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Monday, February 25, 2019

Words that Block Healing

So, sticks and stones may break your bones, but words can't hurt you.  But can they? 
There are words used in health care that I believe can keep people stuck.  We say them over and over so often that they lose their effect and we lessen our concern.  We choose to ignore the seriousness of failing health, especially during the early stages when symptoms are tolerable. So goes our attention to the words describing poor health. 

Here is a short list I started compiling.  I'll probably add more words later on.  

Keep this in mind:  better words lead to better outcomes. 

1-  Aging
I can't stand this word.  It means giving up and accepting things as they are.  The fight is over.  You've just cleared yourself of any responsibility with this acceptance of learned helplessness.  

The Alternative: Getting older means you've had more time on this earth to build up toxins in your body.  Your cells are too stiff to let nutrients in and waste products out.  We can call this dirty blood.  This is why detoxing matters.  At the top left of my website there is a link to a toxicity questionnaire.  Take this online test and show me your results.  

2- Weight Loss
Stop trying to lose weight.  This is the wrong focus.  Crossing your fingers hoping the number on the scale goes down is not a productive goal.  

The Alternative: Lose inflammation instead.  A healthy body with healthy organs will not hold on to body fat.  So, the emphasis is on regaining health.  Looking at the causes of inflammation and reducing inflammation will bring the body back to health and put the body in the logical fat burning state that is its birthright.  Inflammation is a process that damages the DNA, most notably the mitochondria which leads to cellular failure and eventually organ failure.  Come in to the office and take my inflammation questionnaire and look at the areas that can be addressed.  There is a better method.  

3- Pain is a vague term.  Stopping pain doesn't mean you have attained good health. 

The Alternative: Pain is a signal determined by the brain.  Many destructive body functions are pain free in the early stages because the healing response still has reserves going into action.  The brain won't tell you, but the body is slowly running out of steam and you don't know it until a health crisis turns on a major pain response.  Pain also has an emotional component based on stored memories and this makes the pain response inaccurate.  Inflammation is the cause of tissue damage, and this damage becomes a painful signal to the brain.  Addressing brain inflammation and diet induced inflammation is the more efficient way to deal with pain as well as prevent future stress on the immune system.

4- Stress is really a wasted word.  Nobody pays attention to it.  

The Alternative: Consider using the term: Life Balance: a life style consisting of appropriate work/rest, time management, relationships, and personal purpose.  Stress can be described as too little or too much of something that exhausts the body's reserves.  The body strives to keep tight control on body chemistry.  One example is the pH level of the blood.  Just a touch of acidity or alkalinity needs to be buffered by the body's mineral supply. We get out of balance from time to time, but returning to balance in a quick manner protects the body from unnecessary failure.  

5- What supplement do I take for _________?
Take a wild guess as to why I can't stand this kind of question?

Let's see what other words get under my skin.  Stay tuned.
Do have any examples of words that could use some clarification? 

--See you at the table.
--The adjusting table.

Dr. Lisa
Your Health Freedom Advocate

Saturday, February 09, 2019

Pay Attention To Your Brain. It Can't Wait.

B.F.A. Brain First Always
The Brain Makes the Body. You Make Your Life.


The unpleasant, annoying signs of a stressed brain need your attention. 

Silent Inflammation (We all have early stages of inflammation)                           → Is it Business as Usual, Have you evaluated your BFA Habits?

How should you respond to health concerns?

Stiffness, Sore muscles → Often it is Dehydration, Mineral loss / deficiency, blood sugar may be unstable yet, your lab work looks normal, blood pressure keeps creeping up

Digestive trouble
Fatigue,Daily discomfort 
Weight gain → The brain is struggling with inflammation, doing its best to maintain homeostasis

Chronic Issues
Joint pain, Walking difficulties
Pre-diabetes, Diabetes
High Blood Pressure, High Triglycerides, 
No success with weight loss, memory problems,
Poor concentration, multiple sensitivities→ Brain impairment due to toxic burden from the environment as well as toxins formed internally from cellular metabolism and inflammation

3 Steps:  Move, Feed, and Talk to Your Brain

Move your brain with chiropractic adjustments, to reset the brain's executive function and calm overactive brain waves

Feed your brain with the keto diet, intermittent fasting, standing process supplement (because our food supply is lacking no matter how well you eat), and do an annual nutritional detox.

Talk to your brain with S.T.A.R. Sessions, and check out my reading list of my favorite stress management books. 

Learn more at your next appointment.

See you at the table,
the adjusting table.

Dr. Lisa
--Your Health Freedom Advocate