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Friday, November 18, 2016

You Don't Need A Health Scare to Make Change Easy

You've heard about the folks with major health scares.  They had no problem giving up bad habits overnight.

They were the lucky ones.  You also know people who died suddenly or suffered such a serious health threat that they ended up with permanent damage.

There is a third choice.  Start making changes today.

However, there are two big challenges I see everyday in the office and I want to help you overcome them.

Meet the Challenges Head On:

#1 - Following incorrect health information

#2 - Not enough "people support" to help you stay consistent

#1 - Where do we come across incorrect health information?  Everywhere!  If you are want to feel better and get rid of nagging pain, you need to give your body what it is crying out for.  This is the simplest approach.  Don't treat.  Treatment implies you just need temporary attention to cover up symptoms and then cross your fingers hoping you heal for good.  Wrong approach.  Give your body what it needs and your body will pay you back tenfold.

I'll show you how to do that in the office.  We have a few easy questionnaires to point you in the right direction.

And how do you receive support?
#2 is difficult. Family members don't understand it.  You can't eat out, you can't go to most social events.  You can't be around the junk, processed, grain-ful foods that create the inflammatory fires of pain and disease.  You get the support here at the office.  You can meet amazing like minded people

Don't make your visit in the office and in-and-out event.  Stick around and talk to each other.  This is your opportunity.