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Saturday, April 15, 2006

End Stage Subluxations- What's That?

If you remember the definition of a vertebral subluxation, it is commonly described as a misalignment or weakness in a spinal joint that sets off a cyle of negative bodily reactions. Most people think of arthritis as a direct result of subluxations and this is true when extensive degeneration takes place.

While there are changes in the shape of the bones and discs, the nerves have a difficult time transmitting correct impulses to the rest of the body. Often nervous system signals become so tangled, a chronic inflammatory response further degrades the nerves. It is likened to the story of Chicken Little, only the brain and body has no choice but to react to these inaccurate signals.

Young people are also prone to the mismanaged signals of the nervous system even if they have not experienced arthritis. Chronic inflammation has no age boundaries. Be cautious, however, arthritis can still exsist without pain --another reason prevention is so important.

End Stage Subluxation - Advanced Arthritis & Disc Shrinkage
End Stage Subluxations describe a spinal column with advanced arthritis and disc shrinkage, often with poor posture which puts constant pressure on the brain and spinal cord. This kind of stress clearly accelerates aging and organ failure.

REVISIT THE HUMP (see previous article: Curves Matter: Spinal Wellness & Lifespan)

Do you fear the bent over posture of your grandparents? There is a correlation with the "hump" and heart, lung, and thyroid problems. Tell your chiropractor what you don't like about aging and he or she will help come up with a wellness plan to help you build a lifetime of healthy habits. End Stage Subluxations are ugly, but not inevitable with education and wellness chiropractic care.