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Saturday, December 31, 2005

2006 Office News: Start the Year with an Inspiration Virus

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I tell people that I do not treat pain. Actually I don't want to treat pain for the wrong reasons so I won't treat pain. I see so many people who are only focused on getting out of pain. When they leave the office they are oblivious to the message that their pain was sending them.

What do I treat? I treat the desire to live a better life. For each one of us, that may mean something different. It usually centers around physical and mental balance, striving for healthy relationships, and a successful career.

What is the point of living better? If I send you on your way feeling better after an energizing adjustment, what are you going to do with your new found freedom?

Do something great!!

Don't just go back to work or back home after your adjustment. I challenge you to take action and do something magnificent. Do something you have been meaning to do. Are you a procrastinator? Do something now. You have been given a gift of a renwed nervous system. Use it! Use it to create something to benefit your neighbors. Change something around you that will influence others, as well. Let it spread like a Inspiration Virus.

I want everyone to feel good. I want everyone to have energy. I want everyone to honor the innate intelligence that governs their healing. Pay It Forward. Let the Energy Grow into Something Inspirational.

If you have pain, let's find out why. If you have chronic pain let's come up with a new way to manage it. Let's move forward by taking on a new life-style plan. Think about what you will gain. Think about your Gain Plan.

I don't want to treat your pain. I want to treat your heart and mind.

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Friday, December 23, 2005

Take the 50/50 Challenge for 2006!

Motivated by Madness
Drug Free

Give me 50 days, I’ll give you 50 ways
If you truly want to get it done, take Dr. Homic’s 50/50 Challenge
  • New Year's Resolution Goals

    For the first 50 days of the year. Set your goals and work on them.

    * 50 days of free coaching
    * 50 days of constant support
    * 50 ways to reach your goals
    * 50% off regular coaching fee after Feb. 19th

    What we will do:

    Analyze your goals
    Design an action plan
    Challenge you more than you may have ever challenged yourself

    Check out the new Create Purpose website

Sunday, December 18, 2005

No More Getting Sick This Winter...and other New Year's Resolutions

Dr. Homic's New Website:

Hello, Everyone,
Thank you, to all my patients, for making this an enjoyable year. It is exciting to work with folks who are so interested in their health. Many of you have been outspoken in your disappointment with "Mainstream Health Care." I'd do believe wellness chiropractic IS the mainstream because more people are discovering the benefits of prevention, actively seeking natural ways to promote health, and turning away from the pharmaceuticals that are really small amounts of toxins put into a pill. I will still shock people when I tell them coumadin is rat poison!

My current goal, since winter is upon us, is to concentrate on keeping everyone free from the usual winter sicknesses that seem to spread around. The truth is, the same germs are around us all year. We tend to lower our resistance by "over doing it" during the holidays and getting very little exercise during the cold months.

During your adjustments we will pay particular attention to the upper thoracic spine where the nerves to the lungs are as well as the cervical spine for the throat and sinuses. I will highlight different supplements that are very good for the immune system, as well.

Here is my full list of New Year's Resolutions for my office:

  • 1. No more getting sick this winter for everyone.
  • 2. Getting everyone to stop buying Centrum and One-A-Day because they are not absorbable and can cause deficiencies. I'll prove it.
  • 3. Introduce more posture improving tools.
  • 4. Help everyone save money (which is a great stress reducer) and still protect their health.

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Monday, December 05, 2005

Do You Hate the Stress of the Season?

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It's Not the Flu: It's Over Indulging

Each year at this time we are bracing for the flu season. We pull out the heavy winter coats, sanitize every phone and door knob, and hope the correct strain was predicted for the chemical injection called the flu shot. I always wondered why the virus was so choosy. Why does it like the winter so much? What is so different about the summer? No one gets the flu in the summer, and if they do, they call it the “24 hour bug.” What about Florida? It is still 85 degrees but people there are just as cautious about the flu.

Part of the chiropractic approach to health is that the body will maintain health and heal itself as long as it is given optimal conditions through nutrition, exercise, rest, and chiropractic.

Allow me to share a different view point about sickness. It is believed we should build up the body, because there will always be viruses and bacteria. In other words, concentrate on the body, not the disease.

Did you know chiropractic patients had better outcomes during the flu epidemic of 1918?

Chiropractic and the Flu

Here’s another link on Chiropractic and the St. Louis flu

More on Chiropractic and the Flu

Did you know there is a large group of people who do not take the flu shot?

Why I Never Take the Flu Shot

Your Food Causes The Flu!!

If we look at what else is happening during the winter, we realize the germ count is no higher than the rest of the year. We have let our immune systems get run down. During the holidays we work too hard, rush too much, worry too much, eat too much, drink too much, and ignore what our bodies need to stay healthy. Increasing carbohydrate intake causes an increase in white blood cells which causes fever and decrease in appetite. It feels like the flu, but it is not the flu. It is a reaction to over indulging. After the holidays are over we are exhausted. Lack of exercise doesn’t help either. December is the most stressful month of the year and our culture has made it something of a phenomenon. Each year we try to do more. We try to outdo each other. It is overwhelming to the body. For a better winter season, try to maintain a healthy balance with your activities and keep your regular chiropractic appointment.

I'ts Over In A Flash

Thanksgiving came and went. I realized this when dinner was over and I was looking at a pile of dirty dishes. All the planning, shopping, and baking for one meal seemed to take up so much time. The meal was eaten in less than half an hour. I spent all my time in the kitchen, barely talking to my family. I don’t want to treat Christmas this way. I have three weeks to plan for it without stressing. I can plan appropriate activities and discard any old ideas I have about expectations. If you want to do the same thing, keep your new goals on the forefront of your mind. Reflect on them at least twice a day. This helps you stay within your means, physically, mentally, and financially. Merry Christmas.