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Monday, October 18, 2021

You Are Already WHOLE - Quit the Self Loathing!

You are already whole. 

You always were.  

You still are now.  

You are whole. 

Hang on to the positive feeling of this because I am about to go "tough love" on you right now. 

If you feel otherwise, you are wrong.  Being wrong about this is weakening you.  Being wrong about this is wasting your time. 

If you don't feel whole it is because of society's constant negativity.  

I'll tell you what I'm ticked off about.  I am so over it now.  I am over the language of disease, and the language of symptoms.  

Everything your body does is correct for the situation.  You are whole and your wholeness is hard at work.  It may feel like it's not whole. But feelings can be re-framed.  You may call your situation a failure of the body, or a disease.  This is wrong language.  

You are  never un-whole.  

You are never not whole.  

You will have experiences.  You will probably dislike many of these experiences.  Especially since you have been programmed, brain washed and convinced to hate certain experiences, but you are still whole. 

You are having experiences and the nervous system is judging them in order to protect you and make you stronger. 

You may hate certain experiences, but do not hate yourself.  Your brain is listening. 

Your symptoms are stories of what your brain decides to accomplish at every moment. Learn the brain's language.  Get a translator if you need one, like me.

What we don't want to do is exhaust the nervous system.  Unresolved fight or flight is exhaustive.  We want to treat the nervous system with honor.  We give back to it since it gives so much.  

How do you give back?

1- move your brain

2- feed your brain

3- talk to your brain (in terms of wholeness and gratitude)

The golden rules of brain/nervous system thriving: 

    ***You cannot be in a state of growth and defense at the same time.

    ***Gratitude and depression cannot exist together. 

You can translate your symptoms from something negative.  You can upgrade the journey to inspiration and vibrant living.  Get under chiropractic care and dive into the Brain First Boot Camp!!

You are officially invited.  You are whole. Live whole. Live wholly. 

Tuesday, October 05, 2021

Loss of Smell: Is Co-Vid a Hint of Parkinson's

 Day in and day out the brain faces your stress and tackles it.  How do you pay it back? Add on more stress or take time to rest, rebuild, and replenish?

I've been on this journey to celebrate the magnificent intelligence within the body.  I challenge you to upgrade your journey. 

Here's some food for thought.