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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Where you place your thoughts is where you place your healing.

The first step in healing is to get the clutter out of our brains. This is crucial to understand because we have been indoctrinated with so much health information that fear immobilizes us when health decisions need to be made.

Brain clutter is a problem when too much information leads us away from the solution. Isn’t it eye opening how children have an uncanny sense of sincerity and can see through all the complicated facades of adults? Children don’t have brain clutter…yet.

Information overload actually has its own designation in Wikipedia as a business management term describing how decision making is stalled due to an abundance of debatable knowledge. In health care the abundance of tests and diagnoses don’t make it any easier to regain health. They are merely different forms of information.

From a chiropractic point of view the clutter seems to make the public more confused. Open any yellow page ad and read the specific diagnoses chiropractic helps. The list goes from the many possible forms of back pain and disc herniations to neck pain, dizziness, carpal tunnel, head aches, sinus pain, digestive complaints, infertility, sciatica, and more.

These are just names of conditions that give us a starting point. They mean virtually nothing in the realm of health. They are just labels we can pick and choose from when we feel unbalanced and sick.

Here is the opportunity to do away with the clutter: chiropractic is about making a decision. Wanting to get out of pain is not a decision. That is just a wish without any action. People who really put the walk in their talk understand their health problems are not the center of attention. Their source of life is the center of attention.

That source of life comes from the nervous system as it coordinates all mental and physical responses while we interact with our surroundings. The location of pain is not as important as the neurological feed back system that attempts to defend the body from stress.

I often deal with other people’s clutter when they talk themselves out of seeing a chiropractor. People rationalize that their leg pain isn’t that bad or their arthritis is just a part of aging. I tune into their suffering and self defeat, not their physical maladies.

With every condition of the body and mind, the nervous system is participating in some fashion. We hope the nervous system is supporting the healing process and not acting as a distraction allowing further damage to occur.

The chiropractic adjustment is the mode of repair to the body addressing subtle spinal distortions that weaken the nerves. The nerves are the hub of survival. Stress will always be with us. Understanding the body’s strengths as it faces daily stresses gives us a different type of insight.

We should be looking at our bodies with awe, not with despondency. Chiropractic has life changing implications if we keep it simple by nurturing the source of life within us.

See you at the table...the chiropractic table.

--Dr. Lisa
Health Freedom Advocate