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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Chiropractive Curriculum: The Riches Within and Using Latin to Understand the Source of Health

In Chapter 2 of Dr. Demartini's The Riches Within he gets to the "root" of subluxation.

In Latin:
sub = less than
lux = divine light or intelligence
ation = condition of

Subluxation describes a "mortal condition of less than divine immortal light and full expression."

You do have a mortal self and an immortal self. How they unite makes a difference in your life.

Chiropractic connects and aligns the physical with the nonphysical. I can go on and on about the scientific explanations of innate intelligence regulating the body with such automatic precision that we can never recreate it in a test tube experiment. We can observe the brain responding to nervous system stimuli on an MRI. We know how emotions affect neurotransmitters the same way hormones do. We can also discuss the psychology of our thoughts turning into actions which is how we influence the world. And it all starts with a commitment to a healthy spine.

Read more of Dr. Demartini's book and learn how to become more liberated with each chiropractic adjustment.

Why Do You Get Your Spine Checked? Why Doesn't Everyone?

Hello practice members!

Spring is here and that gives us a feeling of renewal. How about sharing that feeling with others? Did you know your knowledge of chiropractic is a great gift to your family and loved ones? Let them know what you have and tell them they just don't know what they are missing... until they come with you to one of your appointments.

Why do I encourage you to do this?

Because a part of your wellness awakening is appreciating how you discovered this journey. Share it with others. You can never predict your how far your actions will impact others, but know this: it will be make a difference.

Here is one of my favorite blog postings. It is a great one to bring back:

13 Reasons to get Your Spine Checked on a Regular Basis!
by Dr. Joseph Strauss [Special thanks to for being a great public resource]

1. More Energy
The vital energy that runs your body comes form the brain, travels over the nerves and gives vitality and vigor to your body. Logic says that if that energy is interfered with, your body will not work at its fullest potential.

2. Clearer Thinking, Concentration and Memory.
Did you ever have a day when your mind was extra sharp, thoughts and ideas came quickly or your memory was especially good? Ever have just the opposite type of day? Well, your body chemistry determines to a great extent your ability to think, concentrate and remember. Body chemistry is controlled by your nerve system and your nerve system works better without any interference (vertebral subluxation)

3. Less Stress
How can getting adjusted make your job easier or cause your kids to give you less problems? Well, it cannot. But there is a difference between adversity and stress. Adversities are the circumstances of life. You cannot change them. Stress is the inability to handle those adversities. How well your body is working will determine to some degree how much adversity you can handle and how much stress you have in your life.

4. A Longer Life.
Here is a reason based on logic. All things being equal, you will live longer if you take care of yourself, barring any unforeseen trauma, of course. Taking care of yourself, in no small measure, means keeping your nerve system free of interference due to vertebral subluxations.

5. More Sleep. All sleep is not the same.
Just because you get ten hours does not mean you are getting the kind of rest you need. At different time, we have all awakened refreshed, sluggish, or tired from the same amount of sleep. How well your body is working will determine how much of your sleep is real sleep and not just "down time"

6. Greater Value from Your Exercise.
We all need to exercise regularly. Some of us do not have the energy to get up off the couch and begin a workout, although that is an issue we have already addressed. Some of us have an interference in the nerve system that keeps the muscles of our body from receiving a full complement of vital life energy. It is like trying to exercise a paralyzed muscle. There is not enough energy going to those muscles. That is what happens when there is interference in the nerve system due to a vertebral subluxation.

7. More Balanced Chemistry.
The proper balance of your body's chemistry is unique for you. Only the innate wisdom of your body knows exactly what is should be. People can only guess. The organs, glands and cells of the body must be working properly to produce just the right amounts at just the right time. Your nerve system is critical in the coordination of that function.

8. More Hour in Your Day.
How can you get more than 24 hours a day from chiropractic visits, especially when the visit is going to take at least a little time? Well, time-management experts will tell you that it is the efficient use of your time, not the total number of hours that is the issue. If your mind and body are working as well as they possibly can, you will be more efficient and more than make up for the time it takes to visit your chiropractor.

9. Increased Income Earning Capacity
If you had more energy, clearer thinking, a better ability to handle adversity, more alertness, and were more efficient and physically, mentally and emotionally functioning at a higher level, you work more, work harder, get a better job or possibly a promotion, or even start a business of your own.

10. Improved Relationships.
Why is it that some people seem to be able to get along with people that you cannot stand? Perhaps it is you. If you were functioning at a higher level, if your body chemistry was balance, perhaps you could handle them better and not be bothered by whatever it is about them that affects your relationship. Even better, get them to a chiropractor and you could, perhaps, become best of friends!

11. Improved Performance.
With an improved nerve supply, all your performance levels will be elevated. Whether that improvement is enough to make a difference is an individual matter. As the advertisement says, "Results may vary." However, getting adjusted and doing some other healthy things will have a cumulative effect and result in noticeable changes. It just makes sense to do everything possible to improve performance, including having a good nerve supply.

12. Better Digestion
There are probably hundreds of reasons why certain foods affect certain people. Most times, the cause can be traced back to the inability of the body to handle that food. If it was the food, then it would negatively affect everyone. There are many reasons why your body, in general, and your nerve system, in particular, may not work properly. One of those reasons, an interference in the nerve system due to vertebral subluxation, can be addressed by regular visits to the chiropractor.

13. Enjoy Life More.
The bottom line is to have a happier and more fulfilled life. If you see improvement in the areas above, your life has to be more enjoyable. Even some of the things you do not enjoy now could become more pleasurable and rewarding. Visit your chiropractor this week!

Getting adjusted regularly just makes sense!

Visit Dr. Strauss' Website:

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Running for a Fun, Fit Life

I ran a 5 K yesterday. My sister and her daughter joined me. It was a fabulous morning. This was my first real return to exercise after the long, cold winter of indoor work outs. I have run a lot less since Eirne was born, so each run I go on now is a great feeling. The alone time is nice. It seems we always have to keep pace with others. In my case, Eirne tells me when to slow down such as when I want to walk fast to get in and out of the post office, and when to speed up so I can catch him before he runs away from me in the store. My niece really had a great time so we are looking for more local 5 K's to run in together.

This reminds me when I gave a weight loss talk last year and someone asked me what do you if you hate to exercise. I told her to find something to compete in like a race, or a team sport, or marital arts. It gives you something to work toward. Doing something you never could have imagined doing is quite a challenge.

Even though I love to exercise, squeezing it in to my schedule sometimes takes the fun away from it. Watching the clock and playing in my head what I need to get done during the day will take away from my work out. Good planning and commitment to stick to it helps.

The spring has just begin, so get out and enjoy it.

See you at the table...the adjusting table.

A Brain Scientist's Personal Journey

Practice member C.L. told me about this video clip of Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor talking about her experience when she suffered a stroke. Soon after that, I heard Elizabeth Lesser talking about it on Oprah and Friends. She noted how Dr. Bolte Taylor said the stroke was an opportunity to lose a lifetime of emotional baggage.

How profound. But we don't have to suffer a stroke in order to resolve our own emotional baggage.

Take a look at the following sites:

Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor's Book

Watch a Video

Her Stroke Was a Blessing Article

Thanks, C.L. for letting me know about this story. This is positive reminder of how amazing we are. The body and mind in sync is our greatest resource.

See you at the table...the adjusting table.

Energy is Your "Life Bulb: Don't Let Subluxations Dim You

Don't live less life. Live more life!!

Remember subluxations change the spine at the subclinical level (before your brain is aware of it).

1. Biochemical changes begin to occur.
2. Tissues degenerate.
3. Blood flow is blocked
4. Nerve damage leads to cell damage.
5. Negative patterns are learned and this cycle accelerates.
6. Epinephrine increases.
7. Damage spreads beyond the spine and to the rest of the body.

When you "get adjusted" to a new way of living you will never give it up.

See you at the table...the adjusting table.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Chiropractive Curriculum: The Riches Within

Wow! The first thing I had to be sure of was the correct spelling of curriculum. That has always been a tough one for me.

Dr. John Demartini's newest book, The Riches Within,is a delight. He focuses on our 7 hidden secret treasures. It's time to not be a secret anymore. Let's take a look at our mental treasures: genius.

Dr. Demartini believes in asking the right questions but also having immediate answers to them. His mentor asked him to take 10 minutes and decide what he was going to dedicate his life to and determine his destiny. In chapter 1 you can read what his answer was.

And now, what is yours?

See you at the table...the adjusting table.

Chiropractive Curriculum: Be More Alive

When you visit the chiropractive living fine-tuning webpage, you will learn more about what you can do to enhance your life between visits.

This is the Chiropractive Curriculum.

This is the difference between the people who say chiropractic works and chiropractic doesn't work.

Chiropractic always works, it just depends on the medium you have to work with. This means if you're full of negativity in body in mind, a chiropractic adjustment struggles to make beneficial changes in the body. The adjustment stimulates the nervous system, but the rest is up to us.

I have four simple steps to boost the adjustment and boost your quality of life

1) Weekly adjustments
---Ask yourself every time: What positives do I bring with me to the table?
---What negatives do I bring with me?

2) Design and live a balanced life
---Are you living your purpose?
---Are you living congruently?

3) Read my recommended books on the Chiropractive Curriculum
---What am I learning?
---What new information am I putting into practice

4) Keep a Journal
---How am I doing?
---Am I staying in balance?

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

When Chiropractors Get Sick: What a Pain in the Neck (Subluxation, too)

It's been a few weeks since I have been exercsing and I already feel my reduced stamina after performing some of my usual activities. I really noticed this during that nice warm day this week. A brisk walk is not so brisk and that hill climb left me out of breath.

I'm getting back to my exercise routine and working my way back up to my recent fitness level. It is an important reminder how quickly things can change. It all changed on Palm Sunday, March 16, 2008. Here are the rest of the details:

It was on Palm Sunday when I hurt my neck. I want to share it here with you because it was an important lesson about stress and how it sneaks up on us.

I woke up that morning with a stiff neck. It didn't bother me too much and I figured it would work itself out over a few days so I went on with my activities. I've had bad stiff necks before that lasted three weeks so I tried not to panic about it.

I shuffled though Monday and Tuesday very carefully. Quick movements would be painful but I expected that. I had a great day in the office on Tuesday and was feeling energized, but it seemed to go downhill during the night. It was so uncomfortable to lay in bed that I was wide awake between 2 and 5 AM watching television waiting to feel my eyes grow heavy. When I realized my day was soon to begin I tried once more to lie down. Eirne's bed was empty since he crawaled into our bed so I thought I could be like Goldilocks and see if his bed would be more comfortable. I tried to relax so my thoughts would wander into sleep, but you can imagine how poorly that worked.

I slept about an hour then decided to get the day started. I was so emotionally charged it was difficult to concentrate on my usual activities. I could barely moved my head in the shower without pain so washing my hair was difficult. Driving was painful. Leaning over the adjusting table was sapping what energy I had left. It was next to impossible for Dr. Petrosino to adjust me. I was able to stand up straighter with my head up, but the pain was not going away anytime soon and I understood that. Both sides of my neck rebelled against me as if they wanted to choke me. Just touching my neck muscles was excruciating.

Then came the immune system response. I had a sore throat, swallowing hurt, I had pain in my skull behind my ears and I could barely open my mouth to eat.

I couldn't turn my head to drive. Mike had to help me back out of parking spaces. It was then I had to admit it was time to stay home. I needed to take some of the mental stress off my mind. I was in battle with myself because I couldn't let anyone down, but I cancelled appointments for two days. I tried to adjust people on Friday, but lost my energy so quickly I had to cancel the rest of the day.

Things got better since then, but I still have pain turning my head. I am continuing extra chiropractic care. At this point I have lost 50% of my neck motion and driving is still difficult because I can't move quckly to see all around me. Just imagine how many other drivers on the road are like that!! If I don't continue with chiropractic care I will have some nasty scar tissue that will turn my neck into a statue. This is not a good idea if I want my brain to work properly.

It's been a few weeks and my memories of this event are fading. Once memories fade we tend to get back to business as usual and ignore our health. Something as inocuous as a stiff neck is a sign of serious issues that should not be neglected.
Just prior to my injury I was working out on my mini-trampoline. I over extended my neck and felt "twinges" in my fingertips during an exercise and this likely started it. I was also up late the night before. I have been letting some emotional discomfort fester in my mind, as well, so this are all the right ingredients at the right time for my body to yell out: "Get real and put things into perspective!"

When you're feeling overwhelmed and out of energy, always look at the 3 sources of subluxation:
1) physical trauma and for most of us physical neglect
2) chemical overload and nutritional defeciencies
3) mental stress which is the most sinsiter and least acknowledged

While you are getting adjusted to rebalance your nervous system, make a promise to your body that you will work on the physical, chemical, and mental issues that are overloading your nervous system.

And don't let your memories fade!! Past pain is the lesson we need to be nicer to ourselves.

See you at the table...the adjusting table.

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