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Saturday, April 02, 2022

"My Nerves Are Shot"

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It's a common way to describe your stress, pain, challenges, etc.  I've felt that way for most of February 2022.  So, here's my story. 

For the last 3 months of 2021, I was caring for 2 family members who had health issues, and recent medical interventions.  It was nothing life threatening, but long recoveries ensued. This took up much of my time and it was quite the juggling act. 

When your schedule changes this abruptly, you function on pure adrenaline.  As you try to be as flexible as possible, you concentrate on the most pressing issues at hand, and let other things go by the wayside.  

"Getting through the day" becomes the mantra that take over. 

Think back to a time when you've been on this kind of a schedule.  You're running on pure adrenaline, as the saying goes. 

Until your nerves are shot. 

What does that really mean?

Running on fumes, is another saying. 

There is so much energy expenditure, you do reach a point when you need to pay the piper.  When you take from your nervous system you have to give back.  Chiropractic helps you give back. 

I remember my freshman year of college.  I began to stay up late so I wasn't missing the fun with my new friends.  How long did that last before I slept through a morning class?  We used to laugh and say, "Something's gotta give."  You burn the candle at both ends and you crash so to speak.

When you take from the nervous system, it will demand something back.  It will demand down time in order to recover and rebuild.  This is generally what we call pain and disease.  

For me, things began to settle down after three months.  My brain didn't have to stay in fight or flight anymore.  The hyper-vigilance could end.  It was time for catch up. 

While tackling the laundry, messy house, and the lonely dog, my body said, "What about me?"

This is when my nervous system was shot.  In reality, the nervous system is not shot, but it needs serious rebuilding.  How did I know?  I had a lot of pain in my hands.  

People have asked over the years about my hands.  They wonder if my hands hurt after adjusting a lot of spines.  I always tell them, no. But now I had to think about it.  I had achy sore hands.  Was this a foreboding of future problems? Well, I don't think like that.  Aging is not in my vocabulary.  It is not mentioned in my office.  I set all that negative talk aside and just accepted it for what it was: a time of rebuilding.  And cellular movement of this magnitude h-u-r-t-s.

Pain is a purposeful indication that the body is rebuilding.  Old cells moving out so new cells can move in is what I was feeling. Rather than panic and tank up on mitochondria damaging analgesics, I slowed down a little bit, modified my activities and realized it might take a month or more to pay back the piper. 

I had hand pain.  It was both thumbs, digits #2 each hand, and the thenar muscles. My hands were sensitive when I grabbed items or held onto the steering wheel of the car. 

I modified the way I adjusted people.  As a chiropractor I taught myself how to deliver the adjustment in multiple ways for the practice member's comfort as well as my own.  I now only use my tuning fork once or twice a week for no more than 90 seconds.  

I will emphasize that I modified my activities, I did not give them up.  If you lessen the demand on your joints, the body will lessen the function. 

When I was in chiropractic college we were taught about the problems of repetitive stain. It's a commonly attributed to carpel tunnel syndrome or standing for 8 hours a day on the job. 

Repetitive strain is not the problem.  Poor replenishing is the problem.  When you see in the news famous athletes dying young, and I mean in their 60's, I knew right away that they were not educated on proper replenishing. 

For my retired practice members who played a ton of sports in high school and college, I know, coaches ignored the importance of replenishing. 

Every time someone pops a pain pill, their healing - rebuilding -  replenishment is interrupted.  And then they are adding more stress to weakened tissues by covering up the warning signals telling you to rest.   That's like putting all your trust in a wooden bridge that has seen decades of weather and no type of repair. 

By mid-March I felt confident that my rebuilding stage was completed. The pain is now a memory that is not relived with any angst. 

I have a pain-map diagram in my office that I use to show people where they are in the 2 stages of nervous system function. 

It does a better job of describing that antiquated term, "arthritis," or what's going on with a herniated disc.   

The chiropractic adjustment helps you regulate your nervous system transition between fight or flight and rebuilding. 

I did not become a chiropractor to be a spine-mechanic.  We can take the power of chiropractic so much farther!  I am a brain programmer.  You are brain programmer, too.  You might be letting it happen by chance.  But I can teach you how to use your brain in a deliberate manner for your best, vibrant, life. 

Brain First Boot Camp

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Sunday, January 09, 2022

All of a Sudden Nutritional Supplements Matter (Mini-Rant)


Ok, mini rant here ----

Stop scrambling to find out the Zn, Magnesium, Vit C, Vit. D. etc., combo to get over the current pandemonium over a so called novel illness.

Yes, by all means, get the nutrition you need. But....this is something you need everyday of your life, not just when the world is freaking out over an out-of-control media.  

Now-Rant over. 

Also, check out my YouTube Commentary:

It's time to admit that mainstream medicine, or the medical industrial complex (whatever name suits you), has been leading us down the road of poor health for generations. 

For most of my grandmother's life when I knew her, she was over-medicated for problems associated with life style and terrible dietary advice from the "Public Servants."  Every once in a while the media talked about the elderly being on too many medications.  Here we are, it's been 34 years since my Grandma died and we are worse.  

I don't even want to quote the CDC's numbers.  A majority of people are on over 5 drugs at at time.  There's no plan to get better, folks.  Doctors can't win the battle over our poisoned air, water, and food.  Also doctors can't win in the food addiction department.  They just medicate you so you can tolerate your terrible life style habits. Personally I can't imagine tolerating life like that.  Medications just put you on a slow, miserable decline. 

Go to Google and type in "medication induced mitochondrial damage."

Find this article: 

Medication‐induced mitochondrial damage and disease

Saturday, January 01, 2022

When Chiropractic Lost Its Magic


I just re-listened to a story about Dr. John Carver's father adjusting a dead man.  This is not a new story.  It happened decades ago.  The problem is I had to remind myself about it.  Luckily another chiropractor had re-posted it Facebook.  It's sad how these marvelous stories get buried.  

His father was on a home visit to see a dying man.  He arrived just as the medical doctor signed the death certificate.   

This sounded like a time before EMS, police and investigation of foul play.  It was just a sick man who died at home. 

Then Dr. Carver and his son (who was too young to be a chiropractor but enjoyed accompanying him on home visits) entered the dead man's room to pay their respects. 

You know what happened next.  Dr. Carver adjusted the man and he lived another 14 years.  In fact, the man proudly displayed the death certificate in his shop.  It was quite the conversation starter. 

Did the chiropractor go visit someone because of back pain?  No.  That's the brainwashing of today.  Chiropractic is not about back pain.  He visited a dying man because the man's nervous system needed balancing. That's it. 

That's the magic of chiropractic. 

Chiropractic is the key to the mind-body lock.  The magic is actually in your nervous system. 

Chiropractic did not lose it's magic.  But it seems we don't respect the genius of the nervous system as it coordinates the body. 

If you want to unlock this mysterious process, chiropractic helps us access the brain. (It's really not mysterious.  We just can't accept simple things.  We have a tendency to make things complicated.)

The magic has not been lost.  But you have to reclaim it.  

Get under chiropractic care.  Discover the rewarding and meaningful way to enhance your life. 

Sunday, December 19, 2021

Stop Being an Expert on Your Disease


Is a Diagnosis a Badge of Honor?  This might be a touchy subject, but there should be an open discussion regarding the ownership people take over a diagnosis given to them by a doctor.  

Folks come to me and tell me what they already have.  I try to pull people out of that mind-set.  I find it very depressing.  They are so accepting of someone else's title or label lavished upon them. I prefer they ignore that kind of identity. 

This is what I often hear:
They inform me that they have arthritis. I say, "so what?"
They have bone on bone.  My response, "I don't care."
They have an autoimmune disease.  Again, I don't care. 
I already know I have sciatic.  Me: Oh really? You do?
There's a knot over here.  Me: Nice... but I'm not really impressed. 

They are telling me what they think I want to hear. 
I don't want to hear that.

Then I get to hear about all the treatments they have tried.  Some work for a while.  Some don't work at all.  Some treatments made them worse. They probably will go for the latest new surgical technique and the saga goes on and on.  

They just know the current scenario they are in and they live whatever kind of story the Mayo Clinic website tells them.  

If you're going to repeat what everyone else has said, where is the new health?  Where are you going to go?  If you allow the textbooks to predict your future, we're in a heap of trouble. 

If you are an expert on your disease, you are not living --- you are just existing. 

You need to be an expert in yourself.  You need to be an expert in your brain's perception.  You need to put more faith in your nervous system instead of a broken medical system. 

You are not a disease.  I shouldn't have to state the obvious.  

If you are looking for something different, it's time your language was different. 

Welcome to Brain Based Chiropractic. 
Welcome to a world that responds to your brain and not the old, tired textbooks.
Your brain has a better perception of what is possible, if you let it thrive. 

Move Your Brain
Feed Your Brain
Talk to Your Brain

You don't have to be an expert in your disease.  Be an expert in you!
See you at the table.....the adjusting table. 
--Dr. Lisa

Saturday, December 04, 2021

The Smart Surrender

Get Your Confidence Back!
Looking back on my journey, I've come to the conclusion that no one is interested in the mind/body connection.  Some of you may be the exception.  So, you may relate to my story.  This connection exists whether you acknowledge it or not.  Why live by default when you can make it remarkable? So, I say, give this connection your attention because it will save your life.

When I was a mental health therapist, I thought we were working with the mind.  Turns out not. We were working with manipulation.  That's why I didn't last there too long. The mental health profession actually ignores the mind and the body.  Funny I would say that after all these years.  The mental health field was very good at taking away your dignity. Most of us in the profession had no intention of doing that, but it is a system that belittles people and gives up on them. 

I see BOTH the mental health field and the rest of mainstream medicine letting us down. I went to school to learn about the mind.  I did that.  Then I went back to school to learn about the body.  Checked that off my list, too.  Our knowledge about the body isn't that impressive either. (Disappointing sigh.)

The link between the mind and body is still ignored.  I thought chiropractic college would honor that link and I would find fulfillment.  And there was failure again. Chiropractic college let me down. 

I've seen enough mainstream medicine, mental health care and even modern chiropractic to know we've always cut ourselves short.  We've dropped the ball. We've cheated ourselves. And my journey continued.

I eventually stumbled across the more organized ideas of neuroplasticity and psychoneuroimmunology.  And then I finally realized something.  I knew it instinctively all this time. I had the understanding a long time ago.  I was probably born with it. (You do, too. Reclaim it today.)  

Why did I think I needed some type of formal education to confirm this?  Early programming, of course.  That little birdie inside of you that says you need acceptance and approval from some kind of authority. 

I wanted acknowledgment of some sort.  There's a foolish idea that your "diamond in the rough" talent will be fostered and fulfilled through higher education.  (Sarcastic laugh.)

Many of my peers said to just get through it, get the degree and then go do what you want to do.  Shocked by their comments I wanted to believe I could glean great clinical pearls from my professors' experiences. 

You can't go out into the field without some kind of degree, and the certification that you jumped through the hoops.  And did these hoops help me find what I was searching for? Somewhat...and I've made my peace with it because I have a job to do.  People need their confidence back. 

I can only do what I know best, what resonates with my soul.  

You can partner with your mind and body or you can be one big cantankerous hindrance to your mind and body. 

Sad to say this, but most holistic healers have no idea what it means to partner with the mind and body. It took me a while to get out of that trance, too. 

So, how's your journey going?  I just laid it bare here with my confession. Are you ready to upgrade your journey?

Whatever you're dealing with, we can partner with your brain and body rather than feel like we're at battle.  Even if you are using "natural remedies" and it feels like a battle, I have an alternative for you. 

There is no battle that needs to be won.  You only need to be a partner. 

I teach that. 

Can't wait to hear from you. 

See you at the table....the chiropractic adjusting table.

--Dr. Lisa

How I Talked Myself Out of Headaches // Ed. Workshop

(limited time health workshop)

Read Here About the Doctors Who Jumped Ship

How I Talked Myself Out of Headaches

How I Talked Myself Out of Headaches

The chiropractic key to  mind-body lock. **

Educational Workshop

Unlock Your Potential +++ Fuel Your Brilliance

+++ Upgrade Your Journey +++

In Person / Zoom Meeting / Groups Sessions

Pick your best venue ** Set a Date

Learn how to translate the old language of illness with the new language of thriving, free from unnecessary obstacles.

  • How to question the old and break apart inconsistencies with confidence.

  • Reflect on your past “ah-ha moments” to fuel your future “ah-ha” moments.

  • This is not a boring talk on types of headaches and treatments.

  • We don't treat, we complete.

  • I will clarify the ABCD Journey of The BFA Protocol.

$80 per hour    .....   
This workshop is available until January 31, 2022
(More topics TBA)

"Brain First" Boot Camp

Pain, anxiety & low energy are learned.  

How did that happen?  

The good news: anything learned can be unlearned with new information. 

I call it boot camp because of the intensive nature of this coaching program... along with the intensive body-mind results you can experience. 

Roll up your sleeves. Boot camp means you're ready to get your hands dirty.  And your feet!  You're ready for something different. 

"Brain First" is the protocol that will change how you look at your life and health forever.  

The ideas you and I grew up with are inefficient and ineffective.  (Some are downright dangerous.)

Brain First / Body Follows is best way to sum it up.  

We've been going about it in the wrong order!!

Think in the reverse to rev up your life!! 

Ready for a real change?  

Get off the hamster wheel.  

Do something totally different like Albert Einstein said!!!

Brain First Boot Camp is $2 a minute.  You pick how long you want your sessions to be.  You pick how many sessions you want as you progress.

You are here on this earth to grow your talents everyday. 

Don't stay the same.  Dare to Grow.

Here's an earlier promo I used in the past to tell the story....   can't wait to hear from you.

-- Dr. Lisa

Half Healthy is Half Sick

Half a Solution Is Still Half a Problem

Does your health care feel like unfinished business?

Time to put together a “whole approach.”

How has unfinished business affected you?

Emergency Medicine →

Too Late

It doesn't have to be too late. Tissue damage is considerable when an emergency intervention is needed. But we can change that trend.

Annual Screenings →

Epic Fail

Researchers have said screenings do not change outcomes, but make profit for hospitals. How can you have true confidence that you are doing the right things for your future?

Maintenance Drugs →

Miserable Decline

There is no medicine that restores health. Maintenance drugs do not rebuild failing tissues. We need to step back and ask why tissue does failure begins.

Surgery →

Extreme Risks

Why do you sign all those disclosure forms? Because unfavorable outcomes are high. Failed back surgery syndrome has it's own insurance code. Back surgeries have an 85% fail rate. And that's only one example.

Traditional Offices →


Doctors know they are limited by the bureaucracy of medicine. You have to wonder how severe is your doctor's state of demoralization. Doctors commit suicide at double the rate of the rest of the population. Invite them to join you on this healing journey.

We have an overburdened health care system that helps you get somewhat better, but you fall through the cracks.

Q. Why?

A. 1- No one makes the time to give you what you really need.

2- What you really need cannot be patented or profited but it's still worthwhile.

3- What you really need comes from YOU with a little bit of education and coaching. I know your story. I lived it. --Dr. Lisa