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Saturday, December 21, 2019

This Week: Why Pep Talks Don't Work

In this week's online coaching membership, the topic is Dopamine Disaster.

You can't always pep talk yourself out of a problem.  You may feel bad about yourself because your brain needs dopamine.

When the brain neurotransmitter, dopamine is low, people feel unmotivated. We may feel critical of ourselves or others who seem to be performing poorly with a lazy attitude. But there is a possibility you or someone you care about is suffering from an energy crisis that is nutritionally based.

Folks in this situation may also feel poorly and do things poorly:

-learned helplessness
-“in a rut”
-often procrastinate
-lose interest in previously enjoyable activities
-have low interest in learning new things
-follow through poorly on therapies or tasks due to not having enough energy (professionals call it non-compliant)
-feel worthless
-feel anxious
-avoid social gatherings

People can also suffer from physical problems as well:
-cold hands and feet
-fungus in the nails
-anemia from low iron, low B9, low B12, low B6
-females with heavy periods
-Magnesium deficiency

Here's the tricky part, people give up too easily because the typical healing modalities make them feel worse, so a gradual approach needs to be utilized. 

If you're interested in learning more, sign up for 7 Free Days of the Online Coaching Membership.

How well are you Feeding Your Brain?

The Brain Fog Warning

See you at the table,
The Adjusting Table

--Your Health Freedom Advocate

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Don't Eat Fruit

Call to Action:  Understand why fruit is just another addictive substance that adds more nerve stress to your body via an insulin response that increases inflammation slamming more chemical insult on a subluxated spine. And then, don't eat any more fruit.  (Ask me about the ketolox phasing program for brain health.)

One thing that changes your brain is an addiction that fries your dopamine neurotransmitters and making it difficult to experience that natural energy we were born with.  

If you are living in modern America, you are addicted to carbohydrates and it is ignored until you become obese or diabetic.  

How do you "feed your brain?" I prefer nutrients, not toxins. 
Listen to Dr. Robert Cwyes give a very short and sweet (sorry) explanation.  

More on Food Addiction: CLICK HERE. 

Sunday, December 08, 2019

Everything Your Body Does Is Normal

Call to Action: More confidence in your own body helps you experience better health.  The more you know, the more confident you will be. 

Everything Your Body Does is Normal.  Allow me to explain in Episode 27.
I'd prefer you not say your body is doing something wrong. It sets a negative pattern in your mind. If you feel you are always wrong, how can you feel strong and successful?
If something is wrong, we need to look at our beliefs about the body's function. Are we reacting to symptoms superficially or looking deeper at the real reasons the body responds in a certain way? Also, a lot of it has to do with the way we treat our bodies. Your body is doing everything logically and correctly to handle stressful exposures. Stress does not take a day off and we shouldn't just assume our health works on autopilot. Our innate intelligence is very powerful, but it can only work through healthy, receptive tissue. How do you maintain and protect your body? Check out the Brain First Always program.

The Willingness to be Different is How You Heal

The Willingness to be Different is How You Heal
Episode 25
The definition of insanity is doing the same over and over, while expecting a different outcome, and then getting ore frustrated over and over...... So, what are you willing to do that is different, even if it is something your friends won't do and will probably mock you for doing it? Let's talk. What side of stubborn will you stand on? Get your BFA template today. Did you sign up for 7 Days Free Coaching?

No Energy = No Healing

Brain Snob Episode 25: No Energy / No Healing

What is Sarcopenia? Do you have it? What is mitochondria? Why do older people lose their independence? Did you know most medications are mitochondria killers? Can you undertake deprescribing for mitochondria health? Visit:

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The Proper Way to Accept Aging

The Proper Way to Accept Aging and Mitochondria Mastery.
Enjoy Episode 24 of Brain Snob
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Wednesday, December 04, 2019

I Want Equal Time: Cholesterol and Heart Health

Call to Action: Don't be afraid to research health advice on your own to form your own opinion.  You have the ability to weigh the pros and cons.  

Demanding equal time is surely something we need to see in a country the promotes free speech.  Access to balanced information is something we deserve. The fact is that mainstream sources of health information is one sided most of the time.  The drug companies own the TV news outlets. Without going into the specifics of fraudulent activity in science, health seekers certainly have the ability to weigh the information and come up with their own educated opinion when other sides are presented to them.

But if only one side is shown, how can you exercise your thinking brain???????

Cholesterol is a huge topic.  People are in a panic when their blood work shows a cholesterol that is considered high.   Unfortunately, people don't realize that number goes up and down over the course of a day.  I was only aware of that when I watched a lecture from an individual who measured his cholesterol obsessively just to understand it better himself. 

Just knowing many people have "normal" cholesterol and still have heart attacks should make us pause and rethink the true culprits that damage our health.  

The information is out there, but you have to search carefully.  You may be the one who educates your friends and family.  

David Diamond has devoted years dissecting cholesterol research.  This is a long, but thorough video: 

Here are some shorter videos on the questionable benefits of heart interventions.

Do you really want to help statins  become the first drug to reach $3 trillion in sales by next year??? Why does anyone promote a toxic formulation that is known to damage mitochondria?  Click here to watch this video: The Remarkable Uselessness of Statin Drugs

As I said:  You can decide for yourself, but only if both sides of the story get equal time. 

More Equal Time Blog Posts

Friday, November 29, 2019

Six Ways to Suffocate Your Tissues

Call to Action: Give your brain what it needs with the BFA Protocol.  Need some hints on how to feed the brain?

Your innate intelligence is the inner healer. And, you'd better know how you can be your innate's assistant manager.  

I hope you'd rather heal your tissues, but understanding where the damage comes from helps you turn around and head in the opposite direction. 

In this blog post I want to share with you my favorite video from Darren Schmidt's channel.  I have permission to share this and he encourages his audience to teach each other.   This is the 3rd or fourth time I've listened to it.  The information covers where diet goes wrong and how to make it right. 

The beginning part covers the latest discoveries regarding calcificying nanoparticles. They are nasty and get stuck in our bodies pretty easily. It sounds complicated at first, but listen twice and it will sink in.  It's a long video, but very informative and the ending includes audience questions that you don't want to miss.

He talks about the 6 causes of heart disease, with calcifying nanoparticles as one cause.  Remember, all parts of the body are exposed to these insults, so it also goes for the brain, liver, muscles, etc. 

1- Seed oils because they deplete Vit K2 (K2 helps keep your arteries clear of plaque).
 2- Sugar glycates arterial walls (sugar is a sticky, plastic-like coating).
3- Chest pain and muscle weakness is due to a deficiency of heme iron (eat red meat).
4- Structurally weak arteries comes from insufficient protein (eat more meat). [He'll tell you about his vegan patient who has mini-strokes]
5- 1 or more of the 4 blood clotting factors are dysfunctional
6- Calcifying nanoparticles (They end up anywhere: kidney or gall stones, plaques, cysts, fibroids, cataracts, brain, cancers, driving inflammation, auto-immune attacks, etc.)  Nanobactx is one solution. (At 22:30 in the video.)

What are the blood clotting factors?
     1- lipoprotein a    (ketosis reduces it)
     2- homocysteine   (Methylated B vitamins reduces it, Cataplex B)
     3- fibrinogen   (ketosis reduces it)
     4- C-reactive protein  (ketosis reduces it)

Enjoy the video: 


Ready to Dive In?
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What is Metabolic Hypoxia?

See you at the table.......
The adjusting table....
---Dr. Lisa
---Your Health Freedom Coach

Sunday, November 24, 2019

The Chiropractic Adjustment Just as Important as Breathing

Call to Action: Get adjusted!  Watch the Orientation Video. (Here)

I love delivering a chiropractic adjustment.  It is a profound craft performed with the hands to unlock the subluxated spine so the brain is free from neurological hiccups.  

I appreciate the people who want to receive a chiropractic adjustment.  Every brain boosted is a plus for the world.  The more the merrier. 

I am even going to be so bold as to say chiropractic is just as important as breathing.  We know how often we need to breathe.  Actually we are constantly breathing, at least 12 to 20 breaths per minute. 

The chiropractic adjustment plays an important role in helping people breathe.  This is because the adjustment helps balance the  nervous system so the autonomic portion can better regulate the body which includes respiration. 

This video below gives one example of breathing improving when someone is  under chiropractic care.  I like how this doctor explains it in relation to spine/brain communication.

Now, let me emphasize, and I know you are aware of this, that you don't wait until you have noticeable tissue damage before seeking chiropractic care. The early stages of poor health are not measurable in any type of test to date.  We're not at the Star Trek level of technology.....

Also, here is an NIH article. 

The adjustment helps you free up burdened nerves so the brain is not taking on any degenerative patterns.  
Let me help you achieve the health you need to accomplish the meaningful goals you have set out to achieve. 

See you at the table.
The adjusting table.
--Dr. Lisa
--Your Health Freedom Advocate

What is BFA?
I am ready for the BFA Coaching Membership

Move Move Move - Just Keep Moving

Call to Action:  Take an inventory of the types of stagnation in your life so you can reboot your personal mission.

In chiropractic  college we were told movement is life.  And it makes so much sense.  Sitting is now considered the new smoking.  The law of inertia tells us that something at rest will remain at rest.  Immobility is one of the great ways to develop scar tissue in your joints and injured muscles. I don't want you to slow down, because your entire life slows down. 

Getting going seems to be the challenge for folks who may have realized they let the inactive thing go on too long....

Since the brain and spinal cord make up the master system of the body: they need to move too.  It is essential.

If your brain is not at its best, you don't have a healthy ambition because you are tired with brain fog, you're stuck home taking too many sick days. 

The brain must move in a few different ways, the 3 Door Ways.
Remember the BFA Protocol: Brain First Always.

What Needs Moving?
Move the brain:   We must move our nerve impulses throughout the body.  
Feed the brain: We must move nutrients throughout the body.
Move your thoughts: You have a brain; use it.

How do we do it?
Move the brain with chiropractic care.  The spine is gives us the access points to reach the brain.  When I deliver a chiropractic adjustment, this is how we boost brain activity, by stabilizing brain waves. (S.T.A.R. Sessions, too)

Feed the brain with nutrients that can actually be absorbed by following my Ketolox Phasing Program. 

Talk to your brain with stress management practices to re-balance the power struggle between the limbic system and the prefrontal cortex.  

When I describe people as stagnating, they are depressed, feeling out of control of their lives, uninspired, living in a rut, stuck in a job that leaves them feeling unappreciated.....the list goes on and on. 

If you're ready to live your life with more meaningful adventures, let's do it with the BFA protocol.  

Stay consistent.  Stay successful with BFA Coaching Membership
What is the BFA Protocol?

See you at the table,
the adjusting table.

--Dr. Lisa
--Your Health Freedom Advocate

Swimming in Poison - Drowning in Inflammation

Call to Action: Consider the toxins you can immediately remove from your life style.
We live in a polluted world. That also means our bodies are polluted.  The worst stress on health is being poisoned.  Toxins in the modern world are difficult to avoid and it requires us to take this seriously. We should be  doing the things that help us stay well in the middle of this mess. 

What are we dealing with?
 Medications (mitochondria murder)
 Glyphosate (weed killer now overwhelmingly in our food and water, causing major GI destruction)
 EMFs (radiating our brains)
 Air pollution (secondhand smoke, secondhand vape, and more chemicals released into the air)
Fluoride in water
Chlorine in water
All the chemicals in our foods
Anti-nutrients in grains, fruits, vegetables

This is only a short list.  Perhaps I'll revise the list and add more examples as they come to mind.  I hate to be so negative, but ignorance is not bliss.  At least with this information we can arm ourselves with protective habits. 

The body has a very defensive survival system in place with the nervous system as its commander in chief.  If we can reduce as much of the toxic overload as we can and boost the nervous system, we have a better chance at protecting our health.   The BFA Protocol certainly gives us an organized way to protect ourselves.  Ask me how to really jump start your BFA efforts. 

Probably chemists will tell you that chemicals have advanced our life styles.  However, there are side effects that we need to accept and deal with properly.  As the title states, we are swimming in poison and this is causing us to drown in inflammation as the body attempts to self protect from the exposures. 

Children More at Risk
There is one class of people who have it worse right now and it is children.  They are poisoned in the womb, during their birth and as they grow up.   Check out this recent video from Dr. Bergman.  He makes the connection between leaky gut and brain health mentioning the problems with vaccines, glyphosates, antidepressants, etc.  He is an entertaining speaker with interesting examples of the children he sees in his office. 

Don't forget the BFA Coaching Membership so you don't lose track of the BFA Progress in between office visits.  (7 Days Free)

See you at the table.
The adjusting table. 
--Dr. Lisa
--Your Health Freedom Advocate

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Crack Down on Carbs

Call to action: take a mental inventory of your overactive interest in carbs that have addictive brain responses.

Why do I Crack Down on Carbs?
Don't pick on the cocaine addicts. It's not that simple.

Did You Know?

The Standard American Diet endorphin high is no different.

The opioid crisis got its start from carb induced inflammation on the brain.

U.S. children have grown up high before trying any illicit drug.

What's your dietary crack?
The toughest health problem to fix is persistent systemic inflammation caused by society's acceptance of carb addiction.

It's not only an obesity issue.  It is about inflammation, no matter how much you weigh.  Inflammation is the basis of all dis-ease and sickness. 

None of us is immune. Modern foods have impaired our brains.

Signs of carbohydrate addiction:
weight gain 
 low energy 
 stiff/achy joints 
 high blood pressure
insulin resistance 
frequent blood sugar drops
high triglycerides 
brain fog anxiety 
poor stress adaptation

We typically choose these foods not for nutrients, but for the endorphin reinforcement.  You're thinking right now about your next meal, but not for the nutrition, but for the emotional gratification.  Your next next snack is going to give you a  nice, warm, happy feeling.  You can't deny it.  Before your next meal or snack, stop and think about the longing, anticipation you have in the back of your mind.  What if you delayed it another hour?  Yikes...yes, that anxious feeling your just felt for one second is the craving for your next endorphin surge.  This continues the steady influx of inflammation.

Dr. Lisa's Ketolox Phasing Program is your food freedom tool:
  • Overcome the “food like” substances that monopolize our diet.
  • Experience the physical and mental freedom when the brain's food obsession is gone.
  • Free up your brain so it can concentrate on healing.
Remember*****Chiropractic influences the limbic system
(fight or flight, pleasure/pain balancer)  You have limbic system cells in every level of your spine)

My other blog posts about food addictions

Thursday, November 14, 2019

People Who Love Life Love Chiropractic

People hate back pain. They hate neck pain.
They hate headaches and low energy.
And they call me.

My job is to flip you.

If you love your hobbies, love your social connections, love living with a personal purpose and enjoying each day, you give back to the brain and body that has made you the special person that you are. THAT'S IT.
[Hate doesn't belong here]
The special person that you are deserves an innate intelligence freely flowing your brain energy through the
wide open flood gates of your spine.

People who love life love the idea of
keeping the flood gates wide open.
We do it together. We do it with enthusiasm.
We do it with the BFA Protocol.

You can get sucked into a negative loop of life falling apart.
Or you can be recharged and ready to live your mission.

The Muscle Check Engine Light

Early Disease Warning

Call to action: Take care to look more thoroughly at your muscle discomfort.  Don't just blame it on overdoing it in the yard or gym.  If it's happening too often and you don't recover well, something is lacking. 

Muscle Pain*Cramping*Tightness Indicates Cell Death
  • You have more muscle mass than organ mass
  • Muscles pain is noticed first before organ stress
  • Cell death in muscles mirrors a circulatory problem: Metabolic Hypoxia

This gives you opportunity to protect your cells now and prevent failing health.

How to Save Your Cells:

Reduce Toxic Exposure
Boost Your Mitochondria
Avoid the “Food-Like” Toxins
- Grains                -Sugars
- Artificial sugar   -Seed oils
- Legumes           -Caffeine
- Oxalates          -Alcohol

Avoid other Toxins
- heavy metals          -vaccines
- medications         - molds
- cigarette smoke    - EMFs
- bath and body products
- household cleaners
- household chemicals in flooring, furniture, etc.

-boost brain health always
-aid the organs of digestion

Dr. Lisa's Ketolox Phasing
- better blood sugar balance
- better gut health
- supplement with whole food concentrates


Ketosis / Intermittent fasting

Proper sleep / Don't eat before bed

Reduce mental stress

Understand that normal cellular metabolism of energy usage creates waste products that will overload the detox system if stress wins this tug-of-war.

Oxygen deprivation happens at the capillaries due to stagnation and inflammation. Pain is a sign of lack of oxygen.

See you at the table.
The adjusting table.

--Dr. Lisa 
--Your Health Freedom Advocate

Sunday, November 10, 2019

What the Secret Service Didn't Tell You

Call to Action: The Secret Service needs to learn about the BFA Protocol. 
(image: So, now that the g o v t peeps have flagged my blog, I want to talk about the bullying report released by the AP last week. 

If you go to the AP news website, search the title; Secret Service Study: School Attacker Showed Warning Signs. 

Just the fact that the conclusion states the violence was not impulsive, but rather the incidents could have been prevented. Also, people who noticed problems in the children did nothing about it.  Perhaps, in  my opinion, no one really knows what to do.  Most mental health care is a dismal failure, but that's a discussion for another day.  

I want to broach the topic by discussing what was not mentioned by the report. They could not come up with a predictable profile.  The only similarity was that they were absent from school for a time before they returned to commit violence, and they had a history of behavioral problems along with being past victims of bullying.  

From what I remember from past news stories, their family lives were a mixture.  Some had an intact home with both parents, others were not.  There were weapons in the home, but I think that weapons are not the problem.  There is a correlation with violent video games, but not all kids who play these games leave their homes to harm to others.  I have watched my share of horribly violent movies, and I'm not walking the streets looking for a fight. Many violent movies have won Academy Awards watched by millions, so I can't put all the blame on the media.  

What the Secret Service didn't tell us is how many of these aggressors are on a number of legally prescribed psychiatric medications.  It has been mentioned in the news after previous shootings.  Now, if you just google Peter Breggin MD and look up how often he is an expert witness regarding violence after prescription drug use, you'll be shocked at the court cases the drug companies have lost. 

What I want to bring up now is why these people are put on drugs?  They weren't coping well with life.  After being put on these drugs they still were not coping well with life.  Drugs like these are mitochondria poisons.  How does the brain work when mitochondria are damaged?  How about the damage already occurring because of dietary poisonings, carbohydrate addiction that clearly changes the brain, and other injuries to the body that have changed brain and immune function?  We now know that disturbances in the gut directly affect the brain.  See the many brain conditions already at risk?

Talk therapy will not work if someone is nutritionally deficient and their brains are high on sugar, processed foods, etc.  I've seen it when I was a mental health therapist.  When I ran a group therapy for individuals labeled bipolar, they were all addicted to cigarettes, Twinkies, and caffeinated soda.  I didn't have to do any nutritional studies back then to know they were trapped in a cyclical mess of poisons.  

The information is out there.  We all know the Standard American Diet is problematic.  We have found ourselves in this predicament because the compounding affects of stress are difficult to overcome when children are starving, yet they look pretty robust and normal on the outside.   It's a sad domino effect when children exposed to harsh experiences can't heal because they are nutritionally deprived.  

In fact, this new story should urge us to work on better ways to feed our children, as well as ourselves.  
Please revisit my previous blog post about behavioral problems associated with processed food addictions 

Am I saying by the time law enforcement gets involved it could be too late?  Yes.  If we are using the same strategies in the courts and mental health systems. 

More to come as I continue commenting on this issue....stay tuned.

See you at the table.
The adjusting table.
--Dr. Lisa 
--Your Health Freedom Advocate

BFA Coaching online to keep you focused on daily healing. 

Saturday, November 02, 2019

Give the Other Side Equal Time

Call to Action: Don't rely on mainstream media for your health information. It is terribly one-sided.  Do your own research and don't give up.  There is a small grass roots effort of people living a drug free life style.  Yes....going through each day without any drugs.

Just a pet-peeve of mine that we are bombarded over and over with drug and vaccine promotions on television, radio, billboards, magazines, etc. 

You're practically ostracized if you tell someone you don't want a flu shot.  You can't enjoy an evening of TV without crazy long drug ads of the healthiest looking people smiling as if they had never been sick a day in their lives.  I know, they are actors, but prescription use doesn't leave people smiling. 

Half  the time we deserve to see what it's like to live a drug free life style, but I don't know what channel that's on. It's not that lucrative.  

People are told it's dangerous to stop a medicine cold turkey.  They must work through it with the prescribing doc.  How often does that happen to anyone you know? Do most doctors cooperate when you ask to stop taking a prescription?

Drugs have problems and they are often downplayed. 
Interested in Bad Drug Lawsuits?

List of class action lawsuits for medications

Wondering if a drug you are taking is the subject of a current lawsuit?
  • Risperdal
  • Rogaine
  • Taxotere
  • Testosterone
  • Xarelto
  • Xifaxan
  • Yaz/Yasmin
  • Zofran
  • Zoloft
  • And more
Check out this Drug Watch Database 

On the bright side: 
There actually is a research organization that promotes safely de-prescribing at Deprescribing,org.  This is very promising. 

So those of us who truly want to live a drug free life style are not misfits.  We may be small in numbers, but we are out here.  

I wish chiropractors had tons of advertising space and commercials, but we're a smaller group of health care practitioners.  

But, word of mouth, can travel just as fast as one 30 second spot during the Superbowl!!! 
You can change lives for the better.  I believe it. 

See you at the table.
The chiropractic table.

--Dr. Lisa 
--Your Health Freedom Advocate  

7 Days Free Coaching

The #1 Reason Everyone Needs Chiropractic

The Common Addiction to Food and the Scary Road to the Opioid Crisis

Call to Action:  Evaluate your diet of addictive foods and consider how they might be pushing you toward unnecessary medication use. 

This is a part 2 to my previous post about food addictions being an underlying cause of depression and anxiety.  Here is the Link. 

If folks think I am putting a stretch on this idea, but baseline poor nutrition runs you down the road to sickness and discomfort.  I am concerned about the medication usage in our society.  People younger than me are on 3-4 different medications.  Why???? 
From a WebMD article: prescription use has risen 85% from 1998 to 2016. Incredible.  And this is normalized. 

It is a natural progression, if you're not feeling better on a medication, you try stronger versions, and now we have an opioid crisis because people were led to believe that they were not addictive.

Yet, the Standard American Diet is highly addictive.  People often swap one addiction for another.  This is something our young people need to be taught.  Non-foods often believed to be foods are changing the brain.  They deprive the body of nutrients, which makes you constantly hungry as the body is calling out for better food.  

Continuously eating the American fare of grains, sugars, and seeds oils keeps your blood sugar high inviting more addictive cravings.  This is very similar to the blood glucose problems of people who are abusing heroin.  See the connection there?

I focus on this pretty seriously because the Standard American Diet is all over the place and it takes quite a bit of planning to avoid the foods that are plentiful.  Considering they never go bad since they are dead foods sealed in a plastic bag, they are cheap and it's easy to just store it up in huge warehouses.  

And, interestingly, our health has steadily declined since our modern way of preserving foods has taken us away from traditional foods and traditional ways of preparing foods.  

Check out this video from Dr. Berg. Yes, he has references in the description.  Our food has changed, but 100 years later we don't know the difference.  We have normalized sickness.  

  Conclusion: I want your chiropractic adjustments to react like rocket fuel  (Powerful)!!  Removing the toxic stress of these addictive, anti-nutrients  makes a major difference from ho-hum to Amazing. 

See you at the table
The chiropractic table.

--Dr. Lisa
--Your Health Freedom Advocate

7 Days Free Coaching

Thursday, October 31, 2019

Your Anxiety and Depression is a Food Addiction: How's That For a Twist?

Call to Action: What toxins are getting in the way of your chiropractic care?  How can you make your adjustments more powerful?

Constant toxic exposure messes with your brain. Food (that term is used loosely) is the #1 problem.   We need to eat to live,  but not everything edible is nutritious. 

I mentioned to someone the other day, why would I want to adjust an unresponsive spine?  It took her aback a bit, but she quickly understood.  When your body is clogged up with inflammation, how can the chiropractic adjustment give you positive benefits? 

It does help the body function better.  I wouldn't deprive anyone of the opportunity.  But a plateau is often reached when there is a constant stream of interference. 

Toxic exposure is the #1 threat!    Toxins consumed, inhaled, and absorbed, not to mention toxic thinking.  (Toxic build up of muscle waste products, from overuse, and injury is also a concern. but that's a lesson for another day.)

One super quick way to impair the brain is with foods that lack nutrients forcing your body to crave, hoping for more food.  An insatiable appetite makes someone hungry every 2-3 hours.  Being hungry often is not healthy.  This snowballs into metabolic syndrome, diabetes, chronic pain, poor energy, memory problems, difficulty concentrating, digestive disturbances....
Overlapping causes.....compensating effects.  

Dead tissue cannot respond to the chiropractic adjustment.
Starving tissue is a close 2nd. 
Chronic inflammation takes up residence in tissues that are toxic and starving.
Feeding your tissues properly ensures the chiropractic adjustment can deliver healing energy. 

For a nice summary of food addiction and how understanding it has evolved over the decades, watch this video of an interview with Joan Ifland.  Her personal story is quite compelling. 

How can you get more in depth with this topic?  Sign up for BFA online coaching.

See you at the table.
The adjusting table.
--Dr. Lisa
--Your Health Freedom Advocate

Sunday, October 27, 2019

A Sample BFA Coaching E-mail

Call to Action: 
Sign up today and get your 7 days free!

What is coaching?  
It is drilling and "skilling."
New habits give you a new brain. 

Join the coaching program.  CLICK HERE.

Dr. Lisa's Coaching Approach: 
1- Bite Sized Lesson
2- Question Corner
3- Member Momentum

These emails help us go into more depth on the BFA Protocol when there isn't enough time to do so at your maintenance visit.  You can read them at home, at your leisure because so much great healing and insights happen between office visits.

1- "Talk to Your Brain" Mini-Lesson
       The Significance of ACE
     When I talk to people about their back pain, leg pain, neck pain, arm pain, I prefer to talk about what they are trying to accomplish in their lives.  A specific body pain seems to flare up right in the middle of a busy time of your life.  And even if the pain wasn't there it would be a time of stress, overwhelm, and maybe panic.  

If you're dealing with something new, something you've never had to face,  it makes you feel nervous, self critical, and you question your competency.  That's a lot of stress hormones circulating.

Sometimes, everyone around you makes life look easy.  Darn them!  Well, the truth is, they are faking it.  Take the pressure off yourself. 

Just about every time I start the conversation about life events, daily events, work, recent challenges, folks confess there are multiple events going on that keep them from eating properly and sleeping well.  It's just the perfect storm.  

I'm glad they are taking time to get adjusted.  That is the first step of BFA:  Move Your Brain.  We all need the prefrontal cortex whipped back into shape.  We also need to tell the limbic system to give the energy back to the prefrontal cortex.  The limbic system is a major energy hog.
Every adjustment activates the prefrontal cortex so your brain can conduct business in a proper manner.   Yay!!!

Now: I want to introduce to my readers the ACE Study.  (Adverse Childhood Event.)  Sociologists have been able to track children into adulthood to study how stress impacts their lives. 

Depending on the experiences of your childhood, the brain memorizes early patterns that impact your future health.  This gives us insight into why we may act the way we do.  Logically, we fall back on what we know, what we learned.  Old coping skills are relied upon later on in life.  This may or may  not be healthy in the long run.  But it is not permanent.  If you don't like your brain's coping patterns, you can reteach your brain!

I found an interesting chapter of the ACE Study in the book Cure, by Jo Marchant.   It was noted that 50% of folks who suffer early childhood adverse events yet are successful as adults in stable jobs, etc.,  still maintain high cortisol levels (stress hormones).  It is as if they are still ready to jump.  They are still glancing over their shoulders, waiting for a trauma or bad event. 
But, 50% have normal cortisol levels.  And that is the promising side.  We can tamp down a wayward stress response so we aren't always overcome with unhealthy inflammation levels that impair healing.   (Chiropractic boosts the good inflammatory cells and reduces the bad inflammatory cells.)

Another book I have on my recommended reading list is :
They Can't Find Anything Wrong, by David D. Clarke.  He helps people delve into their stress, and often it is hidden, unrecognized stress.  Once they come to a new understanding , their healing response improves.  Check out his website.
In every coaching email I focus on our Big Why, Little Why and Action Swap

Your Big Why is your reason for attaining better health. For me, I don't want to be surprised with an illness.  I want to be busy and active for decades to come.  My Little Why gets more into the details of self healing.  My little why is to keep my brain programmed with positive responses to stress.  Stress happens everyday, so I don't want to be thrown off my game by it.  I want to be flexible enough in my thoughts to keep away the inflammation process, and reset promptly back to stability.  

In order develop healthy responses to stress, we have to utilize the "Activity Swap."  We can replace old, un-serving behaviors with ideal behaviors.  Out with the old. In with the new.  

An action swap for me is to slow down, take a breath and rethink how I want react to a sudden change in my plans.  It's very easy to overreact, get flustered and lose time with anxiety.  I can waste time dwelling on my disappointment.  Instead I can swap the old reaction with a new focus.  After all, there's more than one way to skin a cat. 

Having an even blood sugar level also helps people deal with stress better, so diet plays a key role in brain activity.  A blood sugar level that is too low or too high gets in the way of your problem solving.  We can think things through, have more patience when blood sugar is managed well.  (Coming up in a future coaching e-mail.)

1- Have you determined your Big Why?
2- Does today's bite sized lesson help you commit to a Little Why?
3- What Action Swap will you utilize based on this lesson?
               -how often during the upcoming week do you envision yourself doing so?  Give yourself a number so you can track it. 

2- Question Corner
     One very common question I get is how long will it take to feel
     There is no automatic answer to this question as we are all different.  And, we probably compare ourselves to others too often, making us feel defeated.  Some people make it look as if their healing journey was very easy, but you  may not have seen that person during difficult times.  You know, we all hide these parts of ourselves.  So, there's no point in making comparisons.  We have different health histories, different challenges, and it is best if we just keep looking inward rather than outward and all around us.  

I believe someone with a well defined goal who is willing to change course every so often, yet stay focused will have enough small successes to keep the momentum building.  That is the way to not lose sight of the end of the journey.  There is no end to the journey anyway.  We just refine it and keep learning more about ourselves. 
Send me your questions and I will address them in future emails. 
I will repeat these questions in a generalized manner and keep them anonymous.

3- Member Momentum
This is the place where you share your successes.  Folks who lost their function due to an injury are pleased to be back in their routines whether they are back to the gym, back to their jobs. walking up steep hills with more ease, being able to travel again.  I see the change in attitudes.  I see more confidence, more energy.
Your story will go here, very soon.

Also, there are a lot of acceptable behaviors in society that actually bring us down, and lead us to poor health.  We have to step away from the the pack and do things others are not willing to do.  Just having a conversation about chiropractic becomes nonproductive when someone is adamant that you are doing something silly or frivolous.  The member momentum portion of this email will provide support.  You are not alone.  You'll also find great support when you're in the office waiting room.😀

Did you give yourself a new activity swap to work on?  
Did you give yourself a reasonable number of times you will act on it this week?
If you check out the suggested links and books mentioned above, be sure to share with us any insights for the Member Momentum.  I will keep them anonymous if you wish. 

Remember, you may be someone else's inspiration.  Don't be shy.  

 *  *  *   *   *  

Thank you for your participation.
Look for your next email in a few days to address another aspect of Moving Your Brain, Feeding Your Brain, and Talking to Your Brain.

--Dr. Lisa
--Your Health Freedom Advocate