firmly in your belief about the body's ability to self heal, so you can treat your body well.

Then, you are called to understand and admit you may be doing harm to your body.  You are open to clearing your plate of health facts that may turn out to be "old wives' tales."  Possibly you just weren't aware of the toxicity in the world.  Both mental and physical toxicity.  Even our body creates internal toxins as part of metabolic processes.  An inability to detox adds to the problem. 

Don't let the belief barrier hold you back from your best healing.  Be open to a state of growth, self improvement.  Allow your language to change to the positive spirit of self healing and self nurturing.  

It's not easy.  That's why I write about so much. It takes a new commitment. But it's worth the "growing pains."

Heal your Burn Out

Saturday, August 22, 2020

Doctors Who Jumped Ship (Part 9: Thomas Cowan)

Thomas Cowan, MD

Who else made the list?  Check here. 

Dr. Cowan revealed in a recent newsletter that he believes California is not a good place to be for doctors.  He specifically said, "There is no future as a medical practitioner in California."  To me, that clearly sounds as if it is a terrible loss for the residents of the Golden State.  In fact, he explained in his newsletter that four complaints were made against him while he was practicing in California. 

He helped a cancer patient without using surgery, chemotherapy or radiation.  He spent a period of time on probation which also cost him quite a bit in legal expenses. Another time he had an old advertisement stating he accepted patients with a myriad of illnesses including cancer and that had to be dealt with. Fortunately, the issue was dropped.  Then, he was investigated for writing what he calls, "valid" medical exemptions for vaccines. And now he is being investigated for going against the mainstream definitions and protocols for C O V I D - 19.  

 Dr. Cowan is just very tired of the ongoing turmoil, my words.  His patients are obviously pleased and appreciative for his care and genuine interest.  I would love to have him as my doctor. But, for the state, his efforts are not appreciated. 

And this week, (July actually.  I'm late getting this blog post finished.) he drove across the country to move closer to his children and grandchildren.   The travel restrictions and other current threats to our freedoms solidified his decision.  Writing a heartbreaking letter to his patients he closed his practice.  

If you listen to Dr. Cowan's interviews about the drastic changes in the modern world putting our future at risk, or his investigations showing that the heart is not a pump, you realize he is thoughtful with everything he teaches.  He admits that a great deal of his medical training was not logical or sensible from day one as a medical student.  He felt compelled to not ignore the nagging questions and I believe his patients have been better off because of his desire to dissect every belief from all angles. 

My Lifelong Quest to Find My Voice is at a Crossroads

I'll let him tell you more of his story himself.  CLICK HERE.

Just reading how Dr. Cowan broke the news to his patients shows you the troubling side of a system that can no longer be counted on as  helpful to the public.
From his website:

  • The office will close on June 30, 2020
  • Despite many months of trying, I could not find anyone to take over my practice. Sadly, I have no other doctor or health-care provider to suggest for my patients.   This is not to say there aren’t good practitioners of all sorts in the Bay Area, but there are none that I can, with all my heart, recommend to everyone.  I trust that each of you will find a good solution for your health-care needs.  
  • I am going to take all of July off, the first full month off in almost 40 years, but I will continue to answer emails and do my mentoring sessions. 
  • I will relinquish my medical license after July, with the plan to re-emerge as an unlicensed “health coach” or consultant.  This means that, starting in August, I will no longer be able to order tests, write prescriptions, make diagnoses or offer treatment plans.  I will, however, be able to talk to anyone who wishes to talk to me about my opinion on what might be best for them.  Frankly, I am looking forward to a new way of interacting with my friends, previously known as patients.  More details about how this will work will come soon.  
  • During June, July and maybe even August, Laura and Alyssa will answer calls and emails to help you get a copy of your chart, order prescriptions (you might want to get a year’s supply of whatever prescription you take, as soon a prescription from me will no longer be honored), order supplements or help you in any way possible with this transition.  All of the supplements I use and recommend will still be carried on our website.  This includes strophanthus, NADH and all the others.  In fact, in the coming months, our plan is to introduce new lines of supplements that I feel confident will actually take my “medicine” to a whole new level.  
  • During the month of June, as we pack up, I will continue to be available for phone consultations on the usual Tuesdays and Fridays.  I would love to speak to as many people as possible during this time.  Emails are also welcome.  
  • I will continue to be in touch indefinitely through blogs, webinars, interviews, my own podcast (coming soon), mentoring and perhaps another book or two. So please continue to subscribe to this email list and our new YouTube or Bitchute channels.
Now, that we're nearing the end of August, I found him on a recent podcast and he can tell you what he's been up to: 
He remains upbeat and feels a positive desire to share his knowledge.  This makes me grateful that we can still carry on the conversation.  

I hope you, my reader, will do the same.