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Sunday, May 31, 2020

When Life Gives You Lemons - Be A Brain Hacker

Today is May, 31, 2020.  It is the last day of the month and then we look forward to June.  However, the government has put the brakes on our typical way of life.  The expectations of summer may not be met. 

Now, I have my own personal opinions regarding what we call a pandemic.  I certainly have my own opinions about maintaining health. So while most of the world has driven itself into a terribly unproductive situation in an attempt to make sense of a new presentation of illness, we can make the best of it as we ride it out. 

Hence, the saying about making lemonade comes in very handy. 

There has been a drastic change in financial circumstances for most people.  Many of our routines have been disrupted.  Families have had to deal with loss of contact with other relatives.

We have transitioned to this situation as best as we can and keep striving to do so in a positive manner.  

Here are some of the ways I've realized I can turn lemons into lemonade: 

1- I can maintain a healthier sleep routine.
Many businesses have reduced their hours.  I can buy the items I need at a reasonable hour and get home.  

Also, I have not had meetings late in the evening.  This means I am home and not eating late at night which is not going to help my sleep, either. 

2- My own work day has been shortened.
I am not seeing as many clients as usual for now.  This means I am getting home between 4:00 and 5:00.  I must admit, I am getting spoiled.  Preparing dinner is more relaxing and we haven't felt so exhausted.  

3- Not driving to school so early in the morning is a true benefit.
It was too early for my son and his friends.  They were tired and frazzled.  They aren't eating the horrible foods provided by the USDA.  My morning rush is no longer a rush.  

4- My teenage son is not at school.  Tremendous stress relief for all of us!!!
The modern school life is chaos.  When other students don't want to be there they just make trouble for their classmates and teachers. It is a nonproductive time.  While, some good parts are missed and children need specialized programs, my son hasn't been exposed to fights, acting out, overt sexualized culture in the hallways, and demoralized teachers.  He has been more pleasant.  We enjoy our conversations.  

In many ways school pressures are an intrusion in our lives.  Currently, we are parents again without school authority figures getting in the way.   Sad as it is to say, young people feel torn and don't know how to face the challenge of balancing loyalties.  There are existing ideologies that separate young people from their first teachers, their own parents. Parents have to stand up to the "one size fits all" mantra of state run schools on a constant basis.  (Private schools are not immune. Many have their own power trips.) It's our job to do so, but it gets tiring. Children are caught in the middle.  It's a daily stress for children that I feel they do not deserve.  Adults in the working world don't have to deal with that kind of divisiveness because they can exert their own independence and change jobs.  

Right now there are no school sports, music, drama, etc., but that can be overdone as well leaving kids exhausted.

Before I go off on a tangent here, I need to add that childhood and teen-hood are important stages in brain development.  Early experiences shape the brain.  They may seem young, healthy, and resilient, but that's not for us adults to take for granted or damage.  

The common denominator is our lives have slowed down.  This is a very important part of healing.  As long as someone is taking steps to reduce isolation, depression, and feels comfortable at home with enough food and meaningful hobbies inside the home, they can experience positive health benefits of this change of pace. 

Remember stress is fine when kept at a minimum, but dragged out and repetitious is how we lose our health. 

S - stress should be very short, in minutes, not hours, days, months
T - stress should be a real threat to one's life, not drama
R - our resilience should be preserved and rejuvenated, not abused
E - energy is high during stress, but not to a state of exhaustion
- sleep is what we need, and we shouldn't skimp on it
S - sleep again, can't overemphasize the importance of rest. 

As you pursue a better brain so you can live a profound life, reconsider the stress in your life.  Not all stress is in our control.  Things can happen that you didn't have a choice in, but most of our stress we have created.  

Make sense of your stress and make peace with the modern would with a BFA Coaching relationship.  Let me know when you're ready to try something new and meaningful. 

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Saturday, May 16, 2020

See If This Video Gets Taken Down

I suspect it won't.  Videos have been taken down when they are perceived to be espousing cures.  Now, you can recall on one of my "In Your Court" Videos (see below) that there are no cures for anything.   Of course, I do not claim to cure anything.  But You Tube and other formats think most of the public is gullible....

But I am upset that a doctor who actually helps people and prevents them from needing hospital care was told two days ago to take down his blog and testimonial videos.  

What was his offense?  He told people there was hope. 

Can you believe that?  Helping people is looked down upon.  It has been this way for over a century.  If you read up on the many people who have used natural means to save people from chronically debilitating conditions, it probably makes  you angry.  It is very disgusting how politicians and unelected officials disrupt lives and careers because these different thinkers don't follow the mainstream approach.  

For quick reference, check out Ty Bollinger's book, The Truth About Cancer, to learn about the sad history of gifted healers who had their materials, notes, and livelihoods destroyed. 

Dr. David Brownstein's holistic medical practice has been offering care to sick people during this infection crisis.  This care has prevented them from needing risky hospital care. 

I was planning on writing about his last video, but it was taken down before I had a chance to sit at my computer.  But, that's ok.  They can't erase my thoughts and here are my comments: 

He interviewed a busy mom who was also a nurse.  She was actually seen at the emergency room.  She had some flu symptoms that went away and then she felt sick again with more severe breathing issues.  

She had mentioned she was surprised she became so sick because she was a healthy person.  At the end of the video she later admitted, her immune system was not that strong after all.  I suspect she was living such a hard core fight or flight life that all her energy was being burned in a state of defense which depleted her ability to heal.  It's important that health care professionals illustrate how damaging everyday stress really is on health.   It is better to be proactive than reactive.  

This was an important teaching moment and it's too bad I don't have a transcript of this interview.  But, that's fine.  I appreciated her honesty and I imagine Dr. Brownstein's approach to healing blew her away.  Doctor means teacher, and the best gift a health care practitioner can share is information about the body's natural healing ability and how to assist it with simple, safe life style habits.  

The conflict here is medical doctors can't make huge profits on natural products that are easily formulated and sold straight to the public.  They don't keep patients coming back for expensive tests and procedures.  You have to admit, medications merely string you along and never get you feeling good. 

I mentioned in my video above that there are medical doctors who have "jumped ship" because they are tired of a system that rewards failure.  Yes, health failure and the accompanying defeat people feel that eventually makes their health worse because they feel there is no hope.  In future blog posts, I will mention some of those doctors who think outside the box.  

My final word here is that you are responsible for your health.  No one else is.  You have the responsibility to learn what makes you tick.  It's not a difficult challenge.  It's just not welcomed by your own peers and family members who are used to the mainstream model of following insurance coverage and assuming that's the best way to build your health.  

As you know by now, I am here to teach you how to use your gift of self healing.  You already have the tools.  You can learn how to be more proficient with those tools.  

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Here's my episode where I explain why we should stop waiting for cures:

Saturday, May 09, 2020

How Outside Stress Disrupts Your Inner Life

Yes, you can make positive change and make room for healing. 

 Bruce Lipton very eloquently explains how the body cannot be in a state of growth and defense at the same time. I encourage you to check out his videos and newsletters online.  He is a great story teller who can convey meaningful ways to build up your life. 

So, let me delve into the topic and see how I do....

There are times when stressful events happen in our lives and the body has to shift into self preservation mode.  There is heightened awareness of a possible life threatening issue that becomes top priority to the brain and body.

Our problem is that we let everyday modern drama creep into our lives on overload.  They are not real threats, but the body still perceives them as real.  The adrenal glands jump into action with stress hormones directing the heart to ramp up blood supply to the arms and legs.

During this time, blood is no longer readily available to the prefrontal cortex of your brain or your abdomen.  This means your thinking and problem solving energies are drained as well as your digestion and immune functions,

The body cannot do both at the same time.  The calm routines of digestion are put on hold while the motor system of the body goes into fight or flight.  

When the fight or flight response is prolonged, we can hit a point of exhaustion because there has been no period of restoration.  

If you recall a past blog, I mentioned that you can't put out a fire with water dripped  from an eye dropper.  It's just not enough.

Step One is to remove the stress.
       Chemical, Mechanical, and Emotional ---all 3

Understandably, if you have a tack stuck in your toe, you have to stop standing on it before you can remove it and apply a bandage.  

If your stress is like the tack, please remove it.  
The healing response is better off without the interference.  
You cannot be in a state of growth and defense at the same time.

Your chiropractic is much more effective when the outside stress is reduced.  Your body's cells are much more receptive when they are given adequate nerve energy and nutrient energy. 

Let's talk about your stress so we can ramp up the ways we can move your brain, feed your brain, and talk to your brain. 

Feed your nervous system and starve your stress.

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Saturday, May 02, 2020

Emotions and Energy: How to Unlock Your Body's Brilliance

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Call to Action: 95% of your day is spent on learned patterns you are performing on auto-pilot.  Are you satisfied with that?  If you want your brain to perform differently, you can learn how to master your Master-System.  

When I ask you to enter the 3 doorways of moving, feeding, and talking to your brain, I don't typically emphasize one over the other.  

What are the 3 Doorways?

What is Move Your Brain, Feed Your Brain, Talk to Your Brain?

Reach Your Goals Faster
All three work together.  But talking to your brain first helps you reach your goals faster.  Mainly, you need to understand how the brain prioritizes its responses so you can give your brain and body the best self care.

We know the stress response serves a purpose, but it easily gets out of balance leading to an energy crisis and poor health.  

The body-mind partnership is intertwined.  Our emotions can bring us health by initiating healing endorphins or damaging stress hormones, depending on the emotional state we are in.  Also, any bodily damage, deficiency, or pain will incite emotional stress, as well.  We don't worry about which one came first.  We want to balance all that our body experiences.  

When we understand which part of the nervous system is active, (because they both can't occur together) we can make better decisions that support our overall healing.  

Our subconscious, in it's efficiency, takes an habitual, auto-pilot control during 95% of our day.  Which pattern do you think is more prominent in your life?  And would you like to strike a different balance?

Healthy Vagus Nerve            vs.       Excessive Fight or Flight

Useful programming                          Detrimental programming

L O V E                                              F E A R 
Love for God                                      Fear that you're inadequate
Love for family
Love for your meaningful purpose

Dopamine                                          Cytokine storm
Oxytocin                                            Dysfunctional inflammation
Growth hormone

Creative, open                                    Stunted, closed

Harmony                                            Dissonance

You overtake germs                           Germs overtake you

Engaging                                           Isolated

Empowerment                                   Dis-empowerment

Drawn to self nurturing/renewal       Drawn to self abuse/sabotage

Empathy                                            Anxiety

Persevering adapter                          Victim

Calm, mindful                                    Chaotic

Explorer                                            Squatter 

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