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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Your Spine is Like a Garden: Weed Out the Subluxations

Treat your spine like a garden.
Take good care of it.

Subluxations are like weeds.
They will creep up clogging the spinal joints and choking the nerves if you don't keep a close watch on your spine.

Small subluxations are easier to weed out. Subluxations that have festered for a long time take over. It takes so long to weed out the long standing, tough subluxations.

Don't let subluxations take over your garden. The growing season may end prematurely.

Lipitor and Professionalism

I was listening to ReachMD on XM radio a few weeks ago and a medical doctor was talking about statin drugs. Lipitor always comes to mind because it is so well marketed on TV.

This medical doctor was telling his peers to always prescribe a statin drug otherwise they'll be looking at a lawsuit if the patient has a heart attack.

This is quite disconcerting to me because lawyers are telling doctors how to practice. Cholesterol is just one part of the heart health picture. What if someone had a heart attack because of a non-cholesterol cause? How does a doctor defend him or herself from a sympathetic jury?

The incidence of heart failure is now higher than heart attacks and heart attacks have only decreased slightly. So, tell me how the statin marketers have manipulated the numbers?

Has anyone talked about the elderly doing better with higher cholesterol?

Visit the Weston A. Price site

Well, if doctors are more worried about lawsuits instead of what it really takes to teach people how to be healthy, it is a sad sad time for Americans.

We've got to do our own homework. Learn all you can about the pros and cons of any chemical you want to consider ingesting.

No one puts that pill into your mouth but you. No one will lie down in the coffin with you.