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Sunday, August 29, 2010

From crisis thinking to critical thinking

We're all lousy during a crisis.

Chiropractic to some is just a quick crack to make them feel better.
To others it takes more than a quick crack. Chiropractic care on a regular basis helped them work slowly through long term stress on their spine and organs. There are others who caught on right away to the understanding that chiropractic keeps lighting a small spark that infuses the nervous system with intelligent energy. They know the best time for chiropractic is when they are doing fairly well.

When you come in for care, at your first visit I will push you to change from crisis thinking to critical thinking. When we are in a crisis, we don’t think well at all and leave it up to others to take care of us. Once the crisis is over, I want people to “rethink” how they will take care of themselves.

I want them to rethink that the power that made the body heals the body and seeking something outside of the body is more likely foreign and out of sync with the body. We need to think critically about our actions and thoughts that may not be helpful to us so we can replace them. Congruency will bring us better health.

If you want to learn more about congruency, visit my wall in the adjusting room. I post simple reminders so we don’t forget chiropractic is unique because our gift of life is even more unique.

Chiropractic is more than a “treatment.” It is a tool of self growth.

See you at the table…the adjusting table.

Dr. Lisa
Your Health Freedom Advocate

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Which Camp Should Get More $ ?????

For this post I want to take you to my Vital Aging blog.

I want us to take a serious look at how disease is "fought" in this country. While we are "fighting" so hard we are ignoring our precious bodies that take such good care of us. We starve our bodies. We put toxins in our bodies (in the name of diease treatment!). And we don't rest our bodies or get adequate exercise.

All disease acts the same. But we try different approaches that don't make physiological sense.

When you read the article, you also learn why Vital Aging needs to be in the home.

Click Here Now.

See you at the table...the adjusting table.

Dr. Lisa

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Cholesterol Lies We Will Take to the Grave

Muscle pain and weakness are big signs your body tissues are breaking down. Let that last part of the sentence sink in. Body tissues are breaking down. Since we don't just disintegrate instantly like something out of science fiction, we still need to take this situation seriously so we don't accelerate the problem with over the counter drugs, poor nutrition and dehydration.

Dr. Mercola wrote another article on the cholesterol myth that makes people think they can't live without statin drugs.


He notes cholesterol is a life saving component of cells keeping cell membranes intact. It is so important the liver recylces it. But we are on a quest to keep it low???? That's like starvation.

Statin drugs actually activate a gene that causes muscle atrohpy. Talk about accelerated aging. Other side effects are increased cancer risk, depression, dizziness, nerve damage in the hands and feet, cognitive problems such as memory loss, and liver problems.

Cholesterol will rise when the body is trying to protect itself. We need to find out why it is stressed and reverse the stress (instead of drug it).

Often stress responses become unhealthy patterns memorized by the nervous system. Be sure to "unwind" the nervous system with chiropractic adjustments.

Cholesterol is a direct response to inflammation. The better approach is ask why is the body so inflammed?

Here are some reasons from Dr. Mercola:
•Oxidized cholesterol (cholesterol that has gone rancid, such as that from overcooked, scrambled eggs)
•Eating lots of sugar and grains
•Eating foods cooked at high temperatures
•Eating trans fats
•A sedentary lifestyle
•Emotional stress

I will also add this: dehydration.

Please look at the logical reasons the body is stressed.
Our bodies are not defective. It does all it can to preserve your life.
You should, too.

See you at the table...the adjusting table.

Dr Lisa
Health Freedom Advocate


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Monday, August 09, 2010

Get More Water, Especially Before Bed

I've talked about it over and over during office visits. Waking up in pain is a sign of dehydration. Not getting enough water is an enormous but easily fixable problem. Visit Dr. B's famous website Water Cure.

The body needs water for night time body work. The body is digesting and assimilating the diet most of the night and water is needed for these metabolic processes.

Getting enough water before bed will actually help you sleep better and stop the nighttime bathroom visits. You may disagree, but it's true. Try it.
Follow up with Dr. Mercola's article on insomnia and dehydration:

Read Mercola's Article Here.

Sleep apnea is also a problem that throws off body processes, but the dehydration issue is one that we can all do better.

See you at the table...the adjusting table.

Dr. Lisa
Your Health Freedom Advocate

* * *

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Friday, August 06, 2010

Worker's Compensation Benefits at Risk

Worker's Compensation is trying to change the laws in NYS to make chiropractic, (among other treatments) limited. Read about the law here.

It is an attempt to save money, but in the long run will make people sicker and make them more prone to disability.

Time is running out to make our personal comments known to the committee. Please write a letter to the committee using such as the following example:
Cheryl M. Wood
New York State Workers’ Compensation Board
20 Park Street, Room 400
Albany, New York 12207

Dear Ms. Wood:

I am an injured worker and a chiropractic patient in the State of New York. It has come to my attention that the Workers’ Compensation Board has published proposed medical treatment guidelines for use by practitioners working within the Workers’ Compensation system. I am writing to express my concerns regarding the guidelines in their current form.

My greatest concern with the medical treatment guidelines as they are proposed is that I will not be able to receive the treatment I need to continue to fully recover from my injury. The guidelines provide an outline for treatment of a typical, uncomplicated case. If my injury turns out to not be a typical case, then I fear I may be denied the treatment I need. Additionally, if my doctor is using a treatment that is not recommended in the guidelines, but is working for me nonetheless, the doctor may not be allowed to provide that treatment anymore. This is distressing. As a patient injured on the job, my goal is to return to work as quickly as possible and I do not want anything to hinder my ability to get better and go back to my job. Finally, I do not want to be in pain. What will happen if I follow the course of treatment recommended by my doctor but I am still in pain and the guidelines do not recommend any more treatment? I am very worried about what will happen then.

My doctor explained to me that representatives of the chiropractic profession have submitted formal comments and offered specific recommendations concerning the proposed medical treatment guidelines to make sure that only appropriate and necessary care is rendered to injured workers in New York State. I urge you in the strongest possible way to carefully review these submissions and adopt those changes where necessary and appropriate.

I hope that my comments, and the comments submitted by state chiropractic organizations provide you with a comprehensive overview of the injured worker under chiropractic care, and the chiropractic profession’s concern with the current version of the proposed New York State Workers’ Compensation Board Medical Treatment Guidelines.




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