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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Upgrade Your Life with Chiropractic

( My article from today's Citizen)
 I wonder how many people react as I do when my computer breaks down. I will go into a full panic because I am at a loss when I can’t access files on my computer. We have grown to rely on computers for reading, typing, communicating, managing money and entertainment.
But I have a problem. I am not well-versed in computer-speak. I barely understand the purpose of a firewall, motherboard or anti-virus software. And if a computer is so intelligently made, why can’t it just work perfectly forever?
I don’t throw my computer around or drop it on the floor. I just do the usual things, such as opening up a lot of windows, saving loads of documents and clicking on any kind of link that promises me wonderful information.
Of course, I am unknowingly doing harm to my computer while I tap away at the keyboard. I supposedly do a few maintenance checks and update the virus software once I’m aware that it expired.
Perhaps this can be a great analogy when it comes to understanding health. My computer doesn’t say "ouch" when it is malfunctioning. A computer doesn’t give me much warning. It just runs more slowly. I don’t notice its slow speed until I get on someone else’s computer, and then get mad.
Just like a computer gradually running slow, the body doesn’t leave too many clues until tissue damage is quite apparent. We can live day in and day out not knowing an organ is inflamed or an artery is filling up with plaque. The body accommodates without sharing this information with the brain.
This is powerful innate wisdom. The stress theory states the body will adapt until it can no longer do so. What we need to do is properly use that innate wisdom to heal us, rather than weaken us.
From a chiropractic perspective, we have been built very intelligently by our creator. We tend to take that for granted and do reactive things rather than be proactive. We have unique hardware such as the spine and nerves. Our daily actions influence its software, which is the way our brains memorize patterns of health or disease.
What program do you want to upload? Regardless of your health goals, chiropractic helps your internal wiring deliver nerve impulses that promote healing. Just like a computer: garbage in means garbage out. We prefer to get rid of the garbage.
Chiropractic is your upgrading system that helps you stay active, alert and on top of your game. It doesn’t matter what kind of diagnosis or disease you may be dealing with. You can utilize chiropractic to make your nervous system more responsive to healing.
Chiropractic has such a profound influence on brain activity that researchers call chiropractic the reboot button. Brain activity may sound like science jargon, but if you want energy, mobility, calm, balance, clear thinking and organs that don’t fight each other, you want the brain and spine to be an effective operating system.