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Saturday, July 04, 2020

Too Fried to Figure It Out?

Image: Is Your Brain On Fire:

Call to Action:  Whatever it is that is holding you back, acknowledge it and enter the 3 three doorways for brain health. 

The most challenging aspect of brain health is getting people to make the life style change needed to experience a positive turn around. 


When the brain is significantly impaired, a person has  a tremendous difficulty instituting the positive change needed to enhance the healing response.  

In the mainstream-modern world we call it "non-compliance."  It becomes a common term dictated into medical notes when someone continues to exhibit the same symptoms over and over without improvement, especially when someone says, "I don't like how that medication makes me feel and I don't want to take it anymore."  Wham-o!  Bam-o!  Someone has just been labeled as non-compliant distrustful patient.  

So, allow me to back track a little bit and describe how brain impairment prevents someone from getting healthy.  When the brain is energy deprived, that also means the body is energy deprived.  At the smallest level, the cells are dysfunctional, unable to complete a cellular metabolic process resulting in toxic build up and a severe energy crisis.  

The book Change or Die, by Alan Deutschman, helps me answer the question why people are stuck and unable to make a change.  I has become a classic on my bookshelf.  

Check out a book summary here: Change or Die.

He delved in to the stats that showed heart patients after a surgery will not change their life style habits even when told they will die if. Ninety percent of these folks do not follow through and end up going in for repeat surgeries. 

People who feel hopeless and not in control feel so demoralized that they believe there is nothing left out there in the world that will work for them.  Alan Deutschman came up with three core attributes of practices that help people change and discussed three types of success stories.

From the BFA: Brain First Always approach: We look at nutrient deficiencies, toxin overload, and especially early-learned behavior patterns which are basically attitudes becoming physically expressed in the body as a state of health.  

1- People are so sick and weak, they don't have the mental or physical energy to take on new behaviors.  New learning requires the pre-frontal cortex to be ready to go. Remember learning to ride a bike?  You were shaky and uncoordinated.  You didn't trust yourself.  You felt a little anxious.  That means the pre-frontal cortex is working hard.  It takes a good bit of energy and a heightened sense of curiosity to engage like that.  You must feel shaky and uncoordinated because you are trying a new activity that is not comfortable because it is new.  Something new is very threatening whether it is speaking in public, trying out gym equipment for the first time, going to a job orientation,doing a nutritional detox, trying a new diet, enrolling in college, etc.  

New activities "kick in" the Fight or Flight brain response.  The sympathetic nervous system releases adrenaline to help you along.  In adequate amounts this hormone gives you a sense of excitement and inspiration so you can learn new things. In the right amount, we call it the zone where someone "kicks butt," during a job interview, they "hit it out of the park," during a music performance, or they don't hesitate to help someone in a crisis. 

On the opposite end, too much Fight or Flight/Freeze or Faint from the Limbic System (emotion and memory portion of the sympathetics) is very distracting and blocks concentration. 

How do we heal the brain in spite of sickness and weakness?  

Understanding Leaky Brain will help.  Datis Kharrazian, author of Why Isn't My Brain Working? offers great insight to the workings of the brain.  He teaches his clients how to address the signs of a failing brain that most of society will blame on aging.  Yet, he underscores how important it is to be very deliberate in choosing healthy behaviors since our modern life style, chemical laden processed foods, etc. has been very disruptive.  Health recovery is not on auto-pilot.  We have to acknowledge the down side of modern life and find a better balance. 

Ultimate Healing Podcast: Leaky Brain
Repair a Leaky Brain

2- The new behaviors are so different from current habits, that limbic system emotions of fear and distrust pop up causing someone to exhibit a very strong hesitation.  

3- Peer pressure is very powerful at holding people in their stuck states, which is another aspect of limbic system fear. 

4- Fear of confrontation in an imbalanced relationship (such as a doctor, or spouse), community peer pressure, also incites the limbic system to stay in a holding pattern.

5- A dopamine imbalance (the motivation neurotransmitter) prevents someone from  starting a new life style habit. 

6- Lack of appropriate and sometimes correct information leads us to "spin our wheels," wondering why our current actions are not helping, not realizing they are actually hurting.   This is challenging because many wrong ideas about diet, health, medical procedures end up in peer reviewed journals and it is taken for granted that the information has been under appropriate scrutiny.  (Check out my series on Doctors Who Jumped Ship to learn about the attempts to reform the disingenuous aspects of medical care.)

7- Time also proves to be a serious block to healing.  How we fill our daily plate of life, devote hours to our jobs, etc., certainly gets in the way of health.  Sometimes I hear people say, "I hope I can make to retirement...."  We all have the same hours in a day, as the saying goes, but our time choices also matter. 

I invite you to set aside some time to start a coaching relationship with me so you can reorganize your life in ways that help you approach the nagging concerns you know are impacting your brain health. 

My calling is to help you live your calling, and you cannot do that with an impaired brain.  
Do you want a performing brain?
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Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Doctors Who Jumped Ship (Part 5: Suzanne Humphries)

Suzanne Humphries, MD.

Who else made the list?  Check here. 

Biography from the IOSM website: 

(International Society for Orthomolecular Medicine)
Dr Suzanne Humphries is a medical doctor certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine in both internal medicine and nephrology. She worked in the conventional medical system from 1989 until 2011, when she left her hospital position in good standing. Since that time, Dr Humphries has been furthering her research into the medical literature on vaccines, immunity, history, and functional medicine.
Dr. Humphries jumped ship after the tried to reform the system from within.  When she had kidney patients in a Maine hospital, they were given a flu shot at the time of admittance without her knowledge.   It was hospital policy and the shot was administered before she met the patient.  Some patients never had  kidney issues until receiving the H1N1 shot and it put them in kidney failure. 
When she spoke up, it fell on deaf ears.  She often spoke up on behalf of other doctors who would not do it themselves and report these problems with their patients. 
She wrote the book,  Dissolving Illusions: Disease, Vaccines, and the Forgotten History, and also an autobiography: Rising from the Dead.
She left her hospital job and private practice in order to do private consulting and to educate the public on the illogical parts of the medical system that have done a great deal of harm to the trusting public. 
I haven't read Dissolving Illusions yet, but her other book, Rising from the Dead was very detailed in her ups and downs from medical school until the time she left her practice. 

Why did I pick her as as one of the Doctors Who Jumped Ship?  I was emotionally rattled to read that her expertise and experience as a doctor was completely ignored.  You want an independent thinker to stand up for you and give you the best, relevant, and customized advice for your specific situation.  When a doctor's recommendation is purposely disregarded, then you wonder, what is the point of having a doctor? What happened to the credo, "Do no harm?"  

I understood Dr. Humphries plight and knew there are too many doctors who have stopped thinking for themselves.  She said it herself that the looming financial strain after a decade of advanced education tends to turn anyone into a hapless "yes," person who develops a split personality in order to cope.

If this is the state of medicine where you must fit into one or two codes for insurance billing, our health is in extreme danger every time we visit a practitioner or worse, enter a hospital.  

People in emergency and chronic care lost a true doctor who takes the fiduciary responsibility seriously.  

Fortunately, she is still standing up for those who need a trusted truth teller.  Her extensive knowledge of the history of vaccines is very helpful at helping the public understand what is at stake when intelligent voices are shut down. Her many talks and seminars can be views on You Tube.   She also provides private consultations. 

You can also read each chapter into of Dissolving Illusions here. 

Monday, June 22, 2020

Buckle Up for Brain Function

Buckle Up for Brain Function

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Heal Your Covid Emotions

Episode 91
This is a commercial for an upcoming live event about healing your covid emotions. We've had plenty of ups and downs. How shall we store these memories in our brains and move forward? The date / time is not nailed down yet. Please email me at to get updates. I'd like to know how many people are interested and when they have free time to get on a live video or group phone call.

BFA Coaching                      
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When Your Two Brains Fight

Brain Snob Episode 90
Remember when you first learned to drive? You were goofy and unsure with your feet on the pedals. Getting the brain in balance can feel like that at times. But you can get there.

BFA Coaching:  You already have the tools.  You can be proficient with the tools. 

Sunday, June 21, 2020

Doctors Who Jumped Ship (Part 4: William Rawls)


Who else made the list? Read here.

William Rawls, MD is the author of  Unlocking Lyme.  I picked up his book when Lyme disease was becoming more talked about.  It seemed to have this mystery about it as the media took control of the situation trying to inform the public.  (Does that sound familiar, by the way, with our current popular virus of the day?)

But, after reading his introduction and first few chapters, I realized the same health practices that heal other ailments apply here.  They always apply.  What keeps the body healthy is the same no matter what you find on lab work and no matter what name you give a set of symptoms. 

These pathogens, or little buggers, or critters, as I like to call them have been with us since the world began.  There are too many to name, so why get all mixed up in the details?  Mummies like the "Iceman" and other dated materials have shown these spirochetes, microbes, etc., are not new.  And they were not making us sick, until recently.  Something happened to us in very modern times.  

Dr. Rawls, also suffered from Lyme disease.  But he is adamant that he was exposed to the Lyme critters when he was a child playing in the woods.  Interestingly, he was not sick until middle age when his life was extremely stressful as an OB-GYN delivering babies at all  hours and living a sleep deprived existence. 

He jumped ship because the typical medical approach was not getting people him well.  He also explains that spending time with patients (something we all want and need as part of the healing process) and not ordering procedures that don't work, my emphasis on the not working part, made it impossible to maintain a financially viable medical practice. 

Dr. Rawls removed himself from the managed care system and revamped his practice into an integrative office utilizing herbs and natural approaches.  He pulled himself out of chronic illness so he has the experience that allows him to relate to the difficulties others have endured in the same situation. 

The most important concept I can convey from his own story is that the environmental microbes need not freak us out.  We are built with a great immune system from the brain to the gut and it is up to us to protect it.  

Protect your resiliency with the common sense

Don't fear the little buggers. 

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Sunday, June 14, 2020

Doctors Who Jumped Ship (Part 3: Timothy Noakes)

Timothy Noakes, MBChb, MD, DSc

Who else made the list? Read here. 

Dr. Tim Noakes is an avid sports scientist and ultramarathoner.  But he became ultra-interested in nutrition when he realized his high carb diet gave him diabetes type II.  

Going low carb/high fat reversed his diabetes and he admitted the old information about diet was wrong. 

In an HVMN interview he said, "In about 2010, I suddenly realized I got it all wrong and decided that I better stop harming people because the books that I'd written said that high-carbohydrate diets are ideal. I realized I was wrong."

Extended interview:,carb%2C%20high%2Dfat%20diet.

While he changed his stance, he said industries didn't like it.  He had to defend his medical licence in South Africa and prove the previous science was wrong.  He was adamant that he could no longer tell people that the typical food guide was healthy.  

Tim Noakes on Trial Summary in Runner's World

When folks like Dr. Noakes talk about high fat as health promoting, in flies in the face of decades of accepted dogma.  Now that we're realizing that a fat deficient diet is problematic on energy levels, vitamin conversion, brain and heart health, many physical problems can be healed. 

But it hasn't been a smooth road for many of the doctors who stand apart from their medical standards.  

Dr. Noakes explains it in plain, simple terms and speaks with a soul deep honesty that makes the informatin more well received.  

Following his dietary advice certainly will decrease someone's inflammation levels and slow down the degenerative aspects of chronic disease.  If can reverse his own diabetes, he makes the perfect coach.  He is a teacher who lived it and can help others get over the mental hurdles of giving up old beliefs.