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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Michael Jackson's Fake god: Prescription Drugs

If you are taking a minimal amount of prescription drugs and you think you are safe, don't feel so secure. True health reform starts by reforming our mind-set.

The rumors are out regarding Michael Jackson's death. He had incredible access to pain killers. He suffered a fractured vertebra. If it healed poorly it would explain why someone would seek anything out to feel better. It can get out of control, especially with easy access and a society that condones the pharmacy market. This societal permissiveness is dangerous! And it is quite sneaky...

TV commercials make drugs look like wonderful products that make life so much easier. Medicare Part D now pays for drugs. Insurance companies pay for drugs. Walmart and other discount stores provide drugs for $4. Like this is a miraculous deal!

We are not getting healthier. In fact, many of us are dying.
Properly prescribed and administered drugs according the medical standard of care kills a significant number of people.
[Source: Journal of American Med. Assoc, July 26, 2000; Nov. 1, 2000; p 484; West J Med. June, 2000, 172(6):390-3. Visit]

I detested drugs long before I became a chiropractor, but I really saw how dangerous they were to self esteem when I was a mental health counselor. People believe the lie that they are defective. Drug use (drugs of all kind..) lead us to self-hate. We feel like we have no control over our own lives. We feel like failures. The body wasn't meant to fail us. We just forgot what it really takes to nurture it.

I know there is more to Michael Jackson's tragic death and I feel sorry for him. But this is another example of our twisted beliefs about obtaining health. If he was working out to get ready for his upcoming tour and was taking these drugs at the same time, that was an awful combination.

What I wish I knew was how were his subluxations being taken care of? What was his diet like? What nutritional supplements could have restored tissue health decreasing his pain? What other mental or physical stressor was he ignoring every time he popped a pill into his mouth? What kinds of stresses were destroying his nervous (survival) system? Remember, he didn't die of cardiac arrest. No one dies of disease. His nervous system was no longer able to support his heart.

Health care reform is focusing on more of the same: this lack of confidence in the body so we must fund disease care. I am afraid we will all be disappointed by the outcome of health care reform because our leaders insist on making drugs cheaper somehow.

The book, The China Study, shows rates of heart attacks have been the same since the 1950's. Our use of mechanical correction to repair "Humpty Dumpty's heart" has postponed death in emergency cases, but the truth is the health of the heart and arteries remain unchanged due to diet and the side effects of drugs. The arteries fill right back up with plaque unless diet is addressed.

True health care reform will occur when we re-form our thinking. Our leaders want to continue mainstream health care and try to look creative with the tax money. We must change our views about how we live. We need to look at life style changes. We need to place more emphasis on the nervous system.

In my office we always emphasize the nervous system. It gets difficult at times because we are so stuck on our symptomatic approach. I have to avoid getting sucked into the symptom storm otherwise I stop providing something that is different.

Your continued dedication to your spinal health for the best nervous (survival) system will make chiropractic become the new mainstream health care.

Chiropractic adds nothing to the body and takes nothing away. The beautifully illustrates how well equipped we are to live a vitalistic life.

Stop the self-hate. Learn how the body truly works.

Remember, you get to choose.

See you at the table...the chiropractic table.

--Dr. Lisa
Your Health Freedom Coach


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Why Go Another Day Toxic?

Peter Greenlaw gave a great talk last Wednesday, June 17, 2009. This is his second time in Auburn and the reception was wonderful. We were lucky to get him. He was in Albany the day before and headed out to Boston the day after. Hopefully, we'll get him back in town because this message needs to reach every person.

The message is: no matter how healthy we eat, we are still toxic. Even organically grown produce is toxic. I hated to admit that because I am so pro-nature, but the truth is we can't avoid all the toxins in our food, air, and water.

No offense, ladies.
The Inuit women at the North Pole have such contamination in their breast milk that they can be considered toxic waste dumps! It doesn't matter where you live anymore.

The Beauty of the Body
As good as you can eat, you still need to cleanse the body. The beauty is in our bodies because if you have the perfect nutrient intake your body cleanses automatically. This is our innate intelligence at work.

But don't live under a false sense of security
When the body is toxic, fat cells wrap themselves around toxins and expand as toxicity increases. This walls off the toxins. Also the body retains water to keep these toxins diluted. Thin people are still toxic, however. MRI studies have shown this.

Stop Dieting
Restricting food intake is the "old" way of losing weight which can have good results initially, but without adequate nutrition the body won't be able to naturally cleanse, so the weight balloons back up again. How about that plateau where you are stuck at the same weight and body shape? Yep, that's toxins causing the body to hang on to fat. Toxic fat just won't burn off.

So where do you get the perfect nutrient intake?

Today, you need to eat 12 apples to obtain the nutrition in one apple that was grown thirty years ago. Do you feel like eating 12 apples? I can eat two, then, I am quickly full (but not nutrient repleted). Now, we are easily getting full with today's food supply, but the brain wants more because it needs nutrients to initiate metabolic processes.

A starving brain gets so excited, brain cells die. This happens when we eat more than the daily intake of sugar. We have replaced our food supply with high fructose corn syrup. I bet most households have a few fruit selections on hand, but the corn syrup abounds. Whenever you read "high fructose corn syrup" think of brain starvation and toxic buildup.

Supplement your healthy food intake with a natural cleanse.
There's that dirty word again: supplement. But, the argument should be over by now. Right, Dr. Dean Edell?

We need an advanced from of nutrients that you can't get in the grocery store. It starts with high quality protein and includes abundant trace minerals and enzymes.

I've found a product that exceeded my expectations and actually saves me money on groceries.

Group Cleanse Coming Up
Don't go another day toxic. Join the practice in a group cleanse in two weeks. As a personal challenge to yourself, purchase the 9 Day Cleanse from Isagenix and join a group support effort. We'll start Monday, July 13, 2009. I will set up a special blog site for comment sharing and on-going tips. I will hold conference calls by phone so you can participate from home.

Be sure to order your product in time by July 13, 2009. It takes about four business days to ship.
I will help you make an order or you can go directly to this site

After Peter Greenlaw's talk, many people wanted to learn more about the products. I can provide information for you and you can also read about it on the website. But, I've got to say it: there's no reason to go another day toxic, sick, and miserable.

Keep it simple. Start with the 9 Day Cleanse and wait for it to arrive at your door. I'll take you on the rest of the journey.

Jump right in with us! I have many great testimonials already from people who gave up and decided to just love the body they're in. Why love the toxins you're in?????

Remember, you get to choose.
See you at the table...the chiropractic table.

--Dr. Lisa
Your Health Freedom Coach

Don't be overwhelmed. Be cleansed.

You've heard many other weight loss progrmas, but it is not about weight. It is about toxins loading you down.

What Montel Williams Says About Alternative Health

Dr. Lisa ponders, "Having health insurance doesn't mean you should always use it."

In the July 2009 issue (not available online yet, but later you can visit, Montel Williams talks about how well he is doing despite being given the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis.

At age 52 he is working out at the gym 90 minutes a day. Not quite the prediction his doctor gave him. He was told to stop exercising and get used to life in a wheel chair. Of course he was angry to hear this from his doctor after being misdiagnosed for a long time.

He admits he ate a lot of junk food until a fitness teacher told him he was eating garbage. Today, he not only works out for 90 minutes, he eats a 65% raw, liquid diet and 35% cooked food. He takes many different whole food supplements, natural hormones and a specific prescription for MS.

The most interesting part of the article is his attitude toward others' attitudes when it comes to his natural health regime. If a doctor doesn't agree with what he is doing, he finds another doctor.

Sadly, he has seen people who were diagnosed around the same time he was diagnosed but they are doing much worse. When he talks to them about it, they announce that their doctors told them not to use supplements.

I think it is a poor reason to not investigate something. Montel Williams is not the first person to resort to proper fueling of the body to heal it. The Gerson clinic in Mexico is based on it. But remember, you get to choose. Always seek and learn.

Montel Williams also uses chiropractic care. He talked about it on his show and his chiropractor adjusted him on the air. Watch here.

See you at the table...the chiropractic table.
--Dr. Lisa
Your Health Freedom Coach

Living Well with Montel

Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Nervous System is First Again: The Chiropractic Wake Up

In the book, Fun is Good: How to Create Joy & Passion in Your Workplace & Career, pg 3 has a profound sentence:

"Most of us take the wrong approach to our career. We look at what's out there , and try to fit ourselves to a role. Shouldn't it be the other way around?"

I did it! I confess. Sitting in the career office in high school waiting to meet with my guidance counselor who told me which schools I should try to attend. In my last semeseter of college I wrote the kind of resume I was told would get me the job. I looked for jobs!

I tried to fit into something. But we weren't made that way by God's infinite intelligence. We are all different genetically and spiritually. But we try to be something already copied by someone else.

The author, Mike Veeck, teaches his readers how to follow their own ideas of how they should desisgn their careers. He suggests employers should allow for more individuality and creativity.

This can be applied to health care, too. Our health care options are so predictable that the country is now calling for universal health care. "Medical standard of care" allows for little discussion or difference of opinion. Alternative health care is still called unproven although I know that is very inaccurate.

To me what is now called alternative health care was really in the mainstream a short 150 years ago. I have noticed chiropractic is rarely included in the alternative health care category. Mostly you hear about massage, acupuncture, nutrition, energy medicine, but not chiropractic. Yet, chiropractic is not included in medicine and dentistry, the so-called mainstream, either.

Chiropractic stands alone in a category all its own. I hope it stays that way. Now that I have spent too many years trying to fit in. Now it is the time to stand alone.

I don't really have to stand alone. I have a group of practice members who realize the difference between the medical, outside in approach and the chiropractic, inside out approach to wellness.

All health, healing, and existence are centered around mind-spine-intelligent desgin. The nervous system was formed first in utero. Sadly, the nervous system isn't first to most people. For those who decided to break away, the nervous system is first again.

Remember, you get to choose.
See you at the table...the adjusting table.

--Dr. Lisa
Your Health Freedom Coach.

Create Purpose

Sunday, June 07, 2009

There are 4 Rules with 'Advanced Chiropractic'

It is common knowledge that chiropractic works very well for back pain and neck pain. But that is just the tip of the iceberg. It almost bores me because the full scope of chiropractic is much more life changing when it is understood.

I can "pop" your bones and help your back sprain go away faster. That's what insurance companies want. But insurance is not focused on promoting health. Insurance is only about the present moment and how much it is worth to them. Insurance officers want to keep more money in their pockets. It's true. Insurance is not an altruistic venture. It will only pay out the bare minimum. Insurance is a gambling scheme betting that only a small fraction of the population will be sick and the rest of the population can pay for it. It's true.

And I did not go to New York Chiropractic College to make nice with the insurance companies!

Here are the 4 rules:

1. You are not defective or inferior. Never feel that way with any health care professional.

2. Chiropractic is about systems, not symptoms.

3. There are no symptoms. They are body responses.

4. Body responses happen for very logical reasons and once you understand the reason you have more control over your healing choices.

Get adjusted because you want to be in the best state possible to handle stress and heal. Get adjusted because your human potential matters to you and you want to be at your best at all times.

No one can bet on your life, but there is one man who has bet on his own life and is winning. He is a cancer patient in the U.K. He made a bet he would outlive his doctor's predictions. He made $16,000! Read the article here. On the other hand, a family here in the U.S. has lost the freedom to choose and a young man with cancer is forced to undergo unproven cancer treatments.

Keep this in mind...because no one else can live your life for you.

See you at the table...the chiropractic table.

--Dr. Lisa
Your health freedom coach