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Friday, March 24, 2006

Food Labels Worthless--Are You Angry Yet? (Wellness Under Attack)

I cut and pasted this article from Dr. Mercola's newsletter. I urge you to subscribe. He has one to the best websites for health related information that most health care professionals are too busy to share with you. (

[By the Way
I was on a phone call last night with someone who had major heart problems and she showed her M.D. some patented supplements that help with cholesterol and blood flow. Her MD told her to take them instead of the Lipitor because, her MD admitted, Lipitor is dangerous. She has a great doctor and her health has improved tremendously!! Ask me for more information. ]

U.S. Eliminates State-Mandated Food Labeling

The U.S. House recently approved the National Uniformity for Food Act, a bill intended to override state laws on food safety labeling.
It would effectively eliminate more than 200 state laws, including tough California rules requiring food producers to warn consumers about carcinogenic ingredients.
Rushed Through for the Food Industry
Critics have complained that the bill was rushed through without complete hearings, as a favor to the food industry. The House voted down measures that would have allowed states to keep labels warning consumers about ingredients that could cause cancer, birth defects, or reproductive health problems, and the use of carbon monoxide to treat meat.
Arsenic in Bottled Water
California's senators are threatening to keep the bill from coming to the Senate floor. As a result of California's current state laws, bottled water companies have cut arsenic levels, and bakers have taken carcinogen potassium bromate out of many baked goods.
$31 Million
Food industry advocates of the law have argued that laws that differ from state to state drive up costs, since manufacturers and distributors must comply with different rules in different states.Food industry corporations and trade groups contributed more than $3 million to congressional representatives in the last election cycle, and $31 million total since 1998.
San Francisco Chronicle March 9, 2006
Yahoo News March 6, 2006

Dr. Mercola's Comment:
An important practice you can do to protect your health is to read produce and food labels before you buy anything at the grocery store.
Unfortunately, the National Uniformity for Food Act may soon make that a meaningless exercise.
Evidently, the multi-national drug companies don't have an exclusive hold on doling out cash in great sums to Congressmen in hopes of buying influence. I suspect a good deal of behind-the-scenes hijinks by lobbyists tied to legislators and the White House were responsible for the passage of this bill.
Some interesting facts about the lobbyists who worked behind closed doors to get this House bill passed:
One lobbyist raised more than $300,000 in political action committee donations for Rep. Mike Rogers (R-Mich.), who eventually sponsored the bill.
A lobbyist for the Food Products Association is the brother of White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card.
The wife of House Majority Whip Roy Blunt (R-Mo.) worked for Kraft Foods' parent company Altria as a lobbyist on the bill.
With luck, a more evenly divided Senate may torpedo the measure altogether. But the fact is, you can't trust governmental entities who regard the interests of big business -- not voters like you and me -- as their clients.
No matter what happens, the key is to stay away from processed foods as often as you can; 75 percent of them contain genetically modified ingredients. Stick to fresh, organic food that you prepare yourself as much as possible. You can do it for less money than you might think.

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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Chiropractic Makes Sense: Your Wellness Questions Answered

I came across a great chiropractic website called Ask the Experts. It has video clips of chiropractic speakers answering common chiropractic wellness questions. I added it to my website along with other handy links of consumer information. You can forward it to your friends and family who don't understand your love of chiropractic. You know it would help them feel more in control of their health. I feel the same way you do. Some people need more information before they are ready to take this step. Thanks for caring enough to keep up your efforts.

Here is the Link:

By the Way:

What happened to coaching clients #2? Remember the last time we left off with our couple with a new baby and they were feeling overwhelmed? It is a common ocurrence to reevaluate future goals when a couple is responsible for bringing up a new member of the human race.

I go them all under chiropractic care, including the infant. Just this simple step helped them relax and feel better about their efforts. Both mom and dad were exhausted and their first change was to get a healthier routine. Chiropractic care helped them sleep better and feel more refreshed. The baby also was calmer and when he slept more and cried less it was a great relief to them.

They were able to sit down and goal plan. They want to improve their financial future without feeling time pressures and working so much that they could become disconnected from their home life. They worked on a one year plan, five year plan and ten year plan then made an appointment with a financial planner. We addressed their fears which were based on beliefs they didn't realize they grew up with. They were able to rationalize that they misinterpreted some childhood memories about their parents' finances that they now see differently as adults.

Stress can creep into our lives at our busiest times. Major life events, whether positive or negative, impact our health which can influence how we view our abililties or sabotage our confidence. Whenever our balance is disrupted it is alway a good idea to return to better health habits.
Chiropractic is the best first step to ground someone mentally and physically.

(The people in my coaching stories are not real. They are, however, based on real life examples.)

Is The Government Making Us Stay Fat? The Attack on Wellness

This medical doctor has authored an book all about the same information I am teaching in my weight management clinic. I just ordered his book and I am truly looking forward to reading it. It's nice to see this information is going to get out there faster. Maybe I should work on my book.

Click Here to link to his site. There is a short video to watch if your computer is equipped for it.


Saturday, March 11, 2006

Fluoride Follow-Up: Working Toward Wellness

I received a comment from a reader who listed additional resources. I repeated it here in my newsletter for my readers' convenience.

Thank you for writing to the newspaper. Maybe someday we'll be working together. The New York State Coalition Opposed to Fluoridation was created in the 1970's which successfully thwarted organized dentistry's attempt to mandate fluoridation state-wide in New York. Fluoridation is an old-fashioned belief which modern science has shown is ineffective, harmful to health and a waste of money.

For more info:
New York State Coalition Opposed to Fluoridation, Inc.PO Box 263, Old Bethpage, NY 11805



Stop Shuffle Syndrome

Curves Matter: Spinal Wellness and Lifespan

Are Your Curves Healthy?
Or Are They Taking Away Your Life?

Bad posture is just a sign of getter older? Not with recently published studies. In 2004 an American Journal of Geriatrics article showed death happened sooner when the curve in the middle back ("hump back" was greater than normal.

In a November 2005 article in Spine stated a loss of normal curvature in the neck destroys nerve fibers and compromises blood flow. How can the heart and brain live under this kind of stress? Immediate and noticeable symptoms do not always occur. And, if they do most people choose to medicate with Non-steriodal anti-inflammatories (NSAID’s).

A Danish study demonstrates people who use NSAID's can quadruple their chances of dying. The study observed 58,432 men and women who suffered heart attacks between 1995 and 2002. [For detailed information please call me at (315) 277-1362. ] Celebrex and Vioxx (no longer on the market) had the worst risks. Cataflam, Voltaren, Advil, and Motrin were also implicated in premature deaths.

Know Your Measurements

So, what should be the response to these studies? They are very scary statistics and often not talked about. Information like this allows you to be prepared. A chiropractor can measure the angles of spinal curves on an x-ray. Chiropractic techniques can gently reduce these angles. The key is to be proactive and know your measurements before age 50. As age increases there is a higher chance of permanent deformation to the spine. Senior citizens still benefit from chiropractic care because it helps maintain mobility, improve balance, and increase energy.

Regardless of your age, your future health depends on what you do now. Get educated, share this information with your family, and utilize chiropractic care because it is gentle, drug free and appropriate for all ages.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Moving Through Stages: Wellness is a Process

  • Dr. James O. Prochaska, a psychologist at the University of Rhode Island, collaborated in a study of behavior and helped develop the six stages of change. Categorizing stages of change helps a person deterimine what attitudes and actions are related . Knowing the stage you are in prepares you for a forward move toward a goal. I renamed the stages to add an emotional component since they are powerful motivators. Reading these descriptions may help you figure where you stand on the “readiness scale.” It can also help you understand other people’s journey in case you are frustrated by other people. Remember, you can only change yourself. But we an always be a positive influence on others.

    Stage 1
    Rejection (of Self), Denial
    I know I should…but, I’ll worry about it later.

    Stage 2
    I am tired of this… I can’t ignore it any longer.

    Stage 3
    Boy, this is going to take a lot of work. There are so many details to consider and plan for …

    Stage 4
    Here it goes… I am doing some different things…

    Step Five
    It’s becoming more routine, but I relapse every so often…practice makes perfect

    Step 6
    I’ve been at it for quite some time now so my new habits are now old habits.

Let's take a closer look:

Stage 1
Rejection (of Self), Denial
I know I should…but, I’ll worry about it later.

Ouch! Do we really reject ourselves? Yes. Some people are in clear denial that they need to make a serious change in their lives and others usually have to have a heart to heart discussion about it. But, for the most part, we are procrastinators. And that does not demonstrate high regard for ourselves. Whatever we are putting off now, generally beocmes amplified in the future. We do it in small ways. We ignore our need to save money or be more caring in a relationship. We also do it in big ways, addictions being a prime example.

Stage 2
I am tired of this… I can’t ignore it any longer.

This is the point of "rock bottom." You can no longer lie to yourself. You may not know how to proceed from here, but you have to admit it the denail has gone on long enough.

Stage 3
Boy, this is going to take a lot of work. There are so many details to consider and plan for …

Here is the place of fear and hesitation. Once someone decides it is time to do something new, it is scary and uncomfortable. This is an excellent time to plan, research, get expert opinions, and gather support.

Stage 4
Here it goes… I am doing some different things…What I used to call sacrifice is now drive.

Action truly begins here. This is where the plans are put into place. Back in stage three the feelings are, "I have to give up this, and this, and make a lot of sacrifices." But during this stage that kind of language transforms into, "I know the end result will be good. I am doing something that is beneficial to myself and perhaps a lot of other people in my life. My goals are motivating me."

Step Five
It’s becoming more routine, but I relapse every so often…practice makes perfect.

New patterns are becoming comfortable. It is becoming easier. Don't berate yourself if you slip backward in a relapse. The pattern is easier to return to as the nervous system is rewiring itself to maintain this change. We may go back to other stages often, but understanding these stages allows you to get back on track faster. During this stage of perseverence, making minor adjustments to your action plan helps you remain focused.

Step 6
I’ve been at it for quite some time now so my new habits are now old habits.

I prefer to say pattern instead of habit because "habit" is usually aligned with negative behaviors. Although there are good habits along with bad habits, the word "pattern" suggests options and possibilites. There is a future with improvement. When a new behavior is sustained, helping others is a great contribution. As you recall your journey through the stages you can be a patient mentor.

Understanding these stages makes journaling more productive. Writing about personal growth in each stage illustrates the experience so future endeavors can be pursued the similar inspiration.

Ready to move through a new stage?

So Whatever Happened to Clients #2?

They were the married couple with a new baby who felt their life had just stopped. They were very delighted to raise their baby daughter but the new routine became overwhelming. They want guidance for their future plans as a family. This entails their financial stability and how to allocate their funds based on their goals.

So, Harry and Sally, feeling tired and overwhelmed, want to come up with clear cut goals. They feel somewhat unprepared because they both come from families where success looks easy. Living three hours away from their hometown, Harry and Sally don't want to burden their family with questions about money and maturity concerns that they feel they should feel confident about.

What stages do you think they have been going through? Are they in a "holding pattern" in one stage? This is a very normal transition from single life to marriage and parenting, but they want to do it well. They have a few emotional blocks from childhood that they are comfortable with, but now they are in a new level of discomfort nudging them toward a breakthrough.

We'll address their situation in the next online issue. Until then, visualize yourself entering a new stage for any goal you want to work on. And enjoy the process!

What is the Wellness Buzz?

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

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