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Monday, June 10, 2024

The Lie You Believed - Until Today

 Today is Day 1 -  Right Now !

This is your fresh start.   A new outlook. 

Brain First Is Body Freedom

Thank you for visiting my office website.  You are probably here to seek answers to why you are feeling the way to do.  The best thing you can do is pick up the phone and speak to me.  I don't bite.  I am actually very nice.  315-277-1362 

But in the meantime, read about the lie you can stop believing right now.

I want to say I never believed this lie, but the deep rooted paradigm is drilled into us at a very young age.  You can look at your health differently and empower yourself. 

PAIN   ---   That's why people call me.  I want to help them understand why their bodies are expressing the pain sensation.  Most of the time folks already tried pills, exercises, massage, resting, and waiting.  

But eventually their patience wanes and frustration begins to build.   At this point, they feel helpless or confused and start to imagine that they really messed up their bodies.   

Well, why not?  This is the underlying message we've been taught since we were small.  First, we watched our elderly relatives suffer with the message that old age is terrible.   We absorb their fear.  We watch how our parents react to health challenges in the family. It is disconcerting at times.  These memories shape your nervous system.

We assume the body needs major help beyond our own abilities. The body has a very low threshold of self healing.  We think we need a lot of intervention.  We're grateful for professional help, but they tell us, we need to be on the lookout for more health problems lurking around the corner.  

Now we have PAIN, with a nice helping of ANXIOUSNESS which increases the pain INTENSITY.  This intensity then spills over into the other organs/systems. (Let's prevent this domino effect.)

I'm not downplaying the reality that we get sick from time to time.  I'm aware that we get injured, fall down, do silly things that cause pain. 

But the brain picks up on the negativity and goes into ultra-survival mode.  Your brain can't relax.  And this does us more harm than good. 

It can be a ripple effect leading to the big name diagnoses the medical arena deals with: IBS, diabetes, heart disease, depression, dementia, migraines, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, etc.

You don't have a disease.  You have a nervous system. 

The brain also, memorizes these patterns, which is very draining. The body is at greater risk for injury, mental fatigue and poor resilience.

This festering belief that the body fails leads to energy burn-out then the body fails.    Self fulfilling prophesy....

If pills, massage, exercises, rest don't work, what's the solution?

Chiropractic helps you pay back what stress takes.

I'm here to provide a different approach. 

First of all, I do not want to copy other health care professions.  Chiropractic is not medicine/drugs.  Chiropractic is not physical therapy.  Chiropractic is not massage therapy. 

#1- I do not subscribe to the belief that the body fails.   The brain is very deliberate and the body responds appropriately.

#2-I'm on a mission to retrain our brains to resist energy depleting patterns.  The brain is a fast learner and we taught our brains to memorize stress patterns.  Sometimes too well.  Life saving stress responses are essential, but a pre-occupied, over-protective brain can take its toll on the body's energy system. 

#3- I'm super passionate about the chiropractic adjustment because it's like hitting a switch. Adjusting the spine switches the brain from fight or flight to calm. The spine is  like a telephone switch board.  The adjustment can reset the brain's patterns, to the more desirable patterns that initiate healing, relaxation, productive sleep, etc. 

What about pills, exercises, massage, rest, and waiting?

While they are helpful, there is one big reason why they don't work: The Brain.

Pills don't work because the brain is hyper-focused on protecting the body. The pain sensation serves a purpose.  The brain will not give in. It's in charge, ferociously in charge and survival is essential.  We must approach it from the brain's point of view. 

Exercises don't work because the brain is already primed to prevent excessive movements. We must approach it from the brain's point of view. 

Massages don't work because the brain is still not convinced the survival response should be diminished. We must approach it from the brain's point of view. 

Rest doesn't work because the brain is locked in a survival pattern.  Even when you avoid activity or sleep, the brain is preoccupied by a stressor.  You might sleep, but it's not productive, deep sleep. We must approach it from the brain's point of view. 

Waiting doesn't work because there is still an unrecognized stressor preoccupying the brain.   We must approach it from the brain's point of view. 

You Can Retire This Lie:   

Your body is not failing you, it's not defective. Your body is actually acting intelligently, even if it's uncomfortable.  

The disease approach does you a disservice by not acknowledging how the brain is trying to deal with your stress.  The mainstream approach has actually misinterpreted the body's responses, then we typically utilize treatments that are risky, adding more stress to the body. 

When we acknowledge the logical responses of the body, we are less afraid.  We make better decisions that are more in sync with the body, not against it. 

You don't have a disease, you have a nervous system.   

Why are you choosing chiropractic? Because adjusting the spine interrupts a pattern and opens up the brain to a new patternWhat patterns do you want to work on?

Here's something cool: Chiropractic helps you do things better.  It makes your exercise better, makes your massages feel better, makes your sleep better!  Chiropractic gives you confidence, energy, and you think better.  You definitely live better!

The brain is constantly reorganizing itself.  Chiropractic enhances the process. 

The neat part of chiropractic is that is adds nothing to the body and takes nothing away from the body.  

How do we approach it from the brain's point of view?  You tell me your story, your stresses.  We determine how your unique nervous system is reacting to the world.

I can't wait to hear from you. 

Also, check out the New Member Orientation Video


Chiropractic is Not About What Goes Away; It's About What You Become

From the chiropractic point of view, your nervous system responds to stress and promotes your survival.  (Constantly reorganizing itself) These survival responses are often perceived as a disease or dysfunction.  If you are manipulating this response (with drugs, or surgery) in order to numb or diminish the  effects of a working nervous system, you may never address the underlying stress. 

What are the underlying stresses?  Well, that is completely unique to you and how your nervous system learned from your past exposures. 

Chiropractic adjustments reset your brain so you can clear out your stress better.  When you get adjusted, your brain is ready for a new learning experience, so whatever you expose it to next matters. Especially in the first 20 minutes after your adjustment. It's a special refreshed time for your brain. 

If you're used to going to the chiropractor to feel better, (which is fine, nothing wrong with that) be sure you understand that you need to get yourself into a true restful healing state, not kicked back into fight or flight.  

When you are getting on the table to receive a chiropractic adjustment you set the intention in your mind.  How do you want to celebrate and support your nervous system. With fear and tension or with a liberating outlook.  It's part of the process.  To learn more, read here about the Brain First Protocol.   What Will You Become When You Put the Brain First

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