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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Let Chiropractic be your Rock and Hammer

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Published in this week's Citizen.  Enjoy It.  See you at the table....the adjusting table.

--Dr. Lisa
--Your Health Freedom Advobate

In the movie "The Shawshank Redemption," the lead character, Andy Dufresne, did something that completely shocked the entire prison population. He patiently worked on an escape plan — little by little — every day for 20 years.
Could you do it? I probably wouldn’t have the vision to complete such a task because of the threats and intimidation that would be surrounding me. However, when faced with a life-or-death situation, people amazingly throw their fears aside.
Andy Dufresne’s goal seemed .......READ THE ARTICLE HERE

Sunday, February 03, 2013

Insurance Companies Caused this Disease: Why You Must Be a Strong Advocate for Yourself

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Do you know someone who has:
normal blood work but feels very sick all the time
pale skin
difficulty eating
poor apetite
neurocognitive disorders
brain atrophy
rage/mood swings
balance problems
memory problems
learning disorders
cervical dysplasia on pap smear
back pain/radiculpathy
stomach problems
food sensitivities
macular degeneration
multiple falls/shakiness
nerve damage
compulsive behavior
restless leg
chronic fatigue/fibromyalgia
chest pain
erectile dysfunction
low stomach acid
celiac disease
pancreas insufficiency
had stomach surgery

Do you know someone who:
 takes birth control pills
 takes statin drugs
 takes metformin
 takes synthetic B9, folic acid
 takes medicine for heart burn
 is a vegetarian
 is a vegetarian who is breast feeding
 is pregnant
 is over age 50

Watch this eye opening documentary about Vitamin B-12 deficiency and learn why most doctors don't acknowledge it or treat it.