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Monday, March 27, 2017

Should I Help You DO MORE HARM?

Odd question, but I need honesty.

If you're getting adjusted on a regular basis to improve your nervous system....... (That's the only reason.......helping your nervous system make you a better healer.)

........Back to the question.......Are you getting adjusted so you can go HEAP ON MORE STRESS in your life?

Your life is your life and I am happy to provide chiropractic care to those who appreciate the unique spine/nerve relationship.

But .... am I helping you do more harm?

Is your stress level still high?

Your emotional stress?
Your physical stress?
Your chemical stress?

Part of subluxation care is understanding how to change the stress we have control over.  We can reduce the interference that disrupts nervous system function. 

You have the innate intelligence working for you everyday.  Let's boost your healing power.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

I Really Hate It When Folks Don't Feel Better - Part 2

I can feel pretty down when folks don't take a deeper look at important aspects that influence healing. They shut down the conversation, change the subject or explain to me why things have to be the way they are.....

I deal with many mental blocks that are pretty tough to break down because they are so well ingrained in society's way of dealing with health. For example: the fix it fast mind-set regardless if it is a safe solution with real benefit.

When we are locked into these mental blocks it's very difficult to give the body what it truly needs (and we tend to expose our bodies to dangerous habits).

What are the massive mental blocks I see?
1- Feeling there is no time for health because of a demanding work schedule
2- Lack of belief that healthy changes can happen
3- Putting up with an unhappy work environment 
4- Addictions to foods and chemicals that are clearly destructive to the body.
5- Addictions to foods  and drinks we are told are healthy but actually wreak havoc on the body.
6- Spending money on unhealthy activities that could be better spent on non-insurance items or services that rebuild the body.
7- Lack of exposure to other people who demonstrate habits that influence true healing.

Too much of the destructive stuff....
Not enough of the nourishing stuff...
Not enough support...
Not enough desire to reallocate time and energy in this direction because it's just not that bad yet.  

These mental blocks hover around the adjusting room and set up a negative psychological aura that doesn't allow people to break through the glass ceiling.  

Psychological stress tightens muscles, increases cortisol, raises heart rate, raises blood sugar leaving us in a perpetual state of inflammation.  Think of it as a big fire and we are throwing three or four ice cubes on it.  

I'm here to get you through these difficult road blocks.  But you have to use me.  You have to ask me how to reach the core of the apple.  You have to let me know you want to hike through the thicker brush of the forest cutting down the vines and limbs that are blocking the path.  This is called "advanced chiropractic."

I don't know if you want to go deeper in your journey.  I can only nudge and see who bites.  I cannot force people. 
And we have too many societal forces going against us. 

Let's have a chat.  See you at the table.
The adjusting table.

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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

I Really Hate It When Folks Don't Feel Better - Part 1

It's a hard day when someone isn't experiencing health improvement.  

We're both disappointed.

Yes, it does take time.  And, yes, there is limitation of matter to consider. That means some damage to the body is irreversible, but there is always a chance for some kind of improvement.

I never want to give up on somebody (especially when they give up on themselves).  These folks may have a lot of tissue damage or toxic build up that has disrupted the healing process. 

So, there's a lot of work that needs to take place to boost healing. And it may seem to be a daunting task to undue years of stress on the body.  

I think about these folks long after I've left the office for the day.  I often get very sad when I see the following:
      --Someone giving up too soon
      -- Someone not believing improvement could happen to them
      -- Someone who doesn't have support at home so they can fully          concentrate on healing.

It isn't a good feeling watching them walk out the door. I really wish everyone felt the same excitement I have about the healing process.  I've seen people go through a great transformation process and I know it's possible.  For that person who is disappointed, in their own world they see only that. 

Look for Part 2 of my article and how we can counter the stumbling blocks.

P.S. Most folks do very well under chiropractic care, but there are the other folks who had amazing, life-saving experiences.  You must always tell your friends and loved ones that better health is possible.  I can't do it without you.  You are proof and people need to see proof in action. 

Tune in for Part 2 tomorrow.

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