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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Starbucks and Health: What Have We Learned Here?

A recent news story stated Starbucks is closing 600 stores and laying off 12,000 employees. [ARTICLE SOURCE]

It sounds like people can't afford coffee and are opting to brew at home. You might think I am going to talk about the dangers of caffeine and all that sugar people dump into their favorite flavored coffees. That's not where I want to go here in today's blog post. We know coffee drinking is a "fun treat" and we have to pace ourselves.

I want to revisit a story about Starbucks from three years ago.

Starbucks spends more on health insurance than they do on raw materials. From a business point of view,it sounds like a risky option. Paying for employee perks is an important expense especially because investing in good workers prolongs their ability to stay and prevents worker turn over. Health coverage is not mandated by the government. Whether it is in the future, that is up for debate. I think the cost of health care has finally hit Starbucks and it was bound to happen.

Much of the public looks at health insurance as a nice little buffer to rely on when you need to run to the doctor for every little sniffle or mishap. People expect vision, dental and a host of other minimal health needs such as chiropractic to be included when insurance really should be reserved for emergencies and major surgeries.

We are draining our own money by assuming every health care intervention should cost us a $6 copay (Really it's coming out of our wallet, anyway, in hidden costs).

Now here is the real problem...

We are a nation of chronic "sickies" due to poor health habits that lead to hypertension, weight gain, high blood sugar, painful joints, muscle atrophy, etc.

Health care is so overburdened with illness that there is no time for wellness. We're going to have to get wellness on our own.

I urge everyone to use natural health care approaches especially chiropractic for it's nervous system protection that ultimately is your body's life support. Natural health practitioners teach wellness.

Take a lesson from Starbucks. Don't assume financing health care is the answer. Education is the answer.

You get to choose.
-Dr. Lisa
Your Health Freedom Coach


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Friday, July 18, 2008

It's About Freedom and Confidence

Okay, time time to shift gears. They last few posts have been downright scary but they need to be out there. I am not trying to get anyone upset or throw you in a deep depression because there are a lot of unhealthy practices being promoted in our world.

We know the simple ones: smoking, too much soda and candy and missing out on too much exercise. Somehow if you speak of this out loud people are offended especially if the food industry is criticized in any way. They provide a great service making food prep and cooking so easy (at a cost of a different kind).

The information is out there. You can read blogs, books, and talk to your natural health care practitioners. They'll tell you why everyday things that have slipped into our lives probably need a second look.

My purpose is not to make you afraid, or depressed. Some people might say, "Well, what's the point of trying? Everything out there is going to kill us anyway!"

But, we shouldn't resort to that. It's easy to give in and give up. It's easier to live happily in ignorance. But we can't switch that thought and highlight our freedom to choose. We can make a decision and have confidence. If we follow the vitalistic philosophy of chiropractic that we are self healing when nurtured, we have confidence and we don't let all the negativity get to us.

It means saying no to things that are not natural. It means ignoring the idea that we are weak and not intelligent enough to make decisions for ourselves.

Nurture your body and mind.

You get to choose.
See you at the table...the adjusting table.

Dr. Lisa
Your Health Freedom Coach

Win By Choice

Low Carb is Proven Again

Click here for the news flash about low carb diets

It made the news again, eating low carbs is better for your body. The debate comes in when people resort to eating the most unhealthy meats and forgetting about fruits and vegetables.

It is low carb, not no carb.

How many natural health care practitioners are pulling their hair out because of horrendous misinterpretations? Ask them and they'll tell you.

If you follow the Numbers Don't Lie Diet you'll get a sensible look at carbohydates.

The problem with the word "carbs" is it includes all carbohydrates, the healthy and not so healthy. It really should be called the low-grain diet. In fact, Dr. Mercola's The No Grain Diet is a very good reference that I recommend. There is a difference between vegetables, fuits, and grains and in what form you should eat them. What you do to your food makes a big difference, too.

I am happy to discuss this anytime.

You get to choose.

See you at the table...the chiropractic table.

Dr. Lisa
Your Health Freedom Coach


Win By Choice


Sunday, July 13, 2008

Subluxated Cows on Crack

Bovine Growth Hormone....

Drugs in your milk.

Do you know how many countries have banned Bovine Growth Hormone? The U.S. still allows it.

The FDA doesn't require labeling.
Monsanto (BGH maker) has sued an organic milk company that labeled their milk as "BGH free."

Animal drugs don't go through the same inspections and testing as people drugs.

Monsanto employees drink organic milk!!!


If you choose to drink milk, please, drink real milk.

You get to choose. See you at the table...the adjusting table.

Dr. Lisa
Your Health Freedom Coach
Health Freedom Literacy

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Drugs and Informed Consent: Subluxated TV Commercials

Recent news reports have been criticizing the accuracy of information on the television commercials for Vytorin.

When you read this article linked above you will read a short sentence about the public having the ability to make informed decisions.

Only 20% of people polled about the commercials have any recollection of the side effects presented.

These fancy commercials have great visuals, a man rowing down a pristine river, funny comparisions of your Aunt Jenny resembling a cherry cheesecake, etc. It makes poor health less scary and in fact, more acceptable.

Doesn't it look like it is acceptable to be sick? To me it is not acceptable to be sick. I may sound cold hearted and uncaring but being sick takes you away from your family, your work, and your ability to make a living.

The bigger problem is the side effects of drugs are presented in an irresponsible way. Drugs are toxins given out in small amounts. This is the "generic" definition. Side effects are misleadingly touted as mere annoyances. Head aches, constipation, fainting, nausea, and weight fgain are not annoyances. In reality they are signs the nervous system is in distress.

The body is already in distress when someone decides a prescription is needed and then we stress it more.

For better informed consent we need to look at both sides of the health care coin, so to speak.

Natural Health Care vs. Allopathic Health Care

I am a chiropractor and I tout natural health care. I admit I am one sided and I don't apologize for it. I offer natural health care based on the logic of the human body reacting appropriately to stress. Natural health care emphasizes getting rid of the stress rather than adding more stress. Our bodies were designed to self heal and it will every time as long as the stressor doesn't compeltely overcome the nervous system.

That's what I teach. I offer the brain/body rebooting a chiropractic adjustment provides. The rest is up to you. I help with that too by giving you the natural side of health to balance the overabundance of the allopathic attitude.

You get to choose.

See you at the table...the adjusting table.

---Dr. Lisa
Your Health Freedom Coach

Health Freedom Literacy

Friday, July 04, 2008

These Parents Know They Are Ignored & Lied To

This is an interesting video from You know how quickly news stories are presented. Important issues are glossed over so quickly with beautiful smiles that you really think everything is allright.

In this video, the producers cleverly dissected it so your brain has enough time to catch up with what is actually being said.

Think Well to Live Well

Are Your Teeth Smoking? Look At Them Closely


Tuesday, July 01, 2008

The Real Cause of Osteoporosis & Why Supplements Are Not Enough


When Adjustments Don't Work: How Drugs Cause Subluxation


Remember the 3 causes of subluxations?
(1) Physical trauma
(2) Emotional stress
(3) Chemical stress

Drugs are a big source of chemical stress on the nervous system. They interfere with nutrient absorption. They work differently in conjunction with different chemicals such as caffeine and alcohol. They also interact differently with other drugs.

I didn't know a certain thyroid hormone raises blood sugar and can complicate diabetes.

Lipitor increases Vitamin A levels in the blood and monitoring to prevent Vitamin A toxicity is recommended.

Prednisone reduces calcium absorption and depletes vitamin C , selenium, magnesium, potassium, vitamin B6 and zinc (all important nutrients for soft tissue and nerve healing).

Prilosec interferes with absorption of beta carotene, iron and vitamin B12.

I found this informative website below that lists side effects, nutrient depletion, herbal interactions and health notes. I recommend bookmarking its main pain to be used as a reference whenever you have a concern about a drug.