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Saturday, December 04, 2021

Brain First / Body Freedom ("Brain First" Boot Camp)

Pain, anxiety & low energy are learned.  

How did that happen?  

The good news: anything learned can be unlearned with new information. 

I call it boot camp because of the intensive nature of this coaching program... along with the intensive body-mind results you can experience. 

Roll up your sleeves. Boot camp means you're ready to get your hands dirty.  And your feet!  You're ready for something different. 

"Brain First" is the protocol that will change how you look at your life and health forever.  

The ideas you and I grew up with are inefficient and ineffective.  (Some are downright dangerous.)

Brain First / Body Follows is best way to sum it up.  

We've been going about it in the wrong order!!

Think in the reverse to rev up your life!! 

Ready for a real change?  

Get off the hamster wheel.  

Do something totally different like Albert Einstein said!!!

Brain First Boot Camp is $2 a minute.  You pick how long you want your sessions to be.  You pick how many sessions you want as you progress.

You are here on this earth to grow your talents everyday. 

Don't stay the same.  Dare to Grow.

Here's an earlier promo I used in the past to tell the story....   can't wait to hear from you.

-- Dr. Lisa

Half Healthy is Half Sick

Half a Solution Is Still Half a Problem

Does your health care feel like unfinished business?

Time to put together a “whole approach.”

How has unfinished business affected you?

Emergency Medicine →

Too Late

It doesn't have to be too late. Tissue damage is considerable when an emergency intervention is needed. But we can change that trend.

Annual Screenings →

Epic Fail

Researchers have said screenings do not change outcomes, but make profit for hospitals. How can you have true confidence that you are doing the right things for your future?

Maintenance Drugs →

Miserable Decline

There is no medicine that restores health. Maintenance drugs do not rebuild failing tissues. We need to step back and ask why tissue does failure begins.

Surgery →

Extreme Risks

Why do you sign all those disclosure forms? Because unfavorable outcomes are high. Failed back surgery syndrome has it's own insurance code. Back surgeries have an 85% fail rate. And that's only one example.

Traditional Offices →


Doctors know they are limited by the bureaucracy of medicine. You have to wonder how severe is your doctor's state of demoralization. Doctors commit suicide at double the rate of the rest of the population. Invite them to join you on this healing journey.

We have an overburdened health care system that helps you get somewhat better, but you fall through the cracks.

Q. Why?

A. 1- No one makes the time to give you what you really need.

2- What you really need cannot be patented or profited but it's still worthwhile.

3- What you really need comes from YOU with a little bit of education and coaching. I know your story. I lived it. --Dr. Lisa

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