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Thursday, May 13, 2021

Food Maturity Mini-Course Now Available

Hi folks.  I just uploaded 2 of the 3 videos of my latest mini-course: Food Maturity. 

If you're done eating as if you are still in your 20s, this video is for you. 

I remember those days.  I ate anything I wanted.  I wasn't bloated and logy back then.  But looking back I had a horrible time moving my joints.  It took me a while to get up from my chair.  I had to pry myself out of bed.  Even talk myself into getting out of bed.  And I thought it was normal because I must have felt that way most of my teenage years and early twenties!!

It was after I became a vegetarian that I realized I was no longer a mess.  It was a good start, but I've matured even more and will talk about the Ketolox Phasing program I designed to help people wade through the keto confusion. 

The CDC has depressing stats about our health:

60% of Americans have a chronic condition

40% have more than one chronic condition

50% of us take one prescription

24% take 3 or more drugs

13% take five or more prescriptions

And the saddest statistic shown by Dr. Joseph Kraft: 90% of teenagers are already ill by the age of 19, yet it goes unnoticed. 

I'd like to show you how to change the simplest markers of inflammation such as your blood pressure, blood sugar, triglycerides, Vit D levels and waist measurement.  

Also, following a keto diet will help you manage the five annoying signs of brain impairment. 

So, I'm not a famous guru and I don't have my own personal chef, but I live in the real world just like you.  We can do this!!!!

The Food Maturity Video Course is available on my Patreon Channel.  

Count Down Live Up!!  If you can count backwards from 5, you can have amazing health!!!!

Are you making Brain Sense? Brain-Sense Tele-Health

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

I've Been Wrong My Entire Life: Disappointed But Shifting Gears (Part 1)

I've Been Wrong My Entire Life: Thanks for Nothing, World

I'll backtrack a little bit.  There are a number of insightful people I can thank.  But on the most part, we are a mess and I am disappointed to have been a part of the mess for so long.  (In my last post I mentioned being a mess because I had been off my routine with a lazy attitude for most of the winter. This post talks about something bigger.)

I feel as if I should delete all of my blog and start over.  It goes back to 2005. But I won't do that.  Some of it is helpful or inspiring.  It might show the evolution of my journey.  I always focused on the aspect of self healing and how to enhance that. 

After all, the only healing is self healing.  We may use  interventions to assist healing, but don't be fooled.  Your body does the healing.  And even better, you are healing even when you're doing nothing. You heal during sleep. 

So, here I will begin to explain how frustrated I am with the whole system.  You know I'm not a fan of the drug side of the medicine. And I'm not keen on the view that nearly everything is a disease waiting to happen. 

We have a somewhat distorted definition of healing.  Healing is considered the opposite of disease.  That's not an inaccurate view, but we seem to downplay the body's profound abilities.  The focus on disease has deprived us of our true healing nature.  We don't give healing the proper attention and honor it deserves.   

I've been wrong my entire life because of this overemphasis on disease. We're always looking at what can go wrong rather than celebrate what goes superbly well.  Looking back at the history of medicine, a process that looks abnormal is studied and categorized "to death."  Pardon the pun. That's how deep this mental dysfunction goes.  Eventually an abnormal process gets named after the discoverer and we do it all over again.  (Paget's Disease.  Crohn's Disease. Alzheimer's Disease.)  New diseases will described and named after somebody. 

Thanks to an extremely detailed education, I learned to memorize disease names, disease categories, and disease symptoms.   It kept me busy.  During that time, I may have lost my sense of awe for the body.  It was a depressing education.  Details were complicated making them great exam questions.  It seemed so important to be able to dissect a list of symptoms in order to come up with a suitable diagnosis.  

But for what purpose was all this word dancing?  Are we just trying to make everyone feel at a loss since there are so many diseases?Our long history of categorizing disease has demoralized us.  And on the more dangerous side, it has distracted us from the most important part of healing, us. And I'm upset. 

What a waste of time. I fell for it and lured my patients around for just over 20 years.  I spent most of my time detailing everyone's symptoms, stresses, and bad memories.  I wrote pages and pages of timelines, onset dates, and mechanisms of injury.  I've ready chart notes consisting of chief complaints, old problems, new problems, multiple diagnoses, status change, progressions, regressions, on and on.  People pull  out of their wallets long lists of medications that they can't spell, pronounce or explain why they are taking them.  

Meanwhile people are living in a fog of disease terminology and I try to get a peep in about self healing.  It's a joke. I'm demoralized in such a way I cannot describe.  Embarrassment for being tricked is another strong emotion.  

I realize now it is going to take a while for me to explain.  I'll be proofreading and clarifying multiple times. The silly or unique thing about blogs is that you will have to constantly go backwards to read this in proper order. As the most recent blog post is at the top of the page, I may have to repeat myself to help the reader follow my story.

Welcome to Part One

It has been an enormous challenge to help people feel good about their bodies.  Not like teenagers going through puberty, or celebrities who need to work out ten hours a day so they are camera ready.  I want them to know they can handle life's ups and downs when it comes to health.  But I have competition.  It's not easy to compete with negativity.

Patients  come to me and say, "I have a new problem."  They feel as if they are at the mercy of their bodies.   Someone says, "My shoulder is acting up again." What does that mean?  Is it acting up again, like an overheated radiator in a car?  You are not car parts. 

Sadly, it's their identity.  Are you the person who has debilitating back pain every six weeks?  Are you so adept at predicting a flare up after mowing the lawn?  When I tell them they can self heal, the vibe I get is that of disbelief.  They don't trust their bodies.  They are basing this on past experience.  The mind can't imagine something different.  It just dwells on a catalog of memories.  We've even handed down these awful memories through generations.  We call it heredity.  

"Okay, Doc, whatever you say about that healing stuff, just do what you do so I have some temporary relief. I'll be back sooner or later."  Folks just want the quick adjustment so they return to their chaotic life style.  Do I really make a positive impact on people?

Look, I'm here for you.  I am happy to share the journey with you.  But, I feel as if we're on a beaten track going in circles.  There is nothing new. I know life is stressful, and some days are worse than others, but we have to break the cycle.  I'm looking for a mind shift. 

My mind had to shift. I've gone through a few smaller shifts over the years.  Perhaps they prepared me for the big shift I am dropping on all of my blog readers. 

There is no disease.  

Yup.  The belief in disease has been a great waste of time.  Get it out your mind and shift into something better.  Instead of planning your life around your disease mind-set, perceived disease flare ups, and the gnawing anxiety over new symptoms just plan your life.  

There's a catch, though.  Once you give up the disease mind-set you have a new set of responsibilities.  

Look for Part 2. 

Thursday, April 15, 2021

Back to Basics: Why I'm a Mess


You can check out my recent video during which I talk about my renewed desire to get back on track with my life style habits.  Yes, it was a confession episode.  I was extremely lazy or should I say felt like overindulging in the crap food that is so convenient to grab and go?  I gave in to the unhealthy temptations way too much over the last few months. 

I have noticed atrophy in my muscles and can easily blame the cortisol spiking of stress. But I was skipping any real exercise.  No, walking the dog does very little for fitness even though it is an enjoyable outdoor activity.

During lent I have trouble with no meat on Friday and the protein deficit bothers my hypoglycemia.  Carbs are my kryptonite and non-foods make me spacey and anxious. I should have gone 24 hours without eating, but that doesn't work out for me either.  

If you've ever had vertigo, anxiety, brain fog, food cravings, frustration and impatience, which I am very well versed in, you might want to get your hypoglycemia in control.  These symptoms are very annoying and diet management is key. 

As someone who can't remain in denial when I track my food choices, I resumed my use of the Cronometer App.   I can't lie to myself when the numbers are staring me in the face.  When folks egg you on sayin "a little won't hurt," there is no such thing as "a little."

I also began using an app to track my fasting hours.  I know. I know.  I can easily look at the clock and count how many hours have gone by, but an app makes it fun with good reminders regarding how much time I am burning fat or when I am hitting autophagy.  

I am not a fan of structured exercise anymore.  It became a chore and I reached a point when it was boring.  But I have to get back to some type of creative routine.  So, I ran two days this week.  No expectations.  No self critique.  No goals other than getting moving and sweating more than I have all winter. 

There's nothing more to say.  I didn't reinvent the wheel.  I resumed the life style habits that reduces inflammation, maintains blood sugar, improves oxygen delivery to every organ and muscle and makes stress management less of a burden.  

If stress seems to take on a life of it's own and crowds out the real you....let's chat.  Brain Sense Tele-Health will get you started.  

And just start.



Saturday, March 20, 2021

Doctors Who Jumped Ship: More News from David Brownstein, MD, (Part 14)

 I just listened to Dr. James Lyons-Weiler, PhD, interview Dr. David Brownstein, MD, on his Unbreaking Science podcast.  You can find the interview on James Lyons-Weiler's Facebook page.  I'm not sure he has linked it up on his podcast site.  His interview was live yesterday, so you can easily find it on his Facebook page for now. 

Dr. Brownstein is one of my Doctors Who Jumped Ship.  You can read my post about him here.

(You can read the entire series, by starting here.)

He discusses with Dr. Lyons-Weiler how his holistic office took care of people with severe breathing problems during this CV scenario.  (My opinion here: I still do not want to call it the name the CDC calls it, because it has been shown the numbers are overblown by an inappropriate test and mislabeling people's comorbidities as a new sickness.)

He has been doing his treatments for 30 years.  The therapy works and is nothing new.  Basically he is assisting the body systems, not treating a new sickness.  After all, we don't need to waste time trying to name something and come up with a new test.  All we need to do is give the body what it needs and take away the damaging aspects of our life styles.  

Why does Dr. Brownstein use natural therapies?  He simply states that it does not make sense to use drugs that are designed to "poison enzymes and block receptors." It is the hard core truth.  He realized his medical education taught him how to diagnose a problem and give it a drug.  I imagine watching people continue to decline was not satisfying to him.  What he does now he had to learn on his own.  He describes himself as self-taught.  We are lucky now that he is teaching others. But the Federal Trade Commission doesn't seem to like it. 

Helping people with the CV presentation of a breathing problem got him in some temporary hot water.  He knows he wasn't curing anyone, but the FTC thinks anyone who has success is misleading the public with cures. 

Dr. Brownstein followed up with an early study of his results and published it in a peer reviewed journal.  Meanwhile the FTC and others want a randomized controlled study.  But, the dedicated doctor is in the business of helping people.  Why would he take people presenting with sickness and set them aside in an untreated control group or give them the standard care of drugs that poison enzymes and block receptors?

Here is a link to his latest book on viruses.  A Holistic Approach to Viruses.

He told Dr. Lyons-Weiler that he can easily help people whether they are vaccinated or not.  People feel better with vitamins, iodine, nebulizing, and ozone.  

It's a shame that the government puts roadblocks in place for these doctors who have jumped ship.  I will admit to you right now, that I don't give authority to any agency over my own personal health. It's up to me and I will look at their approaches with a critical eye for the basic reason that it's all about chemical poisons. 

It seems to be very irresponsible to tell the public that the time to go to the ER is when someone is having difficultly breathing.  But the failure goes back decades when we have grown to tolerate declining health.  

Dr. Brownstein might have a bit of PTSD.  I noticed as he talked he spoke very distinctly about the panic that occurred last year.  He was seeing patients in the parking lot so they didn't have to come to the office, as a social distancing precaution or perhaps they were too sick to get out of their vehicles. It was quite chaotic for a while with the news media haranguing all day on their channels. He even mentioned the media reports of bodies piling up in the hospitals, so it seems he was overwhelmed by the gruesome predictions.  Who could blame him?  It's difficult to judge these news stories that are being reported on far away from your own town. 

He said they got things under control in about two weeks when he and his team figured out they were more than adequately taking care of their patients.  And I must repeat, he used the tried and true treatments he's been using for decades. 

We can all benefit from his tenacity.  We know drugs are harmful and not necessary.  With voices like Dr. Brownstein's along with Dr. Lyons-Weiler we don't have to live in fear.  We know what the body needs and we don't resort to controversial, unnatural care for our own lives. 

James Lyons-Weiler's website

Unbreaking Science

More Books by Dr. Brownstein

Do you have gaps to fill in your lifestyle?

Are you half-healhty, meaning you are still half sick?

Learn about Brain Sense Tele-Health today.

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Pain Lives in the Brain

David Hanscom, MD, is a retired spine surgeon who knows why surgically aligning the spine does not resolve a person's pain. The pain actually is coming from the brain and not the spine.

Why do I adjust the spine?  To reach the brain!! 
So, when someone has issues with chronic pain, we know to look at the way the brain is perceiving the world. 

Check out my you tube videos about chronic pain.  


Doctors Who Jumped Ship: Update (Part 13)

 Well, it's been months since I added a column about medical doctors who are speaking out against incorrect information regarding health. 

Look back here to catch up on the series.

I was doing a bit of maintenance on the website, changing around some links, etc., and noticed that many of the youtube videos I posted have been removed.  Apparently discussions on better health are not congruent with "community standards."

Pointing out medical beliefs that are not backed up very well in the literature is a no-no.  The doctors I chose spoke out about poorly performed research and turned to safer approaches to get people well.  Who wouldn't like that?

The deleted videos just shows us how sensitive people are when it comes to letting people choose their own healing practices.  

I still have a list of names I hope to present.  You may already be aware of them.  I encourage you to learn more about their careers. 

11- Sherry Rogers

She routinely had to take time off from practice to memorize the wrong answers to renew her board certifications.  I find that really odd, but apparently that was a fact of life for her.  Knowing she treated her patients with natural methods, she obviously doesn't follow the mainstream approach that probably doesn't actually help people. 

12- Joseph Mercola

I've read he is often criticized for selling products online, but why is that such a big deal?  He offers products that benefit health, yet is probably not available in your neighborhood pharmacy.  I've also heard him discuss how often he is served with frivolous lawsuits trying to silence him, but he is more than able to defend his stance and win these cases.  He has the guts to stand up for health care freedom.

13- Kelly Brogan

Dr. Brogan is a recent medical doctor discussing her disgust with modern mental health treatment in the allopathic world. 

14- Zach Bush

I discovered Dr. Bush early in the corona crisis.  He goes into very logical explanations that the microbial world is not harmful and that we have real problems in our environment making us sick. 

15- Leland Stillman

A doctor not afraid to call out "corporate malfeasance," he's reminding the public that do not harm should still be a mantra easily rolled off the tongues of physicians.  But that hasn't been the way with the business of vaccines. 

16- Lee Merritt

She has easily called out the "blatant scientific fallacies" during this co-vid circus. 

17- Jason Fung

Dr. Fung got tired of patronizing patients waiting for them to need amputations and decided to tell the truth about the disastrous dietary beliefs pushed in the media. 

18- Carrie Madej

Dr. Madej got tired of government officials getting mad at her for actually solving serious problems causing ill health. 

19-Rashid Buttar

Dr. Buttar has no issues with setting the record straight when it comes to nonsense beliefs about standard medical care. 

20- Veronique Meade

When traditional medical care didn't help her own chronic disabilities, she had to reteach herself new information

21- Christiane Northrup

Always outspoken about the old ideas regarding birthing children and raising them, she found a new niche unveiling the inconsistencies with  the current pandemic panic. 

22- Shawn Baker

Despite the lucrative business of orthopedic surgeries, his hospital resented Dr. Baker's safer approach to reducing degenerative pain with the simplest diet. He had to defend is medical license.  He explained this in his instagram post two years ago:  voluntarily surrendered my medical license a little over a year ago after engaging in a several year long legal battle with a hospital after a sham peer review process precipitated by my actions to actively avoid profitable surgeries and instead press for unprofitable lifestyle interventions....That was done late last year and took about 4 months for the results to come in, which indicated I was perfectly competent to return to medical practice- The state medical board then invited me to reapply for license which took another 6 months to process (yes the administrative wheels turn very slowly)“Finally this afternoon I was informed by the state board that they voted to officially reinstate my license....” His Instagram Post is Here. 

So, these are the quickest blurbs I can come up with off the top of my head.  These are the instant reasons why I found them fascinating.  I am their cheerleaders knowing they have to buck a deeply ingrained system that could wreck their careers.  As, I said, they have a strong desire to reform the mess from within.  Some have stayed in medicine still trying to make an impact.  Others have retired or given up their medical licenses but still have found ways to give the public their knowledge and support. 

There are still more names coming to my mind.  I just want my readers to know that there are medical professionals out there who want the best for their patients and set aside the social rewards they could be privy to if they maintain the standards of care that they know are truly harmful and dishonest.