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Sunday, June 21, 2020

Doctors Who Jumped Ship (Part 4: William Rawls)


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William Rawls, MD is the author of  Unlocking Lyme.  I picked up his book when Lyme disease was becoming more talked about.  It seemed to have this mystery about it as the media took control of the situation trying to inform the public.  (Does that sound familiar, by the way, with our current popular virus of the day?)

But, after reading his introduction and first few chapters, I realized the same health practices that heal other ailments apply here.  They always apply.  What keeps the body healthy is the same no matter what you find on lab work and no matter what name you give a set of symptoms. 

These pathogens, or little buggers, or critters, as I like to call them have been with us since the world began.  There are too many to name, so why get all mixed up in the details?  Mummies like the "Iceman" and other dated materials have shown these spirochetes, microbes, etc., are not new.  And they were not making us sick, until recently.  Something happened to us in very modern times.  

Dr. Rawls, also suffered from Lyme disease.  But he is adamant that he was exposed to the Lyme critters when he was a child playing in the woods.  Interestingly, he was not sick until middle age when his life was extremely stressful as an OB-GYN delivering babies at all  hours and living a sleep deprived existence. 

He jumped ship because the typical medical approach was not getting people him well.  He also explains that spending time with patients (something we all want and need as part of the healing process) and not ordering procedures that don't work, my emphasis on the not working part, made it impossible to maintain a financially viable medical practice. 

Dr. Rawls removed himself from the managed care system and revamped his practice into an integrative office utilizing herbs and natural approaches.  He pulled himself out of chronic illness so he has the experience that allows him to relate to the difficulties others have endured in the same situation. 

The most important concept I can convey from his own story is that the environmental microbes need not freak us out.  We are built with a great immune system from the brain to the gut and it is up to us to protect it.  

Protect your resiliency with the common sense

Don't fear the little buggers. 

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