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Friday, June 12, 2020

What Will You Discard? What Will You Keep?

During this time of "pandemonium" due to the stressful reactions to a misunderstood sickness, we've had to slow down, make a few changes and make peace with unexpected hardships.  

Now, it's time to reemerge with a better attitude and a stronger nervous system.  

I do not want to see this happened ever again.  Not because of illness.  There will always be illness warning us that we are dabbling too much with dangerous toxins and unhealthy habits. Illness is not something to be feared either.  We should have learned by now what truly causes illness, but somehow the majority still fall on outdated, unproven theories.  For now, we move on. 

The immune system became the hot topic these last few months.  Let's keep our focus on what is wonderful about the body, so we can remain positive, confident, and resilient.  

We are meant to be sick from time to time.  It is meant to be brief and it educates the brain's immune programming.  

We are not meant to deliberately harm ourselves.  Hopefully, the lessons from this past season help us realize a serious reformation has to take place. 

What we have learned.  What we can reform: 

  -- Our ignorance and tolerance of chronic disease has bit us in the butt, so to speak. We should not have been shocked by a surge in sickness.  It was the dam about to break. Now the dam broke. 

-- Our ruination of the food supply is also a cause of chronic illness and it contributes to poor health in young and the older populations.  This is disasterous.

-- Vitamin D is now realized to be very crucial to saving one's life.  We have overwhelmingly disrupted a normal Vitamin D metabolism with toxins, and medications. There may be unknown ways we have interfered with natural Vitamin D synthesis such as chemical pollution in the air, chemical spraying, burning of biofuels, etc. 

--Mitochondrial health is still overlooked, in my opinion.  If we truly valued mitochondrial health, we'd move away from the reductionist thinking of mainstream medical care. 

--There's more to learn from our bioelectrical systems and we need to understand the interference from WiFi, radiation, and the new technologies that create more electro-pollution.

-- Our lives have been too jammed with unhealthy schedules.  We rush too much and allow a rush-style anxiety to build that contributes to fight or flight illness such as heart disease, cancer, and auto-immune disorders. 

-- We still don't understand communicable disease and make some very bad inferences. 

I could add more realizations, and possibly write a book.  You also have your own personal realizations that can motivate you.  The recent slow down has affected how we relate to our jobs, our families, our community, etc. What different choices will you make? 

During this slowdown we've had time to evaluate what we are missing, such as school, jobs, friends, volunteering.  We also make a decision regarding the things we don't want back.  For some it could be a long commute to work or an overextended schedule.  With financial hardships and shopping restrictions, some folks may have paid closer track of their finances and realized they were able to get by with less money and are now able to skip unnecessary spending. 

These are just various examples popping up in my head.  Each of us has our own self discovery of what we were able to evaluate and achieve during this extreme change during which we were forced to change our life style for a time.  

Now that communities are resuming regular activities, each of us decides now what parts of this sabbatical we will maintain, and what aspects we will discard.  

When events happen that are beyond our control, it is still an opportunity to exercise control in our responses.  Your brain's past experiences are stored in your memory to help you deal with new events.  This different time can be an opportunity to reinforce a different set of habits that you may desire to continue.  

As a part of your life style modification, include health boosting with the BFA Protocol.  You may be ready to dive deeper into your personal wellness journey.  

I'm here with you.  Let's do it together. 

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