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Saturday, December 21, 2019

This Week: Why Pep Talks Don't Work

In this week's online coaching membership, the topic is Dopamine Disaster.

You can't always pep talk yourself out of a problem.  You may feel bad about yourself because your brain needs dopamine.

When the brain neurotransmitter, dopamine is low, people feel unmotivated. We may feel critical of ourselves or others who seem to be performing poorly with a lazy attitude. But there is a possibility you or someone you care about is suffering from an energy crisis that is nutritionally based.

Folks in this situation may also feel poorly and do things poorly:

-learned helplessness
-“in a rut”
-often procrastinate
-lose interest in previously enjoyable activities
-have low interest in learning new things
-follow through poorly on therapies or tasks due to not having enough energy (professionals call it non-compliant)
-feel worthless
-feel anxious
-avoid social gatherings

People can also suffer from physical problems as well:
-cold hands and feet
-fungus in the nails
-anemia from low iron, low B9, low B12, low B6
-females with heavy periods
-Magnesium deficiency

Here's the tricky part, people give up too easily because the typical healing modalities make them feel worse, so a gradual approach needs to be utilized. 

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How well are you Feeding Your Brain?

The Brain Fog Warning

See you at the table,
The Adjusting Table

--Your Health Freedom Advocate

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Don't Eat Fruit

Call to Action:  Understand why fruit is just another addictive substance that adds more nerve stress to your body via an insulin response that increases inflammation slamming more chemical insult on a subluxated spine. And then, don't eat any more fruit.  (Ask me about the ketolox phasing program for brain health.)

One thing that changes your brain is an addiction that fries your dopamine neurotransmitters and making it difficult to experience that natural energy we were born with.  

If you are living in modern America, you are addicted to carbohydrates and it is ignored until you become obese or diabetic.  

How do you "feed your brain?" I prefer nutrients, not toxins. 
Listen to Dr. Robert Cwyes give a very short and sweet (sorry) explanation.  

More on Food Addiction: CLICK HERE. 

Sunday, December 08, 2019

Everything Your Body Does Is Normal

Call to Action: More confidence in your own body helps you experience better health.  The more you know, the more confident you will be. 

Everything Your Body Does is Normal.  Allow me to explain in Episode 27.
I'd prefer you not say your body is doing something wrong. It sets a negative pattern in your mind. If you feel you are always wrong, how can you feel strong and successful?
If something is wrong, we need to look at our beliefs about the body's function. Are we reacting to symptoms superficially or looking deeper at the real reasons the body responds in a certain way? Also, a lot of it has to do with the way we treat our bodies. Your body is doing everything logically and correctly to handle stressful exposures. Stress does not take a day off and we shouldn't just assume our health works on autopilot. Our innate intelligence is very powerful, but it can only work through healthy, receptive tissue. How do you maintain and protect your body? Check out the Brain First Always program.

The Willingness to be Different is How You Heal

The Willingness to be Different is How You Heal
Episode 25
The definition of insanity is doing the same over and over, while expecting a different outcome, and then getting ore frustrated over and over...... So, what are you willing to do that is different, even if it is something your friends won't do and will probably mock you for doing it? Let's talk. What side of stubborn will you stand on? Get your BFA template today. Did you sign up for 7 Days Free Coaching?

No Energy = No Healing

Brain Snob Episode 25: No Energy / No Healing

What is Sarcopenia? Do you have it? What is mitochondria? Why do older people lose their independence? Did you know most medications are mitochondria killers? Can you undertake deprescribing for mitochondria health? Visit:

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The Proper Way to Accept Aging

The Proper Way to Accept Aging and Mitochondria Mastery.
Enjoy Episode 24 of Brain Snob
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Wednesday, December 04, 2019

I Want Equal Time: Cholesterol and Heart Health

Call to Action: Don't be afraid to research health advice on your own to form your own opinion.  You have the ability to weigh the pros and cons.  

Demanding equal time is surely something we need to see in a country the promotes free speech.  Access to balanced information is something we deserve. The fact is that mainstream sources of health information is one sided most of the time.  The drug companies own the TV news outlets. Without going into the specifics of fraudulent activity in science, health seekers certainly have the ability to weigh the information and come up with their own educated opinion when other sides are presented to them.

But if only one side is shown, how can you exercise your thinking brain???????

Cholesterol is a huge topic.  People are in a panic when their blood work shows a cholesterol that is considered high.   Unfortunately, people don't realize that number goes up and down over the course of a day.  I was only aware of that when I watched a lecture from an individual who measured his cholesterol obsessively just to understand it better himself. 

Just knowing many people have "normal" cholesterol and still have heart attacks should make us pause and rethink the true culprits that damage our health.  

The information is out there, but you have to search carefully.  You may be the one who educates your friends and family.  

David Diamond has devoted years dissecting cholesterol research.  This is a long, but thorough video: 

Here are some shorter videos on the questionable benefits of heart interventions.

Do you really want to help statins  become the first drug to reach $3 trillion in sales by next year??? Why does anyone promote a toxic formulation that is known to damage mitochondria?  Click here to watch this video: The Remarkable Uselessness of Statin Drugs

As I said:  You can decide for yourself, but only if both sides of the story get equal time. 

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