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Sunday, October 04, 2020

Doctors Who Jumped Ship: David Brownstein (Part 12)

 Dr. Brownstein is BAAAAAAAACK!

Who else made the list?

He was never gone, but the FTC told him he had to take down his videos showing happy patients who got better fast with Dr. David Brownstein's natural approaches.  You'll notice I highlighted one of his videos in April and then it was removed from the internet. Luckily I summarized the interview fairly well in my blog posting.  I was so impressed by his positive attitude I wanted my folks to know there are good things happening that don't make it to the big corporations' news cycles. 

He tells his story in this interview with Dr. Mercola.  When the FTC said Dr. Brownstein's treatments were not peer reviews and publish, he surprised them (probably) when he soon after got his findings published.

Here is his study:  A Novel Approach to Treating COVID-19 Using Nutritional and Oxidative Therapies

Here is my previous post about Dr. Brownstein back in March 2020. I was commenting on his positive outcome with one of his patients and I found it to be very promising and uplifting. 

Nearly 30 years ago he noticed that most people are deficient in Vit A, D, C.  He also noted that iodine and ozone are very helpful in supporting the immune system.

Let me emphasize that 30 years ago he noted that there were serious nutritional deficiencies in the population.  (It hasn't improved any since then.)

If I remember correctly, only one person had to go the hospital briefly and the rest of his patients all recovered at home. And there were no deaths.  Fantastic news.  

Now, I realize going the the hospital is not a fun time for people.  Just waiting for your turn is a big stressor.  If you do some simple preventive practices with our life style we can feel confident that our bodies can handle the seasonal changes.  

Here is a link to Dr. Mercola's interview with Dr. Brownstein. 

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