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Monday, November 15, 2021

How I Talked Myself Out of Headaches

 How I Talked Myself Out of Headaches

** The chiropractic key to the mind-body lock. **

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Learn how to translate the old language of illness with the new language of thriving, free from unnecessary obstacles.

  • How to question the old and break apart inconsistencies with confidence.

  • Reflect on your past “ah-ha moments” to fuel your future “ah-ha” moments.

  • This is not a boring talk on types of headaches and treatments.

  • We don't treat, we complete.

  • I will clarify the ABCD Journey of The BFA Protocol.

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This workshop is available until January 31, 2022
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Your Body Talks When You Don't


You mowed your lawn and developed back pain.  You have really stiff joints every morning and blame your bed. Your shoulder hurts and you blamed it on raking, shoveling, etc.  

But here's some good observations I've made over the years.  People don't get pain every time they go out in the yard.  A lot of people get new mattresses and still have pain.   

Severe injuries don't happen everyday.  Freak accidents happen, but most of  this is coming from brain issues.

Reminder: pain is an unwanted nervous system pattern.  We need to understand why the nervous system picks it's responses. 

It doesn't take long to give someone a chiropractic adjustment.  I can open up the flood gates in the spine so the energy is delivered to where it needs to go (based on the brain's priority, of course.)

Most of my time is spent listening to people.   And sometimes I have to interrogate them.  (It's a loving interrogation.  I'm not going to yell at them.)  

We can blame the yard, the bed, or your icy sidewalk but that is not what chiropractic is about. 

It's about everything your nervous system has to handle at once.  Your plate is full. 

I will interrogate you and encourage you to acknowledge what your body is crying out for.   Your body is usually crying out for your deepest fears to be understood and alleviated.  

It's not the lawn that bothers you.  It's how long can you keep up with the demands of the yard?

Your mattress is not the problem.  Your sleep is disrupted because you're dwelling on a family conflict.  

You fell because you were distracted by a heavy work demand. 

That car accident caused you some acute injuries, but your anxiety about your future is perpetuating a chronic case of fibromyalgia.

There is always "tag-along stress" that people won't acknowledge.   People want to compartmentalize their problems, and ignore  Or it may be something that makes you feel defeated and stuck. Sometimes you have a "hang up" that triggers the fight or flight that drains your energy. 

Daniel Amen wrote a book called, Your Brain Is Always Listening.

We can use our injuries as a crutch.  We can focus on them rather than face our personal challenges. We can use our injuries as an excuse to postpone other pressing matters.  Meanwhile, an exhausted brain can't rebuild tissues. 

#1 Calm the fight or flight response with chiropractic.

#2 Get the Vagus nerve ready to rest, digest, and rebuild with chiropractic.

#3 Replenish your energy with Standard Process and good nutrition.

#4  Balance your thoughts.  Balance your time.

Move the Brain  **  Feed the Brain ** Talk to the Brain

Upgrade Your Journey.

If you need a Brain-Sense Boot Camp, you are in the right place. 

Saturday, November 13, 2021

A True Brain Partner Tosses the Labels. They Never Served You.

 If we stop saying the word heal, can it profoundly impact our lives in a positive way?  I say YES.

If we stop saying the word pain, can it profoundly impact our lives in a positive way?  I say YES.

Who will join me?  This is how you fuel your brilliance and upgrade your journey. 

I used to say the body is self healing.  It's a simple concept.  Even if you take cold medicine, your body self heals.  You can cut your finger and it will heal without a band-aid.  A broken bone will heal.  You might be in a cast for a while, and the pain will keep you from moving around.  But you are healing. 

But I don't want to use the word heal anymore for the main reason that heal indicates something went wrong and it needs intervention to be fixed.  It sends a message that you are a problem that needs fixing.  There is a harsh judgement that you are sick and not well.  

Let's do away with the words sick and well, too?  (Review my last post that you are already whole.  You were always whole, you are still whole.)

When you are in a stressed state, it is a healing state.  It may not be comfortable, but it is a healing state.  When the heart is racing, and the lungs are demanding more capacity for air it is healing.  It is not a state of rest, that's obvious, but it is a state of healing, meaning it is necessary to maintain the body.  It is proper for the situation.  

I prefer to use the word rebuild.  If tissues are disrupted by an injury, the body rebuilds it.  There is swelling, pain, and fatigue.  This is how you restore.   You aren't broken and need to be fixed.  You are actually using up energy to direct body functions and then your body needs to be replenished.

This tissue injury is not necessarily "broken."  It happened.  There is no need to fret about it.  It is an experience that the body responds to.  Even a break in a bone is protective because only one area was impacted which protected more of the body.  One break left the rest of the body unscathed. 

As life happens, the brain assesses and chooses the responses for each tissue, organ, and cell. When a fight or flight event ends, the brain gets back to metabolism and rebuilding. 

Your job is to show your appreciation and give back.  Chiropractic, rest, and nutrition is what the body needs. And a good attitude. 

That also means giving up the word pain unless you admit that pain is purposeful and not a mistake.  You may not like it, but it is purposeful.  You may feel awful, but the body is in a protective state or rebuilding state.  All that activity will be felt.  It's time to call it an "unwanted nervous system pattern."  You can decide to work with it, or work against it.  If you choose an intervention that adds more fight or flight stress, which by the way interrupts the rebuilding process, you will be in a perpetual state of unfinished rebuilding.  The tissues are weaker.  Your doctor may call it arthritis or fibromyalgia.  I call it unfinished business.  The rebuilding process is chronically interrupted.  

What's next?  You take on this new language and nurture yourself through an appropriate rebuilding process.  You avoid unnecessary fight or flight so you can replenish everyday.

My last point here: there is no disease, just adaptations.  

It's called the Brain First Protocol.  Follow the ABCD Journey. 

You are not alone.  Upgrade your journey and do it with like minded people who care. 

-- Dr. Lisa

Toss the Lablels.  Partner with Your Brain. 

Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Your Language is Demoralizing. Can I Inspire You?

Before I enrolled in chiropractic college I learned chiropractic was a profound way to remove a serious obstacle that keeps people from living their highest potential.  

Then I became a chiropractic college student.  Ugh.  It was soooo boring.  How did I survive?  Does memorizing the nitty gritty molecular details of the vertebral disc give me opportunity to help you grow your talents? Um. No. 

I did it anyway. I learned it.  I wondered when we would be getting to the good stuff.  It didn't happen.  The information was oriented to pathology and disease naming.  I didn't realize my optimism was being sucked right out of my own brain. That was crafty of them.  I wanted to be a good student. This was the most challenging thing I had taken on in my life at the time. Not to mention it was self abuse, if you don't my openness. 

In my spare time, when I needed an outlet from this drivel, I did a lot of extra reading in subjects that interested me.  They were typically articles and books about the mind-body connection.  I searched out unique chiropractic information that none of my professors were aware of.  Hmm....There are two worlds of health language.  And the  language you pick makes the difference in your life.

The mainstream medical language we were all taught does nothing but destroy our self concept and confidence.  

In fact, children today are born sick, raised sick, and made sicker each year of their lives.   

Right from the get-go they have no idea what authentic health feels like....the vitality God intended them to have.  

Under the pressures to make nice with everyone around me and keep my business afloat I let myself get distracted with everyone's language of health.  No problem, I'll teach them....  Easier said than done. 

As I come clean here I mentioned some time ago that I needed to learn more about the body so I could honor the mind-body connection. 

People don't want to learn about their bodies.  They want to manipulate their bodies.  And guess what?  It doesn't work. Your brain is the boss, it will always take charge. And that's why people get disappointed.  They assume they can be successful with medicine, but they truly need to just be a partner with their brains. 

Step one is to stop bitching about pain and find out what it really means.  And second, stop using the word heal because the body does not need to heal.

More to come.  I hope you are still interested in this wonderful journey.  Today may be the day you Upgrade Your Journey.

That means to honestly turn over a new leaf and not just placate yourself with demoralizing ideas. 

Monday, October 18, 2021

You Are Already WHOLE - Quit the Self Loathing!

You are already whole. 

You always were.  

You still are now.  

You are whole. 

Hang on to the positive feeling of this because I am about to go "tough love" on you right now. 

If you feel otherwise, you are wrong.  Being wrong about this is weakening you.  Being wrong about this is wasting your time. 

If you don't feel whole it is because of society's constant negativity.  

I'll tell you what I'm ticked off about.  I am so over it now.  I am over the language of disease, and the language of symptoms.  

Everything your body does is correct for the situation.  You are whole and your wholeness is hard at work.  It may feel like it's not whole. But feelings can be re-framed.  You may call your situation a failure of the body, or a disease.  This is wrong language.  

You are  never un-whole.  

You are never not whole.  

You will have experiences.  You will probably dislike many of these experiences.  Especially since you have been programmed, brain washed and convinced to hate certain experiences, but you are still whole. 

You are having experiences and the nervous system is judging them in order to protect you and make you stronger. 

You may hate certain experiences, but do not hate yourself.  Your brain is listening. 

Your symptoms are stories of what your brain decides to accomplish at every moment. Learn the brain's language.  Get a translator if you need one, like me.

What we don't want to do is exhaust the nervous system.  Unresolved fight or flight is exhaustive.  We want to treat the nervous system with honor.  We give back to it since it gives so much.  

How do you give back?

1- move your brain

2- feed your brain

3- talk to your brain (in terms of wholeness and gratitude)

The golden rules of brain/nervous system thriving: 

    ***You cannot be in a state of growth and defense at the same time.

    ***Gratitude and depression cannot exist together. 

You can translate your symptoms from something negative.  You can upgrade the journey to inspiration and vibrant living.  Get under chiropractic care and dive into the Brain First Boot Camp!!

You are officially invited.  You are whole. Live whole. Live wholly. 

Tuesday, October 05, 2021

Loss of Smell: Is Co-Vid a Hint of Parkinson's

 Day in and day out the brain faces your stress and tackles it.  How do you pay it back? Add on more stress or take time to rest, rebuild, and replenish?

I've been on this journey to celebrate the magnificent intelligence within the body.  I challenge you to upgrade your journey. 

Here's some food for thought. 

Monday, September 06, 2021

When Your Life Feels Like A Constant Bait and Switch

Back in 1995 I had no idea I was going be influenced by a person I consider to be a quiet hero.  If you read my series called Doctors Who Jumped Ship, you will know he is my #1 pick. (Read the series here.)  Dr. Peter Breggin, is that quiet hero.  And he is still fighting for truth to be set free as dangerous lies are exposed. 

Here it is, Labor Day in 2021.  This is the anniversary of my first look at chiropractic as a new career.  Although I truly believe it is not a career change, but another step in my journey to show people how they can empower themselves. 

On the Friday before Labor day in 1995 I was driving home from work talking to myself.  Still on a search for a drugless approach to health after considering naturopathy, acupuncture, homeopathy and others, the word "chiropractic" popped into my head.  It was divine intervention.  I knew nothing about chiropractic other than I heard it was highlighted on an episode of 20/20.  To this day, I have never seen the episode. 

On the way home, I took a detour and headed to the library to check out some books on chiropractic.  And you could now say the rest is history. 

Back to Dr. Peter Breggin.  His book Toxic Psychiatry moved me to avoid medical school because I knew in 1995 that I could not in good conscience prescribe medications that I would never take myself. 

He has been running his own internet radio show for more than a decade.  With the current health concern usurping our freedoms and demands for second opinions, he has been interviewing prominent people about the chaos created by the government. 

If you recall, I commented on David Hanscom's pronouncement that "the business of medicine is predatory."  He is another doctor who jumped ship, hoping to give people relief from their pain. (I just realized he is not on my official list of Doctors Who Jumped Ship.  My job is not done as he must be included.)  I did mention him here, as well as on my videos. 

Dr. Breggin is in a similar mind-set as he is going to publish his next book title, We Are the Prey.  

I continue to listen to him because he is steadfast in his mission, which is very admirable. There are days my own mission is less prominent in my mind as I am scurrying to pay bills, manage the office traffic, order supplements, completing paperwork. His interviews and comments fuel my purpose.  

In a recent interview he was the guest speaking about his directional change as new experiences impressed him.  He described his medical school education as a "bait and switch."

Once in residency, his ability to truly impact a patient for the better was thwarted from him.  The successes he had as an uneducated volunteer were by far more life changing for the people he encountered prior to his medical education.  And I'm not calling him uneducated as an ignorant nobody.  He was an undergrad student at the time aspiring to be a journalist. 

Was there a time when your dreams and aspirations were shaken to the core because of a bait and switch scenario?  Did you modify your goals or change directions because of an experience that disappointed you?

Our journey may change from time to time. There may be a bump in the road or detour, but most of us keep the dream burning, even if it's at a smoldering yet hot temperature. How you decide to turn lemons into lemonade is still very meaningful. 

I felt a bait and switch in chiropractic college.  The bait was the idea that wellness was a welcomed paradigm.  In the end, the spine was just a mechanical flaw.  The dynamics of the brain residing in the spine was not of importance.  The person merely needed to walk better or flex forward just slightly  more than 50 degrees.  Other chiros and my instructors may yell at me, but that's how I see it. 

Dr. Breggin made a lot of people angry at times.  He won a major lawsuit as an expert witness against pharma companies.  He helped a woman who was damaged by electroconvulsive therapy win monetary damages.  He spoke out about the distrustful health care management of children living in poverty.  Distrustful is my terminology.  He used stronger, more accusatory words. 

He may have been dismayed by the switch he experienced as a new resident, but he didn't let this cloud his original purpose/mission.

Bait and switch in health care seems to be a very illustrative description.  Even chiropractors are accused of harboring a bait and switch mentality.  We're only out for money as we over-adjust patients who don't "need" chiropractic.  Let's just say, yeah, I've heard all that malarkey. But I will not get used to the position that poison is progress.  

Just like Dr. Breggin pointing out the undeniable brain damaging affects of psychiatric drugs, pain medications and maintenance drugs are also just as damaging.  Even the researchers who showed popular medications directly damaging mitochondria, admitted publishers slammed the doors in their faces.  No one likes to hear their star

products are dangerous.  Fortunately, their work was published so you can warn your loved ones.  

The bait and switch I am focused on is the promise of a wonderful life taking a substance in an attempt to manipulate your  body's innate intelligence.  You see the smiling faces in the drug ads on TV. The ads are the bait.  The switch is when you are told you have a chronic disease that will not improve especially when medication side effects make you worse.  

David Hanscom describes the bait and switch in his book, Back in Control. He knows he straightened people's spines and corrected them through surgery.  He said they should not have recurring pain post-surgery.  Yet, they did.  He realized the pain came from the brain and if they had explored that prior and made life style changes, surgery could have been avoided.  So, the disappointed patient experiences the switch when doctors abruptly remind them that their consent forms were signed and nothing is 100%.

Another bait and switch is the wrong idea that one single approach should make all the difference in the world.  This is not true.  We are multi-layered people with multi-layered stress. 

There is no "one answer."  It takes a life style change that addresses mechanical stress, emotional stress, and chemical stress. All three. You cannot try one change and ignore the other stresses draining your brain. 

And when it comes to families, every member needs to be involved.  Every person in the household needs to revamp how they approach their mechanical, emotional, and chemical stresses.  Everyone who loves you needs to incorporate the life style change.

Chiropractic is a very, important, critical step in modifying your nervous system.  Remember, chiropractic is how we access the brain. Then, your life style must be redesigned in a way that supports a life long appreciation and protection of the nervous system. 

Your life doesn't have to be a constant bait and switch with empty promises leading to disappointment.  We can understand the challenges and work around them.  We are challenged with the prevailing mind-set that poor health can only be tolerated.

It's not easy to ask people to give up these dis-empowering notions.  I tell myself that I shouldn't be surprised that most of us are suffering from a chronic condition.  

It's all the more reason to educate. 

I'm very grateful to Drs. Breggin and Hanscom for their tireless efforts even when they get blow back from their own peers. 

Ready to unravel your layers?

Get adjusted and dial in to Brain Sense Tele-Health Self Discovery Sessions.