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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Science is Superstitious

Science is Superstitious...Who would make such an absurd statement? Superstition has no logical reason such as 7 years of bad luck if a mirror is broken, or bad luck when a black cat crosses your path. Do you check a coin on the ground to see if it is head or tails? This makes no sense.

If you go to and click on the wellness videos, you will listen to Deepak Chopra, MD, explain why science is superstitious.

"Seeing is Believing."

If a scientist does not see something, then it is not true. Well, what about gravity? Was Sir Issac Newton off his rocker? If you see an apple fall, then gravity is true. But, we are only watching the effects of gravity. Alas, however, the scientific method has limited us from a great realm of unseen wonders.

Dr. Chopra acknowledges the huge impact of emotions, which are unseen. Now the mind and body connection is being studied with great optimism. Many feel this will unleash massive healing in our societies.

Even the most schooled chiropractors argue whether or not subluxations are seen on an X-ray. But you and I know without a doubt the effects of subluxation are real.

Now we don't have to be so rigid in thinking only seeing is believing. The new mantra is Living is Believing. Share your comments and experiences on this forum.

What is Chiropractic?

How's Your A*S?

How's your a*s?
This is something I ask every patient and practice member.

How is your adjustment support?

Every time you receive one, adjustments work, each and every time.

But the body and the innate intelligence have to make use of the adjustment. There are many things you can do to make your adjustment more effective:

1. Show up.
If you go too long in between adjustments it's as if you never received an adjustment. It's like putting one coat of paint on your house and wondering why it didn't hold up through a season of harsh weather. Consistency matters.

2. Nutrition.
A diet of fast food, coffee and soda robs your body of nutrients. How can healing take place? If you are starving your body, you are starving your adjustment.

3. Exercise.
Regular exercise strengthens the muscles, and prevents scar tissue from forming so you feel less stiffness.

4. Rest.
Healing and repair take place during quality sleep.

5. Medications.
All medications alter the nervous system as well as a number of vital organs. Always understand the risks and side-effects of medications. Medications may prevent the adjustment from being effective.

6. Self Improvement.
Keep learning. Keep growing. The mind is a very powerful force in your quality of life.

Chiropractors adjust spines because two problems are occurring within the nervous system. It is either too hyper, over stimulated, or too hypo, working inefficiently.

When I ask: how's your a*s, your answer is going to make a difference in your total health.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Confidence Role Models

Who do we admire? We can write a long list. As youngsters we develop confidence by observing the people closest to us. As we get older we have the opportunity to evolve into highly confident human beings.

Do we have different categories of admiration? People in your immediate community? People we may never meet. How about people who are not alive now and may not have been alive during our lifetimes?

Are you a role model? Who looks up to you? Your co-workers? Your children?
Is it overwhelming to think about this? Does this put pressure on you?

At Homic Advanced Chiropractic, I stress how chiropractic plays a role in advancing our human potential, individually and at the community level. Our actions can influence so many futures, not just our own. When you are in the office relaxing on the table ready to receive an adjustment, think about how many people in your life will benefit. You are benefiting from the adjustment, but many others are benefiting from your interactions and contributions. And then they will do the same enriching the lives of others around them. Want to see a lot of great things happen? Get the people in your life to become practice members, too. Get them on the adjusting table.

“You never know how far reaching something you think, say or do today, will affect the lives of millions tomorrow.” -- BJ Palmer

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****Holiday Health Alert******

During this busy holiday season we tend to eat more, drink more, stress more, put high expectations on ourselves, and sleep less.

Take care of yourself. Please don't forget to get adjusted.
Remember the 13 Reasons to Get Your Spine Checked on a Regular Basis [scroll down to see the article]

Controlled by Confidence

Hello patients and practice members:

The Better Living Choices Newsletter is going to change a little bit. I will type an entry every day. That forces me to think about fresh topics daily. The entries will also be shorter. I want your interaction. You can influence the direction of the topics. Feel free to comment at the bottom of each entry or send an email to If you send an email. Thanks.

Controlled By Confidence

On occasion, I look back at some of the things I did when I was younger. Many times I have said, "Thank goodness I learned my lesson from that?"

Have you done things as a result of poor confidence? It happens...Luckily, we able to change. So, we are controlled by our own confidence. We are inspired by our own confidence.

Chiropractic provides a confidence that many people are still looking for. Some people may not think that type of confidence is possible.

I am talking about confidence in our bodies, confidence in our abilities. Confidence in healing is a great gift, but there are many who do not believe it is for them. Do you have a theory why that may be? We all have the capability to heal ourselves and thrive. We also have the responsibility to share this knowledge with others.

Confidence has a biological component. It is there within us, but needs to be cultivated and nurtured. In your experience, what are the best ways to accomplish this?

Who are our "Confidence Role Models?"

Enjoy the Wellness Journey.


Thursday, November 09, 2006

Why Do I Tell You to Come in Once a Week? Your Life Matters.

Advancing Human Potential

Dr. Homic's Mission Statement:
We will feel well and think well and help others do the same.

13 Reasons to get Your Spine Checked on a Regular Basis!
by Dr. Joseph Strauss
[Special thanks to for being a great public resource]

1. More Energy
The vital energy that runs your body comes form the brain, travels over the nerves and gives vitality and vigor to your body. Logic says that if that energy is interfered with, your body will not work at its fullest potential.

2. Clearer Thinking, Concentration and Memory.
Did you ever have a day when your mind was extra sharp, thoughts and ideas came quickly or your memory was especially good? Ever have just the opposite type of day? Well, your body chemistry determines to a great extent your ability to think, concentrate and remember. Body chemistry is controlled by your nerve system and your nerve system works better without any interference (vertebral subluxation)

3. Less Stress
How can getting adjusted make your job easier or cause your kids to give you less problems? Well, it cannot. But there is a difference between adversity and stress. Adversities are the circumstances of life. You cannot change them. Stress is the inability to handle those adversities. How well your body is working will determine to some degree how much adversity you can handle and how much stress you have in your life.

4. A Longer Life.
Here is a reason based on logic. All things being equal, you will live longer if you take care of yourself, barring any unforeseen trauma, of course. Taking care of yourself, in no small measure, means keeping your nerve system free of interference due to vertebral subluxations.

5. More Sleep. All sleep is not the same.
Just because you get ten hours does not mean you are getting the kind of rest you need. At different time, we have all awakened refreshed, sluggish, or tired from the same amount of sleep. How well your body is working will determine how much of your sleep is real sleep and not just "down time"

6. Greater Value from Your Exercise.
We all need to exercise regularly. Some of us do not have the energy to get up off the couch and begin a workout, although that is an issue we have already addressed. Some of us have an interference in the nerve system that keeps the muscles of our body from receiving a full complement of vital life energy. It is like trying to exercise a paralyzed muscle. There is not enough energy going to those muscles. That is what happens when there is interference in the nerve system due to a vertebral subluxation.

7. More Balanced Chemistry.
The proper balance of your body's chemistry is unique for you. Only the innate wisdom of your body knows exactly what is should be. People can only guess. The organs, glands and cells of the body must be working properly to produce just the right amounts at just the right time. Your nerve system is critical in the coordination of that function.

8. More Hour in Your Day.

How can you get more than 24 hours a day from chiropractic visits, especially when the visit is going to take at least a little time? Well, time-management experts will tell you that it is the efficient use of your time, not the total number of hours that is the issue. If your mind and body are working as well as they possibly can, you will be more efficient and more than make up for the time it takes to visit your chiropractor.

9. Increased Income Earning Capacity
If you had more energy, clearer thinking, a better ability to handle adversity, more alertness, and were more efficient and physically, mentally and emotionally functioning at a higher level, you work more, work harder, get a better job or possibly a promotion, or even start a business of your own.

10. Improved Relationships.
Why is it that some people seem to be able to get along with people that you cannot stand? Perhaps it is you. If you were functioning at a higher level, if your body chemistry was balance, perhaps you could handle them better and not be bothered by whatever it is about them that affects your relationship. Even better, get them to a chiropractor and you could, perhaps, become best of friends!

11. Improved Performance.
With an improved nerve supply, all your performance levels will be elevated. Whether that improvement is enough to make a difference is an individual matter. As the advertisement says, "Results may vary." However, getting adjusted and doing some other healthy things will have a cumulative effect and result in noticeable changes. It just makes sense to do everything possible to improve performance, including having a good nerve supply.

12. Better Digestion
There are probably hundreds of reasons why certain foods affect certain people. Most times, the cause can be traced back to the inability of the body to handle that food. If it was the food, then it would negatively affect everyone. There are many reasons why your body, in general, and your nerve system, in particular, may not work properly. One of those reasons, an interference in the nerve system due to vertebral subluxation, can be addressed by regular visits to the chiropractor.

13. Enjoy Life More.
The bottom line is to have a happier and more fulfilled life. If you see improvement in the areas above, your life has to be more enjoyable. Even some of the things you do not enjoy now could become more pleasurable and rewarding. Visit your chiropractor this week!

Getting adjusted regularly just makes sense!

Visit Dr. Strauss' Website:

Resolve that Inner Conflict // The Expression of Life Graph

Realizing the potential we have within leads to a path of progressive wellness.

How each of us thinks, feels, acts, creates, and heals is up to us.

<- <- Expression of Life -> ->

o% ..................................................................................................... 100%

Critical Care``Disease/Symptoms````Preventive Care```Possibility Living

Where are you on the Expression of Life Graph? Are you at your fullest expression of life?
Will more people desire to reach their highest levels of physical, mental, spiritual, & emotional well-being?

We were meant to be at our best. Sometimes we forget and allow stress to overwhem us.

6 Main Principles that are at work all the time.

If you are feeling conflicted in your health, thoughts, or emotions, remind yourself of the first three principles:

1. The universe is organized.
2. There is infinite wisdom to the universe: universal intelligence, God.
3. Universal intelligence is expressed through us as innate intelligence.

When we fully embrace these principles we can't help but be ecstatic about life and driven to do more in the world.

Respecting the natural balance between your educated mind and your innate intelligence helps resolve the inner conflicts that principles 4, 5, & 6 illustrate.

4. Although humans have the gift of the educated mind, it has limitations.
5. The educated mind cannot dictate to the infinite wisdom of the universe.
6. The educated mind must be kept in check by balancing pride and humility.

Taken from Dr. Joseph Strauss, DC, Higher Ground.
Visit his website:

Chiropractic keeps you connected to what is important in life.

For more information, attend my class Nov. 21:
The Human Fight: Balancing the Educated Mind and Innate Intelligence.