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Saturday, March 03, 2012

Chiropractic Saved Me


My x-ray in 1995 was similar to this
one.  The curve was reversed from 
a head injury as a child in 1971.  I 
was forming bone spurs in my mid- 
twenties.  I had a 20-30 year head 
start on arthritis.

This resembles the beginning of 

very debilitating fibromyalgia and 

other pain syndromes.  Also, 

studies of mild brain trauma are 

showing a correlation with 
depression and bipolar disorder, 

especially in teens who play sports.

It wasn't back pain or a headache 
that brought me to chiropractic.  In 
fact, I was pain free when I 
received my first adjustment.

I had a condition more painful than a physical injury 
because it was not physically obvious.  I had a certain 
arrogance that would have taken my health away if I 
hadn't been exposed to chiropractic thinking 17 years 

I was arrogant about health and healing because I 
was young. I took my health for granted because I 
thought nothing would make me sick.  I thought I 
knew how to take care of myself.  Boy, was I wrong!  

I  worked with people who were challenged by the 
label of mental illness. They were told they had a 
brain imbalance and they needed a steady supply of 
brain altering drugs to keep them "normal" by 
society's rules.

No one proved they had brain problems.  No one 
measured brain improvements to check if  the drugs 
really helped.  No one gave them an option to stop 
taking these drugs.   It was all one sided and my 
clients were actually getting worse.
If you or someone you know
has suffered under the psychiatric system
become a member of the 

I started teaching a few of my clients about stress 
reduction techniques and dietary changes.  Much to 
my surprise, they were improving and gaining  self 
confidence.  While I was addressing their physical 
health I began to see how the state of the body has a 
great deal of influence on mental function.

I realized my job as a therapist was a joke. If the 
body isn't healthy, the mind stays stuck (more like 

After prayerful consideration to change careers, I 
looked at chiropractic.  I had no pain or health 
problems, but I volunteered in a chiropractor's office 
to learn about this drug free approach.

Not much of a science buff, I was awe struck when 
my new chiropractors (a married couple) taught me 
how the nervous system controls every cell, organ, 
body function, thought and emotion.  The nervous 
system is also considerably affected by the condition 
of the spine.  

It was also a major revelation when I learned how 
damage progresses for years but we don't feel it.

They showed me my X-rays and explained how 
mechanical disruptions of the spine adds incredible 
stress to the brain and spinal cord.  A sample X-ray 
above is very similar to my own X-rays.

This was a big mind shift to me.  I thought spinal cord 
damage was paralysis like Christopher Reeve.  I 
never considered milder forms of damage could have 
such an impact on disease and mental status.

If I never addressed this 17 years ago, I would have 
suffered from a gradual and progressive degenerative 
process. Pain doesn't show up until damage is fairly 
permanent.  Combine it with a stressful life style and  
poor nutrition and chronic disease takes hold.

I also learned chiropractic gave mental patients great 
results in the early 1900's before drug therapy 
became the monopolizing treatment.  It is now 
showing great promise for addiction recovery.

I often think about my therapy clients who felt 
helpless and defective.  Their nervous system/life 
force was stifled and no one offered them the release 
chiropractic can provide.

Chiropractic is not about pain relief.  Pain is  part of 
being human.  Chiropractic is about knowledge, 
personal power and being given options.  

My first interest is in mental wellness.   
Inside the mind are the sparks that ignite great 
ideas.  The body is the engine that allows us to push our ideas forward.  
They work as a team.

In my work as a mental health counselor I saw a serious separation 

between this awesome team.  
When physical health is not properly addressed, it clouds the mind.  
The body often 
gives us important clues.

Chiropractic rejoins the mind and body in an extraordinary 
way as the adjustment  enhances how the nervous system
 fosters innate intelligence.

Thanks for being curious.  
It means you are  looking for something new to try.  
You are in the process of a personal evolution.   
It's a superb journey!

I can't convey much more of it on a website.  Come to a health talk, come in for 
an appointment, or let's chat on a phone-coaching session.

Read more about my journey here.


MS said...

Dr. Lisa, Thank you so much for helping us continue our journey to better health and wellness! We look forward to working together as a team, MS and MS

Lisa Ann Homic, M.Ed. D.C. said...

Hi, MS, thanks so much for commenting. great to see you on the blog. See you soon!