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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Your Bucket List Needs a Healthy Bucket

What's on your bucket list to do before you kick the bucket? The recent popularity of the bucket idiom has launched a funny movie and a number of coffee table books. Here's my turn. How are you taking care of your bucket?

How can you complete your bucket list, if your own bucket it getting in the way? Is it difficult to make plans because of health concerns? Our short summer has arrived and there could be a lot of great things to do but nagging problems can be detrimental.

With the usual picnics, festivals, and opportunity to be outside many folks are held back. They can't walk too long. They can't tolerate the heat. Events are too crowded. The parking lot is too far away. The bathroom is too far away and the line is too long.

These are not just bothersome things. For people with certain impairments this is their daily life and it forces them to stay home. Isolation and lack of meaningful activity are also important health risks that do not get enough recognition in the health arena.

What's the solution? We can help each other understand what is causing our buckets to wear out. Too many leaks lead to an empty bucket. The body is like a bucket and determining the leaks can help prevent health issues from taking away quality of life.

Chiropractic is a drug free and surgery free healing art that looks at natural ways to combat the stresses that wear away at the spine and eventually lead to damage in the rest of the body. Chiropractic is a great first step to manage stress.

Chronic health issues all start out as slow leaks in the bucket. Slow leaks may not be of concern at first, but a leak is a leak. Even someone driving on low tire pressure knows the tragedy that can be averted with proper intervention.

If someone takes the initiative to alter stress, the level of health achieved can be amazing. A chiropractic evaluation can paint a clear picture of stress effects. The spine not only mirrors what is happening with the rest of the body's organs, the spine itself can also weaken and become its own bad leak in the bucket.

You can take your own assessment of the cricks and cracks when you move. You can look at your posture in a mirror and see a head tilt, high shoulder, and feet rolling outward. A comprehensive chiropractic evaluation can connect the dots between spinal bones and the rest of the body's organs.

Learning to modify stress in one's life is not so easy. I hear many arguments that change is quite a personal challenge. We can all use a weekly adjustment to release built up tension and get back much needed energy so tasks don't seem as daunting.

Don't let stress drain you of your quality of life. I invite you to learn what a chiropractic care plan can do for your health. If you've never been to the chiropractor, put that on your bucket list. You'll enjoy the experience.