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Friday, July 30, 2021

Pain: Villain or Hero?

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When we have pain the first thing we want to do is get rid of it.  I get it.  We're human.  

As Tony Robbins explains we are constantly on the search to reduce pain and increase pleasure. 

Many of us think of pain as a villain and it needs to be stopped.  I prefer to approach pain as a hero that communicates the genius of the nervous system (brain, spinal cord, spine).

Pain & Chiropractic: the Real Deal

Pain is an after effect of a threat.

Pain is the cellular movement of rebuilding and waste excretion.

Is this a process you want to delay or stop with a drug?

Poor rebuilding sets us up for future injury and organ failure.

Skipping spinal care sets us up for future injury and organ failure.

Our goal is to assist the body so rebuilding and excretion are efficient and more comfortable the next time.

Stress and threats are a constant in life. Be prepared.

Chiropractic is the Fastest Way

to interrupt a pattern and introduce new learning.

* * * *

This life saving approach protects brain function.

* * * *

The brain learns from your history.

Repetitive stress rewires your brain.

Good habits also rewire your brain.

Chiropractic once a week for life (minimum) is

positive brain reinforcement.

All disease comes from an exhausted nervous system.

Stress and threats are a constant in life. Be prepared.

All disease comes from an exhausted nervous system.

The first thing I need to find out about is person  is how they view and  handle pain.  We go all the way back to childhood in developing our mental programming about pain.   If you were sick a lot as a kid, that shaped you.  If you watched elderly grandparents suffering, it shaped you.  If your parents were in the habit of self medicating, it shaped you.  Do you let the plentiful TV commercials about pain relieving drugs impact you?

If you have a fairly negative view of pain, you will have worse outcomes.  The nervous system takes note of your emotions and memories cataloging them so you can have a more chronic, hypersensitive response to the stresses in your life. 

First Step: Understand Pain as a Useful Body Function
We know pain is purposeful.  In the simplest example, a broken leg hurts in order to keep you from putting weight on it which would cause further harm.  Bone knitting itself back together is painful, but it is a necessary process. 

If you have ever been in a serious car accident, you don't feel much pain the first day and possibly the next 2 or 3 days.  But the next day after that you feel a full blown cascade of aches, pains, stiffness.  You can hardly move.  That delayed pain reaction is the genius of the nervous system.  Your pain level is low so you can get out of the situation and make it to safety. 

If you take a pain drug or consume alcohol or even coffee, the fight or flight response is stimulated and your pain levels are dulled. This is one way to trick the nervous system and extend healing time or lose healing time. 
Fight or flight stops most routine functions such as digestion and repair.  We can help ourselves out by calming that fight or flight response with chiropractic, rest, and nutrition so you can rebuild properly. 

Pain is an indicator that you have already initiated a healing response.  Swelling is a busy process of cellular delivery, cleaning up the injury site and sending in the repair cells. 

Chiropractors teach their patients that pain is a necessary part of the body's survival process.  Adjusting the spine doesn't directly stop pain, but it calms the fight or flight response so the rebuilding process can go on. 

Let's work with the body as a supportive partner.  Let's use chiropractic as a way to reinforce the strengthening patterns of the body and discourage the weakening patterns.

Pain is the hero of the day.  Pain alerts us to reconsider our life style and help ourselves do better in the future. 

Does life drain you or energize you?  Let's approach it with the chiropractic mind-set.

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Tuesday, July 06, 2021

God Bless America and Second Opinions


As we finish celebrating the remembrance of our independence this holiday weekend, I want to share my dream of a free approach to health care where people can ask questions without ridicule and find second and possibly third opinions regarding their health concerns.  

Health freedom is about deciding how you want to address your health challenges.  Whether you want to have a surgery or decline a surgery, it should be up to you.  If you want to resort to herbs over drugs, that should be up to you. 

One size does not fit all, and your quality of life is based on your choices.  While there are some areas that ban smoking, cigarette sales are still legal to adults in the U.S.  It's your choice. 

Other legal substances include alcohol, caffeine, and in some states marijuana.  It's your choice. 

Good, bad, or otherwise, it's your choice. 

That's why I want to see the second opinion upheld as an American right.  That means differing opinions should be published and debated.  But they all deserve a platform without censorship.   

You have the right to decide your approach to life.  

Chiropractic is a different approach to health.  I'm not here to repeat the same things you hear at other offices.  I will explain things from the view point of the nervous system, rather than spout off statistics about back pain, headaches, and carpel tunnel. 

No other profession dives into the nervous system and how it is perceiving your environment.  Many chiropractors do not do this.   Like I said, you have options. 

What's the point of nutrition if your nervous system can't digest the food and nutrients you take in?

What's the point of exercise if your nervous system's hyper-vigilant state makes you prone to injury?

It seems as if people are so addicted to stress they wouldn't know health if it kicked them in the backside. 

That's why I hope I am offering you something different.  I may sound bizarre.  I may not make sense.  But I will ask you to consider ideas that go against ages of conventional thinking. Why? Because you deserve a second opinion. 

Considering all the whistle blowers, class actions lawsuits, and therapies coming in and out of favor, you deserve a second opinion. 

You deserve to know what contributes to health changes.  Why is your body reacting a certain way?  We address it from the view of the nervous system.  

Imagine your nervous system is like an air traffic control tower.  The controllers inside the tower are constantly assessing the environment, sky and ground, and directing the traffic very carefully. That's your nervous system.

If you don't like something the body is doing, start at the nervous system.  

See you at the table....the adjusting table.

And set aside some time for a Brain Sense Tele-Health Self Discovery Session. 

Monday, July 05, 2021

I've Been Wrong My Entire Life: Why Do I Stop in the Middle? (Part 3)

 Brain First / Body Follows

In my continuing series (Part 1Part 2) about the ideas I needed to give up in order to live better, I am asking myself, if the body self heals for the little things, how come we don't trust that for the big things?

I realize this is a different walk for each of us and some people are at a very rudimentary level. That's why people reserve chiropractic for their back pain and don't apply the same principles of healing to other issues in their lives.  That's why my most important job is to expand their comfort level about self healing. This includes helping people trust the process.

The things we were taught as children and young adults, the information handed down to us from past generations, and this includes our formal education, will contain errors that we just accepted as common sense.  Everyone meant well, but I see the negativity in it.  

If we are self healing, and when I say that it means we have the ability to rebuild our resilience, then why do we have so much disease?  

First thought, we only have disease because we name everything that seems like a break down or a mistake.  We believe the body goes rouge.  I no longer follow that mind-set. 

Everything the body does is appropriate for the situation.  It's time we took a closer look at our situations.  When the body goes into a protective situation raising blood pressure, diverting blood from the digestive tract, and switching the brain into primal memories of survival, it's not wrong.  

When the survival event is over, the body shifts into a state of rebuilding.  That, too, is not wrong. But we call these states diseases and feel compelled to rely on interventions that delay the rebuilding.   Quite frankly, we turn to poisoning the body with drugs.  These drugs switch us back to survival mode again and the body burns through so much energy.  This is a repetitive cycle where many people find themselves unable to "catch up." They rarely get back into the rebuilding stage. 

And the next thought is to evaluate how we repay our bodies.  How do we assist the rebuilding?  Do we rest or put in more overtime at our jobs?  Do we seek out organic nutrients or do we interrupt the rebuilding process with a Tylenol? (Pain meds rob us of nutrients and especially glutathione which is very essential to life.)  Do we recharge our brains with chiropractic care or do we ignore the nervous system keep exhausting it?

Most of our health education is a half thought with no completion.  That's why I say I've stopped in the middle.  The disease model doesn't recognize the genius of the nervous system and often hinders it. We don't go to the actual finish line of appropriate rebuilding.  We do an about face and return to the stresses that wear us out. 

Even my chiropractic college studies never ventured into how to care for the nervous system.  Funny, huh?  It's tragic.  Occasionally we were taught about the feedback loops within the body via hormonal output, nerve signalling, etc., but not in a way that made it useful in our care of the patient.  We never made it to the finish line.  It's as if we stepped off the path and walked back to the starting line.  Are we afraid of something?

The brain has no reference point for a new experience, so we block it out, ignore it.  Some of us give up on the idea of vibrant health.  

This is especially concerning when we focus on body responses as symptoms of a possible disease plunging us in the dark hole of desperation.  And we tend to "manage" our brain's half attempt to heal and rebuild because stress is going to put us right back in the fight or flight response. 

I'm also scratching my head at the incongruencies of my education.  We know a fever is good, but we still freak out and want to turn down the response, which delays healing.  We are told our bodies snuff out cancer all the time, but then sometimes it blows up into a malignant tumor? We call it anaplastic cell replication, but do we really understand it or must make assumptions that it must be bad?  Why do some people forgo conventional treatment and go into spontaneous remission? Hint: understand the genius of the nervous system.  And why do we ignore the phenomenon of remission?  Why do we give it lip service?  Why do we then call it a misdiagnosis?  (I think we are not as knowledgeable as we believe.)

Older doctors will admit they saw tons of tumors on cadavers in medical school, and know these tumors were not the cause of death.  How do we explain these examples?  I think we stop our thinking process and just rely on old opinions. 

I'm not saying we don't have emergencies and close calls with death. But our modern system of technology and drugs accelerate the ultimate exhaustion of the body.  

If you recall an older blog post about the BBC documentary of an autopsy, the volunteer who donated her body had very thin walls of her heart muscle.  Her lungs were also filled with fluid that the pathologist remarked was long standing and probably made her out of breath just to take a flight of stairs.  It didn't matter what disease label the doctor gave her.  She ran out of time replenishing her tissues.  

(I can't quickly find this older post.  I wonder if I wrote a blog post or mentioned it on Facebook. It's called Obesity: the Post Mortem by the BBC)

The nervous system is key to all body function. I've had to continue learning this in depth on my own.  Chiropractic is an important tool for nervous system care, but your understanding of it must come first. Your brain chooses your pain.  You need to properly translate your brain's actions. This requires us to go further in our understanding.  Keep up your journey.  Don't just stop in the middle of the road. 

Understand the genius of your nervous system with Brain Sense Tele-Health Self Discovery Sessions. 

And get adjusted !!  😀

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

One Sided Science Stops You From Asking Better Questions


You've heard the saying, "The science is settled."  But in reality we know scientists take a lot of short cuts.  Some things cannot actually be fully tested according to the scientific method and we should be honest about it.  Therefore, the science is not settled and you should be allowed to ask all kind of questions even if they sound absurd.  

For example, when is a virus harmless and when is it not?  We're still in the hypothesis stage and the scientific investigations have not been fruitful at all since they have been incomplete.  All we have are opinions.  When the opinions becomes mainstream, we get ourselves into trouble.  We tend to get lazy.

We have yet to agree on what causes heart attacks... or cancer.  

We have no absolute proof that high blood pressure causes strokes. That's why we only say "risk of stroke."

We get stuck in our thinking when these ideas become mainstream. 

That's why I am asking should we call certain body responses disorders or diseases?  Why should we assume it's all negative, or a mistake?  

Does the body actually go into "stupid mode" and attack itself?

We have layered so much stress on our lives, we actually convince ourselves that our bodies go rogue.  

It's probably a good idea to step back and re-evaluate what we consider set in stone beliefs about the body. 

Again, why do we force babies to sleep a certain way?

What causes cavities?  If you have one cavity in a tooth, why not in all 32?  What makes that one tooth different when the environment inside the mouth is uniform?

What makes a bacteria good sometimes and bad at other times?

Just asking for a friend. 

*  *  *  

Half Healthy Is Still  Half Sick......Ready for some self discovery sessions?

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Tuesday, June 22, 2021

More Podcast Episodes Released.

 Anchor FM hosts my Podcasts.

Also check out You Tube for the Brain Snob Videos.  

Slightly different topics on each format.

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Sunday, June 20, 2021

Pain Is A Trap

Upgrade Your Journey  

Having spent my life immersed in a world of the destructive mind-set of the disease model, I have decided it is time to face actual clarity.

I thought I was entering the world of natural health.  Using chiropractic and nutrition to heal from within. 

This quote from B.J. Palmer probably doesn't get much attention.  I can't remember the last time I recall reading it.  He is right about un-brainwashing the public and that includes myself.  I have to un-brainwash myself, and I can put some of the blame on my chiropractic college.  

I spent years studying diseases, their signs symptoms and pain.  I'm supposed to get people out of pain.  That's the mainstream belief.  For twenty plus years as a chiropractor I have said to my practice members, you are the healer.  You are the only person who can get yourself out of pain.  

Does it fall on deaf ears?  I say it to everybody and then I tell them I help their bodies work better so they can heal themselves.  That's fine.  There's nothing wrong with assisting someone.  Especially with the adjustment.  It is a profound way to assist the brain's ability to asses and respond so healing is efficient. 

Then we get sucked into our busy lives.  We dive into multiple fight or flight activities that delay healing.  We feel as if we have hit a plateau.  Medicine likes to call it MMI, maximum medical improvement. 

This leads me to my statement that pain is a trap. No one likes pain.  You are allowed to say, "I don't like what my body is going through right now."  But we have to understand the purpose of pain, and it is most likely a rebuilding stage that you can support.  

Much of our supportive activities delay healing.  Drugs put you back in the state of fight or flight.  Ice actually delays the new cells of renewal and replacement. 

Pain free might actually mean you are back in a fight or flight situation. Repeated cycling in and out of fight or flight without adequate time to replenish and rebuild weakens tissues, and leads to tissue failure.  The disease model calls this chronic pain. I call it a severe situation of energy depletion that leads to exhaustion.  This is how Hans Seyle described stress theory and general adaptation syndrome. 

Pain without Process is a trap. 

If you look at pain as a dysfunction that must be stopped, you may be setting your nervous system up for more energy robbing reactions of the nervous system.  Pain is the body's attempt to rebuild and replenish after a stressful event.  Our actions should help the rebuilding process.  

All body responses are appropriate, purposeful, protective processes initiated by the brain. (Even if they are uncomfortable and cramp our style.) If we follow this outlook that the body is in a purposeful protective mode, we will choose supportive habits and interventions to complete the rebuilding replenishing process. 

That is why I prefer to shy away from the disease mentality.  It adds more stress, fear, and anxiety to a situation. 

The disease model is wrong to impose an assumption that the body is dysfunctional when all body responses are purposeful and protective. 

Pain without process is counterproductive.  Figure out why the body has taken on a certain process.  The body works hard for you everyday.  Give back with replenishing interventions and habits.  

Chiropractic, nutrition, and brain training: The BFA Protocol. 

I am un-brainwashing my own thought process so I can give you a better experience. Upgrade Your Journey.

Brain First / Body Follows

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Wednesday, June 09, 2021

New Member Orientation Video (2021 Version)

 Welcome to the office website.  Thank you for taking the time to watch my introduction to chiropractic for expanding your life experience. 

I look forward to hearing your personal story.  I speak a bit of the 4 life impacts that led me on my own health journey. 

1- Hitting my head at age 5.  How did that affect me in later years?

2- The death of two grandparents when I was in 6th grade and the anxiety that followed.

3- Later, in 10th grade, my other grandmother suffered a stroke. 

4- My demoralizing dissatisfaction working as a mental health therapist. 

Questions to ask yourself?

Are you falling through the cracks when it comes to your health care?

Are you aware of the 7 Living Principles that can explain why you don't always feel good?

What does chiropractic have to do with heart disease and polio?

Ready to Upgrade Your Journey?

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