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Sunday, December 27, 2015

You Don't Trust Me?

(Auburn, NY, chiropractic news)  You Don't Trust Me?  What a loaded question.  It makes you feel as if you are being manipulated, intimidated, and coerced.

I've heard this a number times over the years from my practice members relating their past experiences.  I had a doctor who accused me of not trusting him.   Doctors become angry because someone reads the insert that comes with a prescription drug.  Someone questions a series of treatments.  A certain test is not performed or a certain tests seems overkill.....

People ask questions.  When people don't feel well, they are nervous. People with chronic illness hear the same things over and over.  It's all in their heads.  They are overreacting.  The pain really isn't that bad.

But when  a doctor asks, "Why don't you trust me?" how are you supposed to handle that?

Should you worry about hurting a doctor's feelings and ignore your own welfare?

Is the doctor so busy and overwhelmed you're ruining his schedule?

Are we supposed to have complete trust when it comes to health care?
Should it be a blind trust?
Are you allowed to have an opinion?
Are you allowed a second opinion?
Does a second opinion offend the doctor?

I've had doctors drop me.  I disagree with certain treatments.  It happens.  They  have the right to be selective.  I can go find another doctor.

With some people it's not that easy due to money problems, lack of transportation, or a lousy insurance plan.

It just makes me wonder.  Did people just stop listening to each other?