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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Pay Close Attention to these Lawsuits

We must follow the events related to madated flu vaccines for health care workers very closely. Government agencies are taking away our civil rights regardless of the protections we deserve through the constitution. This is not just a problem for health care workers. This is a problem for all of us who value our freedom.

This is a recent email I received from at
Protect your health freedom,
Dr. Lisa
Your Health Freedom Coach

Ralph Fucetola JD is a lawyer who is working on a legal challege to the NYS mandate requring virtually all health care workers in the state to receive the seasonal flu and H1N1 vaccines. He was a speaker and organizer of yesterday's rally at the State Capitol. He posted the message below on the mandate discussion forum at:*


Awesome Rally yesterday! Thank you all for making it happen. The end of the mandate began yesterday.

There are two lawsuits that could impact the mandates.

#1. Bob Krakow's challenge to the "emergency" regulations through the New York state courts. This is your main hope to stop the mandate. Please support this action.

Now that we know, from the mouth of the Commish of Public Health, that no religious objection applies, the courts may even be more interested.

Further, with the regulation abrogating to the CDC the power to mandate vaccines (since all flu vaccines recommended by CDC become part of the mandate) there is some case law that states cannot surrender the police power to a federal agency.

So you do have a good chance on the "emergency" regulation.

#2. As I announced at the Rally, there will be a federal lawsuit filed, this week I hope, that will challenge the licensing of the swine flu vaccines.

What I didn't know yesterday was that the federal appeals court in DC was issuing, yesterday, a long-awaited decision in the military mandated Anthrax vaccination case. The court held that the plaintiffs in that case, 8 military people, did not have "standing" to sue because they did not allege how they were being harmed by the licensing of that vaccine.

This means that our federal case must allege how the plaintiffs are being harmed and that we must include a couple individuals in NY who are at risk. So I'll be reaching out to some of the Rally organizers to get a representative sample for that case.

Here is our logic to argue "standing" (the right to sue) in the federal case:

1. NY mandates all flu vaccines for all healthcare workers, no religious exemption.

2. NY includes in mandate all future flu vaccines recommended by CDC.

3. FDA licenses swine flu vaccines.

4. CDC recommends same, thereby triggering mandate.

Therefore, the licensing is a necessary prerequisite to the (recommending and) the mandate.

Consequently, the mandated healthcare workers have standing to challenge the licensing.

Ralph Fucetola JD

PS - check out the YouTube of my rally speech (I'm also going to put together a collage video of bits and pieces from the other speeches and I suspect Dr. Null will have a very professional video made from all the presentations).
Speech from You Tube


Monday, September 28, 2009

Rally in Albany: Flu Vaccine Mandate for Health Care Workers has Numerous Flaws

There will be a rally in Albany, NY, Tues. Sept. 29th to protest the mandated flu vaccine for health care workers.
Health care workers will be fired if they don't get the flu vaccine and the NYS Nurses Association is against this measure for many reasons. They have a hotline set up because they are inudated with phone calls.
There are only a few reasons you can be exempt. Click here for the form.
Apparently, if you are allergic to one of the ingredients, such as eggs, you can be exempt. I feel we are all allergic to mercury, aluminum, and adjuvants.

I am very concerned because we all want good health, but the government cannot force it upon us especially if they are mandating unscientific methods. I have contacted my three local NYS law makers and let them know they never had the chance to vote on this and we never had a voice. I don't agree with the health commissioner that we should do the noble thing that will protect our patients. Patients can refuse the flu vaccine and their health care workers should have the same right.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Subluxation Meter - Grade Yourself

Subluxation Meter

Grade yourself...

How are your subluxations?
Are they accumulating or are you clearing them out in a timely manner?

Interference + Time = Chronic Subluxations

On a scale of 1 - 5. You want to be #1

1 & 2 are silent subluxations
3 & 4 & 5 are LOUD subluxations

1. Routine - you are getting adjusted once a week and supporting your adjustments with Nutrition and Exercise.

2. Inconsistent - your healing activities are inconsistent and you are sick, sore, stiff, tired, sleeping poorly, and stressed. Get back into an adjusting routine.

3. PAIN - you are overdue--get adjusted- you have accelerated degeneration

4. Incapacitated - you have severe damage- Get adjusted and don't underestimate the healing response.

5. DEAD ..... nothing more I can say here.

you get to choose.

Dr Lisa
Your Health Freedom Coach


How to Break Through

Live fully with Advanced Chiropractic.

1. Fired up -- with a finely tuned nervous system. Get adjusted once a week. It's called Advanced Lifetime Care.

2. Fueled up -- get the right nutrition that detoxes and energizes you. Get adjusted so nutrients get delivered throughout your body. Learn more at a TEA (teach, empower, act) party

3. Fit filled -- Exercise daily. Use it or lose it. Get adjusted so you are moving properly with ease and efficiency, preventing injury.

RAMP it up to see results.
R - routine
A - augment -- add small challenges to your routine
M - motivate -- always affirm the higher purpose of good health
P - Plan and participate in life-don't sit on the sidelines.

See you at the table...the chiropractic table.

Dr. Lisa
Your Health Freedom Coach


Saturday, September 19, 2009

Would you stop a miracle in progress?

I am trying to do a better job communicating how the nervous system is the miracle that makes us who we are. I became a doctor of chiropractic so I could help people release nervous system blockages that steal health. The biggest blockage I see is a poor awareness with plenty of fear. I want to remove these blockages.

I adjust people so they can release the mental and physical stresses that wear down nerves and block the power of innate intelligence. I went to chiropractic school and happened to learn tons of other stuff that doesn’t help me adjust people. In fact, it just confuses people. I like learning new things, but in my quest to make use of it this extra knowledge, I have wasted too much precious time. I have prevented people from experiencing the miracles that occur when spinal tension is released. I won’t do it anymore.

Many chiropractors concentrate on how the nervous system helps muscles and joints. I am moved to take it farther. My focus is on how the nervous system affects personal empowerment and self-worth.

We all have a God given innate intelligence that helps us heal and thrive. It is the same nonphysical force that allows a seed to remain dormant all winter and then germinate when the right conditions are present. Within us, our innate intelligence works in concert with the nervous system regulating important functions that keep us alive. Personality and life choices are influenced by the nervous system. Because the spine is so intricately involved with the nervous system, daily stress on the spine changes how we participate in life.

Please, don’t let people miss out on the chiropractic experience. Don’t decide who needs to go to the chiropractor. Don’t judge by someone’s age, healthiness, or sickness.

Pain or pain-free.

Disease or disease-free.

It does not matter.

When I get adjusted regularly, I think better, I get more done, and I am a more loving person.

• You are a living miracle because of innate intelligence.
• The miracle of the adjustment is that it can influence human potential.

Don’t get bogged down by any other “chiropractic/medical jargon.” Nurture the miracle by getting adjusted and making it a regular habit.

P.S. Don’t interrupt miracles.

Adjust your self-empowerment
---Dr. Lisa
Your Health Freedom Advocate

Sunday, September 06, 2009

What the swine flu is really teaching us

Please visit this site for the full article:
What the swine flu is really teaching us.

Remember, you get to choose.....choose now before someone else chooses for you.

---Dr. Lisa
Your Health Freedom Coach


Saturday, September 05, 2009

50 Conditions that Look Like ADHD

Visit this site I cannot do it justice.

---Dr. Lisa
Your Health Freedom Coach

Happy Labor Day Weekend: May Your Work Be Your Calling

Dear Wellness Enthusists:

Enjoy your Labor Day Weekend. Remember, there are 10,080 minutes in a week. Give your spine 15 minutes (or less with the new office procedures)and make the rest of your week that much better!

Really, I can adjust you in five minutes with the new Preferred Chiropractic Doctor Network. If we do not involve a third party payer I don’t have to do a re-exam, the paperwork is less cumbersome, and you don’t need a symptomatic reason to receive an adjustment.

Kick Out the Intruders

I have a strong dislike for insurance (for chiropractic) because it won’t pay for chronic, recurring problems that would certainly get worse without maintenance care. Because of insurance intrusion, the cost of chiropractic care is needlessly inflated.

If you are well educated on the real purpose of chiropractic, it doesn't need to be complicated.

8 Principles of Advanced Chiropractic
1. God (innate) is the healer.

2. Interference is the cause of dis-ease -- interference with the life flow and interference with the lifestyle.

3. Without lifetime, consistent maintenance everything decays -- especially the spine!

4. I move the bone, God (innate) does the healing.

5. It's my responsibility to share the truth of what we do for a sick, suffering, dying world.

6. People don't know what they don't know, so it's my job to lovingly share the truth of chiropractic with everyone.

7. Real change starts on the inside with a change of heart and mind.

8. Chiropractic is a helping hand. I will lend my helping hand with each adjustment.