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Monday, November 29, 2010

John Gray: Why Women Need "Venus Work" Not "Mars Work"

John Gray is not just the best selling author of the Mars/Venus books, he is an expert on nutritional cleansing for mental health and relationships!

I recently received this article in one of my Isagenix newsletters: Best-selling author Dr. John Gray already shared the secrets to helping men and women communicate more clearly with his best-selling book series “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus,” but he says there’s another piece of the puzzle when it comes to creating vibrant, healthy relationships — Nutritional Cleansing.

John, one of our Millionaires and 6-Star Golden Circle member with Isagenix, wasn’t looking to lose weight or inches when he said “yes” to “nutritional cleansing” in 2002. In fact, it was the combination of the amino acids and active enzymes found in our Shake that actually hooked him.

The Brain Matters
“I was researching amino acids at the time and found that they contribute to optimal brain function, which could make relationships better,” explains John. “As we are affected by impurities, we lose optimal brain function and are not able to deal with stress as well. The shake was far superior to any other product I had been testing on the market.”

Gaining Insight with a Weight Loss Side Effect
To his surprise, John lost 16 pounds* after using the products. He decided to take things to another level and get in touch with Master Formulator and Founder John Anderson to learn more about the products and even discuss creating the Mars Venus Wellness Solution™ with special ingredients to suit the needs of men and women. The pair added omega-3s to the Mars Venus Superfoods Shake™ for women for healthier hair, skin and nails and more protein to the men’s shake because men need more protein on a daily basis. They even added a daily cleanse drink, the Mars Venus Super Cleanse™ to give the body what it needs every day to help remove impurities from the body.

Since his discovery, John has shared “nutritional cleansing” with hundreds of people around the world. At first, he wasn’t interested in building a home business, but the opportunity created a residual income that has given him freedom to spend more time on research while producing additional Mars Venus books. Not to mention the fact that it’s also given him more time to vacation with his family in his favorite spot in Hawaii, the island of Maui.

Combat Stress Knowing Your Gender Traits
Now John is focusing his efforts on sharing how men and women cope differently with stress with his newest book “Why Mars and Venus Collide.” He enjoyed sharing more of the practical solutions for handling stress as the keynote speaker at 2009 “Living Your Dreams” Celebration in Anaheim, California in August and believes that “nutritional cleansing” is the answer to many of the stressors women especially experience.

“Women today are under a whole new level of stress because of activities in the work world. That message of you can do it all for many women has caused stress levels to increase and is putting them in constant urgency and emergency states. Those situations create testosterone and that hormone helps men cope with stress, but it doesn’t help women,” explains John. “Network marketing is actually one of the best businesses for women because it allows them the flexibility they need to take care of the home, children and other activities that have oxytocin benefits, the hormone that lowers stress.”

John says our company is especially good for women seeking the right network marketing opportunity because it’s all about nurturing and helping others improve their health, wealth and happiness, all oxytocin-producing activities. But ultimately, he says understanding how men and women function differently is important to know because it can lead to healthier relationships and an even healthier business.

“This a company of happy, healthy individuals and the quality of our relationships is important for our health,” shares John. “ Healthy relationships also translate into a more successful business because by understanding how men and women are different, you can identify each person’s unique needs when you share it with them.”

More on nutritional cleansing CLICK HERE

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Why You Need a Big Butt!

Writer & Veterinarian: Bruce Thomson
I can't do this article justice. So please click on the link to read the entire explanation.

In order to prevent low back pain, repetitive strain, and pain in the extremities, the gluteus maximus must be engaged when we are in motion. This muscle tends to be under conditioned. Take a look at the author's pictures with the article to see how this muscle should be working.

When you can, do more bare foot walking so the body gets more efficient use of the lower extremity muscles.

Read how the author finds out by accident that this muscle is so important:

"I discovered the back protective effect of the Gluteus maximus by accident.
It happened like this. I was experimenting with Gluteus maximus contraction while standing on one leg. In order to make it a routine, I fitted the exercise in to my cooking routine (Dad makes the breakfast in our household). I was suffering from a "bad back", (pain upon lumbar flexion) at that time. The bad back was not my major problem, and I was intending to work on it later. After 2 months, the Gluteus maximus exercises had "fixed" the "bad back"! But don’t just take my word for it: Science has proven that back pain sufferers recruit their Gluteals much less than do healthy people."

READ Dr. Thomson's article


See you at the table...the chiropractic table.

--Dr. Lisa
Your Health Freedom Advocate


Weight Loss/Management in the Real World

Ever feel like the world is against you when you are trying to eat in a healthy way? I do, that's for sure.

You are invited to vist my new group site: Weight Loss/Management in the Real World. It is an interactive site where you can discuss concerns you have throughout your day and receive support.

Weight management works well and retention is higher with a supportive network. Here you can have it available to you at your fingertips.

1. Go to
2. Create your free profile
3. Under the "groups" link, type real world in the search box.

Meet you there!

--Dr. Lisa
Your Health Freedom Advocate


The 3 Truths About You

Sunday, November 21, 2010

You Don't Have ADHD - Call It Something Else

Pictured: Melanie R. Keveles
ADHD gets a lot of news play with its long list of symptoms, behaviors and theories. Basically it makes you feel bad about yourself and wreaks havoc on young children who just want to be loved and cherished.
I won't go into the list of ADHD findings because that moves us farther from my goal which is to forget about it and dive into life!

Chiropractic's objective is to reacquaint you with yourself. We have profound disconnections in mind and body that steer us away from our natural gifts.
Chiropractic touches us at the DNA level, so follow the DNA plan:
D - detox mind and body
N- nourish mind and body
A- adjust mind and body

Detox and nourish your health with nutrition. Chiropractors are well versed in this. Adjust the body with the neurological re-booting of the spinal adjustment.

Now on to the mind.
Detox yourself of negative thoughts. Nourish your mind with common sense guidance. And adjust your life activities so you are aligned with your values.

ADHD is a label used when someone is disorganized and unable to focus. I say, "hogwash." According to master life coach, Melanie R. Keveles, it is an indication of a "Renaissance Soul." It is time to take your Renaissance Soul out of hiding.

I invite you to immerse yourself in Melanie R. Keveles', self directed coaching sessions at She will help you answer the life changing questions you need to ask yourself. The answers will probably make you uncomfortable, but then you will have a clearer idea how to break free from the ridiculous notions of ADHD.

When you go to, you will have to create a free profile and then click on the MAP link. Look for Ms. Keveles MAP titled: Fully Engaged at Any Age: Discover Your Dream in the Money & Career Category. Don't be fooled by the category. Ms. Keveles presentation of the material will help anyone who is feeling stuck. It will help you understand how to grow personally and professionally.

See you at the table...the adjusting table.
--Dr. Lisa
Your Health Freedom Advocate

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Connect to Health Information with Face Book

Join the Homic Advanced Chiropractic Face Book Page.
I will add interesting tidbits about health and chiropractic, announce blog updates and give you an opportunity to comment and create inquisitive discussions.
Join in and let's talk to each other!