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Friday, September 18, 2015

(Auburn, NY) When Chronic Pain Tears Families Apart

When one person has pain and sickness, the rest of the family has health issues as well, even if it doesn't seem as obvious.

How do the other family members deal with their health? Often they ignore their own health if they are direct care takers. There is less time for self care.

What about minor children? They certainly observe. Their interactions are affected by someone dealing with chronic illness. If a parent is ill, how often do they get to talk and play with the parent?Do they go places together?

Do family members resent the other person's illness? Do they perceive that the ill person has become a changed person? Do personality changes affect relationships?

How much time is spent juggling family responsibilities with medical appointments? How difficult is it to wade through the health care system? How many family events were postponed or ruined when the illness got in the way?

Everyone is exhausted. The family is mentally and physically drained. Finances are impacted. Family members can argue. Sadly, relationships do fall apart.

What can families do?

  1. Get every single person under chiropractic care. Yes, that includes the children no matter how young. This includes the person who is dealing with a chronic illness. Stress impacts everyone. All families need chiropractic care but families with special circumstances are in greater need. People who only understand chiropractic as a back pain band-aid need to learn more about the nervous system, immune system and special relationship they have with the spine. Family chiropractic cares everyone expand their healing awareness. Each family member needs to enhance healing.
  2. Chiropractic care addresses chronic health issues differently. Many people with complicated health issues have turned to self education. They read books and internet offerings that show how alternative approaches can be helpful. Chiropractic is not a symptom approach but a functional approach. Chiropractic is not a treatment or cure. Chiropractic reconnects the body with its healing power. This provides new outlook for some who have never been exposed to this before.
  3. Sick people and their families need to visit a positive environment. A chiropractic office is very positive and a wonderful place to socialize with other folks who have similar experiences. It is a great place to meet others who can be inspirations and mentors. (Some situations may warrant home visits, so ask your chiropractor about that.)

Can we help families cope? Yes.
 Please keep teaching yourself.
 Keep learning.
 Find the people who can help.

This article just scratches the surface. I will add more posts related to this topic.

--Dr Lisa
--Your Health Freedom Advocate